Create, Launch & Sell Your Premium Online Course STEP 3 -- Create & Record Your Course | Ryan Lecour | Skillshare

Create, Launch & Sell Your Premium Online Course STEP 3 -- Create & Record Your Course

Ryan Lecour, Entrepreneur, Staffingpreneur, Online Course Creat

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4 Videos (17m)
    • Overview: Getting Through this Step with the Least Amount of Headaches

    • The Mindset Required to Get Things Done

    • The 3-Day Target + Tools & Resources

    • Course Recording Demo (footage of me recording this course)


About This Class

When I started creating online courses I thought it would be a breeze. I was already knowledgeable in my topic so I thought I could just buy a mic and hit record, essentially. One year later and it still wasn't finished. It turns out that you can literally waste years of your life just by not having a few key pointers that will put you on course for quick success. Do you like doing things over and over again? Me neither. I had to rerecord my first course twice due to some very silly and very avoidable mistakes. Resulting wisdom and learned lessons enclosed herein!

Learning goals:

  • ·         Create the content for your online course (without typing or writing anything down)
  • ·         Use the right tools, resources & equipment for the creation and recording process
  • ·         Record your course quickly and without headaches





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Ryan Lecour

Entrepreneur, Staffingpreneur, Online Course Creat

I started the Firm Founders website to help staffing & recruitment professionals achieve more freedom and independence through entrepreneurship and lifestyle design.

In 2013 I founded LyrGroup, a workforce solutions firm in Toronto that quickly grew to revenues of $2.6M in the first year.

Since then I have been travelling with my family, consulting with other Staffingpreneurs and creating online courses. My mission is to help entrepreneurs avoid the trial & error and heartache t...

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