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Create Outstanding Character Names

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Technique 1

    • 3. Technique 2

    • 4. Technique 3

    • 5. Conclusion

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About This Class

A character name is so important for the readers experience.

We want our characters to stand out. We want them to be memorable.

And an outstanding name is the first step to creating an outstanding character.

But how do we come up with names that stick in the mind like Bilbo Baggins or Daenerys Targaryen?

My Secret Techniques

In this class I will run through the three techniques I personally use to name all of my characters in my fantasy novels and other works of fiction.

These techniques are quick and effective!

They will get your characters standing out from the pages within seconds.

The quicker a reader connects with a character, the longer they will stay with them on the journey.

So enrol right now and discover my secret techniques!

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1. Introduction: Hello, I'm Jason, my coffee on I'm a published fantasy offer. Welcome to my Class, centered around creating outstanding character names for your fantasy novel Andi. So important for a character's name to stand now for the reader to remember it. You know you want to wind up with the next Jon Snow, the next in Aires target area, so I'll run through free techniques that I personally use to create all of my character names of fantasy on. If you want to learn these free techniques, then roll now on, Let's get to work. 2. Technique 1 : So here is technique number one for creating your fancy character names for your novel. You want to head to Google and you want to decide on a particular country or particular period in history. So, for example, Vikings on you type Viking names. Ah, you could specify this for, uh, girls names or boys names, depending what character you want. Toe name. So they will give you a list of all of these, uh, Viking names on You could get a lot of inspiration from these. I know in my book I wanted, you know, I wanted some characters to a really powerful sounding names. So that's why I looked to Vikings. There's a lot of these names are very strong, and in a tour Hild it is very, very powerful, very outstanding. You got the boy's name. So you find something like Bjorn and it even has, like, the meanings next to it. So there, eagle. So if your characters like a big, strong, you know, character, like a bear, Bjorn's perfect. Uh, yeah, Magnus, if they're really big character on both If there wolf, you know, that could have been when I used for my novel because I wrote about, uh, about wolf. Andi. Yeah, It doesn't necessarily have to be just a, uh, biking names. You can also type in. I say old Irish names. You know, you can find all of this. Well, this is readily available for you on Google. It's just looking in the right places. 3. Technique 2: So here we are for technique number two for creating or character names in your fantasy novel. So this technique is go to Google. Translate. Make sure it's English on the left side. On the right hand side, you can really play around with any country you want. Ultimately, just depends on the Yemen the vibe of your story. So let's say you're going for quite a tropical vibe, so we'll go Hawaiian on next step is to think of strong characteristic of your character. So let's say they are a farmer and they have the translation for farm in Hawaiian is kamiyah ma Hi. Think I pronounced that incorrectly, But, um, there you go. You have the route of a possible new character name. You can play around with this, or you could just literally keep it as is, um, let's try this. Try different country with the same words. Let's try finish on. Here's another really hard to pronounce word village Ilija And there you go. You got yourself a new character name, maybe a surname, but definitely stands out less special. Eso This is exactly what I did when I named main character in my book, so I was playing around. I came across Basque. My main character is a wolf. So I simply type two wolf on. I go also on. I didn't want it to be the direct translation. So I put on a on the end on Got so, uh on yes, really, really unique name. I think it stands out and, you know, has some hidden connotations with meaning wolf. So that's great. Um, this figure, another characteristic. Say your character is really happy. So what's life been happy? Uh, wow. There you go. You got Zari on suit. So really, to some sort of like Mangga Anna Mae esque Zauri on. So very cool. Very cool. So you can have a play around with this, and eventually you'll find something. Some combination of characteristic and country. The really gives you a name. That's something special. So that is technique number two on to the next technique 4. Technique 3: number free for naming your fancy character names. So you want to go onto the Wikipedia on this is great for creating I contextually rich character names. So, for example, I created the character that was a reindeer on. Uh, she was called Sammy on. It turns out that Sami was these indigenous people in Scandinavia and they were reindeer herders. So the names just saw the name just off worked. So I would go on to a page like Norway. I I would just start clicking through the links, just clicking my way fruit. Um, okay. This a small board on you reach a way through Barentsburg. It's anything. That's what stands out to you on and named after Dutch explorer Willem Barents. Okay, so if your character is an explorer, you have a name there like Willem Barents. You could take inspiration from that. Maybe a character now be called William or William. Um, and see if you keep going. So you go through Arctic Explorer. Andi, just scan through anything that sticks over you. Some book to there's sure to be a lot of interesting opportunities there. Uh, say you wanted to name a dragon character. You simply just go onto the dragon Wikipedia page Andi, Chinese Dragon aunt, go through May long means Sleeping Dragon. So that's something interesting. They're contractually textually click all, and it's a good as well because you learn lots. Case of May is a genesis of duck size trauma. Did dinosaur. So you may have a character that you'd like to call May based off. Yeah, maybe your character is quite sleepy on, you know, straight away. There you have some you characters now called May on. Do you know that there has this contextual richness to it, to the naming of the character, Because you've done this digging on that just strengthens the bond with your character. You know, it's it's a nice Little East direct for your reader. Should they ever go and research your book on Reddit or Wikipedia to find out this stuff, you know. So, yeah, I personally use this technique. I go digging around Wikipedia so I find stuff to interest me because ultimately, when you're writing a book, you should be interested by the subject matter, and you should be interested in digging and making your world as rich as it possibly can be . That was technique number free, Andi that completes the free techniques for creating character names in your fantasy novel 5. Conclusion: so here's a quick conclusion for creating character names and fantasy. Uh, three techniques are searching through historical and cultural names such as Viking Names using Google. Translate to take a characteristic and convert it into another language. To get a very exotic sounding name on using Wikipedia, click through links related to your theme of your story. So, for example, if your story is set in Norway, you can click through Norway and find some, uh, related names. This creates a lot of like contextual debt to your character name. Um, I hope that's helped you. I hope you go off now and create you know, the best character name you've ever come up with. And if you enjoyed this course, then feel free to leave a positive review. Andi, I hope to see you again soon. Yeah, thanks for watching