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Create Photo Manipulation in Photoshop: Modern Instagram Art

teacher avatar Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. What is this class about?

    • 2. Retouching main image

    • 3. Adding Windows to our artwork

    • 4. Creating shadows for realistic effect

    • 5. Preparing windows for colors splash

    • 6. Adding Liquid Rainbow Colors and Finishing

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About This Class

Every week I create new artworks.

This one was the most liked from last week, so I decided to create a class that will teach you how to create this.

Please download the class image from "Your Project>Resources panel"


We will go through the process of creating this work together:

  1. We will locate and retouch our main image
  2. Cut out the unnecessary parts and leave only windows
  3. Edit the windows and open them
  4. Create liquid rainbow colors
  5. Colo grade the face and background

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. What is this class about?: Hi. My name is Fred. On in this class you will create this amazing artwork so have using for the show professionally for over seven years already. I never rika create new class for artworks from my instagram. This artwork performed really good. It's got more than 700 likes on tons of comments. So people really love that. Once I got tons of their messages asking me to create editorial. So I thought, Why not? When it's exactly how are we going to create this artwork? I know So what you're going to learn. So first we're going to start with the plane image. We'll retouch it to preferred for our composition. Later, we realize the second image and also get rid off the part that we don't need. So we live on is the windows afterwards? Off course, you write some shudders to make it more realistic. Later, we will try to open the windows by creating a small hole inside them and to make everything more beautiful, you will learn how to create this kind of liquid colorful effect and we'll add them to our composition. Usually when I show this liquid effect to my students, everyone just goes word. How do you do that on? Yeah, you were learning. So isn't that amazing? And as a final touch will just call or everything and will change the course of the hair and the face and it will change the colors. Was a background with that said, I will help you going to enjoy this class and I can't wait to see on the first. Listen, so see you guys by 2. Retouching main image: So the first is that you actually need to do is off course creating your project. So just go to file new on we go to create our project with with 1000 and then height 1 to 50 which is perfect for Instagram. Of course. Make sure Faysal selected here are intention Legs ish results in 300 kilometre GB call unless just click. Create. Okay, so now we need to insert our image on Here's the image and you can find it in the restaurants panel off the over the class. In the description on not being our image. We just need to make sure there are no white spaces on. Let's actually make this really, really big. So just click on drag Onda, make sure bring it to the center, so this should be fine, actually. Yep. So just click. OK? Not what I want to those Goto learns. And let's actually do this background where because we don't really it's always there and so useless. So what? Just take this and brings us to trash. Bin novels need to insert the second image. Of course, here is the image is just an emission for building, so just take it and put it inside for the shop on. Um, yeah, let's just click, OK, for now. So what? We actually need to dio There are two things that we need to do right now. First we need to delete the ice and then we need to cut out the window on Pace it instead of ice. So how did we do it, guys? Let's just creating, um to wear Make sure it's located below this image measures. Looking at just above this, the image hours ago and now it's got this layer. Let's go here, click right and chose spot healing brushed off. So this book sporting brush actually access to delete the unwanted objects on if you if you have been using further Schopf already, sometimes they should be familiar Resistol because it's very famous onder. Everybody uses basically. So now you. When we choose it, let's go to type on, make sure it's just content over here. I also make sure your sample alerts like that. That's very important. And now let's get closer. Let's actually just for example, if you just draw here, see what's going to happen. I mean, I know this looks kind of horrible, but still, that's what we need to do right now. Okay? And if you want to change your brush that you can just go here, can change the size here on also, it's actually go to hardness and make it 100% like this on Let's just do exist as well. Good, they say, doesn't need to be perfect because we aren't going to see it anyway. How's it going to do the same to the second I Oh, my God, She looks like she just came out from the from a horror movie. As you can see, it created a second I here by accident. That happened because