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Create Pixelsorted images and animate them in After Effects!

teacher avatar Tom Appleton, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating an image from photographs

    • 3. Pixelsorting

    • 4. Animation!

    • 5. Creating motion

    • 6. Editing colours

    • 7. Displacement mapping onto type

    • 8. Thanks for watching!

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About This Class

In this video I cover the basics of Pixel Sorting and Displacement Mapping in After Effects.

I start the video by showing you a particular way of abstracting a photograph in Photoshop. Next I show the basics Processing, and how you can Pixelsort your image. Finally we take the glitched image into After Effect, and I show you how you can use Displacement Mapping to animate your images, and use them to distort type as well.

Processing - download.

The 'code' - download

Thank you!

Meet Your Teacher

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Tom Appleton

Graphic Designer


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1. Introduction: Hey, guys on, welcome to another tutorial video. So in this video, I'm going to start off by going through the basics off pixel starting. So pixel saw in creates these cool like glitchy effects on you. Do this for using this one piece of software called Processing. So I'm gonna take you through this basics of using person thing, and then what we make using that we're gonna put by its aftereffects and start animating these images and then was done that we're gonna use that animation as a displacement to make some cool effects on text type of. So this is three different techniques. I'm all that could be you separately. Or you can use them all together like I'm gonna do in this video. So if this sounds interesting, let's get into it. 2. Creating an image from photographs: all right. So first thing is, you just need a photograph, so I don't really matter what it is because you're not really gonna be able to tell by end anyway. But it's often used quite a lot going on in it. So this is just one that I took a couple of weeks ago. It was just on my phone. Um ah. And you see all the different bricks and there's quite a few different details in here, so it doesn't really matter to me to its portrayal landscape. Um, just try and find something that's quite busy. Lots of different cars and elements in it. Andi is a decent quality. So the first thing you want Dio is we just want to make this look just insane. So that's going to allow us when we glitch and manipulate it further on it, look a little bit more tasteful. So to get style of on just opened my J peg in very sharp on I'm just gonna start off by Jukic a in it in case So first thing we'll do is you want around color to this. So, um, I haven't seen the example in the in the intro. You'll sort of house to my dear what this is gonna tell into, you know, not done it yet on the first step in that is to just make the colors just insane. So to get started with that, you just want to bring the layer styles menu. So it's too bad. Just double click around here on the ah, on your layer in the layers top and not bring up this menu. So you just want to click on here on the great an overlay, Andi, it'll probably looks with my best. So So if you just click on it and bring it up professing one do is you want change the colors. So I know that I want really sort of bright, vibrant colors, and I want as many different colors as I can. Really, Um, I'm gonna be able to manipulate the course further in after effects when I sort of get a better feel for how the whole thing is gonna look as an animation. But for now, I just want to provide myself. It is made different cause as I can some of these default ones on, I mean, obviously, usually they kind of horrible. But for this, this bright colored one is actually candy. Good. So for now, I'm just gonna okay this on. I'm just gonna change the blend mode here just to see what it looks like when you can see the image throughout. So I just quickly get through a couple of days, so it's kind, of course. So that one's on difference and exclusion will be similar. So it might worth so bearing in mind. I like this will look quite good, Zorg, Richie, but it's around this sort of green on red, so I'm just going to go back into my colors on. I'm just gonna edit them slightly. So there's less of this all over power in red. If this one for you is has transparency on it and make sure that you only have these two black markets at the top, and to get rid of those, you literally just dragon this hold down and dragon. So you're only got the two black ones, and that'll make sure the whole Grady in is a block and no fading out or anything like that . Okay, so I'm just gonna quickly play this until the cause, right? So I'll just speak through this and I catch you in a second. Okay? So I know how awful this looks. I'm fully aware of just how bad it looks, but it is open off the process. So just before we move on, there is all your different styles. You don't have to have this linear radiant, so just quickly just flick through these as well and safe the cement that you, uh uh that would actually work really well. The reflected one at 90 degrees on the radio. One's really cool because then you can set the scale as well. So when you happy after better play just quicker Que onda would just make a copy of this and then we'll move on. So next year I do is you want to turn this whole image into the soft squares and to that's very simple. You just want to use the way filter. So So they just want to go on to