Create & Relax: Make beautiful reminders with Watercolours & Calligraphy | Maggie Roman | Skillshare

Create & Relax: Make beautiful reminders with Watercolours & Calligraphy

Maggie Roman

Create & Relax: Make beautiful reminders with Watercolours & Calligraphy

Maggie Roman

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16 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. What is this class about

    • 2. Hello & Welcome

    • 3. What you'll need for this class

    • 4. Let's have a look at shapes

    • 5. The Twirl Shape

    • 6. The Horse Shoe Shape

    • 7. The parallel lines

    • 8. The Universe

    • 9. The Tulip

    • 10. Darker Abstract shapes

    • 11. The Two colours

    • 12. Adding Details

    • 13. Practice Calligraphy

    • 14. Get ready to write

    • 15. The final result

    • 16. Thank you for taking this class

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About This Class

This course is a fun way to ease into abstract watercolours and explore textures and shapes. It will also give you the chance to play around with calligraphy and relax while making beautiful reminders for your scrapbook or little pieces of art for your wall. You can even make hand made greeting cards! The main objective is to have a fun afternoon creating and enjoy the process of making. :)

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Maggie Roman


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1. What is this class about: Hello, everyone. And welcome. Thank you for checking out this class. This is my 2nd 1 And this time around, it's all about abstract watercolors and calligraphy. This glasses for anyone who wants to unwind creatively, experiment and just have a fun afternoon with some much needed me time. It sounds like fun didn't even roll and see in the class. 2. Hello & Welcome: Hello and welcome to the class today. We're diving into abstract work colors and calligraphy to it, and we're making fun Personal reminds us that you can use for your scrapbook or you can give away as greeting cards or you can decorate your space with. But don't worry too much. If you have no prior knowledge, the main goal here will be to ease into watercolors and let go of control and enjoy the process. 3. What you'll need for this class: So let's have a look at their materials that were going to use. You need some what color paper, a large brush, black ink and a calligraphy pen. Should you not have ink or a calligraphy pen, you can go ahead and use a regular pen or marca. This, however, does not apply for your paper as you can't substitute watercolor paper with regular one Foma watercolors. I have chosen a large Windsor and Newton palette as I love their color textures, but other Brown's should be absolutely fine as well. And I also have black ink from New Windsor and Newton and just a regular student set for my pens. 4. Let's have a look at shapes: so what? Colors could be a lot of fun, but we're often intimidated by our lack of control over them. Well, this will help you, is into it and enjoy the loose shapes coming from your brush. First, we're going to do a few test runs to warm up here. I have a few example shapes that I did. So let's have a look at them before we go ahead and practice some of the forms together. So as you can see their endless possibilities to the shapes that you can create, you can have a solid piece of color that softens towards the end. Or you can have parallel lines to form a grid. You can have two or more colors combined together. Um, you can go and create different shapes as well. Here I have some water texture on these two, and then you can combine more than two colors a time, or come back and decorate them with shapes like I've done here. Send the next video. We're going to look each one of those shapes individually and see how you can make them 5. The Twirl Shape: so our fresh shape is the 12 you noted. To make this shape, you will have to take some color onto your brush and then place your brush onto the centre off your paper. Drag the brush in a circular motion slowly putting less pressure as you go further out. So let's have a go at this now and I'm going to show you how I do this. So my brush has a lot of water and I'm not drawing it. Just dip it in a color and then, Ah, some more water if you need to start from the center and go round addressed in the pressure that you apply as you go and you can also come back later and add more details should you want to. You want to add more texture. That and there's you're shape, so we'll just put that now, Um, aside to dry, you can always come back and up to it if you want to 6. The Horse Shoe Shape: So the next shaped bedroll practice will be this one here, which kind of looks like a horse. True. Just go ahead and dip your brush in water and then dip your brush into your chosen color. I do this a few times over just to ensure that I have enough color on my brush. So just go ahead and put the brush sideways on your paper and then just drug it out. And remember that a fuel shape doesn't look like you want it to. You can always come back and rework it so you cannot more texture, tiny little details. You can correct your shape. Um, so you can see here. I'm changing it slightly. And there you go. We'll just let that dry now. 7. The parallel lines: So our next shape is going to be this one when you have the lines, so you have a lot of parallel lines next to each other. So again, just dip your brush into some water, then choose your color. I