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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Create Journal Prompt Journals for Fun & Profit

    • 2. Let's Explore Examples of Journal Prompt Journals

    • 3. How to Create Your Own Journal Prompt Journals

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About This Class

Journal Prompt Journals, are attractive and compelling journals, that encourage people to reflect and write. They can be created on any topic and they can serve as companion materials for courses, workshops, coaching programs, book studies, and more.

  • A journal prompt journal provides a sentence, statement or brief paragraph to the writer, to prompt ideas and encourage writing.
  • They can be fun and insightful and they can be “food for the soul.”
  • You can create them from done-for-you PLR products and/or you can create them from scratch.
  • In this workshop I’ll walk you through some exercises to help you create an unlimited number of journal prompt journals, which you can use and/or sell!

Who This Class is For

  • Thirsty learners who’d like to learn a creative way for creating content.
  • People who would like to learn how to develop templates that can be reused over and over again.
  • Anyone with a passion on their heart to share their brilliance – and get paid for it!

By the end of this class you’ll have a clear idea of how to create journal prompt journals that can be repurposed into an entire series of journals.

What Our Students Are Saying

"Thank you for showing a few short cuts to help me find what I am interested in, in the middle of so much available information. I love your action plan including us both as learners and teachers. As usual, Dvorah is very organized. Her lessons are complete and tell me all I wanted to know. Her action plan was a great way to start!"
- Nancy Scanlan


Meet Your Teacher

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Dvorah Lansky

Author & Course Creation Specialist


Greetings! My name is D'vorah Lansky. I have a Master's Degree in Education and am the bestselling author of many books including; the Action Guides for Authors series of workbooks and journals and the Health and Happiness Journal series.

Since 2007 I've created 40+ online training program and have taught online marketing and course creation to thousands of authors, entrepreneurs and creatives, across the globe.

One of my passions is to help people share their brilliance with the world.

I look forward to connecting with you here on Skillshare and welcome you to explore my courses on Creative Course Creation Tips, Tools and Strategies.

I've you'd like, check out my website at:

