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Create Some Space Art in Cinema4D, Octane & Adobe Suite

teacher avatar MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Stage1 - Cinema4D Composition

    • 3. Stage 2 - Adobe Indesign & Photoshop Graphics

    • 4. Stage 3 - Cinema4D Tweaking

    • 5. Stage 4 - AfterEffects & Conclusion

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About This Class

Space Age | Hot Mess

In this class you will learn how to use Cinema4D, Octane and the Adobe Suite to create a super fresh Space Age scene.

Email for source files.

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing feedback and also seeing you designs.
Follow my latest designs on Instagram and tag when you post your designs :)



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1. Introduction: Hello, everybody drafting Quinton here from May by Steve, do you drink? Uh, it's been a while since, um, trying Teoh to do a tutorial class for you guys on skill share, but yeah, it's four in the here. We're gonna do this today, so I'm just once a crust. Say thank you for all the support. Um, people that take my classes, it's really I really appreciate the support of giving may and you can learn from from them with, uh, which, which means a lot to me. So today we're gonna be doing cinema four D and octo work. Uh, what we're gonna be created is this which is the space h serious that you guys have been given Really good feedback. So thank you. So you just to give a quick AIVD, we're going to be creating this e in cinema. We're gonna bring in a rock bringing about free elements, not to money. Most the details on that come within the composition at South on the graphics were gonna be putting on top of its what we're gonna do. Then we're gonna think you're into in design. You can use illustrator, but I use in design fastest will be doing that. And then we'll be setting up for a design which then we can put on top. So whether way put it on top of in after effects, which we're gonna use at the end, just Teoh compose the design, tweak it so we can never put the two D graphics on top or actually on the shapes within cinema, so we can give an option of doing both just to show you two ways of doing it. So I gots here where we've got the design on the background say, on the plane. After that, we've got designed where that's on top is well transformed. Then you gots, uh, your phone one. Now you're here. So, um, we got the design. It's not that one. So we got the graphic in the bathroom, but then we just got the design on top. So you've got two options of how to do it. So you're just too quickly review with you. Number 40 with shapes. We're gonna use a model of the rock cloner for the stairs on just the basic Cube. We're gonna put some Texas today's and then, um, put in the two d graphics and then just trick in after effects. So that's enough media and on, let's just just just get in. 2. Stage1 - Cinema4D Composition: right. So here we are in cinema. Um, I'm just gonna go through the basic sets up full the fall in terms of size and stuff that I used. You can obviously use your own, um, preferences. But I'm still give you all use women just so, um, and using the up same Endara, you can use physical if you want to Still do this to toil. The only difference is the some of the materials not gonna work. So there is a way around to use standard materials. There's also lows that you can find on the Internet free visas while so you can do this too tall, classy, The way, uh, without saying this the best way for this one. So I just do the 1600 by 1200. The reason for this is because I put my work one dribble too. So I have it that size because they won't do animation that I need to render out the biggest size. So then I can trick it in after effects. There needs to be so that I could put up obstacles being put up on Instagram. I used to put up a 12 1212 100. Um, uh, there's different ways you can do that. I'm just gonna give you the way. So I was 200 resolution structural. Why? Just kiss and it's enlarge it sometimes. Four dribble of it's a still image. So it's just 100. 1200. We will start with a This is gonna be quite cooking. Easy to talk today. Also, look at the old one. Trident It always just say always look back. Uh, was look back. A reference of what? What kinda won't create here. So we're gonna go. We're just gonna do, like, a great background. We're gonna have white for the claims, maybe glass and then the rock inside using a con treatment center that I got for because render kings, When did king something. Something like that, where it really outs the detail on the world. So, yeah, just purpose window in here. One of the 27 inch got two screens, but, um, I put the window on the main screen, so you should say so. Nothing going on at the moment because we've not got any light. Another thing. So we will set up in camera what you're up to for the nine comma. There are a lot the views and then we will do a We're gonna put in a plane for the