do tend to lengthen blues these days and take a generous amount of paint onto your brush . Put your brush down and drug it vertically, so drug it straight down you can choose between are putting more pressure as you go down or less pressure as you go down so that you have those lovely on even lines. And here I've chosen to move them in opposite directions as well. So I'm moving vertically, um, in opposite sides, and so you can choose to do a few you can choose to do 45 or six. Um, you can always come back and have more details later, and there you go. So we'll just leave that to dry 8. The Universe: and I next one here will be the universe Blob. This is one of my favorite shapes on this one. I've also added splashes of color around the shapewear us This one I kept more simple as I believe the water textures are just so beautiful on their own. So dip your brush into water, load your brush with color and then put a lot of color at the center off your paper like I did here. So just add a lot of color on your paper and then to make the water are textures. Just wash your brush only slightly dried on the edge of your glass and drive your brush around the color, um, off your paper, only slightly touching the outer outline off your color with your what brush. So this should make the paint further, really beautifully into the wet paper and give you beautiful textures. You can add some more paint. Um, while the paper is still wet, you can have another go with a word brush around your color that will make the pain to leak . Um, or you can also come back and top on your brush like I do here to our little spots of color . So this is a more plain one because I really like the water texture on its own, whereas thes ones will have the little spots, which I also really like. 9. The Tulip: the next one will do a shape that reminds me of a truly, and this one will have two colors. So here I have added purple on, have all sided pink, so it looks really beautiful with different textures. So in order to do this, take a paper, Dip your brush into some water, dip it into one color than 10 your brush in your hand and dip it into another color slightly as well. And let's give it to try. So just put your brush down and make 1/2 circle here. I didn't have enough water, so I just did my brush again. You might need to do a couple of rounds, maybe get some more water. Get your second color. If you can see now, this is better, so it's a bit visible. And then you have all those textures and the two colors jumping out, which is beautiful. 10. Darker Abstract shapes: I also wanted to show you a darker shape here. So this will be a really cool idea if you have a white marker or ink to write on top of it afterwards. For this one, I decided to just a lot of it's off to go bonkers. I decided to add some specs first, So let's do that now. And actually, then at some color, I just decided to create some random shapes with my brush. So I have let of color on my brush, and I just dropped my brush on my paper, and then I washed my brush, and I drug my clean, wet brush on the edges off the color to allow the pain to father and create the textures would be careful not to overwork your piece. As then you're going to lose all, Um, you're interesting textures, and it will just become one plane color second top on your brush more just to create little points of interest. This one has been so much fun and well said that to try 11. The Two colours: in this one, I will show you how to combine two colors together. So dip your brush in water, then dip your brush into your color. Um, here about did some specks of color and then add a light wash off color doesn't have to be too dark. You can then come later and not darker bits of color. But you don't have to start duck. So this is a good chance for you to experiment and see how you brush behaves when you apply different kinds of pressure. Then dip your brush into a different color and come back onto your paper. Here. I've taken a clean brush and just gonna around my color toe, allow the paint to feather and made a few specs again. I don't want to overwork. The peace are Leave it here. It does remind me of a flower, and I think it looks quite cute with a little textures around. Sell just said it to dry 12. Adding Details: And now that your initial shapes air dry, you're welcome to come back and put around and and extra decorations and top with, um so here have my to, um, blue shapes, which have dried, and I've decided to come back and on some details onto them. So you're free to play around, um, and make different shapes. Bigger ones, smaller ones. You can add specs and dots and little, um, you know, geometric shapes or triangles or circles. Um, I've gone for some bubbles here, which I quite like cause it reminds me off, um, off the ocean, you're free to play around, said This bit is really fun. I've also opted in for a second color. You can use as many as you want to, or you can use just one. This is completely up to you. I just wanted to add some variety to it. You can let your color bleed so that it has interesting textures and let's go into the next one. I've opted in for some little squares here, and the key here is to just enjoy yourself in experiments so it doesn't have to look great right away. You can walk in a piece you can rework in a piece. So here, as you can see, um, while the paint is still what you can come back, Um, if you decide to change something and just change it, I didn't really like how those shapes of the look and I decided to just, um, kind of much them in. You can have different colors. I have gone for some black here and just touched the wit surfers and it feathered, but the goal is really to just play around. 