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Create Simple Before and After Comparison Animation in Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Sebastiaan Destellirer, Graphic Designer, Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. We Start with a Static Adobe Photoshop Version

    • 3. Basic Preparation Steps

    • 4. Design the Animation

    • 5. Exporting as GIF or Movie File

    • 6. Swap Images to Quickly Make Another Motion Graphics

    • 7. Making the Advanced Version

    • 8. Wrap-Up

    • 9. How to Embed YouTube or Vimeo Video to Your Project

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About This Class

In this Class you will learn Step-by-Step how to make a Simple Before and After Comparison Animation inside Adobe Photoshop.


It takes a bit of time to set it up, but once you have it ready you can easily reuse it again by simply swapping out the images with new ones (Smart Objects), and you have your new Comparison Animation ready.

This is a really great technique to show your Before and After Design work here at Skillshare.
After the basic version, I will show a more advanced version, this will require a bit more steps to set up, but like the basic version, once you have created it, you can reuse it again and again to create Simple but Effective Motion Graphics.


Meet Your Teacher

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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher


I am a Graphic Designer living in the Netherlands.
I work at an International Marketing & Communications department.

I love Learning, also about "Digital" Design. (Web Design, Motion graphics / Animation, 3D)

I followed a lot of classes here at Skillshare, Now it was time for some Sharing of my own :)
I published 10 classes:

My Vimeo-page:

