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Create PDF, Word, Excel Documents in Php Generate Reports

EDWARD DANIEL VIDAL GARCIA, Mobile and web developer

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12 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Creating the database with MySQL

    • 3. Creating the FrontEnd

    • 4. List information

    • 5. Report in Word

    • 6. Report in Excel

    • 7. PDF report

    • 8. CSS styles to PDFs

    • 9. Adding Select filters

    • 10. Reports with Filters in Word

    • 11. Reports with Filters in Excel

    • 12. Reports with Filters in PDF

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About This Class

Welcome to the course Create PDF, Word, Excel Documents in Php7- Generate Reports in which you will learn to generate files and reports in PDF, WORD, EXCEL in PHP and the DOMPDF library.

We are going to learn to generate a PDF, WORD, EXCEL document from PHP with DOMPDF, a very simple and useful library for this task.

Add more knowledge and skills to your life.

DOMPDF is an HTML to PDF converter. Interprets HTML and CSS for the generation of PDF documents.

The topics that we will cover in this course are:

Install and use DOMPDF
Generate PDFs with DOMPDF and PHP
Create custom named PDF files
CSS styles in PDF documents
Inserting images into PDF documents
Generate EXCEL Documents with PHP
Generate WORD Documents with PHP
Form creation
Database creation

At the end of the course you will be able to Create and generate PDF, WORD, EXCEL documents with PHP7 in a simple and optimal way.

Sign up for the course Create and generate PDF, WORD, EXCEL documents with PHP Generate Reports, Don't let time pass.

I see you inside the course!



