Create Repeat Patterns with Adobe Textile Designer

Mel Armstrong, Illustrator, Pattern Addict & Teacher

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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction to Textile Designer

    • 2. Installing Textile Designer

    • 3. Create a simple repeat with Textile Designer

    • 4. Create a Half-Drop Repeat with Textile Designer

    • 5. Color Separation & Colorways

    • 6. Extract a repeat tile

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class, I’m going to walk you through how to create seamless patterns in Photoshop using the brand new Adobe Textile Designer in Photoshop (formerly the Pattern Paras® extension).  I’ve been lucky to try out this extension before it was available to the public and I’m excited to show you how to use it. It really will simplify the way you make patterns in Photoshop.

Throughout this class, i'll teach how to

  1. Download & Install the plugin extension
  2. Create a simple grid repeat using the extension
  3. Create a half-drop repeat using the extension

By the end of the class you’ll have the confidence to create seamless patterns quickly in photoshop without using any calculations.

This class is ideal for

  • surface pattern designers who are use traditional media and would like to create a pattern with them
  • Beginner Surface pattern designers who are looking for a simple method of creating patterns in Photoshop
  • Seasoned surface pattern designers who are looking to simplify the way they create patterns in photoshop

This class requires you to have Adobe Photoshop CC - 2017 or later.  This tool is not available in earlier versions. If you don’t have the latest version, you can still create patterns in photoshop.  You can take my class “How to create a half-drop repeat in Photoshop” if you’d like to know how to create patterns traditionally/manually in Photoshop.  Or you could download a free 7 day trial if you do want to give Photoshop a try.

This extension really is a game changer for surface pattern designers, especially those artists who create art using traditional media such as watercolour or gouache.  Photoshop has always been the best way to retain the gorgeous quality of traditional media, but it's always been tricky to create patterns when you have to use calculations to perfect the seamless repeat. This will make life a whole lot easier for artists who don't want to be spending endless hours working out calculations to get a repeat to work.

I'm posting this class now rather than when the extension is actually released as I see this as a good opportunity to be ahead of the crowd, but also to help create a function that helps us focus more on the art creation and less on the pattern creation.  This extension is still in beta, which means if you discover some issues with the extension, you can let them know and hopefully they will address them before it becomes live.  As a surface designer this is a great opportunity to help Adobe create a wonderful product that can help us create wonderful designs.  They fixed a number of issues I found early on in testing and with each new release it has become so much better to work with.  I still believe they can make it better.

As the extension improves I will update this class to reflect any changes they make and will let you know when it's officially rolled out.