background. Just look of user spinning around This Is that in the middle to tell them it covers assistance. Then they bring in. Ah, didn't hedge, Teoh. I used the great sculpt where the plug in you can use any Um, thanks to our use this link Just bring fall into that. And I've only got a selection of a few, actually in the library reading the Bible. Excuse of a today. Wow, you're in a special class. Say, go back for reference point. Which is our space age. We're going to start with The rock is the main centerpiece. The composition So a province And what sees were free. I think I got form. Some are free Someone some really see the monkey to find out s Oh, yeah, We got the choice to different rocks Essay spring that into the center What we get that got choices throughout. Mix them up. I fear that another smooth more? No. Now So my sense piece. So that will not Andre Teoh background. The plane schools concrete on their it's wicked. So we're doing some of that moment the on this concrete mint cereal. Cool. You can play around with how material sits on the That's right. Unusually gay with you've eat up you muppet. So she goes with shape geometry. We'll shrink Nothing. You know what that's like You're not. And then for the comer, which go to cinema four d just protected. So then we come around so it stays consistent. They're gonna make the other rock girls again. Those I'm not sure that I didn't make tweet. The place was happy before my space age. She wanted wonder the designs of that quite surreal relisted answer ill That's if you could do a combination of that really simple. So class. But get the results that you need. Oh, give out to the reference boy. We're gonna bring in. Uh, let's bring in the Cube. Really simple. There's a girl this she has been incredibly slipped. So is it his vote since gave so one's tape attack off? You just believe in that Plus the time. What also focuses on been able from image and then always gets to the been able on that so that it takes out of parts of movies going to the circle them. So what we got all right? Too much Just going with the normal. Let's no, um que, uh, cervical night on, Uh, that looks like the night itself. She was just put on the Q in it. Sorry. It's a bit cool. Good. Always put the resolution to shade up the, um 1000 4000 to 6. This is a transparent supergrass. Come here a minute. Just to see would be the black of the bottle matches. That's a that's just plain on the bottom. Pulls us some of that stand to playing on the floor like a bit tired instance of for them Small. I'm not mature enough. One of germs. Just so everything's in one place. Okay. What with cereals? Is it, uh, calmness got pulls up. Just just make it clean up. Refresh the the pain. Okay. Did you see from my letters? Posed the, um most That's ah, Does the mass, not crickets. Daughter of a PC on the on position to do that. So then if they had known patients, Well, uh, and that will bring it. But I think we don't want the floor in the background there. Let's just have a look about word for but glasses to spring him So that last this like 21 No, I shall not pass. We make Let's just make this That's what you want. I don't know the fuse. Let's put close. So a struggle make it smaller. This is just on the fly Simply is. Officially, we're the ones Take take around an hour Just five. For this I've only got a certain amount of time to work so you don't get bored. No, You go well, like the overlapping shapes or and that's then we're gonna do is just put we're gonna use a clearness of, for instance STIs spheres. There's always good to gets around 50 on segments And then I want just someone's drawn love this good And then I make this may be the last. Yeah, it's like and then what we're gonna do You use a cloner? We used to clearing that around the rocks. Still did kind of around the vaults, but round of the more who limiter clearing up. It's in Kelowna. And then the guns to clone up would change. The mode, pulls up objects. And then we're gonna use the gold for the spheres. The claimant. It's OK around the ship, but it's apologize about the delay. This is what you do. Go. She's about it. Flew is not died. Kind of sometimes. Meaning beautiful will. It's a beautiful color will. But then I always like seeing it. Give it 10 seconds. I say give it 10 seconds. No artery start, son. Well, it what we do, we're just gonna pause it, and then every starts, that'll be stopped. 