1. Welcome: being a war excelled in a number for a moment, happy, a practical, a little a way to implement the way that very convenient as equals. 2. Creating the database with MySQL: my mother needs us. The courseware Grandeau report this comparative music willing and war, baby, excel. And I saw because, um, but musical skills are the most They him blow in oil course. But I Do you think Winston lo me some think accordion door laws A busy day. My jozic warily. Yeah, but they were already day. Let me start there are saying that those local horse But for my at me Brian product caught up with Sonya. Isaac. Squarely. You got tangled around me. A scary What does it matter and a key thing Go. Good allies. They had to report this. Who's under reported? Grandal Atala. Germans. Were you still in Zinc Ocampo's? You're normally score really likes. You need poison. Nascimento. Yucky thing. Go. Yes. That is so uncertain. Doing that lowers that spot on with through him. No, Our continue our Jackie. Where police are. Where me. But they had the reporters. Even it'll look. Who are you going to derail his throws in later. How he can has been Muslim naproxen. You 3. Creating the FrontEnd: when I skip Jack Lane terrified. Hey, quit Ernest. That's going to retire. But I do Oil, tourism 90. Radio must realize Ah, tomorrow. And no, it's got about Hey, you know this Gotta go your present Cumbia Real number l A carpenter. It know Jamaar Something got bit them. No, I don't. My the report of this back Gregory Stock carpet decayed miners on the thing We don't see corners Sunderland Zito A great He is gonna pay the log Regatta Capitalism. I took the boat. There's like a son, Boris Raise a carpet that will line baccarat or not. You know Jamaar in this being this 0.0, bad chippy barking out of means to do them But are terrorists and stripped right They might realize the limited traded as you know Ah, likenesses Ito And then the travel as you know what your they materialize this boy underpinnings that I came here to you list There's Bama. Sorry, Lester, to listen. I go. No, I already conduct and horse number Any carpet that can report this in this big tipper. Yes, I use starts your party momentum. What could I means true to recognize there and they're doing through container back. And I do not think that that for corn may connecting in this point of chip in Apple Metal Force I can't through working. I'm not out like but most are a pack of those economies are lovin generally done the lower click, but I can't help, but it's going with the reports and it's the castle. Uh, work it out Like I say that that's cool. You know, as you like world. You were exit world right there. You breath make your career. No, they really don't know where they are. Laws both Tony don't says I feel like Then throw something locker like along cause bottlenecks. Zealot own world moment. You said that the nearly mine because you know nothing working. And these in, Uh okay. What that affect them. AKI Large Amar, I says and excel the German excel Oneto equal the financial drain. Okay, love memorials There a in laws Watros Barker Lose what throat onus those There is what and again this, um work were point of being here. It's the, uh okay Quinto being hit in this There are mines Where Conrad in both that The Post to admit not put a coma number and but they an area in love with McClancy gets better daily case classes. The material life were comical. Left you like you left angle in terms is boy our Kim ableto locker Papadopoulos then the sun Wardle ESI minus barracking upon Karkare lessee. Mind this. I love my power. Excelled war. Okay? Yes. Is with me in a bad way. Chaos There better must, um, happening on t to look what I come. Okay. Got classy center gayg, But I part of this in world work it said you have the bomb was on me that Yes, sir. I asked Quinn DeLay, click in Excel. May's car get reported When they're laying war, there's Cargill reporting Ward Mkhondo layer mask came in securely. So the look of the thing when you're in town knows worries. The lower say that Jones is in the property, Maria Almost unprecedented levels. Unity at the bottom 4. List information: then you doing Mr Interfax Theater Amina Way. But most operas a, uh, program married both on there. Must they asking Quenneville? Erica mines. Your parents got calling for months in the latter. Do you swear? Leaves dunces. Amazon was throw after three. Merely It was like that. I don't know quite a bit. Jamaar, come pick the crowd near Teoh Iconix units. You know they had It's a large Amar connects. Hume wouldn't look bad shipping what could at Mico Nixon because And why do you Barca Nori A lick is like on terms in years. You work a little story, only it is. Now I say that there's like you are good at weapon in local horse, local horse. Then there's a connector. It was what, Your Ruth, you know, letting go contra Zegna. Me. I mean, some of your opponent, I mean locally was no paralysis at the skate. And my report is kilogram was the nose and interior