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Create Mobile App Icons Using Inkscape

teacher avatar Paul Chin, Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. 1 Intro

    • 2. 2 download inkscape

    • 3. 3 quick demo

    • 4. 4 quick demo 2

    • 5. 5 creating squares

    • 6. 6 setting colors

    • 7. 7 setting gradient

    • 8. 8 creating icon content

    • 9. 9 adding shadows

    • 10. 10 adding shadows 2

    • 11. 11 exporting png files

    • 12. 12 create star icon

    • 13. 13 congrats project instructions

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About This Class

If you would like to create mobile app icons the fast and easy way using free software then this course is for you. This course assumes no prior experience with Inkscape. Everything will be explained in detail.

In this course, you wil learn how to use the free software called Inkscape to create mobile app icons for Android and iOS. I will teach you everything you need to know ranging from downloading Inkscape and installing it. Then, how to use the Inkscape tools to create icons.

Everything you need to know will be covered in this practical step-by-step tutorial style approach. 


A willingness to learn 

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Download and install Inkscape
  2. Use Inkscape tools and commands to create Mobile App Icons

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Paul Chin

Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator


I am a semi-retired college lecturer with more than 20 years experience in teaching computing and information technology. My interests range from coding to graphics design, apps, games development, music, health, spirituality and well-being. I enjoy teaching face-to-face and online and also love educating and inspiring others to succeed and live the life of their dreams.