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to this class creates simple before and after comparison animation In photo shoot. In this class, you will learn how to make a very simple before and after conversion animation that you can reuse again and again with different images. It is quite simple. It will take some time to set it up, but once your efforts you can easily change the images in you have new information way. Start out its aesthetic first, just to get its prosperity Coach Phil. And then, in a few easy steps, I will feel you how you can make an animation for actual. In the second part of this course, we will make a slightly more advanced animation. It will require a little bit more time to set up, but the result is slightly nicer than the first version. It's an awesome trick to learn, and it will allow you to easily make animations so hit enrolled. But now and I see you in the next parts 2. We Start with a Static Adobe Photoshop Version: Hi guys. I will show you a quick example how you can make it before and after comparison. Image. I have two images opens its the same image only black and white and color version. I will copy the black and whites and based it on top off the color image. And as you can see, the position is the same. They only changing color. I will let the ruler in middle, and I will use mosque. You can goto layer layer, new layer mosque. Ever feel whole? Select part of the image with your color black and whites with black. Take out part off the image, and then you have a quick comparison in games off this image. I think it's interesting to turn it around so you can flecked with your mouth on the mask. You can infer to the colors in Fert, and there you have a very quick before and after comparison. You can an answer to bits before duplicates there and maybe make right lying. I use the books, then payoff affair simple before and after, image off your work. In the next part, I will show you how you can make an animated compassion out off it in photo shoot. So first we got a safe. What I do with this kind of image wish I always shave a PST file and I shave. It is a flat. Yea, before PNG file. This concludes this lesson. 3. Basic Preparation Steps: OK. In this video, I will show you how to make an animated version. You could use the foul you created in the previous first video, but I will start from scratch. One thing we're gonna do is we change our workspace from essential to motion. And the only thing we need is the layer panels. How about close that group Close step group? And now we have a lot of room for our layers, and we're gonna need that in the needs. We have toe frame animation. We gonna use that later on. But the sides off. This is good. Okay, What I will do is I copy image onto the other image. And, like in last video position is not changed. It's only a before and after image. I can close this one. Okay? Image, image size images that I use are 1920 10 80. And the with 1920 is important because in this case, I want to animate in 10 steps. So the riff off each step is 192. Because that's 1920. Defied it by 10. A quick and easy way to do it. It's just make the books we can close this Put it to the left edge and I couldn't use rollers If you don't see the ruler, if you can go to few Runar sh You could use the great option from photo shop that I really like this way. Because you if control over how much steps you want to take and you can usually change it, we don't need the books any more leads. Okay, um, I will boots already for okay, Now we're quiets goods on the way. Well, I think I gonna do. It's changed images, too. Smart objects. And the reason that I do that if then when you have completed your whole animation you can just easily change inside the smart object images in if it's for a new image quite quickly . So it takes law or a bit often time to shed it up. But once you have your completes documents, you can usually change out images conferred too. Smart objects, right? Click confer too Smart opiate. And for now, this is enough. I will rename just for organization off. There we have our crit grit. Defines were in our motion workspace. Okay, I will put on the before layer the mosque and you can eat or do. It's by clicking here, and it will create a mosque. Or you can go to layer, layer, mask, reveal. Okay, the next step that we're gonna take it. Dip lick eight this layer, because for every frame that we're gonna make, we have needs a layer off this image. And that's also the reason that it's good that we made a smart object. Because if we change this smart object, all the layers will change as well. And I can quickly, uh, show. It's just it's an example already so close and safe, and you see older layers have to image. So we after the animation is complete, we only have to change the before and after image ones and not on every layer. For now. No, remove it. This safe in close turn on and off. Okay. And now our sets to making the animation 4. Design the Animation: we're gonna do creates a frame animation. And here now we define the start offering. And it's quite simple info to shop. When you reflect a frame, everything you make fishable will appear on the frame. So I will make a new frame and turn this off. And if I play this animation two seconds duration, this is the animation now has only two frames. But basically the trick. If everything, you gonna select a frame and select what you want to see. Okay. Okay. Our first frame is our before image. So I will, uh, hide the after text and I go to the next frame. I will change the time. 202 seconds. And we can change this this later. But the first frame you want to see longer than the individual steps. And on this frame, I will turn on this layer. Okay? One thing I noticed is that I need to change the beauty position off the before and after texts. No, America to go. Okay. On our second frame, we want, um, not after fishable, and I will turn it off here as well. Okay. On this first frame off the animation we want to see this first parts in color, So I go click on the mosque, make sure my color shar resets toe white and black and just heat press mix base and it this will fill the mask with black. Next step new frame during this one off during dish one on the leads. New frame leads new frame. Make sure you are on the layer. Mosque leads new frame. Turn off and turn on the next one on the layer mask Neil frame. Turn on the layer layer mosque, new frame on the layer mask. New frame. This is a little bit repetitive, but we're almost finished already. Frame frame And here we turn off the fish ability off the before texts and Neil frame in our last frame is just a complete image and we will make this longer. OK, do you select? One thing we can are doing now is turned on after text, and I will turn it on this frame because now there's enough space after after and you can see when I'm moving through the French, you can see that the change is here in the layer spindles after. Okay, in here. You see, we made a mistake. We have the same frame twice. This one we can delete. Yes, Yes. After your sets, I would, uh, hide the great fun off the rulers for now if you hide my Gheit's and just played our animation to see Okay, I see we made one mistake here at the start frame. We needs another layer without a mosque. Later, later, mosque and turn it on because we starts with the grey image during it off in our last image is this one's after now we're set, I think. Okay, before now, if you want to make the speed off the animation quicker, you can say here 0.1 seconds. And we changed it now for older in between steps and I think that's maybe a bit personal. This is slightly quicker bit twits, the before and after compressions. I like to see a little bit more the steps. So in this case, you have a little bit more time to see the difference 5. Exporting as GIF or Movie File: our animation is ready and we can export its in, ah two ways. We can make an animated GIF off its exports. Safer whip. And it won't look very nice because gift cannot handle old. Yeah, older details. Real picture ifs. Buts. It's nice and quick. Small formats. Debts can easily be post it. Our default settings are okay, May. But you can see here the image looks pixelated. But does this a limitation off the gift formats? I want to loop it forever. The size is 1.2 megabytes, and it's safe. Another way to exports this and this is quite easy exports. Then there are Fio. I will choose that this four months high quality presets