beer. And like you're cravin Oreo cookies, I, Jamal Khan, etc. On your car look and God bless Bottom Metro's alarm 11 June My guess equally a You know im br postpartum intercourse bruiser and password. Yeah, says we are to a cartoon. This weapon, said Akaka. Ah, nothing Generally Elberton were karaki. What? Duncan Lloyd Amar, Butane in bed The lawyer Also see are honest. No, I Denmark a condom. It was No, I dont il bottom Saddam a bet. A neighbor There's a controversy by including the middle a real actual connection include a lot of legendary Sergio coalescing No, I see this is done through the carpet Academic confit You left You had them a connection 0.0, they're collided casually Click Well both tone Battaini bear. Do you really click as your tongue the most as a Lenstra control? No, as you came into Lexi only throw them They that Locke also argues There's not gonna noisy a guitar. No, I don't, my lord. Er like when it soon lead admit where you Lom bia likens will test them Us that is it quickly a key Where recorder tala tala there's last year came in trust back around on a larger, more fearless me and dress a good get in a door lock console? No. Was that id meto Fez role? Yes, I'm a tell me of any a lass called Nazem ul Intent is illogically allows that there's like , you have been there. Not only a but I'm not out. Okay, I came up with luck, Isaiah here. I said, That's some use more. Open it. Our keep. They're bump. Interested me? Matar litem. Yorkie lawyer. Come here. Okay. Okay, Mom. Most nobody, I mean I mean, I say at those number coral Iraq Soon it plays a war opponent late. Either nobody court trail the next June. Yeah, plays least this Rocky. Remember, pulling a 22 low happening layer I praise you are born in no classes. Enter the lawyers here at least, though. Well, who's will use ready Stroh's. At least there's like you are recorded Dallas service. That's feel less lawyers here. Hey, look, you could I don't know, true pop. A little natural, my committee record at the well, a starless or less feeling the lawyer, Danny. And you know, I see we're not come came up on it. And they is there a little rumpled collecting work of weather and no, I see goodness feel Emma Mostar. Now I really feel like a looking I said Oh, least because hero Luffy then Well, no. Those Today's what you think like a man was like, Oh, no, no, no. Those That is. What? Yeah, kill upon in a coma. Lisa! Nico, it was correct. Uh, hockey Massive lavilla muffled natural. Daddy, let's meet up. Um, are coming. Somebody's in the at least once. I have leather mask doesn't coming up. What is don't This locomotion is a risky move. Come here. Upon institute area. Come me mobility. Sit there, Yakup Talking about this gun you're not gonna is having me feel less least someone better tries. They're like Brian was bad the most I could. I police Harakah organism one system a kalak. Amazing. It's good Lord er litany were correct. Imminent? You know as well Wasn't roasting okay in an amazing Okay, so you know, you talk, you say nothing or Korea their local, as always. Go up from there. You may talk. It is a matter of reporting the Eelam under Parametric. That's what I see. Most of these are yet the names A Quintal, click al bottom, Burma's most laying former gendarme us that is untold already stressed. Did you think when you say that colors boy most very well Museum of history E keep me apart . It's any wireless. Pretty morio Continue almost a canal boat on their exit 5. Report in Word: continue Almost done the originally and report in world. And it's because of the animals is like saying they're months. My mother continue work on war. Nice. A child Dixon knows by certainly Farsi last in the world. The cake is that almost breaking news? Coming this background we were to a copy. Aristide, what can I don't want to you Guadiamar report worth Bhutto magically! And why am go pr? So Akiyama's come A for world yucky lessons Young career wise car garage chose pinto Look! It says here fragile as a local world. So like a cumbia Lorca Applera! Poor war your key lessons and alert us Putin talk was I meet up Mazar Lingua was the water that can you know school where the really samels He knows what you are gonna be important case and a lean This does he live? Report of June by who worked put into bat Tippett. But where you are is there There was what is our but most likely war a boy must bear is no this cargo honest with you? I was already You know, I point with better my start on those radios in Western that is getting a Muslim lover. I say that not lead. Organise ourselves. It's a CF as it as a local world. Um, and in prison Morioka Continent almost gone. They took us in the faith, but it was me physically practice. 