for the ship things that I want to replace it with a second I but for the trip is wrong on just cases, we just need to draw over it again so I can just click on dro from its going No, like this. So now let's just go forward as fast as possible so we don't need to look at this too long . That's it for our first lesson on, but it is pretty short. And in the second lesson, we actually going to take this window and put it inside of her eyes to you guys fight 3. Adding Windows to our artwork: What's up, guys? And welcome back. So now let's make sure we choose this image. Sure. On there. We need to delete everything that we don't need here. So basically we just into is a window on. How are we going to do set? So let's go here. Click right on the choose quick selection tool on. But if you just start choosing Resistol So I just click, Click, click on. I just try to select this window here and also this part on eso like this. And also just make sure you select anything. Everything that you need. Thats windows. Well, okay, so you should be fine for now. Let's just make sure we select this letter and let's go here and click. Create mask when we do it. As you can see now we have everything that we need. So just go around the corners and make sure that you have everything that you need on that You didn't lose any parts of the image on. In case you did lose something, you can just go here. Click right? Make sure it was brushed. Oh, okay. On Make sure choose white color. So if you want to bring something back into choose white color. Make sure you have sectors that much. So not the image but the mask. Make sure this selected, for example, if I just draw here with brush to us, you can see what happens going to bring back some of the parts. But if you want to delete, something can just go here. Click this icon again to change the course. Not we have black car, and I can just, you know, religious Onda. Just live. L just leaves a window. So again, black and white cars. When you do that, make sure you have hardness. 100%. That's very important. So this is fine for me that need to be perfect on when we did that. Let's actually go here. Quickens is I can take this move toe. Let's actually move this up here so it needs to be instead of her eye on. Let's actually get further away little bit to see if it's good. So this needs to build a bit smaller. So it just select this technologist. Click on this layer. Let's go to edit on free transform Onder so na ve to make this more so just take this and isil to down like this. Let's not take this on. Place it somewhere. Here. Let's see. But can Now this is kind of two, smallest. Make it a little bit bigger. Onda, let's place it here because this should be good. So enough playing visits to retire Legis click. Ok, now we just need to create a second copy off this window. So we just need toe Go here, click right on Goto, make sure when you cynically crack make sure click, right? Not here. Not here, but exactly somewhere here. OK, just click cried Go to duplicate layer on Let's look OK. As you can see now we have a second copy Another can just take this on drugs to the right. Some sounds a bit left also so that already looks awesome. Of course not. What you actually want that we want to connect them into one single group. So if I just to exist on and I hope control or common. So if you're using Windows Year old control refusing back, you hold comment on then click here. As you can see now, both of them are selected on now when we have Boston selectively just go here and click on group and group is created tonight. I just turned find on that. You can see both of the one inside this group. Why did we do that? Because we wanted to do some adjustments to this windows. That's what we need to make. Make sure they're together. It's just going to be more convenient like this. One of the adjustments is, for example, making sure that the nose is located ahead off this windows. So, for example, if I turn it off, as you can see this part and this part of the North actually to be in front of the window, So if you look at the final artwork, so just to show you look here, you see there in front of the window, that's actually what we need to do. So let's go here. Let's turn this own on the integrate a mask for these groups or just like the group, and it'll just click here. Masks created now. When we did that, what we actually should do. Let's Alexis, let's go capacity and let's just make this a little bit down. So, like, 34% should be fined, not make sure It's like the mask. Go to the brush toe. Make sure you have here black color. Okay, Onda Not what we actually can do. So let's make settles with vigor. Hardness must be 100%. Make sure prices 100% on floors 100%. If I just start drawing here, we see what's going to happen. We actually start diluting the window on. We actually start getting bags in those. That's what we so like this. Okay, A knife. I saw this again and again. Just go to a past and make it 100% on Boom. So that's what the basically it just I want to make those a bit different. African cities doesn't look quite right. So let's just like this. Must again make sure