3. Stage 2 - Adobe Indesign & Photoshop Graphics: we're back, Right? Say crashed. I restarted. Sometimes if you have the clone on the Vertex, um, it crushes the computer, so it make sure it's on surface. I'm just saying that amendments off message the spheres of 20 but big. So let's get down to say 25. Good. At the moment, they're all the same size and stuff. So what we're gonna do is when you're clicked on the clone are going to defector McGrath, Fetzer random. So then they just meet around the shirt a bit more. Um, we can do that, moisture recalls. And then you could do the strength as well. What a different instructions of the moment. That's transit tumble Angle says. See a change to see, make a bit more unique. Just keep claim event. So you're happy, uh, do the screening off So he makes a bigger some smaller Teoh. You quit school men get smaller, dance over the compositions Iwas It's moving out that No, still no, no. But the rockets including what will crush do that? Well, that's playing up. We're just gonna go to in the zone out just to do the lout off the profits. So if you see some of my, uh, NASA star the concept work. They've got copyright. It's just one set. I've got a square grid on 4000 pixels, so we're gonna create. What have we can? Looking to Martin's take off the margins. We just need to play with the grid. Right, sir. Move that. Just show. What? Do you know what done it? 20 Very zero gotta That's went to Colin. Got up. Then you got the snow. Script is my beautiful Helvetica. So this is where the fun begins. You can have them now. Whatever way you want. That's just but on the fly, it's they're just train different shapes. Just have a look around that space stuff. Do you think that's pretty close? Well, it's killing the grids. Uh, that's Branson of these dots. This is my 14th still shared class. So that's just 14 in that, um during it Can you can make why the shapes you want these? Because I haven't too much time for the class. Are Just get what you say. Mm. That what skill Share for us. Good. Don't make it to clatters the same time. Make it interesting. I don't. This kind of abstract shape to sort symbolized USA flag. So let's just bring that good. See more lines. What would be? It's just a book. So you think is more still 69 is on the slide. Bring in this So say again, it's something you can see how much fun you can heart, because you could just put any graphic. You want her. So why do there? And I heard a square 4000 4000. We're now gonna exports while I copy this saber. You can't save it, but I just brittle here. You're into food shop. What? We've got 4000. 4000 now and then have a background is black placed in your graph it on what London options cover over that. Make it. What's what we need then is a PNG You got that on the white graphical ends up and then just explore that has appeared in J. Okay, over here, that's just saying that is it. It's two psd yesterday. Uh, it's just for reference points. Just say there's a nasty they're making back into the seven. Well, and then I got this a mature, made up already basis for more. You just They said it's transparent material on the normal Teoh discordance. The bit map on the positive, and then every link it to the graphic we just made and in design. And then that comes in. And then you put that graph it on to say que side fresh are stuff. There's objects, crushes them. They got the objects inside the cloner. Just learn it doesn't cruises. And so we want in the It's control. Well, we want in the cloner. Is this so? And then there's no graphic that was just curative can also do another cute and then I make it really thin more when it comes put graph it. We're going to go out well that, like computers, incredibly starts to think because I'm not learned in the reduced to the class. Oh, I have zero patients Untrue, Kate. Soon it's updated. That's put on all the effort onto the religious Merck's should be transferred suit. Got there is our graphic on took because it's got the the other side of the glass because suit you can sit through it. Well, it's just current students of the When you didn't like yes, transparency materials and stuff, it does that sugar soon people's gold that, yeah, it's not looking much like that seven level. That's a good thing that each time you did create something, it can listen. Just what you want about two. What would serve it to another to another claim, but do it around the Q B with that? So just to get into Jets, So what? - See that lost amid, Bring up, Let's see what? Ah, you know this you, the gold book and that symbol, the graphic or something Learn to. So I bounced. This is full of little Ah, a lot of time on the channel Going to direct line into actresses I want to forget. Now it will change the look Him maybe a lot. Come on. Oh, good work. 60 minutes total Running time in minutes. Do the fresh. Let's just check. I got product tracing on the set for heaven for training. 