Create, Launch & Sell Your Premium Online Course STEP 2 -- Name, Brand & Plan Your Course | Ryan Lecour | Skillshare

Create, Launch & Sell Your Premium Online Course STEP 2 -- Name, Brand & Plan Your Course

Ryan Lecour, Entrepreneur, Staffingpreneur, Online Course Creat

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5 Videos (21m)
    • Overview: Naming Strategy and the Importance of Planning

    • Naming Philosophies and Examples of Effective Course Names

    • Your Hook & The Gap You Fill

    • How to Structure & Storyboard Your Course

    • Script N' Slide: Quickly & Easily Create Slides from Your Script


About This Class

Should you bother with worrying about the title of your course? Some say meh. I say, yup, you really ought to put some thought into it. Some thought and some of you. That last bit (the 'you' part) is your personal brand. Your branding strategy is basically a combination of best practices and your own personality. As if that isn't enough for this step... we also talk about planning your course. Why? Because you need to know the full depth of what your course is before you can name it effectively. You'll see what I mean.

Learning goals for this module:

  • ·         Develop and optimize your course title
  • ·         Create and enhance your personal brand
  • ·         Plan your online course





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Ryan Lecour

Entrepreneur, Staffingpreneur, Online Course Creat

I started the Firm Founders website to help staffing & recruitment professionals achieve more freedom and independence through entrepreneurship and lifestyle design.

In 2013 I founded LyrGroup, a workforce solutions firm in Toronto that quickly grew to revenues of $2.6M in the first year.

Since then I have been travelling with my family, consulting with other Staffingpreneurs and creating online courses. My mission is to help entrepreneurs avoid the trial & error and heartache t...

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