it's like the brush on. Let's try to make this better. So if I just try to make this a little bit drowned, I would say so. Just throw like this. Okay? I want to lose the bit of the North. So what's going here? Click change and change to the right color, and if I start doing right now, you're going to get back some of the window part. So just to make it like this. Good on. Let's also delete this part. Oops. Okay, so this already looks nice and we will stop here and continue in the next lesson. During the next lesson, we're going to take care of the shadows. So as you can see here you have shadows and here swell. And also here we have shadows to make it look more realistic. So see you guys on the next Listen. Bye bye. 4. Creating shadows for realistic effect: What's up, guys? And welcome back. Let's continue. So right now, we're going to create the shadows on to do that. Let's actually opens this folder on Let's just create in your empty where on? Make sure it's looking inside this folder. So what? We're actually going to do your so we're going to create shudder that's going to be located behind this nose on to do that. Well, I'm just gonna show you first for one's difference between opacity on for just in case. You don't know because floors a little bit advanced thinking for the trip and not everybody knows it. So you don't have to repeat this. I will just show it to you. And then we come back and create this shadow. Okay, so here I just have empty space. Basically, let's actually change the color to black. No sensing in interesting to show it to you, for example, if I want to go back to default course, which is white and black, and I can just click here as you can see and I have black and white cars, of course. So, no, let's make our brush bigger. Let's actually make hard this zero now I just have black color. I have a price 200% and also 400% since Moses represent knife I drove. I just going to drove just a black line. So nothing really special Certain. If I make a pastor, for example, it's a 49% or 50. If I drove again, just a Lambert was 49% of past. So this makes it actually on it? No. But if I take this floor and make it 1% what's going to happen? So floor is actually going to help us to create this kind of black color step by step. So what's actually going to the Because they have a positive 100%? It's going to go to this 1% of black color, but every time increasing 1%. So basically, for example, if I drove wants see what's going to happen. Just some color gray again. It's getting darker again and against the more I throw, the darker it gets. So it's kinda replicated from a real life scenario. Burn. For example, if you drove with brushes that more you drove, the better you see the color basically, at least in most cases. So here again, because it's one person they were time I drove is just adding 1% of black layer on. Then every time it's adding more, more and more and more and more unless it reaches 100%. So that's how actually this works, and this is especially useful to create realistic shadows. So let's go back to our project. So now let's go back to the empty layer that we created before on Make sure you select this on go here. Let's actually make sure black color selected. Make sure you have hardness 0% size out a bit smaller by. So let's make this around 30% because we don't want it to be fully black. Let's make floor 1%. Actually, let's make it 3%. 1% is going to go to slow. So now if I start drawing because I have my mask here, my shadows are just going to be located behind the No sir. They're not going to be located on the North, and that's actually what we need. So it's actually perfect for us. So if I just start drawing, so what's going to happen? We started getting this kind of showers on is located behind the not so if I just turn it off and on. But also, as you can see receipt here, that's because our mask that just make sure we don't grow here but doesn't make sure that we don't don't throw there. So we're going toe pigs that later. So don't worry about that. If you go travel somewhere that you don't want them to be. So they define let's actually go here and create the same here. So again, just throw a little bit like this. You can just click again gin to make it even darker. Say, if I just turn it off and on. As you can see, we got this kind of shadows here. Ondas. They look pretty nice already are not what we want to do. I want to make sure I do it. This shadows from here because, as you can see, they don't have to be here. So what? We can ducks And of course, we could do it. Visit mask. But I don't want to confuse, and especially if you don't know masks, that's well. It's much easier if you just Alexis Layer and the Majestic arrays It'll which is this one here. You can also just click E on your keyboard to select it automatically. Let's actually make this small. This is too big. Onda Legis did it This year exists. So now if I just turn itself on on As you can see, we have them only behind the notes. Good job, guys. Actually go up and do the same here on make sure you select brush, Not there. Raised through, of course. But here this time, we actually to be located behind the window. So here we were on the windows, not going to be behind the window. And to do that, you actually to create I knew empty life, but bring it below the windows in the structure. So I gave make sure posses. 