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1. 1 Intro: hello and welcome to my cause. My name is Parchin and I'm the instructor for these costs create Moba had icons. We escaped in this cause. You be learning how to use the free software called Xscape to create mobile ATM icons for android and IOS. I will be showing you how to install, escape and configuring and also how to create icons from scratch. So I would be teaching you how to great icon such as this the one you see here where you have the simple shadow, the long shadow and how to do variations using escape. And this cost consists off many tutorials step by step, which you can follow along on your PC by profession. I am a college lecturer. I've been teaching computer science and I t for about 20 years. I have a lot of experience in teaching red abs and game Devil mended. Over the years, I've also published many APS in the ice I've store and also the Google play store. And I've designed all my icons. So sit back, Relax. Enjoy. Because see you inside 2. 2 download inkscape: Hello and welcome back in this lesson, we are going to Donald and installing Skipped. If you already have escaping install, Feel free to skip this lesson and go on to the next one. So open any Google Chrome browser and search for down. Look, a skip in the list off links. The one that I have here is the 1st 1 and this is the talent page for in Skip, and you can choose the version so double for your operating system for me. Hey, these windows. So even as has windows, go ahead and click on windows and then choose to correct detect chur for your operating system. You need to check your windows to see whether your sister T two bit are 64 bit and then click on the correct one doing start to down the you Can Ida Donald the Dxy file, which requires no installation, hang, which you can run just by clicking the A S C. So just by clicking, I see he will be able to open and run in skip, And this version, stylish in, is suitable for those shared computers, for example, in college or university or the school labs where you are not allowed to install any programs. However, on those machines where you only BC and you have access to administrator privilege Hey, you can go ahead and you still he download? Ah, the mess I Microsoft Windows package installer. So the M s. I wish in his men for those species where you have a permission to install programs. So if you reinstall using the M S I package when those who create the necessary shortcuts and also in the project for a program for this where you can click and run the program. So I will tell you a mess I wish in. And that's also a don't it. If you want to do it to this Reiss offer, you can click on the people on Don't get Patton So my Donald has began. As you can see on the bottom, left in color, the foul size time off recording is about 79 megabytes, and it takes in less than a minute to download. And this Inskeep is a free software. So if you do not want to pay for commercial software like Adobe Illustrator, then you can use this free software for all your graphic design is now. Once the install has completed, you be able to see here in the download folder and you can see the, uh, he escape m s, I. So to install. Just double, click, angry Run. And the installation process should begin Now. I have already installed these before, and that is why I'm getting this message. But in your case, if you have not yet install, just go ahead and click the next button and so on and so on until we finish installation. So once you're feeling installation, how see you in the next lesson? 3. 3 quick demo: Hello. Welcome. This is a quick demo on how to create an icon. Don't follow alone. Just sit back and relax and watch. If you don't understand any of the steps, don't worry. I'll be showing you in the next lessons how to do them. So enjoy. - So conflict. This is a simple icon. It is shadow. I will be sure you in detail how to create session icon and also many, many more variations out of this icon. So I'll see you in the next lesson. 4. 4 quick demo 2: Hello and welcome back to another demo. So again, don't try to follow along. Just watch. Ah, this demo. If you don't understand, don't worry. I will be experience step by step in the next lessons. So sit back and enjoy and is complete another symbol icon. So thank you for putting house you in the next lesson. 5. 5 creating squares: Hello. And now we should start creating our own icon. So when you first open yo escape, you will see all these tools here. Don't get scared. We're not going to use all of them. Only a few. So And this Some more items on the tools on the Rance, I again you're not going to use all them. So don't worry. I will show you only what you need to know to create icons. So the first thing you need to do is to set your measurements. Ah, units in excels. So click on the file by item and then go down to document properties. And then he document properties, select the display units two big source and for a custom size also same set it to big Selves and in close. So now all your measurements would be big cells. Now, the thing you see here in the center is just a some pull piece off document just to give you ah sense off relative size when you start to create your graphics. Yeah, this thing will not be printed will not be saved. When you spot your PNG file, it is only there for your own reference so and you can draw inside here, outside. Here. It doesn't matter. Okay, the first to win it to use east, uh, create rectangle and square two switches on