filter, distort and then wave here. So you want to be on square? That's really important. Wave sign is old, wavy and triangles more angular. So for this square is exactly what we want. So I've got this off set up already, But I think I'd like smaller squares. So I'm just gonna play for a second. So the undefined areas, he said, I've got my number P edge pixels. So that's what's making, if you can see in this little display these horizontal and vertical lines, that's where the images being like stretched. And that gives it this really good glitchy effect later on. And the wraparound, it's sort of fills the square with portions of the image that is already used. Um, for this, I'm going to use the, uh, the repeat edge pesos and get this cool sort of great she look okay, so just have apply. And then when you have just okay, yeah, if you click, OK? And you know, happy You just wanna There's no sort of way of going back into invitingly, so you just want to go undo, and then you want to go back into it. But I you settings will still be there, So it's not too bad. However, if you wanted to take this further, you could duplicate this layer, hide the previous one, and then wave saw again, um, without undoing. So you saw of you at squares. Two squares, witch eyes worth I'm gonna go with because you can get some really cools off effects. So I'm going to keep it like this for now. And then this is what we're gonna be using to make the animation, and so hopefully follow up to this point and soon the next clip. 3. Pixelsorting: So for the next part, I'm going to say you through some of the basics of pixel saw in, and that's going to just take this image even further. So to get started with that, we need to download this, uh, so a piece of software called processing. So you don't let it just from processing dog website on the link in the description down below. It's important that you use this to point to one version. And so what if Mac or whatever, So you want to download that and install that you also need to get a code on this code is what makes this cool pixel saw in effect on you get it from this tumbler page here, and that is down the straightaway. So link both of these websites in the description of this video are in a project or a description or something like that. So once you've got your processing application, Elin stalled and your applications folder and you've got this code, it'll come in a zip. So you just want to unzip that and it will coat. It will make this folder. So this is the code here. So if you open up your processing. It should look like this on you Just want a quick on this PD file. Andi, you just said OK, and it'll open up a new window and that's it. So I'm still playing with this in all honesty. So there's quite a few videos on that, probably explaining about the May, like just on YouTube in that. So if you want to take this further, Andi, just look at some more video. There's lots of coverage of this online. It's like a really cool, so well covered technic. But I show you the basics of what I've sort of figured out with that. So any image that you want to play with, you have to put in this folder here. So this is the folder that it made when you unzipped what you've downloaded. So I'm just gonna save this as a J pick and put it straight into that folder. So that's just in a So the next step now is to sort of start grichin your image. So this road, the top is the mode on these air, the modes that you can choose from Andi, the only subway to know what they're going to do is to try him. So to start with, I'm just gonna leave this, um zero and see what this black does. So So it's choose what images gonna manipulate. You want to make sure that your images in the pixel sort folder on do you just want to choose the file name? You don't need to worry about the file name. Extension the dot j peg because that's covered here. You just want the file name. And then if you have got, like, a gift for a Jeff are a different type of image. Just change this, um, and then when you happy, you can go through and change these different values as well and see what happens. But keep it simple for now. So any happy just press this run gun and ill, These ones are sort and previously, So this is the sort of thing that we're going for. So that is what I started with that was with it. So I made you know. So it's sort of this idea, Andi, Every time you run it, it creates a duplicate version. So it's not gonna save of your image or corrupt or anything like that. So when you happy just quickly to run at the top. This will use Java on. So if you've not got that to make sure you got that installed, it should proper Don't think it's done anything. Oh, yes, it has. So it's added this off slight detail, Just little bits. So that's kind of cool, I guess. But I was kind of hoping for a little bit more, so I'm just gonna change the mode. So I'm gonna do change this world one. I know. I'm just gonna run it again without changing anything else. Wow. Okay, so definitely don't a lot. I mean, it looks really cool. Um, just need to help me find a balance in between. But I really like that. Eso next someone tries, That's why. So put that on a tear in his run again. Yeah. So, again, it's not going too much. Decided these sort of this nice details off here. Still expected in the original. So one thing we can there is literally just do it again. So I'm gonna take this one where it's done a little bit. I'm looking at a missed take the name. Well, it's just two. Event isn't it. Andi, I'm going to change the file types PNG because it's converted to a PNG and then just run that and since safe at work yesterday, a little bit more. In fact, just in all this extra detail these parts this poison here Actually, it's really good. So really happy with that. Really glad we did that. But I am just gonna quickly dio once more just with one. So just to compare those two Yeah, so you know. So you get the idea all this different cool stuff that you can dio. So I'm gonna be using probably this one, Onda. The next step is going to be taking this into after effects on making some cool animated glitches. 