Create Professional Python GUI or Excel Windows Desktop Apps in under 15 minutes using Virtual Forms | Davor Geci | Skillshare

Create Professional Python GUI or Excel Windows Desktop Apps in under 15 minutes using Virtual Forms

Davor Geci, [email protected], Programmer | Excel VBA

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14 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction: Create Excel or Python App in 15 minutes using Virtual Forms

    • Overview of the final Excel application, which we will create

    • Preparing the environment, Virtual Forms Framework installation

    • Preparing the Excel Blank Tamplate and VF Definition file

    • Open the Virtual Forms Designer within Excel Blank tamplate

    • Create your first Virtual Form for Excel using Virtual Forms Designer

    • Open your first Virtual Form in Excel

    • Create your second Virtual Form in Excel

    • Create a LOOKUP Virtual Form in Excel

    • Create a MASTER DETAIL Virtual Form in Excel

    • Python: Intro to Python GUI and Excel using Virtual Forms Framework

    • Python: 6 lines of Python code to run Virtual Forms

    • Python: Create Virtual Form in Designer and call it in Python

    • Conclusion & Thank You


About This Class

You will learn the Basics of creating a Professional Excel GUI or Python GUI Windows desktop database application in under 15 minutes without coding in Excel or with just 6 lines of code in Python using a tool called Virtual Forms Framework in this Excel & Python tutorial course.

We will create a simple Virtual Form that is able to (CRUD):

  • Create new 

  • Read

  • Update

  • Delete records from database

  • Filter records in the Grid control with build in Filter functionality

No code in Excel or only 6 lines of code in Python

You need to see this!

You don’t have anything to lose.

If you want to impress your boss, colleagues, clients and also impress yourself with Excel and (or) Python, Enroll in this course NOW!

This is the screenshot of the Virtual Form that we will create in Excel:



If you want to dive in deeper and learn more about what you can also do with the Virtual Forms Framework, you are welcome to take the Full Step-by-Step Masterclass called:

Excel Step-by-step Masterclass: Create Excel VBA apps with MySQL & Virtual Forms & Excel VBA

See us in,






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Davor Geci

[email protected], Programmer | Excel VBA

Davor is a veteran programmer with 20 years of being a professional programmer and 15 years of building companies as CEO or helping others as an HR consultant in employee recruitment.

Specialties: VB, VBA, Error Handling, Azure Application Insights, SQL, Databases, Excel, Access, MySQL, MSSQL.

Currently: CEO & Founder at WinPIS

Recent projects:

Virtual Forms for Microsoft Excel VBA (NEW UserForms for Excel VBA)

VBA Telemetr...

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