the left here. So just go ahead and click on it to select it headed to draw Ah, rectangle This track with your mouth and pull dragon pool and you will see by default is not like this. The default is supposed to be like, just ignore on. Do you know that if Ali is supposed to be like this and you still supposed to be a perfect rectangle, or how sure you what those things are the circles mean later. So just go ahead and try, OK? Another thing is, if you want to zoom in or out, you hold down the control key off the keyboard and then roll. Leo. How? Saville? Yes. Holy um, your control key And screw your mouth. You and you can zoom in and out like that. And then another thing is, um, if you want to move this scree around basically on this select tool here, they wanted a row. Then you will see it will change to the res ice precise to now weaken. Drag it around to movie. All right. And then, um so try to create, Not this. Great. Put it up here and try to great not a square to create another square or rectangle. Go back in. Select the square rectangle to here and in drag and pool to create another ship here a day ago. And I have two rectangles. Then try to move these up here. I'll get to move it around again. Remember, you need to get back on their select to have here. Then you can move around now. Try to move this down. So discreet, honey to Celic and then hold and drag it down. I did. All right. Now let's draw another rectangle here. So go ahead. Going on this rectangle, do and then hold on your mouth, Andrey. And you have fan on everything. Go. That's it. So all right and everything. If you wanted to greet a perfects gray, how would you do it to create perfects? Crear, go! Hey, we're gonna drop of rescue here. Hold down the control key. Andrey, hold on and control key and drink and you have a perfect scrape. All right. If you don't hold a controlled he When you drag, he will get no rectangle. But if you hold down the control key and drag you be a perfect zgray, I see and how. And if you wanted to delete any of this, you must go back to your cell I to select the object you want to delete and press the delete key on your keyboard tryingto try to Dealey um, this rectangle here. So first thing you do make sure it's a select two on the life he selected and select the right angle. And he did delete key. So you in this lesson, you have learned how to create rectangles, how to create squares and how to move them around, how to delete them. So in the next lesson, I will show you how to change the color off the disgrace. Harder rectangles. So I will see you in the next lesson. 6. 6 setting colors: Hello. Welcome back to daily. We are going to see how to change the color off the square. But before we go to the that, let me just show you how to make this greater have round corners. Now, if you recall easy were to take on the square make sure you click on the selector to on the left fist. If you now click on the square, you will see this re sizing handles. So these handles doubleheader Herro, our core re sizing handles. So criticizing handles are meant for you to rece ice so you can try any of these and pull to resize it. And after you resize it if you want to undo, just press control Z on the keyboard so press control and while holding on control, he press the Z key to undo. And then you can also precise, particularly by pulling on the Wittig Landau control Z. He can also precise by pulling diagonally, you have to press control who are dragging the, uh, pharaoh. Then he will maintain the aspect ratio seven Disciple. If you press control key and pull, he will make doing your spent ritual. MNC will maintain this creche ship, So that is emphasizing Now. I know that if you were to click on the square a second time, he would change the rotation. Handle the rotation handle Looks like this. It is curved. And if you know, drag on there and pull, he will be able to rotate disc ray less control Z. So if you click again, it comes back to the re sizing handle. And now you can rece ice. So tricking on this great repeatedly Otago between the rotation handle and you re sizing handle. Now I know that who are, If you are in the rotation, handle if you to drag this evil with it, can Cruz E. But if he would direct this who skew it is called skewing, he says. Q. You can skew horizontally control Z, or you can skew or degree. So if you want to go back to re sizing, clicking at a time. So now you know what the handles mean, what the shape of the arrows mean. Okay, we get out of the way that it's not proceed toe learning how to set colors to our script. So, as you can see at the bottom off the screen. There is a color bar, the varying colors, and you can screw on the bar and see all the available preset colors. And you can choose on any of them to set the color that you like. For example, like this blue. I just click on this and you can change. He color darkness and lightness by selecting the various colors here. Not make sure that s you said like the colors here. Make sure that on the bottom left corner the capacity all means opacity is said toe 100. Sometimes you may see, like 30 30 minutes, 30% opacity. And if you press enter, you see it becomes transparent. So, monsieur, this is set to 100 for now. Later on, we will adjust these two less than 100 when we are learning how to do shadows. But for the moment, we should leave 100. So now that we have the color, we can also change the color by clicking other colors from here. But how this said it to Lou for now. Now, the next thing is, you can also change