40% floors, 3% on If I just started going like this just slowly, like this. Here, cousin again. So as you can see, for example, here on the right side, you have stronger shadows on the left side. Well, that's because in real life, always on one side you have more to others and on the other side, because off the direction of the light, basically you don't need actually to care about the details too much because you creating an act drugs you creating something that doesn't exist. That's your own world, your fantasy. If you want to have shadows some somewhere and you somewhere anywhere else where usually we wouldn't have any over in our real life. Then just do it, okay? Because it's your world. You can do whatever you want. Sometimes in my artworks, I put child goes to the places where they were not supposed to be in real life. But I put them there just because I think it's gonna look nice. So you didn't read only have to care that much about physics if you created an artwork. So that's it for now for I mean for this. Listen, of course, we may get back to this and correct this later if we need to. So but right now it's fine soldiers going to the next lesson and see you guys. Bye bye. 5. Preparing windows for colors splash: What's up, guys? And welcome back. So in this lesson, we actually going toe opens this windows. Let's just get into it what you actually need to do. First of all, we had to delete this part of the window. Yeah, that's actually that's actually going to open it. I know To do that, we just need to go to this mosque here on day. Make sure you have hardness 100%. So it's like brush toe. Make sure 100% hardness make sure pasties, 100% floors, 100%. Make sure it's like back over here on. Let's just try to do it. So I just want to make my brush smaller on. Actually, if you want to change, this is the sort of your brush. There are also hold case that you can use under. You can just click right here and then change the size like this. So or you can just use the open and close brackets on the keyboard on. We'll just start debating this. Make sure it's like the right mass. So this is the left eye on. This is See, this is the one analyst says the mask on Let's just try to do this. So here we need to do it inside window, basically like this. That's cool thing I want to show, For example, if I click here once and then I hold shift and click here again for the trip is automatically going to create a line from point A to point B. So, for example, again, if I click here, runs on the whole trip and click here, he said, Possible automatically creating a line from here to here. So it's much easier for us and we just do it everything in between. Now we just need to get closer. So we need to make this smaller brush I'm in on. Uh, you can use the open and close keep about open and close brackets on your keyboard to make it faster. So just do it like this, which is religious. Okay, that should be fine. Now, Andi, let's continue. So, for example, to do this so we can actually go a little bit different way, which is faster, Onder. If you just click here on choose rectangle a marquee toe, just make sure further zero person and if I just like this place here, so I just like something like that. If you start driving, is going to draw only inside this area, so it's not going to go outside off this area. That's what we need. So now just get rid of these selections, go to select and that's a select room. Not when we did that. We need to do to more things, which is first open toe. Put a black car behind here and also going to put a right rectangle here. So, as you can see, there's nothing here but me to created. Of course, first we'll start with the black color, So let's just go here. What's right here on shows? Rectangle toe on. Make sure you have here black cars like the goal to feel. Make sure it's black gold to stroke. Make sure that nothing. So there is no stroke. Basically, on if you just start, make sure you have you have shape selected. But if I just start drawing once year, let's wait a little bit. Okay, good on another one here. And also, when you do that, make sure you have this here selected. Okay, so you don't have any problems. So now when we did that but right now that one problem, as you can see, this is actually located on the notes on If he just takes this on, put this inside our group. So I think ends. And now it's inside the group because it opens is you see Nice. It doesn't go on the nose because we have here much on anything that is inside this group without monthly not going to show up here on if I just take this and put a swell. So this is the left rectangle. Basically he is a group. Good job. Now we just need to create a right where a bright rectangle here. What's actually close? This group that's created Mueller. Make sure it's located above the group, not inside the group. Okay, let's go here and chose white color like this. Religious