13. Practice Calligraphy: having said their shapes to dry, we can now have some time to practice our calligraphy skills and play around. Think of 5 to 10 phrases so quotes that you'd like to write and practice writing those. I find that before writing on my shapes, I need to warm up a bit so that my writing doesn't look forced and is more effortless. Now just to give you a full disclosure. I am not a calligraphy artists, so my writing is not going to be asked fancy as you see on Pinterest. But I still have lots of fun doing it. So that's the whole point here. No, I have some black ink and took calligraphy pens and some think that f port here. So let's see. I've also practiced some of the writing before, so let me just show you quickly. So here you can see different writing styles just to see what it could look like with amore cursive or more simple way to write things. Um, this is really helpful, and I would also recommend that once you go to right on your shapes, I would say, Don't overthink it. If you have started writing, just go for it. Otherwise, your lines will look what plea? So I'm using a calligraphy pen here, but you can totally work with the pen or marker, as he concedes, a bit difficult for me. But it's really so much fun, and I find it quite relaxing, to be honest as well. My lines are going to be shaky here, and then. This is why I'd recommend that you go for a few test runs before you start writing on your shapes. Because if you make a mistake that that shape is ruined, - you can try different quotes, different writing. You can switch pens now. My lines are a bit wobbly here and there. Let's try another one. You can also go bigger or smaller with your quotes. You can try different writing styles, so whatever you think, it's fun. Just go for it. I wanted to go for a more aggressive looking style of writing here. - Now let's try and, uh, see how a smaller pen would book. This might be very difficult at first, and my pen was scratching the paper a lot until I kind of adjusted the pressure of my hand to see how it could glide on the paper smoothly, so it might take some practice. And I myself, I'm also not a specialist, but just have a play around a wobbly line here. But it's okay, especially if you take the time to really have all those letters. I just find it so such is fine. - Let's switch pens now. You can also have, um, some shapes ocean, some doodles if you want to decorate your writing some little hearts and flowers, some fun little details, lips. Let's try that again. No, that didn't work. Some calligraphy artists recommend picking would and practicing writing that one word for a whole page just to get your writing right. But I'm just having fun here, and this is it. Little shapes here and there. 14. Get ready to write: Now that you have your shapes here ready and dry, it's finally time to write your quotes. Yea, so let's choose a shape here. I think I'm going with, uh, this one This one hand, I find it quite helpful to have the phrase, uh, or the quote that I'm going to write, um, in front of me. This helps me maintain my hand in autopilot instead of overthinking each letter. And therefore you're writing will be small there. Once you get started, I'd recommend that you just go for it because if you stop and then start again, your phrase wouldn't look the same throughout. However, I do see calligraphers crafting their quotes, letter by letter very carefully. So if you do prefer that you could do that instead and I just absolutely love adding some ink drops The end gonna leave that dry. Now we're going to move on to our 2nd 1 So let me take something here, decide which side of the paper you'd prefer to be up depending on a where you think the text will look best and let's get going and some main company in and moving on to the 3rd 1 this shape was particularly fun to paint, I said. I thought the twirl could represent, like, the starkness, the feeling suck Mr Bit of Anchia, such as going back and filling it in. And next one is the lines I really loved drawing that pull painting. But, um, shape as well. I'm really trying not to overthink it here and just keep going. But again, if you'd like to craft, um, each of the letters carefully, you can do that as well. I just find that when I keep going without stopping, then my overall phrase looks more cohesive and more kind of flowy and adding a bit of ink. My finger is black X. We have our little flower. Just thought that try a market for this one and see how it looks. If you have a brush bend that also work really nice, you can make a little greeting card for your mom off with a friend and just addict. Some lines here and some doodles that to decorate and our last one. I find that this look really nice in a scrapbook or in your desk, and they really make such cute, personalized hunt made greeting gods for your loved ones the next time you buy some flowers for somebody can make them your own count as well. And some ink. And there you go. I love how this turned out. 15. The final result: 16. Thank you for taking this class: a huge thank you to anyone who took the schools. I hope you enjoyed. Don't forget to post your projects as I would really want to see what you come up with And if you have any questions or would like to connect just fine. Minister Graham. Hi.