Create Passive Income with Masternodes: Cryptocurrency Made Easy | Brendan Ellis | Skillshare

Create Passive Income with Masternodes: Cryptocurrency Made Easy

Brendan Ellis, Life Coach & Crypto Enthus

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9 Videos (1h 25m)
    • Here We Go! 5 Key Tips To Get Started,

    • What Is A Masternode?

    • Which Masternode To Choose?

    • What Are The Up & Downsides?

    • Setting Up Your Virtual Private Server

    • Why & How You Need A Remote Desktop

    • VPS Set Up & Masternode Address

    • Wallet Private Key & Final Configuration Updates

    • Now Start Your Masternode


About This Class

A Beginners Bootcamp to getting started in Cryptocurrency Masternodes!

Welcome to 'Masternodes Made Easy' the beginners bootcamp to give you everything you need to get started in blockchain masternodes & create a cash-flowing asset! 

This step-by-step course has been created with you in mind, giving you all the knowledge you need to be able to identify, setup and run masternodes!

From understanding what a masternode is, to choosing your virtual private server, to installing your masternode to run 24/7, this course will give you ALL the information you need to start investing in masternodes. 

The Facebook group will give you the chance to ask any question if you get stuck and learn even more!

Please note that none of the guidance given within the course constitutes financial advice; you invest at your own risk, so always do your own research as investments go down as well as up. 





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Brendan Ellis

Life Coach & Crypto Enthus

Business Finance Cryptocurrency
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