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Create Patterns and Illustrations In Overprint

teacher avatar Krittika Mittal, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Required

    • 3. Inspiration

    • 4. Sketching

    • 5. Digitizing Elements

    • 6. Import to Photoshop

    • 7. Making Your Pattern

    • 8. Adding Filters

    • 9. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

    • 10. Wrapping Up

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About This Class


  • For this class, we will be playing with patterns in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I will show you the ins and outs of creating your own unique pattern and playing with colors. We will start with some basic elements, then color them and play with them to give them a overprint effect, make our final pattern and then add textures. Once this is done, I will show you how this technique can be applied to all your illustrations and typography too!

  • This style is great to give your project a retro feel. Not only that, we will be creating filters for our effect that are reusable and can be applied across any artwork!

  • For your class project, you have to create a pattern of your choice in duotones. I will be guiding you step by step about how to proceed and at the end of each video, there will be a small homework.

  • This class is for everyone who is looking to learn a new skill or wanting to add something to their portfolio. While some prior knowledge in using the pen tool is recommended (you will need that for basics of drawing your elements), I would nevertheless share links to guide you the appropriate classes for the same. I would also recommend you check out my first class on the same topic, i.e Debunking Retro: A Beginner's Guide to Overprinting for some prior knowledge on the same topic.

  • So let’s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Krittika Mittal

Graphic Designer



Hey everyone! I'm a graphic designer based out of New Delhi, India. I started my education in architecture & realized mid-way that making art made me more happy than making buildings. I started learning Illustrator and Photoshop in my free time (thanks to Skillshare) and moved into the line full time post graduation.

 I currently work as a graphic designer and social media manager with a start-up. I love all things colorful and pattern-isc (the INDIAN ROOTS). I realized that my journey has only been possible because of the wonderful teachers I had and motivates me to give back my teaching.