great air white rectangle like this one. Good. This is the same for here. Make sure. Is that a regional? It is the same a spokesman and he feel like from further away, for example, we can see that this is not totally right. So maybe we should make them great. So if I just like this rectangle here, let's see if this one? No. Yeah, He fights like this. Make sure you have rectangle selected. Go to fuel, for example, Nike. And just click here on. I can make this sort of it. Gracie, if I just bring those down like this. As you can see, the nuclear there's a current color, which is what and resulted. Great. Let's click. OK, boom NYT treats surrounding color. Now this is the same. Here it's clicks district Tongo, go here, click on the color on Make This helps with grave Done. That's it for this lesson. I know this could build to be difficult, but we are so close, guys. The next lesson we actually going to create says colorful liquid water for I don't know how to call this anyway, this colorful liquid glitch, which is my favorite technique on it's actually pretty easy to create. So no worries, guys, you're gonna make it. That's it for its list. Since you guys on the next listen by 6. Adding Liquid Rainbow Colors and Finishing: What's up, guys, In this lesson, we're going to create this amazing colors, so let's just get started. So let's go to our project. On the first is that I actually want to do is if I go to this group, I want to change the blending boats so right nights on pastoral, basically. But if you go here and just try different moon, most for level darken, multiply as you can see it start to blend with the average itself. Colburn longer burn on. So until just continue lighter. No, no, no, no, no. Is that the one that actually used in my own heart? Work like near light? And you want to see the difference before and after, for examples is on normal and in his on line year light so that there is actually a big difference. Now let's get into creating this colorful colors. What we want actually to do. Let's go here. That's great, Hue, saturation hopes, hopes wrong. One not Corban. Slip through this. You want hue saturation from on what you want to the here First full. Let's make saturation 200% so pump it up to the maximum unless change you toe. Actually, don't really matter to anything right now. Okay? Allegis closes. So not wait to create an empty there. And we need to make sure that this empty words like it below you situation. So now if I go here, click right and choose here. Right click here. I don't use here's much toe both much too. I still haven't figured out Harto pronounce it the right way. What? Still it's much told only water. So make sure you have here sample were selected. So this to original helps us to strike object, but in this case is going to help us to mix our colors. So what do I mean by that? So because, for example, if you go enough, when your situation just click twice here we have here many, many calls, as you can see, smashed was going to help us to make them. So make sure you go through them to wear that you just created. So just empty where on the make sure strength around 70%. This is normal. For example. Worse is normal. And if I start doing so, what's going to happen from Magic? Marshall is going to mix the course that the situation is going to create this kind of really cool effect. Onder. Now let's actually do this. Let's create a new one. So we start from zero again, make sure it's like it below the situation. And now we need to do something like that so we can just start from here on. Of course, we can make the brush bigger under. Now we can make it smaller. So here's the key is to make the brush smaller every time so I can see the lower it gets, the smaller the brush is, so there's going to be able to time can she makes. I'm just gonna probably show that wizard spit so it's faster. No, I okay, Guy says it should be fine. You can, of course, do more if you want to. So right now if we just turn off this huge situation. As you can see, we still have this lines this color for lines here. But the problem is that there are not as powerful as ever before. Presently, fight on his own, as you can see, is a much stronger on how we can actually fix. That is pretty easy. So if I just go here. I mean, actually, if I just click twice here on this, I come to open your situation isn't here. I have this kind of liken this Basically miss connect to the leg below. For example, if I click here, see what's going to happen now this effect Let me close this nice. You can see here we have this arrow. It's coming to donate it is aware below. So if I just turn this off and on as you can see Tony affecting XYZ where here. So this colorful where and that's actually what we need number. We did all that. We need to create two more here situation effect in order to be able to change the color off her face and also the color of the background. So it needs to be something like green on red orange. So it's going here. Make sure we just create here situation on if he calls, make sure it's like it on the top off everything. So it's open this click twice on the first