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Create PowerPoint Presentations Like A Pro!

Rosanna Montoute, Training As A Service

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16 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. About Lesson One

    • 2. Lesson One: Mastering PowerPoint Introduction

    • 3. About Lesson Two

    • 4. Lesson Two: Mastering PowerPoint Creating the Explosion

    • 5. About Lesson Three

    • 6. Lesson Three: Mastering PowerPoint Draw Circle

    • 7. About Lesson Four

    • 8. Lesson Four: Mastering PowerPoint Creating Large and Small Flares

    • 9. About Lesson Five

    • 10. Lesson Five: Mastering PowerPoint The Fireworks Stem

    • 11. About Lesson Six

    • 12. Lesson Six: Mastering PowerPoint Creating Sparkling Stars

    • 13. About Lesson Seven

    • 14. Lesson Seven: Mastering PowerPoint Animating Stem and Stars

    • 15. Mastering PowerPoint The Grand Finale

    • 16. Bonus Lesson: How to Add Sound To PPT Animation


About This Class

Did you know that several TV advertisements/commercials are created using PowerPoint special effects? Here is your opportunity to learn a few tricks.

To learn the basic techniques and develop your PowerPoint skills and start creating PowerPoint presentations with special effects just like the pros, you will be creating a Fireworks Explosion Project.

Creating the colorful fireworks explosion involves skillfully combining shapes with entrance and exit animation effects. You will be guided with step-by-step easy to follow instructions to develop your skills.

The course is divided into nine sections:

Section One: Introduction

  • Watch the magic happen
  • Getting Started
  • How to follow this course

Section Two: Creating The Fireworks Explosion

  • About section two
  • Draw the circle

Section Three: Coloring And Formatting The Circle

  • About section three
  • Coloring & Formatting The Circle
  • Demo Video

Section Four Creating The Flares

  • About section four
  • Create the flares
  • Demo Video

Section Five: Combining Your Creation

  • About section five
  • Combine the circle, large and small flare to create the explosion
  • Demo video

Section Six: The Fireworks Stem

  • About section six
  • Creating the stem
  • Demo video

Section Seven: The Starry Sky

  • About section seven
  • Create the starry sky
  • Demo video

Section Eight: Animating the Fireworks Explosion

  • About Section Eight
  • Animate the explosion
  • Animate the stem and stars

Section Nine: Activating The Fireworks

  • About section nine
  • Tying it all together





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Rosanna Montoute

Training As A Service

My Name is Rosanna Montoute.

I reside in the charming city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am an Adult Educator, Applications Trainer and Media Publisher. I have been working in the virtual environment for 10+ years; Over the past three years, my primary focus have been teaching social media management at a community college, as well as creating and publishing online courses. My academic background includes: Adult Education, College & University Teaching, Educational Technology, Google ...

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