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Create STUNNING social media images in minutes

teacher avatar Joe C., Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. 2 register

    • 2. 3 create content

    • 3. 4 app

    • 4. 5 on the ipad

    • 5. 6 project

    • 6. 7 thank you

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About This Class

Do you have plenty of ideas for image content but you do not know how to create entertaining images? Do you want to gain new traffic by sharing cool image content on your social media profiles? Or are you looking for image editing software that is easy and fast to handle?

Then this course is the right address for you. In this course I will show you how you can create entertraining and animated images for free and within a few minutes. No hustle, no extra costs and no detailed image editing knowledge required. Boost your image productivity and enroll now.

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1. 2 register: Hello, guys, and welcome to a brand new course. In this course, I will show you how you can quickly create stunning images for your social media profile. It's such as instagram, YouTube or Facebook or any other. And the best thing about this to list that is four free and that you have the ability to create standard images but also any made images and videos. And the best thing is that you absolutely need no knowledge regarding photo editing at all . So the two I am talking about is a dove, a spark you can register for free. Here. You can see it on at the Cordova Spark Page by just clicking this link, and there you can just register with your Facebook account. Or, if you don't have Facebook, you can also register and adobe spark become, so let me quickly register, and then we will continue. So once you are registered and you're looking, you will get to your main page where you can see your projects here. As you can see, I've already created some projects, and also there is quite cool. If you are a beginner here on the top, you can see best practices Examples. As you may have noticed, here you can see video you can see page and he can see post. This is due to the reason that Adobe Spark actually consists off three different to us. We will talk and discourse about the tool which allows you to create stunning animated or standard images. And this is the two adobo post, so I would just quickly show you. But before that, I want to show you some examples which were created by other authors, something that takes office. So, for example, this is supposed you can just open it and you can see these are basic images which are utilised daily three million times on social media profiles. And, as you know that on social media, images are really important. For instance, on Instagram, if you have an awesome damage combined with useful content, then it can get a lot off traffic. So this is why image editing and to such as a double spark posts are really important for you, so you can check out the examples by yourself. This was just one. This is another one, and you can create those now with at over parts and we will do this thesis standard way just by clicking here on the topper on those rose. And then just click here on the plus Aiken. And then you will be redirected to the main page off adobo post. So we will then continue in the next video where I control U where I will show you how to create the images. 2. 3 create content: hi guys and welcome back. So now we have registered and we'll open and we've click on the plus. I can sort. It will create a new image with a Dover post. So the first step is that to choose the correct form it So as you know that off course, the sites sizes informers for the different social media profiles differ. And the best thing about this tool is that you actually right from the start, choose the correct form it for the social media profile you are targeting to. So, for example, you have the possibility to choose instagram Facebook Twitter for standard formats such as poster for Slight. And you have even more possibilities such ESP interest, block, post page cover and many more. You can actually also just create a YouTube thumbnail, which is also very important to gain media attention off your audience. You can also, just if you want to create a new standard image with out without publishing it toe social media profile, you can just, for example, choose the former landscape or white scream portrait and so on. So So for this course, we will stick through the example Instagram so right Now we choose the former Instagram and we just click Continue. So this would take some time since this is a it if you have a good Internet connection and of course this will go fast. So right now we have started the creating content process and you see just a plain example . So what you can do now is to choose a suggested theme here. You can see some examples on this site and you can have a look. So to get an inspiration so that, you know Okay, I could use such a theme because that perfectly matches the content I want to create. So maybe you like this, and once you've chosen this, it will load and again for my Internet connection is not the best, but we will minute anyway. So if you do not want to select a specific given theme, you can just, um, click here on the top. Now you can see it better on background and you can replace the current photo by choosing another photo which you have on your hard drive, or by just choosing here, giving a giving color which you can also adjust. So in this case, we can also change here. The color. Yes, we want to remove the photo and there you go. But actually, just give me a 2nd 10 I will upload a image from my hard drive so that you can have a better look how this will look like in the end. So now I've uploaded on image from my hard drive. As you can see, you can do this by clicking here on the background. Then you have to ability to choose a photo to replace the photo and then upload a photo either from your hard drive or other libraries, such as the creative cloud lacked room dropbox, Google photos. Or you can even search for photos. So once we have uploaded an image, then we can also adjust it here conceded we can choose different color schemes. You can just choose what perfect images your desire. So now that you have uploaded image and adjust the color, choose