and there This will take a while. But it's not too long. I hear you see the animated fifth play you see the quality is off. The image is not that good, but it's quite a handy former too quickly show what you did, and this is the animation playing, and in this way you create. It's quite simple and animated movie showing before and after comparison off your work 6. Swap Images to Quickly Make Another Motion Graphics: I will now show you how easily it is to change out new images so that you can make movie after movie. Okay, I opens two images. I want to use a gray scale and color, and it's quite simple. We go now in our animated documentary, and when you click double click on the smarts of kicks, it will open the smart object in a new tip, and you can just a copy based and you layer or new part off image in its safe, close and we don't know used needs the color Keppel and more. You see it's update, It's the apple are black and white. Image is still the older image, so I will double click the smart object copy, close based it into the smart objects safe, and now it's updated. That's on all the layers we used. So if you play this animation now, you're gonna see it's just works, so it takes a bit of time to set it up, but once you have it, you can easily reuse it for all kinds of images. Just replace them in your smart object and you have a total new animation. Joel safe this as well exports. It's not interesting now, but I will do it and file exports the tender for you in this part I really like. It's how easily it is to make fill your files from photo shop again there. Okay. And now I've got to simple movie files. This is the 1st 1 and this is the second room. And disarm a two movie files. And you can do it with all your images you have. So you said it up once, and then you can quickly change the image if this was the 1st 1 and this is the 2nd 1 7. Making the Advanced Version: Hello. I know gonna show you how you can make a bit more off a complex animation. First off, all, I will delete all my French leads frames? Yes. And I deletes all the animation steps. Leads a selected layer. Yes. Okay. Before we starts, I use another image. Sorry. We place the image in the smart Oh, picked double click to open, and I will open the color image. Copy. They are based. Okay. Safe. Yes. You can close this one. GOP changed in the grey image as well based close and safe. Okay, we have now another image, but the rest is the same for this animation. I'm gonna make a few more. In between steps, we had now 10 steps. I will go to 20 steps, so I need to add some guide spit. That is quite easy. I will again make an image. Oh, practice one tense off the total with and I just can puts ruler show in the center. Okay. I can deletes direct Ingle on the next step. What I do is at a layer mosque to the black layer layer layer mosque refuel. And now I direct the layer to the shoulder to Greg to create a group. And in the group is the layer with the layer mosque. And now we can put old put in other items in the group, and we can turn the total group on and off to make the individual frames. Okay, this is our first layer that is showing black. I'm gonna duplicates delayer and make a new frame. And I will set the time to 0.1 seconds and I turn off and the first layer. Okay, this layer should be the first step to us. What we can do is in the marsh. Deletes We have a bit off color now and now I make a white line. I think 10 pixel will do chick to see if it is okay. Four rides and no, we gonna move for each new fring, change the mosque and moved the wide line. And because it is in a group, if we turn the group bone on off, it will be fishable or not in the new frame, I will show you. So for this frame, this is the correct layer. I do a new frame and dip lick eights layer. Turn off the proof your slayer. And first we have to change a mask, make more off the image fishable, and now I can move the line. And because I used the selection that keeps in the middle so I don't have to measure it. So what we can do now is make a new friend and dip lick eights this layer and turn off the previous one. And what we gonna do now is first select the mosque deletes, so there's more image fishable. Go to the lying and move it to the new position. And now it's mention again, and R selection is already at the rights position for the next layer. So we're going to make a new frame de placates the new layer and turn it off. The previous one go to the mosque. The leads go to the line. Move. Make a new frame dip locates the bow group during off two previous one go to the mosque leads go to the line, most lying new frame Diplo gates. Sure enough, a mask will speed up the video show, doing the rest off the frames gay and for the last frame, new frame we can just during this off Okay. I need to turn off before, uh, after text. And I will go to the beginning off the animation. The ends frame two seconds. The rest off the frames are at zero. That's one seconds. And now I have to Because we've made new layers. We have to turn the more fits, uh, the beginning so we can just turn them off. And in the first frame, we have only, um, black and rights group one. All right. What I will do. No, it's just adjust. Older layer showed it. It will show Correct The first frame. Black image, the second frame, this layer, this layer. Hey, you can text after for a firm dish frame after. And this is also a good way to check. If your steps are correct. Be chick one. You everything looks fine. No heights. Dura guides and play the animation. Well, that looks great. No, just safe. Okay, again, this wasa bit time to make. But once you have made it, make this you can do use. It's with other images as well. So again I can open the smart objects. Copy. And, um, go to layer zero. This is the smart objects based safe close and I can close the color one Gopi the grey image and go here to the smart objects gray based safe goes and I can close this one in our animation is playing with the new image. So what to say? It is a bit work to make its But once you have made it, you can reuse it again and again and again. And just like in the previous first video, we can exports It's for safer Reppas a gift or we can render video And I will do both safer whip forever safe exports and their video settings And just to be complete, I will do this also with the one I'm aids in the beginning safe. And here s well you see all the images shy if you star still a PSA layer in its search Quite easy once you have make your animation to just switch safe So the other images And here now I'm If this first thing again I will export its. And here you can see the movie fells we create it And this was the other image. So you see, it's creating the document effect once and you can easily swap out images. Thank you 8. Wrap-Up: Thank you. I hope you have enjoyed this class. And like you're ready to create your own projects, I would love to see what you creates either an animated Fif or rendered animation. In the next parts, I will show a little video how you can bet, video shows you uploaded on YouTube. Female to your skill share. Predict bait. And remember, I'm here. If you have any questions, please post your questions in the discretion. Bennell. Thank you. 9. How to Embed YouTube or Vimeo Video to Your Project: in this shorts video, I will show you how you can embed a female or YouTube video onto your projects. First novel and it's my projects in this guy store is already a female video in, But I will show it and the process again. If you go to your female page and you choose the video you want to invents, you can go to them. Share option, no window will open. And here you can make some options. For example, out of play the video for short videos, you can look them. Then it will play continuously. And all this information historic in a text file, you just copy. And then here you twos and bets media in your projects and you can just based the coat into it submits. And here is the video from female. The process for you to push quite the same. You go to YouTube, you choose to share option. I have no videos on YouTube to effect, so I just take a general video and you can, um, choose the embeds. You can even make more options and also did this cope it GOP. I choose here, and Bets Media and I based the goats submits. And here the YouTube video is in your products. And when you shave your project, the videos are embedded onto your projects. I hope that the shorts info video is helpful. Thank you.