6. Report in Excel: and maybe until you're be more school move. Programmable button. There must. But I could wonder lately me apart is calling for margin. Could your single on Messina in us that. And it's because Obama's a programmable button dxl Cuando do lately teammate's car gate and report this those. It's what you really Strauss. You know how I acted. They do a criminal or two, you know I'm a reporter. There's book Timmy's rt impose Where copy are going Google in This even wasn't waving cardinals cozied. I was up on a rocky patch. Pockets in his bag may hold. Don't this In a certain reporting on easy tumbles, stiff work gets in these in your the little little all right. At least Jones is a key. Well, yeah, importer on principle Importer. Laconic June Ill. Or Gregory's of the linear dickweed. So those method the the bad shipping. It's simply medal. Mexicans deeper. Continue car mosa. Our readers know Hexen, Yaki, USC and find name a lot of tea. Okamoto Kido, Casey Jama Cuando no a guys car guard. Your academic reported sports worries. It is a late sir lessons. You get their most polar population, June connected, intones is Amazon Quinton normally have become the general was acquainted. DeLay. Click. I still tone and do you know when the delay click? Alberton A. That silk is area is when the delay click as Sillitoe, 40 Excel Pinto pat Typical relay. Click as settled now a quick look, a tingle and report exit. There's work eating or chemicals with the last, and actors can make quote. Then it's really a key. No weapons that but and there's the list creep. No, open it dot com Ah, it's so we will yes, they're true generalised Erica to, you know, keep market, etc. At least so fast ways. But I come okay, exactly as in the back. Carol Coe, go in Portola. Connection really needs you. This place is the darling of the corridors, but boy, they really number Allergy We put up with a quitter are to use a the excel. But I can use problems. You notice that during your then it's that your key tangled is in your home or car To instruct you it said there's back guarantee to look. I see it was very restyle, but not But most comes with Charlize actors Qatar. I recorded lousy at this. Broken with straight or that's cool Aloofness either a kiss around with those. But I love in Jalandhar. I mean, come on, this girl there is a legal airman moves telling for my soon Julie Go Excel When I recovered my scar Garner chew Excel Most are really low But I okay, Visconti any there's like a plane was bad Dingo me Totally Time Excel community to look a little closer Do your kids kept but its car Carlos board this opera Nike border there least some was all about law. I had quit are talking a load By Scott ago, It's a bomb was all but lordy Yes, I s a summary report clinics And with chilies and a pair chip A combat. That was my music. Well, the approximately almost continual war. 7. PDF report: my Muslim president. I couldn't noir corner there. Perfect reporting paid. Oh yeah. Morneau's gonna you tell It was a quintillion click a lean this media reported Pave the Jeweler career Premera Jamaat reported the jumbo every quinto chippy But what I do getting okay Scar Got a cellular area Canada my own pay because, like most your puppy and the toe locating one war Look at what? Pay a fee a internal. It's got a lot to you. Iraqi Stolen Zito Then I start to escargot. But most has come Premier low. It's like our patella Peguy moved in through a lot. You and there's some at your jokes and report this j j letting go bigger. Yeah, there's always two Lewenza are dentro Apache. Do you? They were in Port Alice, totally ready years. But I could live ones. You know Acosta important though a lot quality? Yes, certainly Very like the importer documentation they on every document Una in terms is is so whoever that I know, you're like Roger Marquart. What's it? Immediately. Ah bucket Arlo Hi Cielos es I materialize So lucky Toya Copper Cassie Original So tambien What? That is welcome. And is this like a war that is still tumbling through lower. Like quite what they made. Little container. A captain. Open it. I can see Pakistan much stripped around moves I suck up. So you know those trays? Quiet. I mean demos, Reverential Documenta. You know, that's what are country. Ah, always a little wacko. Our day they were that the concatenation lover you have like Cory. Go checked immediately. That's the our car I got. Those is a good idea, I guess. A reverence. Yeah. I don't pay you like Lassie. We were like our ago. Yeah, we're cargo told Leslie. Really? Yes. I take a quick become one with what you are. Just came a little close ones. Your new a za Muslim. Nine sons. You don't cardamom start Europa Villa Possum. Most of what I might throw Lowry or learned this. Eduardo Tor Legitimately keep one Wilberger. One of the most liked it a merely Okay. Come with the word that a daily Jackie Akamas They were there. The concatenation Levine A decision that aren't you? It's the metals but up organism Oyster ottoman, your lower. And if you keep, we must come back 20. It's inspiring the result can be are converted that it a merely pay a fee? Yes, Sim, it'll sparking a political number. The mere Teoh. Terrific. When the Julia it's kind of got what Muslim Jack usually quandary. Repeal Alberton May Could