PS. I would love for you to join me on Instagram. I often share tit-bits about upcoming classes, current art projects, my do... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, everyone, I'm the car. I'm a graphic designer from India, and I'm super happy to have you in this class. People learning to make our own patterns and illustrations in total or two colors using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe, for we will begin my sketching out elements, then digitizing them in last, coloring them and then finally composing them together together. Final art. We would also be loaning to our texture designs. Toe motive. Best part even with building custom for those that again and again, open designs are fun eye catching on a good way to amp up your design skills until walking with limited color palette. Not to mention the very much in trend right now for your project, all you need to go for some basics. 2. Material Required: So guys, let's quickly go Well, what All you will need for this club's forced upon You will need some drawing tools like pencils. It is those spends etcetera because we were forced to join our pattern elements on paper and then taking them toe illustrator on disguising them. You will need a scandal to scan your final drawing in. If you don't have it, nobody's. You can just use your mobile. You will need Adobe Illustrator are not before the shop illustrator for primarily digitizing your Aikens on making them for the shortfall, adding your find new smart you'll find Let's get rolling. 3. Inspiration: Okay, guys, let's talk about some research about moon boots on about what you can choose to work with for this class, so some of the topics you can choose from are as follows. So the Force one after this season such a summer's or windows. So in this case, you can choose to illustrate any particular aspect off season. So say you can choose to last trade clothes that you were doing that season or what you eat or that makes you feel such as this pattern I made for Windows, which is supposed to be about all the things that come forward to building with so it can be something seasonal. The adoption. You have this tools of the trade. This is one of my personal favorites. There you can choose any particular trade or profession. It can even be something like Call it's too dude or say tail oh, or a gardener or pain toe 80 on you conduce toe in our street radius elements from this. So this is one of my favorite personal examples for the same. And while this is some a little begins, but this is just to give you an idea off how you can do. Still, elastin. The third option you have is a place such as the beach or the mountains or something like a trip or what All you tick for camping on has an example for the same. So you concede the mix of sambal on dwindle elemental e all coffee on a nice D slippers and boots that drop the fourth you been just It was a variety off the same thing so you can see Giusto last dream. Different kind of fishes. Oh, character, I o flaws. So this is a small example. Off glasses I am. There are a lot more options. Justly. Doing all brain patterns isn't my different from the usual ones. It's just a little different world. How you to tow approach it and how you just tow in last radio Aikens for That's About. So now let's talk about from where you can meet your move board from so I only love to you spin chest bill images triple on the hands, so I'll give you a small example for this class. I'm choosing to illustrate tools off the tree on for this case. I'm gonna choose gardening, so over here I'll quickly show you my board for gardening, in which I have just put together over ideal spins iPhone on printed. Now, as you can see, almost all of these last different things in there are different styles. So what I do is I just go through these. I see water. Isn't it city for gardening? How different people have chosen to illustrated how I could make different sets on this. Remember that When you're sketching this out, you need around 23 objects off slightly large size. You need some off medium size and some tiny, tiny lichens for which of new US based fellows. So, yeah, so that's about it on one. To have your queen board ready, we're gonna move on and we're gonna begin sketching. 4. Sketching: So guys want to have your mood board ready. Start sketching. I would recommend that you do super simple basic sketches without any frills, because that sort of comes. And when you start doing the old printing so you can see the sketches I have done for my gardening pattern. I like to like a mention door mix off small objects, big objects and some filler elements. Because when you composing your final pattern, all these come together to make a way interesting composition as sometimes Make two off, one to sort of see what looks better. So sometimes when I over printing, I like to do the small trick to see what I'm doing. And if it's coming out right. So for this, I'm going to use alcohol. Marcos, over here, I have them in Dryden Blue. Anything with these? Is that the sort of time to bleed over each other? So I just make a quick seed packet and show you how that looks. So if I choose to make the body in dread, as you can see, I deliberately chose toe overlap my blue a little over the red, and I have a small, dark color band that's coming over there, that's over printing. Let me just show that to you in a bigger scale. So that dark hollow where both the colors are overlapping is essentially how over print works. So when you do this and for the shop also and you take to color layers and you multiply that the dark color that comes and that's over printing, let me just make another maybe fly owes. I'm sure you how we can do that. So in this case, I want one of the handle, Toby, maybe over printed once again, I'm gonna just use the blue on Overlap it. I'm that you So guys held on my final sketches. So get going. Make your move board, start sketching. And then let's just see you in the next video where we start digitizing these 5. Digitizing Elements: So, guys, let's begin on digitize our sketches. I'm gonna goto illustrator and open a new file or 1080 My 1080 picks are degree fight and I'm just gonna import my scan image a scandalous using my canon lid scandal. Ah, nice candid at 1 50 bp I because I personally felt that 300 was not why. Oh, and I'm muscularly size this on just moved us in my artwork. Now, in this case, I'm probably gonna have a new layer. I wish I'm gonna week all my sketches enviously. I