the color by going to the to bar Honda and then look for the fuel and stroke feel and stroke. Ah, item. Now, when you get when you click on feelings through item, he will appear on the right side of your screen as well as a panel by So So sometimes this just thing is not here. So you're basically on. I'm Jay, he and stroke and this you appear here. And if you want to close this site Bano even basically on the x button. So now I'm going to click again. Fuel and stroke and from feelings stroke. You can see he has the feud. That and you have destructive the few Tep allows you to change the color by doing this very the green, green and blue intensity. And you can just the color here and then the other ways to Jason color is too. Ah, use Thea real. You hear her? And well, if he is too small, you can drag these to open. Get any police stuff? Yes. So now you can select the color from the outer ring and the sheikh is you can click inside , so this gives you are very fine tune way to very specific about choosing colors. So I go back to the do so. That is how you send the colors and stroke. What the stroke stroke means are lying. For example, If I click on this and I choose black, I should be able to see a very fine blackout. Linus in CSS controls egotism in a sari control and scroll ville to zoom in control school built is Omar. He didn't see the outline here. So there is call stroke. If you don't want a stroke, it is click on this Axa and never being also no show. So before you can make I need you in just to this crap you first need to select this grand . Make sure that the select tool is second Select the screen then you can have allow put a stroke. Oh, don't want us true. If you want to change the kind of true he's also do it here in the color the stripe. As you can see, he changes If you wanted to change the thickness of the stroke, then you go to this stroke star and set the thickness here. That's see I select big So Aggie struck here, putting in a new value and becomes thicker or thinner. so for doing icons for now, you just leave it without a stroke and for the fuel usually click on the ANC's then you. There will be no feel at home, but we don't want it. Let's get on these to, uh, put a feeling so most of the time you just be playing with the the color bar about them all , using your fear and stroke and selecting a color from here using the wheel. All right, The next thing I want to talk about east shape the around the calmness. If you wanted to make your scrap of Rana Kanis, we will click on this rectangle to and drag on this. And then you can set the roundness critically. It has sent your illness horizontally as well. So that is how we control the roundness to give. Have ah Icahn around the ship as I did. Okay. So make sure so if you wanted to make it around, make sure it's like the right angle to first. And then only just around us by plane. Me, these circles here. So that's all for this lesson. Ah, in the next one will be doing radiant for our our icon and also creating the content of the icon. So thanks for watching how? See you in the next one 7. 7 setting gradient: Hello and welcome back. Now we are going to put the radiant do our icon to put a Grady int. We will first need to make sure we select the object So you see selected tool on let and then select the object. And then, once he selected, go to your left hand tools and choose Thesis one here called Create an added ingredients great on it. And then, um, click inside the bottom spot off the icon and drag to the top when you reach near the top release. So now Graydon consists off two colors the darker color and the lighter color. So the darker color is the before before color, which is down here, the default color, the lighter color. Do not leave it like this because this is transparent, as you can see on the bottom, left hand side, the opacity. Oh, a zero. So you need to choose a color for the light color. So go down to the color panel at the bottom. And so like a lighter color for the top. For example, this color Oh, this color and you can see on the bottom left hand corner. Theo Pasties 100. So make sure your bestie for this is 100 and overhasty for the doctor is also 100. Do not leave it Anything less than 100 for a top. And now you can see if a nice greedy in starting from the first color. So the second color. So this is how you create a great agent for an icon. So go ahead and try and ah you see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 8. 8 creating icon content: that's an for this lesson. We're going to add the icon contents, but before doing that, I just want to tell you about how to check for the size off your icon to check for the size This Look on top here we see here for my for my icon. The size is 320 pixel with and the high Eastern 20 pixels as well. You can adjust the size by by seeing the control key and dragging any off the reciting icons. Oh, you can just keep the size on top. This key here, he execs ice that you want. So I was steady for 500 and then if I would depress unlock here, he will also ensure that the reef in high are both equal. So let's undo that first. So let's clean the lock. And then when I changed the size of the reef to 512 and presenter the high also changed. Ah, together doesn't many On a lot of the law ensures that the changes to the reef we'll also cause changes to the height in correspondingly. So now we have our briefing height 512 big SOEs, right and finding sure picks is high. So we're not going to create content for the icon. That's Ah, make a