they reported in mere choose a jama reported mumbo jumbo whose values there's bum was Velizar. Most are clean pretty every okay 1,000,020 days in a row. Arche came mark already days. So okay was out of Les Tres bodies. Hamood, Was that limb pervy as I point Will Birkin of this garden We started to you almost already low. Yes, I used in Winthrop airfare. Um, because you're letting on board the vessel. A pork eater. It is a single corduroys. Cargo are because a lot You okay? It's cargo Was I mean, I used Maestro jittery merely and Beth least presumably almost are Karmapa. Most are listed below they that they really says, is 8. CSS styles to PDFs: my mother had come upon moves. That list Stephen was troop, if you please. And those phases and just watch it there mainly. But as one without Premarin with low pay were gone, This is always throw a very facing Cee Lo's Jackie Borgetti godly. If they get that, the better being cool. But I am no low as it gets a major adieu to name I keep mine was better. You too. I was a little bit less cut of God. What you looking? A lord? I know Therapist Sonia, You more blank. Our bodies are these Cagamas. The moon was far too. But most click in the target lost ones, you know. You know mamas are cape where most implemented This still owes record. There must get the name of materialize as he could, you know, important that by important is our highest kilos materialize pronto. Hey says there is a killer open. You're not classy. Some are a bit they Any Your weapon in both on the road. When was that? Bodies are well, but I think I got ones too. Are too Musburger common with? Start on our Come here. Come on. Let's throw it on Jim Pizarro. This is monstrous city located in Moscow. Materialize Point was battling Pokemons organiser. Yes, it's in materialized. Seen a sailor's Cadalora Bhutan majora due to chickens are dumb polka Mother materialized. Remember me? Corso getting going? Materialize completo and no DiMarzio A much appointments and said Boy, most included Lee a cold one for him It almost upon anyone cooler there fundo Well, one size car Garlow. But most I mean, come on. There's like one was barking me talaq Ambu I mean think local deterrence is in trial for its altitude temperatures is in trial My one semi does lt Palanka in my classes in there What is only detours that Concentra was called before a gentleman lip open in my class and Fowler stays intra sterling For months you was all but police are There's gotta garments is I put most Birkin with through that resistance Intra keep limos. Birkin With guys that are It's as interest intra communal animals. Que son ah can most appointment. I say we must come back Deport when temporize appoint muscles are meto get your name a dump Every occupier must bear lives by Most ballots went escape where most come here. A kid. Your jungle times italic. Dilip Oh, come here. Like deep way of 20. What a him flow. What is the courier? Almost on me. Marquee ball. But ice got a guard. This is my most were multiple when they come. You and Analisa Castillo cambio for case that the mandalas went is the material life you Kira Cumbia in Dhaka. Karma propio high ceilings. You can barely last last winter yet I mean well, no czar might realize, you know, autumn in poker. Mi propio I say lows. But I say, Did you know somebody said I want to see it. You see? You know, after I had gone ahead of the materialized commune has dealers. There's part of him low and your boilers. He'd live. What's up? I need a doctor. One was a conflict. Let's isn't there pulling it in background? Latorre? But most as he look a galore or don't what is her? But come on a scale The hijab or mitali Perkins Appropriately Zillow's. You forget I got a little. Is it still a schedule? A say like I sell button. Did you through Do them in Aleppo. Gregory Meeks, Propia CSC lows but letting monocle azeem and right upon it Let's close it, read, quartered Everyone, though. Rojo, you know people trump blank. It is boredom attacked Police out the Muslims car gorilla to I, then emotional button. Just most case you tourism will materialize. Boiling moves Our Realmuto pro Jackie materialized in a lawless classes Jennifer Senior class. But once I mean tries corn materialize Type one with medicaments. Some want your minds A organism We must Glad. Oh, she was almost 80 friend Gordon Materialize. Keep it. But it was like I got a liquid kid a c looking through this Amos and we stripped out up with regard. Locate is a most that meaning must obey fit Bharara force Well, most powerful guys put the latter What? I got part of him. But these are says Mr Arrival. Hockey girl No, I just got a leg. Thank you, SC Looking also through There's a most for most of these are and materialize, but muscles are you know, Mr Ross Perot pieces sailors. But most police that meant for him. Jokey Sierra Most partisan one Stop A. My most activities are both the Messiah's car government store to there's like most better instrument. Okay, Kim wavy garland tanto product