Create Professional Videos Using iMovie - Go From Beginner To Advanced! | Joe Parys | Skillshare

Create Professional Videos Using iMovie - Go From Beginner To Advanced!

Joe Parys, Online Instructor |

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12 Videos (2h 1m)
    • 0 iMovie Promotional Video! Join our Course Today!

    • 1- Introduction to iMovie! Welcome to iMovie Interface

    • 2- Get Started using Simple Hot Keys & More!

    • 3- Learn iMovie Transitions

    • 4- How to Add Text To Your Videos!

    • 5- Adding Maps & Backgrounds To Your Videos!

    • 6- Adding Music & Sound Effects to Your iMovie Videos!

    • 7- How To Add Pictures and Videos To Your Video in iMovie

    • 8- Learning How To Use "B-Rolls"

    • 9- How to Use Slow Motion & Fast Motion in iMovie

    • 10 - Course Summary and Introduction to Our Final Project!

    • 11- Our iMovie Final Project!

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About This Class

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Taking this course will help you speed up your learning with video production so you don't have to spending hours of frustration learning iMovie on you own! 





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Joe Parys

Online Instructor |

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