3000 more This shows going. That's funny, is doing what do you, my friend today I oppose this attendance. Welcome. She is being funny on global do. It's too big. Moultrie construed outnumber taking until after French to finish up. The As you can see, it's quite simple composition. If you don't have forms of your computer, be back in two 4. Stage 3 - Cinema4D Tweaking: switch off the shape. So it's still that's being used but is not visible in the Rendah. You mean ship it to go. You didn't see your oil, she said. Clears the position in So what just is just I didn't more depth to the peace. Maybe live off playing back What profit soon and there we control use. And on this no, that that's you get serious. I looked someone in another country that's like, I think we're just getting for like, but more to like a white Wilson doing what they touch insists, Just make No, I'm done up for It's pretty cool. Look more well, I have lost the still playing a man to see when that sits on the classic The graphic Since on that spirit my lunch degrees soldiers are slow Desist! There is a lawyer is all well, no. Yeah, from size. So it covers the composition Look, doesn't it? Yeah. Don't want it, Teoh. Cool. You can't even I like tonight Starting point when you come for you paying for something. That's foot It sure looks like is glossy Uh I love And now the rock Gold Waas taking too much real estate say that. See what this other What looks like trying three company. This isn't no no that were coming through now. So that that gold that's likely for the concrete steps to as well. Yeah, spell on. And so that's totally different to that. But is in the same kind of, you know, it's crazy and then have a look at the light intensity of the light changes things, the elections. I didn't want it to go on camera. You're thinking about Lucas West, this ground school, and then I think we can just have a big gold or pink in here, just a violence off from the pink there. So we're gonna Teoh duplicate that will. Sure, that's like a big I don't know like that. That's just doing this year in this one. Don't key for much longer for to go now. But the clear in our atmosphere and that objects change it to circles. That's well, that's there is a for you school. Okay, he's Ah, cool is on the hot mess around, and effects will now just to get a bit more one. Unless my notes for that slow around that we get Roundup, Look at that big Cool. You can see the I was a message. It's sudden false. So plus, it is a bit under noise. Learn ah, stuff anymore already. Seven. The thing about do surrenders that this is that you're kind of in control. That sounds of highlight looks. It could be so upset around. People's off. Appreciate when you see the process appreciate. Well, actually, kids into so another thing just to quit you that would put the if laughably did on the background sure that this just another elements were so right. Hang with the moment. Work well so we can reduce the slows above if you can see as to commit bigger than what we need for the camera and only a little tweaking. But that's kind of where we got to. This is what you can to save this out of them. I'm gonna take into after effects three kit and then you can go on your merry way was like , Let's you spend too much time. Uh, you started this computer today so that with me 5. Stage 4 - AfterEffects & Conclusion: I also with. But now, um, the, uh it was just being rendered out. Um, it's the final image here. I rented the out at No, no, um, 3000 sandals. I think the biggest thing you detective using glass and stuff is too. Go onto the optimum vendors, passes and skirts. A noise are first. Prestes knows his nose beauty Last one from its from, um, giving a fuller is good lad. You told me this basically just takes away all the noise from the from the glasses. Doctor. Anywhere yet. So now we've rendered that output into after effects. I was going to the final bit tweaking. Now I'll just get food. Principal will usually do for for the final render I go to I'm still learning after fencer of anyone's money tips for May I be great? So just change the gamma. You go to that 1.8 on, Then I get to play a shop, run a shopping around 20. You can see that region really use the field as much on Instagram because you just want it right for here. And then final one just going to color correction, color balance and I just have a play now Some of it is just to see the mucus is a pig mass . We get for the warmer colors to Well, no Still want the gray set free out the pain. It's too much. You look right just in answers it so much and it really just keep tree cover. You see all the detail. Owner. She's a grind pink. I think so Learn to warm the middle. Maybe chuck up the I live for So now. Oh, holy. But in my fit uh, 100. It's not just good to say framers save it's a J pack and then name the fall. Render out on your done ready to upload. So basically yet that's the view. Sorry. It's been a bit of a messy one stakes a computer crash in, but any questions just let me know. But surely ain't for that that we got that. But again, it suddenly different. Something called to look at. I appreciate all the following on support you give me on Instagram and might be have Struble twitter set And do you keep following me to do share my prayerful around Tell me what you come up with If you take this class would be great to just some of your dear little Mitchell story. And I repose still work because I do appreciate you taking my classes on. Be great to see what you come up with, Ana. Just just for me. Any questions? If you have any. Have you enjoyed this class on our range? Do you want a lot sooner? Next. And Salah? Cheers.