copy before we create the icon. Do you content to create a copy of this? Make sure your selected to lease right there by clicking on the left panel here on the air icon and then select plea on the icon is selected and then duplicate this by pressing control. D control de On the key. What now? It has already made a copy, but is sitting on top of each other. So just drink that totally half and I related to became he's to go toe Andy and duplicate controlled the as you can see from 100 Eddie, I normally used to short cut key control, dear. So that is why I do it. Usually don't click up here to look for it. So after a while, you get used to control the really get so control D and then you break it. All right, so I'll do the design repressing needed. So now we have to. So we keep one copy because we are going to do some variations later. So you're gonna work on one and keep back up here. So now we have. Ah, this okay. And anything I like to tell you is How do you, Ben, then miss to movie? Oh, your workspace left, right. Two ways to do it one way. So you can click on the on this scroll bar and about them to a pen. And the other way is to click and hope the scroll will off your mouth. The screw view of a mouse is also clickable. So if you click on the scroll view and then you drank while holding it down while holding the screwball down, you can Ben, move your workspace left. All right, or up or down. So I've been Duncan also be done by hole holding the screw. Are these crowbar on here? On the right hand side. Ah, just pressing and holding the scroll wheel of your mouse. Okay, let's ah ah, content now to keep it simple, we're gonna add on alphabet A So select on the left in sight. Here he created an Eddie takes off day, and then, um you can know. And then now I click in sight and start typing. So type Herro said, Hey. And then, though, highlighting Select the and then click here to change me fun type two area. And now you can also change size on the phone to weigh situated size One way is to change from here and the other way is to resize it So you can click on the selectable here, select to then you see the re sizing handle. So now yes, breast control And right so that he was proportionally resized. No, I'm going to send this fund and ball. So I'm going back to this fun to hear clicking the phone here and I want to sell it to bull . So I select this phone and then here said a phone by holding a mouse down and dragging Have you selected and under here and the normal I can change it to bull and the meditative fund is to click on the text. But in here in Inkley on thanks and fun and on the right side your new panel opens and you can also change your phone here He really what have a phone you like? And even suddenly styled bow and so on. So now looking back on this select to and I can click on this control and direct to recite it for the so they do you? I have my content for a so that is all in the next lesson, I will show you how to shadows so that hey, look more appealing. So thank you for watching See you in the next lesson. 9. 9 adding shadows: hello and welcome into this lesson. I will show you how to add shadows to the icon content. So the easiest way, um, to add a shadow, he's to first duplicate the content in this case, the other, but a. So make sure you clean on this select tool and take home the everybody A to selected and then to duplicate it to duplicate it. A press control d After pressing troll D you have toward the same object as you can see, and in for the second objective, we are going to place it behind the first something. So in order to see clearer, we changed the color off the second on check to a different color. So click on the, um, button bar about them and said a different color. That's choose something Health Purple now is clear. And then you're going to move these behind the first A. To do that, go up to the top off your menu by and you will see here this ah, buttons where you can this is a lover or race the layer off the object. So in this case, you want to lower the layer off this project weekly on this one lower suppression by one step. If you click again, it would call the greater the back. And we can see it because he's behind is behind the subject. So listen, do that controls it, controls it and do so. You just want to, uh, low it one step. If you use these other buttons, you bring it up. Who raises won their first immunity. So, like the object we want Do move. That said this a behind the proper one that we click on this, we will raise it up. One label everyone the reason all the way to the top weakling on this, if you want to reason all the rate of the bottom three on this now we move it back to the top one of the time. So now we are praising it, right? Just right behind the main character. A. The next thing you want to do is to change the color off this, uh, character behind to black be all black. So she couldn't go to the bottom off. He, uh, screen and look for black. So, like, on the your black here. And make sure the opacity is visible in this case 100%. Now the trick is to change the transparency. The opacity said something toe say 20%. So typing to zero and press enter and you will see. Yeah, I took the back bay snow transparent. And from here, you can adjust ish the shadow to your liking. Maybe if you feel is too light, he can make it darker by typing in 30. And you see, it has a strongly shadow, so just offset it by a little bit like that. And there you have it. A simple shadow for hay. So there is your first way to, um, great shadow for your content off the icon. So in this lesson, we have, ah, show you one way to create a shadow. And in the next one, I will show you a different three to create a shadow. See you in the next lesson. 