4. Animation!: Okay, so next you just want to be a in after effects on this is where it gets really fun. Um, we're gonna start animating in our weird glitchy pixel. Saw it images. So I want to make a new project on just one. Going to new composition. So these are the signs that I use. I'm gonna put it on, you know, 20 seconds, maybe 20 seconds long. You can come in and change a lot of these seconds again. Um, but you want to get your width and height and everything, so and you preset start with. So these the sense that I'm going to use. But if you got a specifications, obviously use your own thing at the back can call that I'm gonna leave pink, and I'll come to that later. But just about any color. Andi. Okay, so is my composition on. All you do is if you still get your pixel sort folder open, just drag it in Teoh project file. So I just want to drag it end from the project straight into the timeline. Make sure that's right at the beginning, and so at this point is one Zoom out a bit maybe on just see how you're gonna like it. Because although it's gonna move the actual pictures going to stay still. So make sure you choose a good portion that you are happy with. I think I'm going to go with pretty much what we had to start with. Think I'm gonna guess something like that? I really like that again. The coolers is something we can come back, Teoh and alter in this as we get so once you happy with how it's composed as just a still next time of India is we're gonna move that. So I just want to click on the letter just so it comes out white like this here and then just want to go on, affect the store on then, like of could in a different tutorial. First shop. You want to use the displacement. Now click on that on this effects control panel should come up. If it doesn't, you just want to go window Onda effects controls here. Okay, so this first. But here this displacement map layer. So if you had more than one thing in this projects, if you have more images, you would have more option of different things to displace it around. And I'll come to that in the next part. For now, I just want to make sure you just stop selected your own image. So just be anything it has. Andi, you just want to come back down to lay a panel here, use this drop down on going to your effects on. You want to really be added in it in here because you can wear extremes. Your timeline and it's a lot easier than it is to do it in the effects controls. So you want to start key framing it? So you want to click on these little stopwatches? Uh, you want I mean, pretty much all of the mom. To be fair, this is a lot of trial and error. There's no right way of doing this. Scene is it's just I mean, it is meant to be sort of chaotic, isn't it? So So, once you've set your key frames, you'll have these diamonds at the start and then my compositions 20 seconds long, so it's going to go straight to the end. I'm going to set two more key frames and to do that by clicking these little diamonds. So the key frames mean that between this key from here and this key frame here, whatever I set this end, one will happen during this time. So this one here, I want to set, make sure both of these set to zero. So that means that to start with, nothing is going to have changed on our image. So that's exactly like it is straight from Photoshopped. Straight from being peaceful side. However, the ends on these ones here that's gonna drag a slight birth both I'm gonna bump thes way up to about 100. So this just I'm gonna probably won't keep it like this. This is just to show you so So just to give you an idea, it's only rendered a little bit just this green by here. So it would look something like this just quite slow and kind of grainy, But you get the idea that this is normal, stretching for a shot, and then this is these crazy sense. And so it does that during that 22nd period. You can just see it through this period. Souls there. So I'm gonna undo those signs on. We're gonna play a little bit more so this useful placement. Ah, you have to just try these out. Um, there also of blending modes way. So just been playing around with these, um, you'll notice that some of them mean some of these placement modes mean they just sold, moves the image and doesn't let any of the displacement through. So it's a good It's sort of cute. The 1st 1 on red and maybe of one on, like half. And this is some of what I've got. Just render this sound share. So in the next part of the Nazi movement to this 5. Creating motion: So it's moving a little bit and it's all emergent together, so it looks a bit like data mushing is it called, Um, but I want to move more would be more interesting. So to do that and she closes displacement map for a second on, we're gonna go into make sure that's like, Ted just going effect distort on. Then it's this one of the bomb Uncle Wave walk. So it's gonna bring this a pair and the lads have again Andi, it's similar situation to the wave tool infomercial bio issues. Um, but just with a few more options. So you got all these different modes. So infomercial, you just got his 1st 3 You got a sign, you square, which is what