magnolia, then we go here on the top to the text so we can adjust the text off course. We can either keep this styling that was given through theme, or we can just here a few just used to sweeten you can see there are many other, um, possibilities to change the appearance off the text. But these are also only a few. Once when you go back to the theme, you can also choose another appearance for the text such as this, for example. Then the text appears this way. Or maybe you like this better. So we will stick through this. Now we would click on the text. We were simply edited and right. Uh, you Yeah, uh, you CNN hi from times again. This is just one example So you have now edited text. You can rotate the text you can easily enlarging the text or you can again adjusted. You do like this better. So then you can put the text on another place and finally save it. Of course, you have many other options again. Also for the text, you can change the shape off the appearance. You can change the color, you can change the fund and spacing and so on. Possibilities are limitless. Also, you can add conditional text so you are not limited to just one texture. So once you're ready with your text years, you can also check the palate before more color schemes. So maybe you like this better. Oh, you like this better. You can play around a lot, and the best thing is that it's Sophie. It does not take a lot of time toe. Adjust your image. It's very easy to learn and very easy to produce cool images with this, too. So once you've done this and you are happy with the theme the peller, the back onto text and the format, maybe you want to change it. Then this can be done easily again by clicking here on the resize Aiken. If you're happy with all the things that you've done so far, then it is ready to share your content. You can do this by just simply kicking here on the share I can, and then here. As you can see, you can download the image so year. You can also adjust some settings, and this is also important. So if you use this step for the very first time, there will be a water branding on the image. But the best thing is that you can simply and remove it, and it does not cost you a single cent just turns on and you have toe. Except this Some pate and editor cannot remove. Okay, okay, actually have changed us. This was not the case in the past. So no, you have to be a paid member, apparently. But as you can see here, this is new information for me as well, because I used this to for many months now, and it was absolutely for free to remove the water branding as well. But as you can see, there is little hope for us because you can still use this app for free without registration and without having the water branding until the end of the year. So do this fastly. Okay, so for now we will stick to this. Okay, we got it. And now we can simply download. And once the image has been downloaded, we can simply open it and also publish it toe the desired so media profile that we have chosen in the first step. So let me just search for the image, and then I will show it to you. So image has been created and downloaded. Now I've opened it from my artist. And as you can see, this is the image we, Freddie and we already and there is no water branding. But as we have seen together now, I am also a surprised. But it's just like that. We cannot change it. And but you know that until the end of the year, you can use this still for free. And besides that, I would also check. Watch with what? Because off the subscription, because the tool is actually quite cool. So the images there and now you are ready to publish it everywhere and share it everywhere , So have fun creating your very first image. 3. 4 app: Another awesome advantage about a double spark post is that there is also a free us up. So if you have an iPad or an iPhone, you can simply download the adobes back post, which you can find on the IOS. Absolute. So what is so cool about it? Well, also, it is for free, and you can really easily create images on your mobile device and you can direct you from your mobile device. Share it to the related social media profile that you want to upload the image. So once you have created your image within, if a few moments was just a few clicks, you can also direct this habit and then autumn and posted to Instagram or Facebook. So this really saves a lot of time. So, as you have seen in the previous video on the webpage, you just have you first have to save the image. Then we have to go to your social media profile and then you have to upload it off course. This is not much pain, but if you have to do with a lot, then it's quite faster if you do it on the mobile. Awesome. There is also another great advantage about the mobile app. It also works off line, so if you do not have an Internet connection available, there is no problem. You can create still new images or edit old ones because all your images are uploaded to the cloud and synchronized. So if you work on the iPad, for example, on any image you edit it. You can also later on. If you have again Internet connection, continue to edit it on your computer or another scenario, which was always very useful for me. I do travel with train a lot, and of course, I do not always have Internet connection on the train, and it was really frustrating. But through the Adobe spark spark post up, I was able to still create all the images I wanted to, and I could easily save them and they were synchronized with the cloud. And as soon as I had again Internet connection, I was able to post all the videos. So you don't waste time when you are anywhere where you don't have an Internet connection and there are, believe me, many places till where there where you do not happen it in a connection So I really would suggest you If you have on US mobile device, then I don't know that. And try it out is even simpler than the webpage that Stephen fester than the webpage. And it makes even more fun than the weapon because you just have to do some movements with your fingers and you can bomb create cool images. And in the next few, I will show you a swell how you can create any mated images. But this works only for the mobile, so state ute. 4. 