Create Mockups in Procreate

Disha Sharma, Artist and Illustrator

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8 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Mockup Overview

    • 3. Mockup 1 - Simple Greeting Card

    • 4. Mockup 2 - Greeting Card with Perspective

    • 5. Mockup 3 - Coffee Mug with curve and text

    • 6. Mockup 4 - Tote Bag with Texture

    • 7. Mockup 5 - Pillow Mockup with imperfect curves

    • 8. Project , Resources and Recap

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About This Class

Mockups play a very important role in marketing your artwork and designs to potential clients and end users. A nice representation of your artwork on a high quality image can grab your customers attention and help in getting more sales. 

In this class I am going to share my process of creating Mockups on various products from a simple greeting card to a complex fabric pillow. 

This class is perfect for artists, surface pattern designers, graphic designers and illustrators who want to sell their artwork online or directly to clients. 

What is covered in the class:

  • What are Mockups 
  • Where you can use them
  • What file formats can be used in Procreate
  • Where to find good quality resource files
  • Prepare your artwork
  • How to apply your design on different types of mockup images

Examples covered red in the class:

  • Simple greeting card
  • Greeting Card with perspective 
  • A coffee cup mockup with seamless pattern and text
  • Canvas tote bag with seamless pattern 
  • A pillow mockup with a seamless pattern

After you finish the class, you will be able to create your beautiful Mockups using just Procreate. The best part of the class is we do not need any expensive program to create mock-ups. We will be using jpeg files and PSD files in Procreate to create mock-ups.