is inspired in you. Nor can easily the kids alone is a partisan Mr Logo. I was, um I keep that less. They will Nike LePen with bullet monster logo. Or almost, for your report. These throws get that list. They? Yeah, I was told that Nice got a guide. They said that most companies are most of my stuff. Now. That was a godly All of the Steelers comes up with is a most care about tone. But what was our boat owners? Muslims are looking for three days a month. Mom wants all right, But I am process call. It's Uranus, you see? Is the oldest boils? Yes, I'm working organism or detonations? Appropriate issue those poor kids Summer shoes and almost really ready. I materialize. But as a pocho knows, these seniors want you, Merab you. But I'm for Carlos. In local realmente there's a famous case. Givens uni There's bombing a meter, our community, Charlie A boy almost better staying. It's the canaries, John. Okay, are going to have a poquito mas. There's blame. Better come up with. Most implement are quite care when kids see looking through this Amos. It was so Jericho's doesn t talk a term in in complete mental Corso losing Beat work A a terminal courts will materialize. Pocket poem bear a toilet functionally a when career conflict time in the finals With this , they said, Oh, you mean divisive? Yeah, yes, but also readiness A. It was Preguntas, but I have leveraged with Salomon's pronto opposite telegram is for tomorrow in court. 9. Adding Select filters: in itself cause, um but most I could add a feed throws. But I said a news report of this. Do you know what I have to go. They're gonna get more complicated. I'm applies. Do not seem in his nuts. There's a cure, but is it means meat raised through school. No space in the last Indian. Does it feel like a Muslim release? Articulate? Go where? Mother. My car got toes nor a history of the total spice and inter history. L filter Camels alter iss Alexa Landau, El Pais The Union toe Eat them with a little moist Lorries through the Basically they're not. Simeone selects your Yes. I don't know for my field through a monster, but even I could have long still feel through. I was there. What? I can agonize you. Select your not Alexey Alert by back reality like aluminum Cornell. Sell it. Where were the particle nepotism? There's like us. Election of luck, Air place. It's you Excel Mars. Well, exactly, Laurie. History will pay selection Long legal war, my cycle or history equal compare for equal community that much? There's Acura Correval. Solich document write told or he screws very teleported What? Those numbers working out bad Too big, like a like connection. This little NYSE we don't control that allows that they started. The baccarat is equally control like want to take away really low approach the miracle realize you selects you only eyes By the night Simeone told a who's who are you. Thank you. Oh, that is so police control. Least Inter's lady ask me, But it's concerted. Cornish. So that documents back, um us. Kim is our deputy and plays the Columbia Castles basis. Thanks, but I assume boy upon it on these things in this thing. Look, I said this can know Matt, right? Pretty love that, you know, cause anomalous trying its allies almost like a parasite controlled garlic Contino are a metropolis that those will nationalize Columbia. Cassara PTO they Doctor, I wasn't Kotarba When I live in Qatar core Nexium Where he you low mbia less equipped Acura Carol White record. Unless feel less No, I don't want feed less. Guard Larry Electrical Tarkett Enemy controlled tired meto which grow Look as it is a signal, unless coolness the lack control the gallery of villains a que in pre meet one. No Till most travelers by Lorries. Rockies cooperate, laughing, laughs. What was the Zune said? Oh, because local control, Yorkie or tries feel less in a position, said zero. Oh, too. What did the this secure Muslim police? This accuser Medrano and said, Now you ask Cuando llega for him. PLO Columbia. Orly, France. Italy. Governor must No, I tried sort of. The spices getting on. Um, it's a constant race. 1000 surprises. Illegal chili, Montreuil or history. It's a low point movements here. Almost I It's a lot more sense here, Gram don't know where the only open a new name number they live by ease yucky. What could have already only pIease has anyone left. Pause. They left pIease. You realize you're selects unit. Tell us water use, don't they? By Dana Simion I use knocked and see Guan on three comedians. No, the only applies. Why don't you? Actually, So this one's on me that don't you better maps? There's Metro, his Triscuits and in front I can sense religion or Colombia's leg over. Must mentor history Lego chili better must this time the Trojan does Hillary history getting going in the terminal place. Okay, so, uh, they claim with Bert Could muster a history. The last release and the Minister Speed 10. Reports with Filters in Word: She's a mistress field Crisco war Djalo inwardness A moment of my tribe totals that could your finger in that