5 on the ipad: Hi and welcome back, guys, in this video, I want just to quickly show you how the jobs back post up looks on an IOS mobile device. So here you can see an app where I, um, mirroring my iPad and I have already downloaded here the spark post it so you to the mirroring. The quality is not that good off the video, but I hope you can accept this. So I will open this spot post up on it will load solve this would take some time. And as I've told you in the previous video, the awesome thing about the episode that you can use it also in offline scenarios if you do not have an Internet connection and it also has another awesome feature which is not at least yet available on the webpage. So you can either create a new content. You can simply use a template which is already given all you can goto here at the bottom to here. Here you would see my posts. I would just click here on the bottom. And there you can also see the image that we have created in the last video. I will just open that one. By clicking on that image, this will take a few moments. So there we have the image we we which we created on the webpage and the previous view. And now we will edit it as well on the mobile. So we just clicking on the button on edit. So once I've stunned this, we will be able to edit it. So now you can see also the options which are also given in the webpage theme. Talent? Yeah, we'll click on theme that you can see again the different themes. I will leave that menu now yet crashed. Sorry, this is with the mirroring is not perfect, but just give me a few moments. So now we're back on the image here on the top. So on the body you have three options for photo talent and theme. And on the very top, you have options can memory was really not a great option. But let's go just back because I want to show you exactly what you can do on the air. So on the top you can see the the icons to resize the form it to replace the photo or to add a text so the A plus second. So it is now covered by the EPO, which I'm using for the mirroring. But I would tell you once again you can resize here you can replace the photo in the year you can edit additional texts So but for the moment, the most important thing is that you can have that you have to san features that you also on the Web page. But additionally, the awesome thing on the up is that you have this thing here called animation. So what's that? So I would put the text here and then I would click on the animation. So then you will see here a few features that will allow you that will allow you to any made the text which is on the image on the APP itself. You will see exactly what it is here on the mirror mirror and using that you will not see it optimally. But I will tell So for example, here the first option is to use a faith future. So as you can see now, the Texas fading or you have a sliding future. So then the text would slide there, which was pretty cool And just like this, you have a few options which you can use. Such s grow. Yeah. Again. Crash. Really sorry, but this was the only option. How to show you this. So once you've chosen an animation, then you can simply kick on the top corner on the export Aiken. And then you will also have the opportunity to not only create a standard image, but why you are using an animated future. Now, you also have the opportunity to create either a video or a life photo, which you can, for example, share on Instagram. So, for example, that said you would create a video that, of course, the video will be created. Then you have a video former on your iPad, and you can share this wherever you want, and off course. Then the animation will be shown as well. Or you can create the life photo on and it will be saved. And once it has been created and saved, you can then awesome Sharat directly from within, The dove is back. Post it to any off your social media profile. So you just don't click again on the export I can. On the top. Yeah, Okay, so once that has been saved, it would also then have the opportunity to publish it directly to Facebook. For example, toe Instagram. If you have those EPS already installed on your iPad or iPhone, and if you're also already locked in, then that created content will be directly shared to your social media profiles, which is also quite awesome because the workflow is very fast. So again, I deeply apologize for all those crutches. It's not the perfect way, but I was not able toe think about another way to show you the contents from the iPad here on the computer. But nevertheless, the EP is really awesome. It is for free. The working flow is even faster than on the webpage you don't need necessarily necessarily an Internet connection. You can directly post to your social media profile. It's and additionally, you have this awesome animation future which you do not have yet, at least on the webpage soil. If you have an IOS mobile device, I really highly suggest you to download a Dover sparked public step, so we'll see you in the next video 5. 6 project: So, guys, now that you know how to create stunning images either animated or standard for your social media profiles, I have a little homework for you guys. So I would like to ask you to create any good content that you want on Adobe's by post and then uploaded as a project toe this course. So this will get you going and he would start not only consumed this course, but you will actually perform the things that you have learned. And furthermore, you can use this opportunity to share your creativity with other students. And maybe you can also use this image for the projects to do some advertisement for your site or your project so others can view them as well. So everyone has an advantage for this off this So I am very how to say I am very eager and very curious to see all your new images. So don't wait anymore and start to create content 6. 7 thank you: Congratulations, guys. You have made it to the end off the course. I hope you've learned a lot in the scores. So you know how to create now pool animated or standard images with Adobe's Back Coast. And I really hope that you stopped using it today and share the project with the other students. I really hope that you enjoy the scores. And I would like to thank you for your attention and your time. And if you like it, I would really appreciate it if you leave a small review or thumbs up. So this will, of course, encourage me to create more content year on Scotia and share things I know which you guys. So see you in another course by why?