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Create Presentations Like a Pro - Create Unique New Slide Designs in PowerPoint (less than 14 mins)

teacher avatar Yuvi A., Get Creative and Grow Your Skills!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (19m)

    • 2. Animations and Transitions Intro

    • 3. Create Custom PPT Slides

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About This Class

Microsoft PowerPoint is definitely a really powerful tool that can help you communicate effectively during crucial meetings and public events. A true way to shine at delivering a presentation is by giving a really beautiful custom design to your PowerPoint slides. 

What We Will Learn in This Course?

We will learn how to create a powerful professional-looking slide design for your next presentation using a few simple steps. After completing this course, you will very confidently be able to build stunning looking custom PPT slides and impress everyone in the room. Students will also get introduced to the format shape options, format image panel, animations, and effects features. 

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone can attend and benefit from this. Beginner to Super MS Powerpoint users. This course is definitely going to benefit everyone who is willing to learn the art of creating PowerPoint custom presentations and amaze their audience. 

Why You Should Take This Course?

This one small course will take your PowerPoint slide creation skills to the next level. You will be able to use your creativity to come up with amazing looking Powerpoint slides in less than 5 minutes. If you use PowerPoint frequently then this is a must-watch. You are missing out on a powerful feature you can use to build 100% unique Powerpoint presentations. 

At the End of the Course:

Everyone who completely watches and practices the easy steps in this course will be able to create amazing looking professional slide designs in less than 10 minutes.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Yuvi A.

Get Creative and Grow Your Skills!