floor. Let's changes. Let's actually make you such original, which changes to something like grids face this'll something like that. Also, we can increase the situation. Okay. And now we don't want this to affect the background. So what you actually can do? Let's select this mask off this you situation there. Let's click right here. Choose brush toe on DA. Make sure hardness is 0%. This is a 100%. Make sure if you're black on selected. Let's make this bigger. I'm not. For example, I can just draw here, make sure you're located on the mask. Okay. If I just drove us against them, diluting this situation effect from the background so again as sequences doesn't need to perfectly, just as you can see, be affecting some of the places off her hair found. But still, it's fine. So now we need to create a second quarter of this. His operation. So if I just click right on duplicate layer, click. OK, now what I actually wanted I want to invite this mask. So now I want a His operations is going to affect only Taylor on there's a background, not the face, you know, to do that, you can suck the masculine can go toe properties panel on here. I can just click invert boom knots inverted if I close as against now. The right word. The white colors it's going to affect on in this place is so now. Right now, he said, Rations going to Africa in the background because white color is owns the background. If I click twice here on, I tried to change it. Let's make this green. Yes, I'm saying like that Good job, guys. Fanatic, unjust at just the mask a little bit. So what we can do? We can make her health, but greenoe to Madrid, as you can see here places. So we just select the mask on and make sure it's like the black color. For example, I want to do it from this place is like this, and it's like, right color. Let's actually make up a brush bigger on If I just click here. Lies is just a little bit. Is going toe affect the hair as well. That's actually not like back over again. And I did too much, unfortunately, so still, it sounds of places. So good job. No, but we did that. Let's actually select this. Let's hold shift and click here on the pillow. Click right on. Convert to smart object with how Longest story. It's fine. Another step that we need to do is actually we need to change the color. So, for example, if you look here so I have at that some camera filter as a guest tonight we saw a bit different. I mean, in my opinion, is better. So I will show you how you can do that as well. So what you can do? You can just like this. You can go to filter and then can go toe camera. Ro filter. This with there is actually critical. We can manipulate each and separate colors here one by one on Don't don't. You don't have to worry about that. We're seeing the full image that started. Okay, here we're going to see only the part that you selected. So no worries about that. So he can play this temperature Antin, for example, for the whole image. He can make this colder murmur laces, for example. As you can see a so you can see we're already getting this nice background car you can play with vibrance, make it more or less by dr not vibrance is already pretty strong. So I would advise you to change it. What I want to do is let's go. Actually go here. Three. Lt's so adjustment, which is basically whose alteration? Luminous. Yeah, we have different colors rights or understand soon and we can actually control the cartoon . So, for example, we can make the rent. It's more purple or orange. We can make the orange is more orange or more yellow. As you can see, we don't have that much yellows here only here. So for them, we find changes you see on this part changes we have here some blues so we can make this clothes for purple. You can make the purpose blue on. So until we can change the course, what I want to do is I want to, um, make it more bull exists, actually, Yeah, that's what I want to do. You can change it as you want. It doesn't really matter because there's going to look awesome Anyway, on let just click. OK, right now for vampires against there is actually a big difference. I can just turn it off and on to see the difference. House of what you can do is actually can select this mask here on this mask is going to help us to change the part where camera filters affecting. So for them, we fight. If it's like this much, this was created automatically, by the way, we don't need to create this. When we created the camera filter, he tells the great much out of what's like this. Let's go to brush. Make sure black are selected on. If I just do it here is against You were going to let this effect from the face when you're going to leave it on the background. So if I just turn it off and on Nice, right? I mean, if you don't, if you want to live it on the face, we can just so exam. But you can change the code to write on Draw it here against against Damascus Right now, it's also the face, so it's totally up to you. That's it. With this lesson, guys make sure shakes out zealousness. Well, I'm going to recommend your some cool classes that you can actually andro in order to be able to create even more stunning artworks. Teoh by