10. 10 adding shadows 2: Hello and welcome bay. Today I'm going to show you ah different way are creating shadow for your icon. So before we do that, let us first safe our foul so good. And on the top left hand corner you will see the far menu Klay on the violin you and on C s . And then go and find a location to safe your file so you can create any food. Do you lie and save your farm? Maybe I see here actually adding shadows too. And then I will create a resource food. Uh, and I was sitting here as drawing SPG in Skipped sees off four fouls as SPG es really standing stands for scalable vector graphics and you can give any name me one. I just leave it in the before and then you click on the safe button. Now we are ready to proceed, so I'm going to do a variation of this. What I do is how copy the the character A by clicking on it first. Before you can click me show you select these select two on the top left hand corner and then simply on the character A to selected and then press on control D control de to copy. And then drag the copy version over to the left and in tow. The other backup. Copy off your friends. Now we are ready to add, uh, shad. Ooh. So I'm gonna know I'm going to move to holding to the left. So to select you, just usual mouse and please, somewhere outside. And then hold on the left mouse button and drag, drag to cover bull and release and you be selecting both. Now you can drink both at the same time to their left. And then I'm going toe planet there to the right. So press the center, screw with the mouse and hold it. Play on the scroll wheel and holding end. Burn it to the right tragedies, right? Like these. So you are moving your whole books based the to the left. Now you anywhere. I was signed to de select Clean Energy on site here and now we're ready to create a second shadow. So this time we're gonna have a kind of shadow that comes from assuming there is a light sauce somewhere up here on the left hand corner and the light is shining down and then it would cast a long shadow down here like this. So how do we create a long shadow coming down? So we have to draw the shadow in order to draw the shadow of your using A To call, be easier coz this to over here. So on the left here, click on draw bicycles and straight lines and then come to the center. You will see your your cursor, Jay issue tow a pen and across head. So now stud Roy from the bottom left hand corner where the shadow begins This getting ready you can zoom in breast control, press control and hold on control key and then screw real amounts to attract two keys to zoom. Now you can see clearer and exactly what you are drawing. I'm with a big black Now I'm going to cook here so quick here one time Come down here drinking at a time Well, here it's not a time and grow here clean and then come down all the way here clean and coming all the way here and joined the first dot Very started and click on it. Then you would get something like this if you made a mistake You can just control Z just controls it for our control. Z again controls it and do everything. No jury One more time. Klay on the bottom, left hand corner, play and release. And then here click and release. What? Here? Somewhere Quick release. I didn't go up to the top. Click Annelise, come down in about them clicking release and then all the way joined the first doctor. You started drinking it and there you have it. So you haven't online off the shadow. So the next thing we want to do is feel the shadow with a color. So we're going to use black. So go down to the bottom Latin Corner and click on the black Color your back. And now we want to make it transparent, as you can see is 100%. So we weren't making us transparent. So we change it to around 20%. I mean to zero and press enter and you have it 20%. Okay, so the next time you want to do is to cut up this unnecessary parts here. We only one do shadows inside. We don't want the ones out here. So in order to do that way we will use a method where we were, um people do a boolean cut. So to do a bullet car. First thing we do well back to your surrender to on the top left hand corner trick on it and then click on the house site outside, free to select it and then controlled the to duplicate it. Control the now you have to do not move it. Leave it there then. Next thing under do is while this thing is selected. As you can see, Misha, this thing is selected. And then after that, select No one house I hear fresco she pressure and we're holding She click on this. So you're selecting this? I can frame and you're selecting the shadow. So two things have been selected. Next thing you want to do is do a bulletin cut so that the one Richard overlapping is retained. The partners overlapping is the part where this frame elapse with the shadow and that will be returned. So go up here toe to the path menu and inkley on intersection. In the section on it, you see April forms and bullion cut and the part that overlaps is being retained, and they can now score and CEO should do so. This is how we create shadow using, um, using the busier visa drunk of Okay. So if you miss any steps, just rewind the video, and what again? And, uh, I will show you more samples in the next lesson. Thank you very much. 11. 