will just keep my scan image. I would just quickly love this using the law. I could also go toe object, lock and unlock are the shortcut for that is controlled to or control or two to unlock it. But no. Meanwhile sketching, I think, to use locking and lock a lot. So I hold a locket straight from my layers book. So now let's go to Lato and start sketching. I mostly use my pen tool or shaped tool for this, so I'm going to quickly make one of these and show you how I do it. So a lot of times I forced make a basic sketch and see how it looks and then start fixing it slowly and slowly and see how I can incorporate the shape tool in this. If you are beginning with the Pento, do check out the resource is in the class project section. So now I personally want I make Madoff sketch. I know what's wrong. So I'm going to start bringing in my guide. I'm just gonna go toe view and tone on rulers and from then I'm just going to drag a small line from my ruler to make my guides. So once you've put another rectangle and you want to make sure that they happen at the same distance, you can just repeat the old stuff, which you can do using control ready instead of putting them again and again, which is what I did at this point. Now I'm just gonna lock my old fights that I have it as a reference, but I do not end up accidentally using it. So now I've created another guide for Obama in point should be. And now I'm just gonna approximately draw my edges. Just gonna do on local the shock troops So this is old controlling toe, and I'm just gonna leave my old files. Once I have this, I want to ally in this toe the stick I have made. So I'm just gonna select both of them, oiled and click on my base and then just rest a light. So when I do that, when I click oil and select one of them my other object alliance with respect to that now I'm just gonna call my point slightly. But by doing that, I ended up calling the whole thing, which I did not want. So I just took control. Said, go to direct selection, select one point, tick on it and then start calling it. I'll do the same thing for the other states. - So once again, the shape doing a simple rectangle and I will know a Linus. So remember, you use oiled, you click on one object, and then you just aligned them. If you do not use order, then they will end up aligning to the standard of the art board, which is what we want to avoid. So now I'm gonna start meeting my final handled. So for that, I'm gonna use my pain too. So I'm once they align everything to my Santo and then we have a forced thing ready. So I'm just gonna make another duplicate using or you decided the art book on. Let's start coloring this. So I want to join both of these parts to create some fun in my over open. So let me just like both of them. I'm gonna go to Window Parts Finder and unite. That didn't happen because they were not overlapping. So I just feel them. And there you I'm just siding colors right now to show you what all So coming to our colors, I'm just gonna make three quick trick tangles. Another over print Governors Now for sand, it's 100% C zero off the other to get a perfect for magenta. It's 100% off em on zero the others. But I personally find this magenta a little bright, so I tend to go with Red, which is 100 off em and 100 of by on the remaining a zero. So, guys, we're gonna use this particle of blue on this particular dread for this in case you want to play it on with that completely optional with these colors bring on the best over printing effect. Now we're going to quickly color these. Similarly I'm gonna digitize all my other sketches and then meet you in the next video. 6. Import to Photoshop: So, guys, once you've finished digitizing all our elements and coloring them, we're gonna now start importing them to 40. Show one by one. And there's a small tip that's involved while importing them before the shop. And that is that you do not take the whole element in on one go. Instead, you do with color by color. So say I have anything like the cab I'm gonna force take my bridge area, which is like my whole outline of the cap. And then I'm gonna take my blue in, which is my band with a small bowl. And then I'm gonna over print it so that the world driven gets over printed on the cap. Let me just quickly show you how it works and how What's the difference between Oh, when you take the whole object in one go and then you take it layer by layer. So I'm going to start with a spool of thread and hit control. C o command. See toe. Copy it. Now I'm gonna go to Fort Shop and open a new file with the dimensions 1080 by 1800 fixes at 1 50 bp I on rgb color mood and I'm just gonna hit based using control, we owe command weak At this point, you can paste is a smart object or picks is in doesn't matter And now if you see even I even though I hit multiply it makes no difference because there really isn't anything across which it will multiply. Let's try cobian again this time color by color. If you can see, I have already grouped together all my blue lines and shapes and I'm just gonna copy them into four to shop using command, see or control. See, I'm into four to shop. Command me or control we at this point I really owed you do not resize anything because if you re sizing one layer when you pacing in the second, you will have to decide it again. Does it? You know this a little difficulty involved in getting the same skill again. So these are resize them right now. We'll start deciding member and we're making a pattern. So once again, control c control me. I'm gonna put this in place using my arrow keys and then my nudge tools. And once it's in place, I'm just gonna select both my less vile control is pressed and then I'm just gonna put them to mind. Deflect. And as you can see, wherever my blue trans overlapping with the red it has multiplied and over printing has happened, I'm just gonna quickly group them. Who's in command G or controlled G. We're gonna do it similarly with all our other elements. Sometimes when im digitizing in illustrator go on, I'm no, I sure about what color should go for one object attend to make two variations of the same with the opposite colors to see what works. Well, as you can see in case of these small tools, if you can see one in one, the handlers rate while in the other the handless blue its analysis starting them to for the shop and trying trying to figure out what works over here. So for the small speed, I'm just gonna once against, like my blue less and hit control C go to 40 shop and hit