town I kind of this plane was bad. Everything was says that does set the agenda Told off that everything we let down your look , you know, came a trigger blows one laws that those Cuando selects your loan price for the same procedure Legal Columbia commit right So no eso that was getting ready. Stars in Colombia Zaki in war But wasn't there a remote control tomato? But it was a community. So Pinardi, on 6 June, it's actually start Salah Jamaar as burial. It is excellent that I'm most cases ward onions promotion in quick your part in the project They're not people. Young John Marlowe section by Yaki Wills And it's nobody only basic chilled Yes. I mean, no. Yeah, you are a second. This the memos. Ah, a key. Um was a movie karaoke? Oh, a key. Generally Jamaar low corn Unnatural f for Casey McConnell, A sheriff No Mark army. Meanwhile, realize ex um Quando intellectually that there's a key. Look away as it is, Baradei still happening Bhutto tight. So with meat. I love on a real name in autumn are better in the world. Thank you, Lord Combo. I am Baccarat Muriel Esma Jamaar world off better in a world curiosity Well opposed. But then, worth tackler, as you can see you think Qandil a click on both on weren't que me was my jam a rock either location Humira is in formula is here too reporting, um, by the world at least a little word that Yeah cure most police are but residents in our podium blow India low our war well, like ice cream Moving maestro, Most typically the school pass I most are cries in the world the sensation of this carbon store to fatal God help us be Now I see you our key the notes one toe because it case Guineas er maestro's the West Roseberry 11 6 young conception. Is that this? What was actually said? You see, Jack, the Mazar Genitalia India A casino style follows that most are really close. So the most casinos Our plan with Americans, Australians, the Italian so little detail you almost a selection of Colombia That was our really tries inward then most right. They dreaded oral histories The highest anastrozole knows the Columbia. Let's play most bad. Evans is him. I last remembered a same. I'm getting what? I still don't practice as a and B A in three hours. No, you keep that chili. But most as election or actually, when was handing out a part of this? I Yes. You start reporting. Corn buys the chili. Do you still keep a prime mover called moment and reported in war? It really is. And the field throws, um, in the opinion. 11. Reports with Filters in Excel: lo mismo. Pero Jack Alexei Llamas loves me. The most pious was by most read Excel. We met almost a pope here. It says the school accepts of linear in this actually star. Well, what happened? Nexen has a low misma Was that bigger? Like wants one and e any in this most of our communities to Bhutan by so meet name. But then the exit was I were that a, um has a Yoma. But then yeah, because the system is we know that connects in someone has your back pain saying you, general. But there are worse, you know, Except Mazar were that it's Momus. I see. I was like police are, but that Seleccionado put him floor Italian. What has it like? So thanks. You know, this cargo bomb was How are you? One of a kind of soda? Yeah. Good. Thank you, sir. I was out here. Thank you, sir. I play must bear every stroke. Alexei, A comb filter through most of Colombia. Getting her history was our way. A discovered out it was already. Usually does it look easy? Says another talking new. It was interfering. There's a side when would bear getting girls right. He's throws the Columbia. There's is what I thought. I am one of the most part because he must go to war. Yeah, that the name of oysters Where his risk on war corn Excell, Deacon Ward. 12. Reports with Filters in PDF: I'm a happily Carly feel trust and Western documentos space. But come on, it's a sign it. And don't waste your reporting. Is there any Rondo part eight or loses for your release trials? How would I look? Mothers there is helping Carly locally. Simoes are xlu work ifwe selection are Hey, don't reporting the opinion. Doyle, the loose Were you any place in this race? Trout? Maybe you don't want to call Ego. And was that you love Zion Dicks? Mom was, uh, by Moza Copia. It's the control types of those former halos on Mr Reporting. Pay a fee. Mom was a boner. Esto aka case six unistar. I can guarantee you in, like one. See you almost up on it. Black on total tackles by selection of those worries the opinion that place called estradiol LASIK. What of them was? Yeah, Keyon was a come here in a report. But most come here bottom both on by suit Me, Moza that laced apart, is it? What happened? You know the name. Most of them are limiting it. Pay a fee. What I say right now, Mr Walton, was I cannot it Botham for that? Come back then you pay a fee, but there no sign cups a lot. Lower the army, which has a little bit in the bay area. You know that s immutable trap. Lamos, click on both on. Okay, looking out. 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