11 exporting png files: Hello and welcome back. Now that we have created our two icons, I'm going to show you how to export them as b n g files. So the eye spot an icon, you will have to select them first. For example, if I wanted to, I spot this icon on the right. I have ah used the mouse drink clean off site somewhere here and drag to selling the icon, and you can see who wants is also like that. I will go to the top menu, drink on fire and then screwed out and look for a spot BMG image and green on it. And then it will open a panel on the right hand side, and this is where you can spot now. Be very careful to make sure that attempt here his selection. Very often we overlook this. Sometimes he will be drawing. Sometimes it would bake. Sometimes it's custom, but for a sporting icon we meet. You need to make sure that the top here is a selection. Nice. We will click on this button toe, specify the location sickly on a spot, Hess and then go to the folder where you wish to save it. So I will click on the folder. I will create a new Fulgear Resource is And then I will give it a name. I will call it Hey Con a con Simple shadow. Then the default is PNG. You only have one. Ah, file type which you can save has You can't save it as in jpg so be on safe and then after you have selected angling on sale, the far has not yet being saved. You will need to do a second step which is go down to the bottom. Frankly, on this button exports then you will see Ah, there was a shot brief pop up show you the exporting process and then it disappeared. Now very often. After we click export s, we forgot to click the second button. So remember to click the second button next year we want to export this icon so we have to select it first by dragging ideas. Just hold your left mouse down and then drag and select the holding icon and then the same way three on the export s button To specify the location to save the fire, go back to the same food as before and this time I would give it a different name. I will call it Icon, Long Shadow and Click Save. And then the next step again. I must remember to click the second button. That spot. Now we take a look at our icons. And they are. We have both. I can't see later on. You wanted J Pack. He wanted to convert this to Japan. You can use other tools to convert it. I usually using Jim, you can use on their beautiful to a shot by swell if you like. So that's how I can't so that we complete this lesson. I will see you in the next one. 12. 12 create star icon: Welcome back. Today we're going to create another icon. We have a star insight. So three on file and close this project and then select the right angle to breast control. He and what? Holding down control he day. And then here changed the document. Property two Big source Sen. GE beggar on color and then on the opacity said it 200%. Then use the ingredient to from here and ingredient to click on the bottom and drag to the top. Now select a lighter color for the second color for the top and make sure the top because 100% opacity Now we'll create a star selected start to and here you can set the cornice Either six khanna star or fire corner styles. How? Settle for fi cronista and then draw. Just, uh, and Jason McCullough. I'm setting it for blue. And this your star Next, we're gonna give nice shadow. Oh, highlight. So this is a new tightening state of basic of and then draw from here full to the top. Click three and again And every said it too. Be away. And then for the stroke, turn off the stroke. No stroll the star. The triangle is to day, but there is no strong. Now you're going to set in the transparency to around 20. And now you can see there is the highlight day. He gives the illusion that the star he's treaty object. Now you're going in group the shadow. Let this, um do ah, do a bulletin Boudin. Okay, so we only want to write Retained Ah, the shadow or the highlight which is within the star with the one the outside part to make it easier to see. I'm gonna change this back to another color so they can see So what we want to retain its funny the inner part here. We don't want the out about here. So we're gonna do what we did in the previous less and using Boolean cuts. So what we do selecting the staffers and duplicated by pressing control D to do big to do big and then brush if and so like the tri anger. So now both are selected the triangle as well as the stop. And then now you go to e Fath menu and angry on intercession. Now you see the out. The part has been cut off and what has been retained is the intersection between the star and the triangle. Now we change us back to why be alway and you can see never make sure the opacity is still 20%. So is transparent. Now we want to group ah, highlight as early as the star into one group. So what we do? We click on site and direct selling both now BofA's director and we group it together by pressing control G control G. So now it becomes one group and you can track them together as though they're one of J. J. If you want to ungroomed them, you press Schiff control G. Then you're going to see now is to objects again. As you can see the highlight, he's 10 J. The star is an allergy. All right, so I'm going to group together again, selling both and both sides it press control G two groups and then moving in. Now we're going to create a shadow for the star there to race to question. Why should I will show you both. So let me duplicate first by selecting all and then controlled the to duplicate The first shadow is used to do just around the star control de and we behind send the color to all black and then Jason capacity to 20. So