we used to make the image on the triangle. But now this, um, different ones. So you've got this cool sawtooth mode. Um, semi circle thinks mood noises. One of you's before. I think I'm going to use this one. I think quite like it. Um, but I might change direction to make it horizontal, So just going through it now. So you got your wave height, So just like before, we're gonna key frame it. So I'm gonna turn all these onyx, and I'm gonna use them all these anyway. Andi. So you ways height? Just see what it does May 10. So mind takes sort two things to the extreme and cuts it up into where? All those different segments So you can tear up a little bit, but not nothing. Too much. Maybe just keep. It s the width. Do you ask? Kind of cool. Uh, the direction, um so minds off phases. I'm not sure we're seeing this really? Pixley display it phases like this on. Then change the direction is chooses that face. So I'm gonna put my 980 to love all out. So it goes into this cool, glitchy mode, and that works really well with the pixel. Saw him. So if you want to just look like best, that's sort too. Ah, on the directions at 180. So let's just start on a made in this. So this is what home starting it off. So this is the, um, first frame and now in its choose how it's gonna be so by the end. So I'm going to use these diamonds here it's key frame. Andi can see just now how it's gonna work with the animation that the displacement gave it . So you might find that, like, mine, yours is taking just too long to load. And you just can't really wait that long. Um, so I'm just going to skip through and see these sort of different friends, Um, and just get an idea. So I know that this is gonna be my last frame. So, um, I'm gonna make some more changes to it now way. So I think that Winter Dio let's start with this on Ahlam zero and then have all the big Sainz at the end so you can see it's sort of going through on this display here, and then this is how it's gonna end. But now let me terminate this machine in a different way. So I'm just going back and add it in the displacement map a little bit more so that it's less grainy on destroying. Is that work with wave Teoh create motion without going completely grainy? Right? This is the one, sir, I'm I'm gonna let this render out for a minute. Andi, I'll play what I've got so far 6. Editing colours: So that's just forgot for now. And the last thing is gonna show you hopefully followed. All that is basically just, um those the signs. Andi, just play and you'll just get the feel for it. For those to sentence, you need to know I can't really give you an exact sort tutorial because your image will be totally different to mine. But just get a feel for that. And they're obviously quite slow animations. Um, if you've made it similar to mine, But that's just so feel I was going for the last thing on the show. You is just how to change the colors on. You may be so sick of looking at your colors. By this point on day one, Dio is used from the ground to effect. Andi, make sure things selected in your lace Leichter instantly affect color correction. And then, I mean, in all honesty, you can use any of these. Um, if you know what you're doing, Teoh, change the color. I was going to use the channel mixer. So basically, when you've got this selected and, um, in your effect controls, you have via channel mixer that you just added, Andi, you literally just edit these values. Teoh change the color so it works in much the way the levels work on first shop, just without the graph. So you'll solve. Get the field for this. Um, but you can make some really nice cool combinations. So what does play for a second? You can also go minus. Which sort of takes that color out? Was the I say the image out off the video Can society monochrome? It's about taking that works on that gives you a whole different look, Andi, assume that likes monochrome to me. That's loose. Really cool. But you could be taken still from this. You can export it all out as a J pic sequence, which are little crate. Probably about 10,000 J pegs could make some really cool designs from these images. - Oh , so last thing induced. This is I want to go back into the cooler crash in. I'm going to use this, um, gamma pencil and gain so it works similarly to the colors, but this these seconds were a little bit different at, Like what they actually dio. So this black stretch, this sort of as, like, this fade over all the dark areas of viewer image again is like noise. The gamma ads like like overlay color in that color. Andi, the pets still does a similar thing. So I was gonna quickly play with this for a second on. Then hopefully be ready to render out. If you want to see how it waas, you just click this little effects here. No so much. They're just gonna leave this without, But that gives you into the sort of set of options of things that you can do. And then finally, is the agri cabs. This I just want to play with Maybe just to really make those darks a bit darker. So there we go. So I'll just play the rendered thing out now on they will move into the next power. We will see what else we can do with this on typography. 