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1. INTRODUCTION: Hello, everyone In this course I'll be teaching you how to create custom slide templates of free crewmen had reply animations in conditions to slides. Then we work with poplin shapes and from adoptions in the end, will be able to create custom professional looking slides in no time. So let's get started. 2. Animations and Transitions Intro: in this election, we get comfortable with the party and effects, transitions and animation. Basically Microsoft apartment application. I do it in mine. You don't have to take new invention like a black presentation. What's written say you'll find this slide on the right and this preview panel on the left. You can easily drive and drop these, doing the lease of the police to size. Simply drag it and size will change. So this is the heading. Next Let's change it a bit and this is subtitle. It subheading the scarlet, Some heading for now. Go ahead and create a duplicate strike. You have to simply go to the left panel. I cleared the slide and they've been option toe. Duplicate the critical estate. Now that you have two slides in place, let's kill some close to the 2nd 1 So let's choose Good. I'm glad something lighter for the subheading. Let's let's take yellow. Yeah, it looks nice. Oh, killing That makes sense for some heading innocent pains. I'm heading. So use these two for the purpose of demonstrating how we gonna glide effects and animations as you can see the top. That is an option clearly specified transitions and animation. So unanimity transition tab and as on the right, you can see that loads the sound effects that you can use. So when the transition plays and you will from once like to the another, the sun will be played the chosen sound. For now, we're living in blank, so there'll be no sound. It will be a store, a silent transition from one site to another. Now let him into the animation types. As you can see, none of the animation effects were not but active. It's only when you click the element that they were active. So emissions that only particular toe the elements within a stride. So the stakes bucks this text heading. We're goingto blessem animation Effectiveness. Yeah, this looks the gruel. Let's try. Something s a favorite zoom. So as you can see, it does number one position and on the right animations panel shows it so subheading heading. We can also Bradley subheading animation, but it above the heading. So this actually changes the sequence averaged. Animation happens now go ahead. And at Cem animations to the second sliders. Well, so that weekend on See, I actually the favorite bourbon infants scream. You can simply go to the animations panel on the right and take play on to see how the animation effects look like so you can change the sequence and desperate for now. I'm not changing the sequence, but seconds later that works perfectly fine. Let's lend them in front screen and say, Add looks. So this is the head of simple heading and subheading. Here is a second slide, a colorful subheading. Let's move back. It's time to add some transitions under the transition. Perhaps. Let's use this Bush position effect for the first laid. So at the beginning of the slide, this is hard. LaPier. Let's remove the on most look so that transition effect happens on itself. I feel screwed. This is how it will appear. That's cool. 3. Create Custom PPT Slides: in this lecture me begin with cleared in the first custom slide in the Park Point shapes. This is a simple shape, the give and extreme really close to our apartment's lights. Let's go ahead and start clear to professional looking custom proper slides. I would highly encourage each of you to please perform these steps along with me to make the most of this course. Let's go ahead and clear the bad presentation, really, To get rid of these text boxes, that is an option to add kind of slightly wonder out, and we're going to have a blank slate to recently deleted that slight as we are going to experiment. And just once life for now. Under the insert tab, you can see deception to Ammu, Slade number one option Brad Shapes and an option to have sex. But let's add a text box. Nets turned this endure heading next, so have increased the size of the sticks to make it look like a heading. This is the heading of the slide that's changed its text. I mean descent. That's true. Something with some sharp edges so that it looks like they're heading. This looks nice. This looks like a lot of settle, and that's standing a bit spokes. This will be the subheading text, a subtitle we need on the textbooks. Let's change the color of the subheading. Their view looks nice, So that's Langley's properly Mary. Been said another text box. So make this into the body but slowed this way. You handle the stats and know the information in more, so it's at a few lines here, on its right, click can click on Sermon. Bagram, We know, add the background color, and then I didn't see the format options you had. Solid, credible, radiant creature texture. A baton. Still, you go with silent clinic afters. In this three, there's an option to adjusted. Transparency is when it's not. Get into the details of that. So I'm trying to choose a kind of little girl nice and we look more professional. So this is a nice color. That's the good, it seems Teoh of the heading, so that it's easily visiting that stood, saying the body. Next, let's add some formatting. It looks good without the formatting, so let's leave it like that. So this is the base template now. We withdrew into the insert pad and even shapes. As you can see, this is loaded with tons of shapes you can use. So let's let a shape that go. I'm confused. What shape? Good. This l shaped run. It looks nice. So it stood that once you open it, you can adjust the size and the shape of this. I do so this shape and I was modified it a bit a Skopje pasted and creating multiple populism. So you need to do our these teams. You need one shape and we need to duplicate it by simply copy pasting how you convey into the insert shapes tab and add them again. I'm trying to arrange them so that they look nice. Know that they have a shapes and place we can let shift and select The Marlott once this way will be able to move them in one direction. So don't in them a little bit. So next I want a little Italy got between these images, So I want to separate them somehow. So let's make a little modification to their shapes before we do that. You know, I could have done this in the very first step, but I have no idea what this is. When do your clothes at the end? If it is a completely fresh ship for me as well. So you can experiment that all the shapes you've got. So I particularly find these radical shapes ready, useful, and they're easy to a lame. So you see, I have left him gap between the shapes. This is to achieve the kind of defect that we went. So what next? That would make us shift and all of them, so that they're also let her know I click and flip under Google on the adoption next to you , right click and three concert Matt Shape for my adoptions of around Larrys to add Nofal salad color, including pictures. Anyone patterns So far for the purpose of this red only sticking the pictures the women to put in pictures probably if you have inserted pictures before you get something which was previously selected. But let's told this background new pictures or you can simply opened fire and select every picture we've chosen for the process creating this slope. So is the ready Children. Rick set of picture actually is from one of the free stocking with the shapes, so you can go ahead and experiment with a different image. So there are options and the labour concluded them. Change transparency. For now, I'm living everything at the fault. So there's how the slide looks, however, when be soon the slow, this one. But this scenario D that really attract outside the slide will look as bad as they look great now. So let's see. So this is the religion. If it so this next, many cool. And if you meet, let's you get is a little more better mission that's turned the edges. So now we're UN group. So a zit can see I'm grouping them and then added, The picture is not going to vote for you because that that'll be individual added each of the shape element. What we need to do is willing to group them together and then add the background picture to see I've grouped them together. Now I go to the format options. There's the farm adoption, and I so that a picture Mm, Well, so this is exactly the kind of effect that we need. So this looks pretty cool and it's change. Do you munch? So now we have a slow in place. We need to go and then insert and ID. I'm in the shape in that shape of Munich, time grew at a square and everything that you help us with the corners. So I gave this very simple box shape tell he has created angle to cover Bill Ages and turn them so that this looks a lot more later and clean. I'm going to change the little district angle to exactly the Colapinto background part of the slide so that they much together I still see that. Is this lame? However, let's not worry about it right now. That's good and create a duplicate control. C control, we command see the Man Re and Mac. So Olivera doors well paid it so that we can Yeah, so this is how we trim the butter's. So now, as you can see me, where does that turned? Probably that's seen Phil Seymour. So this doesn't look that way. We need to get rid of these outside lines and these rectangular shapes. So that's right. Click and go toe for matching option on the right. 70 things that happen Do you can A shadow reflection glowed so seven the edges you can. A true for mattered so that at loads of things that you can do to a shame and then then their standard into something like this. So in other to remove this well, I have to go on the line and select melon. So that's a That's exactly how it is. So we have removed the lines for now. Now we need to bring this rectangle father and Alison Color drilled here. So we need to remove the line here as well, to realize and added new this. Let's slightly cleaner, Let's see thing scream mode and well said, This is how it's going to look. There is pretty amazing. As you say, this looks ready. Custody unique. So and a good experiment with all kind off shapes every time you use shape. It's a different design, a custom template, fair pop and presentation. But this is an amazingly to group bashful profession and extremely into you weapons presentation. So I hope you experimented a lot of shapes and burn. Forget to cemetery projects. I had the budget details below, and you can check them out. You can message me anytime in case you have any questions or you are having difficulty in straight in this and give up eating the gross. I'm really glad that you learned something here. Don't forget to leave a coming. Thank you so much.