control on violent. This point this might seem a little tedious, would want to get into the flow. It would be really, really fast. Select both less multiple A and then my open do stuff. Once again, I'm just going to group them, move them aside and the similar thing with the other object. In this case, As you can see, my handle is red as opposed to the blue and dark one. So I also wanted to see what looks better, but I'm posting not by convinced by this. Nevertheless, I'll just do this. And now let's try the other variation off this I had made with the opposite colors. So once again, command see or control, see to copy command we control We took pace. Then the arrow keys to notch are off. Justin, to please select both use in control multiply and then you can group using command g. So simply, I have need another aviation. My speed also because I was in my conference by the audition and yeah, now let's go to four to shop and I'll show you all the final elements so valuable we have all our final elements. Now, in this case, you will notice that in the file I decided to not over here in my hand land. My not so. The reason for that is that the blue was the exact same profile is the red below, and I felt like opening. It would sort of be killed, like I'll just show you. So that's because there's no blue left in this case. You can also choose to make the blue handle a little bigger, or like I did in this case, not over print that oil. So this is where the fun part is, where you can choose to experiment with all the different elements of made and what you want to do with it, like how you want to over printed how much off it has to be over rendered. Maybe some part of it is not open right away, so I and that's when anyone who's also looking at your pattern will start understanding what was going behind your head. This tiny, tiny trains actually start making a lot of different, so I'll just show you 100 with my gloves in case in my glove. I do not want toe over print the whole thing. So what I decided to do was that I made the small, small bands in the last traitor less you can see. And then I decided toe remember, pretty small effect. Similarly, start playing with what you're making on. Once all your elements are in. We just can claim one on makeup. Final pattern 7. Making Your Pattern: in order to start making up after I'm just gonna go to photo shop on open a new fight. They should be 1000. My 1000 fixes. I'm now going to start coping all my Aikens from my file to my final pattern file. I'm just gonna select all of them and then right click and duplicate layer on and on and put the file in which I want to duplicate it. The reason why I said 1000 my 1000 miss, because when we shifting our objects around housing makes our calculations a lot more into So if all the less off any off my object on a group, I'm just gonna do control J to duplicate group much Drew. And then I'm gonna decide this particle Oh, let So I just pressed Come Torti on using shift Ivy sized it now I'll sort of have to do the same for all the groups that are here, So I'm just gonna make this a little fast. So guys on all my elements are size on there on the canvas. I'm now going to start placing them to make you part and more fun. I would advise you have some elements which are on the corners on which are getting cut, that is, they will appear on the other side also because it's a repeating pattern. So I'm just quickly setting its location by pressing control, T and I could see the X and Y dimensions. So what if I have to Now put it on the other corner. So I deserve control J to treat a new layer, and I'm gonna fix what its location should be. So if you look at this, it is 50.50. I'm 65 pixels the guy Sometimes you might just get confused about which access your object won't do. So just quickly shift your object a little on as you can see, the X dimension change, which means excess horizontal by its vertical. Now I'm just gonna open my calculator, and I'm just going to do 1000 minus 50 which is 9 50 So the position of my adult gardening even should be nine fifties. I'm just gonna go to my other layer, do control tea and put the since 9 50 on a soon as you're done just pressed endo or control De. And then I made another coffee. And now I'm gonna place it on my vertical axes. So it's position was 65,000 plus 65 +1065 Justin oppressed control D And now I'm just gonna endo my position. So, guys, the basic and tough of the stays is that since my art board sizes 1000 my distance between two objects should always be 1000 from the center point now for shop, always stick still. Location from the center point that that tiny circle you can see. So when you're doing that and if you're art borders, whatever size it is, your object should always have the same distance. So what will also recheck again after this? To see what we've done is correct or not. So once again, I'm just gonna make this faster and start placing all my elements. - I would also recommend you check out the class resources Section one and go through the list of classes that I've mentioned in case you, nor be sure off what to do. So now guys like a mention who should always have some sound small elements ready. So use us space pillows. Honestly, your biden just aren't looking a Lord Beddoe. If there's less empty space. It's as simple as that. So in this case, as you can see, I have the small, small space arrival. You can't foot the big element. So whatever small elements I had created, I'm now just gonna add them and fill in my remaining spaces. - Okay , guys, once I feel satisfied with what I'm done, I'm just gonna quickly select all my layers, just press shift on the force in the last letter, select everything, group it, and then I'm just gonna convert this into a smart object, but a tiny problem, because they're one of just control T It's going very out of the got this, which is not what I want. So using my selection tool, I'm just gonna select our 1000 my 1000 rectangle. At this case, I cannot do in also anything. So just gonna select 1000 my 1000 duplicate this and then made this endure smart object. So know this might object has 1,009,000 size. And now I'm just gonna make a new life, which is the builder size of this sort hotels in my house and fix it. And then I was gonna quickly duplicate this. You might New five. And I'm just gonna do control J Control J and put this in place. The woman went, I do that. You can figure out where we made the mistake. Our April every put in the very force is not a