they have and then moving behind. The first are I know that my snapping two is on there. And whenever I tried to put two objects close together, it tries to snap. Sometimes this can be annoying. So we don't want to snap return of the stepping, too, by going to the top rank, honor and and change this on Jack this year. And then he will. It will not step now. We want to offset it just well, it'll be in pushing behind the main star. So we go to this to here and click this to bringing down who wants that. And now it's behind. So there's your first. Are you the shadow? Now we're going to do another shadow for this, using the basic of long shadow. So for the long shadow we select the busier curve is to here, click on one of the stages ending. I was I and include not a point here, here, here, and finally back on the first. She has a good first. I did notice that this is a bit off. So if you want a justice, you can controls that too. And do everything. Or there's an easier re Jewish this to here, Eddie Puff. So click on edit path. Then you'll be able to more for this. No, up to the under, you imagine? Stop me their point and you could do the same for here. Zoom in ending movie until the match is the point. And here Israel is you mean And then you can move these around. Okay to zoom. Why did was press and hold control key and screwed it with real mouse control key and screw , They will master zoom toe pen, please. On hold down X crew of you to pen. All right, now that we have these online less feeling by selecting pure black and select the shadow to around the transparency the opacity set to 20% and you have that. Okay, so now the next thing we want to do maybe you want this part to be shadow as well so we can move this him like that. So the whole Daisy shadow Okay, before we can move this mission mysteries like this to hear first Eddie Bomb mangled. Then you can moved there. Don't thrown. Okay, Now we have the shadow You want to do a bullet cut so that only is this part of the shadow is retained and this party's on Delete that. So please understand. Like tool. First, select this frame and duplicated control de. Now this frame selected fresh is shaky. Who are holding on a shift key. Select a shadow. So the shadow and afraid my both selected next to perform a Boolean cut so that only the shadow which will only the partner really behold that will be retained Which is this part? Go to the path menu and click intersection and there you have it. The shadow. Okay, so and you notice something is wrong here. The shadow seems to the front still too racy. Fix it. Either you select this and send it to the back. Oh, you can use just two. Added the no. So I would use the second force to be who sent the shadow to the back by doing this. Sending they and so not a shared was behind. And there you have it. Two different ways to create the shadow and I have two different stars. Your two different times a long shadow had the simple shadow and then you on the cities. I mean, sure, you see five safe ascending as usual. Go, Teoh resource is go to your folder that you want to save 80 Create Ah, folder if you need to. And then here, I'm gonna call you star icon. Oh, I can't star and bring on save And then to do I spot this Who is so like the whole day? But how do I selling? I house sat here and Indirect Soleil And then I think file and unlikely spot BNG image. And here I click on export s and I go to the location the location off my file. If older, I go to the location resources Carly. Hi Const are simple shadow. Sit and remember to make sure that the selection is the tabby selection and not drawing. And then after that, we medically on a spot now do the same thing. Make sure to these are lifeless by cleaning outside here before she was elected the select cycling outside here and then recently this by clicking and dragging and you know, Gen Repeat the same thing. Click on spot has and then go to, uh for good and you want to save it in selectively sauces and call it high con star, long shadow Greece Save and remember to click the eye spot and always be sure that this is ah, tabbies selection time and not a text. So we have done that. Let's go and take a look in the star so you can go to he star and very heavy both our starts today. So congratulations. You created another star in less than that minutes. I believe so. I'll see you in the next lesson. 13. 13 congrats project instructions: Hello and welcome back. Congratulations. You have come to the end of the costs. However, this is not the end. I will continue to and lessons as we go along and do check back often for new and new video lessons as well a subject. I will keep adding new lessons to show you how to create different that was off icons in the future. In the meantime, due to county class Pro J, where I would be listed up, he instructions. So using escape create a mobile app icon in the following sizes 144 by 144 pixels 015 If I want to buy if I want to be SOS and use ah around the corners for your bike on and then I spot your icons in PNG former and do post to the community section to show off what you have created. And also I will be looking at them and offering you advice on improvements. You have any questions? Also feel free to post in the committee session a touch below. Also, the icon escaped project that company this cause if you free to double them, studied them and re use them if you like. So and last but not least, I wish you all dress in your graphic design and hope to see you again in our classes. Thank you and all of this.