Create Responsive Themes with Wordpress and Ultimatum

Sean McCammon

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33 Lessons (2h 8m)
    • 1. Before We Begin

    • 2. Install Ultimatum

    • 3. Install Plugins

    • 4. Setup Before Begin

    • 5. First Layout

    • 6. Creating The Header

    • 7. Creating The Footer

    • 8. Adding A Sidebar

    • 9. Creating The First Post

    • 10. Changing The Posts Layout

    • 11. Using Forms To Create A Contact Page

    • 12. Adding Static Pages

    • 13. Adding A Subscriber List

    • 14. Adding A Slideshow

    • 15. Changing CSS

    • 16. Change the background

    • 17. Ultimatum 2.8 Lecture 1

    • 18. Ultimatum 2.8 Lecture 2

    • 19. Ultimatum 2.8 Lecture 3

    • 20. Ultimatum 2.8 Lecture 4

    • 21. Ultimatum 2.8 Lecture 5

    • 22. The Visual Composer

    • 23. Full Height Sidebar

    • 24. Different Logos

    • 25. BudyPress Connect

    • 26. BBPress Connect

    • 27. Intro Video

    • 28. Making the Website Part 1

    • 29. Making the Website Part 2

    • 30. Making the Website Part 3

    • 31. Making the Website Part 4

    • 32. Making the Website Part 5

    • 33. Goodbye


About This Class

You can build a mobile responsive themed website in less than 1 hour using the lectures in this course combined with Wordpress and Ultimatum. 

The one thing I disliked about Wordpress was that; although you can get MANY themes, to create your own mobile friendly responsive theme you had to know and understand Php, CSS and how to edit those in the theme to get what you wanted. 

This is not a simple task, especially how the source is set out. 

Well, I discovered the secret. Ultimatum. The Ultimatum framework can be simply used to create YOUR Theme. 

Not edit someone else's but create YOUR theme. Just using drag and drop components. Better still, you can export it and use on other sites. 

Take this course today if you want to understand how to use Ultimatum and you could create your own Wordpress Themed website in less than 1 hour. 

No editing Php, no changes to CSS in files. Its all done from the interface using Drag and Drop and configuration setup. 

Below is a little more info on this course if you still need it : 

Have you ever wanted to create your own webpage but don't want to spend hours and hours learning HTML, Php, JQuery and all the other languages and APIs? 

  • What if you could create an awesome website with no code?
  • What if you could use the power of the Wordpress CMS and create YOUR own theme?
  • What if that theme creation was just drag and drop and update of parameters?
  • What if you could then export this as a child theme and load onto other sites?
  • What if you could use this to create customer websites and become a web developer?

Well you can. This course shows you how to use Wordpress and Ultimatum 2.7 to create websites using drag and drop. 

Create custom layouts and themes. You can then export those themes and import into other sites running ultimatum 

Use wordpress and Ultimatum to start a website design business. 

Child Themes created can even be sold to others running ultimatum. 

This course will show you just how easy Wordpress is while using the Ultimatum Theme Framework 

I walk you through how to put together a page using Wordpress and Ultimatum. I show you how easy it is to get your page up and running. Then using this knowledge and skills you can go and create your own custom theme using the framework. 

At the end of this course you will know what Wordpress and Ultimatum are. You will know how to install Ultimatum; you will know how to create your own Template and Layout in Ultimatum and have the knowledge to create your own unique Wordpress Website. 

After completing this course you will understand how to :

  • Install and activate ultimatum
  • How to create layouts
  • How to add content, posts
  • Partial and Full layouts
  • How to create a menu
  • Header and Footer creation

Do you want to know how to create and use a static page? Maybe you want to add a contact us form? This is covered too. 

So, if you want to create your page then please start today and start building your dream page.