line. It's a line from the UAE access on that because we kept 1000 as a constant distance. But in this case, if you remember, we did 50 and 9 50 where our differences only 900 s compare 2000. This is also a mandible sleigh off figuring or better empty spaces you need to fill. So going back, I'm now gonna edit my position off the apron. So one of the reasons why I ask you to make it a smart object is that guy's menu. You can also go to the original smart object on edit this. But in this case, it was just a file for we to sort of figure out what I was doing wrong. So he'll I'm just gonna edit. So now I'm just gonna quickly reposition my aprons a now makes instead of 9 51 050 I saw you never do that. I see I have whole space I'm probably gonna have to edit some stuff again. Still, I just get down to that once again. Remember the difference between two objects? The center point would be the size off you. I'm bored or your canvas. And if you're not my company, we've been Matt on this calculation. Just start with having my 1000. It is the easiest. I'm just gonna be checked my pattern again. I needn't have done that. I could have edited within the smart object only, but I like the style better on As soon as I hit controlled and put this in place, I realized it complete your link. Now there is. This is the final time where you review your Parton on any space would you find Oh, it's likely empty or something. You can either go to your smart object and edit that only or you can go back to your original file and keep editing that. So at this point, I do not start making changes to my smart object because, honestly, I'm gonna still end up going back on adding my picture and everything, so I just really doesn't matter. And I can edit in my old file only, but in the next video, I'll show you how to edit within smart object 8. Adding Filters: So, guys, once we have a badge ready, we're gonna now spine you start adding a smart for doors. So here I have a layer with all my elements in it. I'm just going to make a quick copy. 1000 my 1000. And I'm going to convert this into a smart off. It's very important at this point to convert it into a smart object, because after this, we will start adding smartphone. Does not smart for those that any day better than addict normal fritters because you can edit them by easily. If you want to know a little more about the whole opening on, the filters are going to it. You can also check out my previous class on this court debunking retro. So yeah, let's begin. I'm just gonna put a food door and I'm gonna ask some noise to the moment as a noise. That slight picture that starts coming in Ah, 5.35 Is it good? So now, in case I want to edit it, I can always double shaken art noise, and I can just bury the amount. Maybe we could say 4.85 and I can also change its opacity on the motor. Wanted to see if I make a desk color dodge or something. But I wanted no. So that's a force finito. Then we go to filter, and then we are the second periodo, which is it's a guide. At this point, you might be wondering how I just know what number to put on you confused about what to do for your illustration because they all size might not be the same. That's completely fine, because I also go to hell from constant play and making my number's up renowned, trying to understand what works for me. So maybe you can go. I hadn't do these only. But if they're not walking, are true, then just tryingto what works for you. So can you see this is a triple that coming into my joins and I don't really like it, so I just didn't add Rip it. Now we're gonna go and we're gonna add up. Hold fetal position Fogel Gallery. So we go to failure again, and now we go to photo gallery. Now, at this point, nice. One second, I'm going to just press cancel again. Just make sure this is black and my the standard because otherwise of potatoes might just come in different colors, depending on what your foreground color is. So please make sure it's a black and might filter photo gallery on the fourth photo that we are the storm edges, which is from sketch. Now, in this case, I'm just gonna play around with the numbers and see what works for me. So I just need some mild lecture. So this looks all right on. I'm just gonna walk good on anti war since the going Say this looks cool. So you might be wondering what I lose in this is all Blacks. Now I'm gonna just double click on these arrows. And from here I was a strange the blending more deuce clean. So that's it. The woman You've done this you have this light blue side, the light of my daughter, texture that's coming on the double fire pageant. Plus, we have a site triple on we have strike know is happening. You can also choose to increase the bill. If you feel that, you know that will make it look a little better. So you can also do something like 61. But I sort of like that. But just I'm just gonna do control z o Command Z for that. So we have this and now we're just gonna add another layer on We're gonna add some move will just wait. Because, as you can see, this is only added texture to these. But my white space looked really, really empty, particularly when it comes to a party. So I'm just going to make a new leg and I'm gonna fill this with red. So once against 0 100 100 I'm a Zito. Fill this and I'm just gonna go ahead and convert this into a smart object. I'm gonna add some noise. I'm in this case, I want a little more. So, like a 15.36 is good. I know. I'm just gonna go and I'm gonna add some more from the fertile ground. So you might be wondering, but it's all coming as dried over here. And that's because we forgot to make it a black and white. So I'm just gonna make it a black and white And once again I'm gonna go. And now for my friend or Ghadry, can you see the image? It difference? This is why you always supposed to walk in the standard black and white. So now intense light picture. Yeah, this looks nice. Well, that's still there. On with saying this looks all right. And now I'm just gonna go over here and change my more two months. So sometimes your results might not end up coming the way you wanted them Do so you know, you have to keep going back and playing with the numbers. This looks a lot better. I might also just go ahead and reduce the opacity a little. Yeah, There you go. So I quickly show you a similar pattern. I did a while back on. As you can see, the exact same fill those that have been put in this case, I can also have chosen to simply duplicate them. But I'll show that to you in the next