Create Repeat Patterns in Photoshop With A Maximum Control (and Minimum of Maths!) | Agnieszka Kobylinska | Skillshare

Create Repeat Patterns in Photoshop With A Maximum Control (and Minimum of Maths!)

Agnieszka Kobylinska, Surface pattern designer

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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Preparing Your Motifs

    • 4. Designing A Repeat Tile ("Traditional" Way)

    • 5. Designing Patterns Easier and Faster!

    • 6. Designing a Half Drop Repeat

    • 7. Goodbye & Good Luck!

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137 of 146 students recommend this class
The "easier faster" section of this class was AMAZING! Everything I'd been battling with in trying to design my repeats was taken care of. It was just so much easier to see what I was doing and what each change did to the repeat as a whole. Fabulous! (And I've seen nothing else like it.) THANK YOU!!!
Thank you for doing a class using only photoshop for seamless repeat patterns and I love your inverse technique. I still don't understand the math though. I need to review that part again. Now I'm going to take your other class(es).
Adrianne Lee

Fashion & Textile Design

very useful!! I learned new methods