Create Music With Recordings Of Items You Can Find Around The House | Marc "Selec" Zimmermann | Skillshare

Create Music With Recordings Of Items You Can Find Around The House

Marc "Selec" Zimmermann, DJ/Radio Host/Teacher for DJing & Music Production

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17 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Choice Of Items

    • 3. Setting Up Your Recording Session

    • 4. Recording With A Microphone (Connected To Your Computer)

    • 5. Recording With External Equipment

    • 6. Importing Further Recordings

    • 7. Typical Sampler Parameters

    • 8. Processing Percussive Samples

    • 9. Bonus: More Percussive Samples

    • 10. Processing Long/Looped Samples

    • 11. Basic Beat Loop

    • 12. Changing The Pitch

    • 13. Basic Melodic Loops

    • 14. Create Tonal Samples With Short Loops

    • 15. Variations & Arrangement

    • 16. Mixdown

    • 17. Class Project and Bye!


About This Class

In this class, you will learn to make music from recordings of items you can find at your home, only using your favorite DAW (or a demo version of a DAW) and a cheap or built-in microphone or your mobile phone.

I'll guide you though the following steps:

  1. Choose a pool of items to get some rich sounding recordings. 
  2. Set up a recording session in a DAW of your choice (any DAW with a sampler plugin will be fine). This should be also a good start for future projects.
  3. Record the items in a proper way to get rich recordings. You won't need any expensive equipment for that, any microphone you have at hand (even built-in mics) will to the trick. I'll do some of the recordings with help of my mobile phone.
  4. Edit the recordings and organize the sounds into a sampler plugin of your choice. We'll use different techniques to get a variety of results.
  5. Program a simple midi loop to build a foundation for a piece of instrumental music and create varitions.
  6. Use the different parts to create a short song with a simple arrangement.
  7. Process a mixdown of the parts into a single audio file.

Have fun making music without spending money on equipment!