we do. Another thing that I wanted to show you was working with smart object to say I'm just going to make a quick file again, which is 2000 my do. And I'm just going to duplicate my fashion layer on that fight. Now, over here, engagement unhappy would say this slur and you want to replace it. You do not have to keep going back through that and win there instead, I'm just gonna double click on this. Although because of the core p, I cannot just shifted around and probably have to make it a newly and do that. Um, maybe I'm just gonna make a copy. So you I want to I'm just gonna click control s. And there you go. It's I did No. Now, if I feel like there's something missing over here, I'm just gonna go to my smart object again. Maybe I will just take another flower on added at this point, take control less and close. So the woman I do that Whatever copy that I have on my smart object, all of them get updated. So the best way to work with patterns in 40 shop is to walk within. Smart object by that is the performed matured for playing with patterns in four to shop. In this case, I choose not to go down the trout and I only make it a smart object when I have to add my filter that's completely up to you. So there you go. Guys apart is completely Giardina 9. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V: So, guys. One of the reasons why I love doing this in photo shop is that once I have my filters ready , it's just easy to copy. Paste them on any type of illustration that I want. So the illustration you see in front of your right now, honestly, it did not take me a lot of time to do the over printing off it because I already had my for to actually, And I just had to copy paste them into this file. So let me just quickly show you how I made this. So this is my illustrate of file on. As you can see, I have my illustrations and blue white on Dredd right now. So if I'm choosing to have my background color as red or a blue, then I mostly have to walk with fight on the other color in this case. So I'm this quickly showing you all the different groups I have. So it's a person in this class and elite. Now I'm gonna show them to you in foreign shop. So as you can see, I'll just quickly close this. I have my different, less background Human Dwight on the blue color which I have multiplied. Don't talk as you can see. I believe so. In this case, I want that we emphasis on the early, which is why I've chosen, not might deploy it and keep it as a tous. Then I have my wife leaves and then the Hamas final layer which has been my deployed. So you know, I can also choose to keep it on the top on Ben. Multiply it. So then it comes completely black as white is coming on top offer. But I sort of warn that slightly Bluetec show that comes So I'm just membership this up on you so you couldn't see So this way you can also keep playing with your layers and trying to figure out how much blue How much? Oh, why do you want to show an outward point? You want to show them etcetera? It's completely up to you. So I decided my flaws, which is again this thing. I'm just going to quickly select them and duplicate them using control jail command J group them using control, G command G. And I'm just gonna merge them, uncontrolled them to a sparked off J because that's when I'll start applying my filters. Now, in this case, under show you, I have illustration that I am made before, and I actually just gonna duplicate this layer to my original file so that I can copy the fritters. So from here, I'm just going to drag my filters. You know, those two socal's that you see over there instead of doing anything else, just drag them slowly and put them on my final smart object. I just closed the slab and you might feel it right now it just isn't walking out like something is missing. And that's so that convey is Libby six. By simply going and making changes into your filter gallery. So I will Don't I will just don't know one of the ocean ripple. I feel that I don't need to in this case. And now I'm just gonna change my settings, so probably just increase this a little. Now, the main thing in this is that it has to be most who right now protections, Really? Oh, like, go spread. So I'm just gonna amp up those movements and then I'm gonna play with the contrast a little till I get what I feel. Well, look. All right, so once you are done, just rest, okay? And there you So as you continue, this is my final file. You can also choose to play with noise a little if you want to just play around the filter gallery. But then it's still a lot more indulgence playing an hour. Rather than making the whole thing again. I'm also gonna just based or separate layer off leaf on the top. Because in Knocke it was getting really pixelated. In this case, you can also choose to have left less put separately and then we welcome them. And I'm just gonna don't on medics. You I'll just show you a few more examples that I have done something similar. Now, for example, in this illustration, as you can see, my smoothness is really you know, because I sort of warn did that effect. And as you can see, I have several less that I have put on the top separately, depending on how much picture I want to give. So the problem with smart where it is is that whatever you put applies uniformly across your can, would you mind not warn? So in this case, you might want to put some less separately and then apply for close to them again. Alan. Very them according to how you want to like you can see in this case. So that's a guy Control C Control the or Commodity Command is super easy. In this case, on making any sort of illustration or pattern becomes a lot easier. Once you already have a file, let's prepare. I just have to copy it. 10. Wrapping Up: guys, Thank you so much for attending the class. If you liked it, please take out sometimes on leave me a positive review or recommend class to others. If you like my walk and want to keep things more off my videos just hit the follow button. I can't wait to see your class projects. Pop, this is fun. All you have to do is design hospital videos given and then just go to your project section on. You can upload your over. You're I have given a quick description. I mentioned the sources for you. You are in the in case you have any doubt on any major issues You can always reach out to me on the community section on as your projectors off. Don't worry, I will be there to help you on to give you further inside into any issues you could have been facing. Thank you so much.