7. Displacement mapping onto type: So for the last bit, I'm going to show you how you can use this that you've created as a displacement map for something else. So I've been working on 36 days of type Instagram Challenge. Andi, uh, today's like e andi. I'm going to use this to show you how I'm going to animate today's lesser. So I'm just exploit out an E. P s file from Australia. Um, all my letter and I'm just gonna drag that straight in to the project in after effects. So you have this project open and just drag with them. I'm just gonna hide everything we've done here just with this little I I'm gonna drag this CPS into the timeline into their stage. If you scroll down here if you're on ah, animation, if you scroll down on the side here, will have this old line, and I was gonna align it to the composition, so that's in the middle. So the reason I wanted this Pink Alya is because my whole and type is gonna be these two cause for this month. So that's why I have chosen that. So to animate this, we're going to use the exact same technique that we used on the crazy background. So I just want to go on effect. Um, this store, andi displacement maps. So it's exactly the same. Except this time, instead of choose in what you're editing, you want to choose the other layer. So I'm choosing this image. Lovable are which is the same, which is this layer here. But it is hidden, but it doesn't matter. So now I can start to key frame in the displacement because it doesn't take the displacement animation into account it on the ah, it's just taking a still frame from the original image. I get through a little bit quicker this time. Eyes old, the same process, Really? So I'm going to keep these in red and green from now. I'm not gonna keep these on zero to start with, so it just starts off was a perfect E. I'm gonna make this 1 may be a little bit shorter. I think I'll do this to 10 seconds and I'm gonna set two more key frames and I just put this displacement level up just to something just to see what it could be like. So that's taken if I pause. This this sort of detail here is taken directly from this background. I know it's great and you can't really tell, but you can see where it's got the detail from edge behavior. If you turn that on, it creates this sort of square on. And this saw the edge. It creates literally an edge on this quite cool technique. Really, I really like it. I mean, that was kind of cool. How I like to since the greats, when you add in exact key frames just off highlight them just to make sure that you don't actually add a key frame really close to it. So I'm gonna keep with this for now And then, just like in the other one, I'm gonna add a distort wave walk. Andi just exams. It waas So you can say just reminded that that that song so the zero displacement on it goes through and gradually disintegrates. But this wave isn't very nice, so it's gonna change the type. May they? I do quite like the sore tooth again. It's going to keep it on zero, sir, that it's exactly right. Start with and then sort of breaks up. That's cool. So this is all just a case of play and it's hard to solve and be completely specific in these tutorials. When I saw it, I know I'm gonna show, but I can't say for certain what it's gonna look like. And the whole fun of this is just playing around. There's nothing to specific about. So just zoom out a little bit, just give you an idea of how this is looking. So this point, you might want to go back into displacement Now that you've solved experiment a bit with you with you waving on and this place is a bit differently Oh, further or so I realized that I realized it was just in this little square. I really into that at the moment, charges for the alleged behavior on and it's sort of enhanced that square feel. So I think I'm gonna do now is add another war. So it comes across as wave walk to, and what going to do with this one is have this as sign. So I hide everything else. I'm gonna wave. I'm a wave too, So I'm gonna set it. Ah, nothing. So we've got a perfect eat start with on. And then by the end of the 10 seconds, I wanted to look something like, No, it's cool. Not sure about the beginning. Bit of these wavy. There's, I think, maybe just bring in here. So set that and put the wave height wear right away. Their guy should be. It may be, Yeah, perfect. Awesome. I'm just gonna play a tiny bit more. And then I think I'm happy. So I changed the direction it creates even more always. And that looks really good. So just a little afterthought just after the main bit of video. I've just quickly gone back into this. Andi, I'll just play it very quickly. So basically, what I did is at this last point here added these extra key friends just at the end, where put all of the settings, but tonight zero. And so this basically means that all the stuff is happening between, but it aloof because it starts on nothing. So this will work well for Instagram. So, yes, I just do that. You just want to make sure that the height of everything that's happening is about halfway through your animation, Andi. Then you just wanna have you end key frames to be zero or the same sentence as when you started 8. Thanks for watching!: So if you've made it to the end of the video, thanks so much for watching it all the way through. I know I go off on a tangent at some point, but I just like to show you sort of my thinking as I go through it. I don't just want to give you the exact instructions. I think it's beneficial toe show you just my work in hopefully of lands. And then, if you've got some questions just leaving down below on, I'll do my best times them ill add links to all the pixel sort things in the description of this video and just post down below what you've made from this video. If you made some pics aside, images post those, or you could make a poster with those back. Or if you make some cool animations, either upload them Teoh YouTube. Put the Lincoln here or 11 to your instagram and tag may or put the link to die in here. So just show whatever you've made. Andi again. Thanks for watching hope. It was useful on seeing the nice room