And you can view my books, workboo... See full profile

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1. Create Journal Prompt Journals for Fun & Profit: Welcome to today's training. We're going to talk about how to create a series of journal, prompt. Journal. Journal prompt journals start with trickery, a thought in a person's mind, and encouraging them to write about it. How I look at journal prompt journals is as if I was a farmer standing in a huge field, huge empty field that I want to be completely filled with growing corn, for example. Or you have to start by planting that one seed and you plant that one seed and you cover it with earth. And then you go on and plant additional seeds and you water it and you nurture it. And pretty soon you have a whole field full of growing nourishment. Well, when you're creating a product, you can create it one time and then have it be as a template, which you can then create again in a different color combination or for a different audience, which can open up all kinds of doors. So my hopes are that in this training, you're going to get a lot of ideas. I have provided you with examples in templates, and I will be providing you with a workbook so that you can brainstorm your own ideas. As we go through the workbook, I want to show you that some of the pages I filled out as examples to help trigger even more ideas. So I hope you find this helpful and I cannot wait to see what you create. So here's what we'll cover. We're going to first talk about what is a journal prompt journal. And then we're going to look at examples of topics for journal prompt journals. We're gonna compose a list of journal prompt topics. So you don't just have one idea, you can have unlimited ideas because there have you ever noticed when you brainstorm, you start to get more and more ideas as your mind starts expanding and you start intersecting and you start thinking about different types of things you can create. What you have to start with that one seed, right? If to start with that one idea, that's what we're going to do. And then we're going to branch, we're going to branch off from there. And then once we have our topics, we're going to look at, okay, one topic at a time. What are some journal prompts that you can compose on one given topic? And you come up with a list of about 20 or 30 of them. If you have 30, where my mind goes is 0, 30, I can have a journal, prompt journal, but maybe I can also have a planner page, or a daily diary or a daily gratitude page or something that will understand it. So then I just doubled the number of pages in my book. You don't have to go that direction, but you could, if you wanted to, which means you could then turn it into a book that you publish on Amazon. Or you could turn it into a digital planner. Or one-page is a journal prompt and one page is a planner page. All kinds of ideas. And I'm going to show you several examples. And then there they differ in not greatly, but they different. They differ enough to show you the possibilities. So you're not locked into anything journal, prompt journals. There's no rigid set definition of what they are. In essence, I'm going explain in essence what they aren't just a moment, but essentially they are, they encouraged people to write and you can have them be random. Or you could have the Bian, a very niche topic that we're going to explore today, and then rinse and repeat. So once you've created the first journal prompt journal, from there, maybe you want to create a coordinate color coordinated planner, a color coordinated digital planner, or a palette of colors. Maybe you want to create Canva templates. Maybe you want to create a version in InDesign or Keynote or PowerPoint. So you could create a collection of products. So for example, I've started creating collections of products where there's five color coordinated products in a set. So I have a color palette, which is which people can add to Photoshop or they can add to any program at the, that they can add color to. And then I have a journal and I have a calendar products. So that's three. I have a digital planner and I have a canva template product. So then where my mind goes, okay, mathematically, I just created these five products. What if I created one a month? Well, at the end of the year, I'm going to have 5 times 1260 products. And if you add those to your Etsy shop, that's approximately where you get to the tipping point, where you can really boost your sales and start to look at significant growth in your Etsy shop. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, but it all starts with that one seed planting that one's td and nourishing it and watering it and watching it grow. So what is a journal prompt journal. A journal prompt journal provides a sentence, statement or a brief paragraph. Two, the writer to prompt ideas and encourage writing. By writing, people can processed feelings, they can generate ideas, they can brainstorm, growth. All types of things can come from writing our feelings and writing our thoughts. So you can really be helping people. If you're a teacher or a coach, you can build a journal prompt journal around the topic that you're helping your clients or your students with. And it gives them a foundation to grow from. They can also be a lot of fun and they can be insightful as they can be considered food for the soul. There are a lot of journal prompt journals ask very deep questions that really caused people to reflect and I can change people's lives. You can create them from the E14, you PLR products. There are a lot of journal prompt products out there. You may or may not like the color or the layout. Well, because it's PLR, private label rates, commercial use rights. You can change the color, change the font, change the way that it looks. And I've managed several examples today so that you can see what I'm talking about firsthand and, or you can create them from scratch. So look at what's out there. Maybe go to Etsy or to Amazon and see what people are creating. And then you can then branch out and create your own products. So I'm going to show you some products that I created from PLR products that I just basically I have the right, I purchased the rights, I can just offer it as is. And then I changed a PLR product slightly. And then I branched off and created several products on my own. One based just on ideas, my own mind, one based ideas that I got by looking at other people's products. So I wanted to show you a collection of different ideas. In this workshop, I'll walk you through some exercises to help you create an unlimited number of journal prompt journals, which you can use, which you can gift, which you can sell at. I'm in a plant, the seed for you that you can. While many ways I love writing books and we know it can take six months to years to write a book. I'm going to encourage you to look at journal prompt journals or journal or planner based products as a way to quickly within a matter of days or weeks, have a product where a product collection available to sell. And then once you've created at once, use those templates, you can tweak them, you can change them, they can evolve over time. But the next set of products will be able to be produced even more quickly because you've already have your foundation in place. 2. Let's Explore Examples of Journal Prompt Journals: So here are the examples we're going to be looking at today in addition to a workbook. The first product we're going to be looking at is the 30 days to a happiness habit. And it's a journal, prompt journal. It is a PLR product and I did very little and change it. So let's start off and look at that one. So this is the 30 day happiness habit journal, prompt journal. It is a PLR product that I purchase the rights to. And I did very little to make any changes to this at all. I'll show you what changes I did make. The cover was just like this. I added a title page which let people know what their rights are. I created little e cover, so it looks kind of like a little planner. I didn't change the colors, I didn't change the layout. I just added that text there. And I changed the font at the top. So it changed the font style at the top. Then I went on and I went through the top-line. I made sure that I lined it up so that it was the same place on each page. And I change the font style and added a period to the end of each statement. That's the only thing I changed there. I added this line of text where it says journal about today's activity. And this is the journal prompt. Some of them went on to a third line. I just made them up more aligned. I just made it so there was no hanging individual words here and I made it little bit wider on the page, so it lined up here. So I'm just going to read you this first one and then we're going to just scroll through some of the pages. Notice the beauty of flowers, plants, or something else around you. As you look for the beauty in things, you open up to the beauty in you. And because it did, It doesn't say, it doesn't ask a question or it doesn't say write about it. That's why I added this line journal about today's activity. And then they have this place here where they can, they can journal. And you'll notice it's very colorful and this is flowers. So if it's flowers, you could change the colors and it can make it for any number of holidays or any number of audiences. This, you could have a journal prompt journal for kids and you can have a journal, prompt journal for the new year, whatever it is that you want. So you could easily take this exact template because most PLR comes with an editable PowerPoint file. Most of them have PowerPoint, some of them have InDesign, some of them have Keynote, some of them have Canva. But it can easily take this exact journal and just change the colors. And if you want, you can also change the theme and then you would change the questions and you would change the journal prompt, but you already have the foundation. So let me just scroll through here. You can see it and it's 30 days. So you can either have it be a 30-day product. Or you can add another page to go along with each day, whether it's a blank page or whether it's a planner page, or whether it's a gratitude page, whatever it is that you want. So that's the first example. The next example is the, what I love about my life journal. And how this one came to be was from the exercises that I'm going to walk you through today. I got the idea to go through the exercises myself. So by going through the workbook that I'm going to show you, I created a planner on its own. So let me show you the planner first and then we'll go through the workbook exercises together. All right, So actually I'm going to save that one because that is part of the workbook. So let me show you the other two and then we'll dive into the what I love about my life because I have that combined with the workbook. So let's look now at the Food for Thought journal prompts. How that one came to be is each month I create content and I created a one-line journal page on each month's theme. And then I turned it into a whole book. So let's take a look at that. And I like the pink and gray together. So I created the pink and gray theme. I design those digital papers based on a template that I purchased. I created it. I think I'm up to like seven different color combinations and there's 20 different designs. And that was a lot of fun. And so I mapped out how to create content for a year using different color combinations. And so I have a file structure on my computer, and I have them, the folders labeled one through 12, each one with a different color theme and a different a different color combination and a different theme. All right, so let's look at this journal prompt. This is called Food for Thought journal prompts. And I thought it would be nice to have this journal belongs to page and I use open source images with commercial use rights. I get them from Pixabay, PI XA be a so that I have the commercial use rights. I just like the way that looked at kind of gives it a little bit of a vintage feel. So you can see this feels very different than the first journal. And then what I did is I added a page where I talk about what journal prompt journals are. And I give them a little bit of room to write their own ideas for creating their own journal prompt journals. And then we dive right into the next, guess. Oh, 15 pages or so. I have each one looks very similar. At the top, each one says food for thought journal. Each one has that flourish. Each one has this sentence which says, journaling can provide you with the opportunity to reflect as well as discover answers the questions in your heart or mind. Read the journal prompt below and do some reflecting and writing on the topic. So the only thing that changes on each of the pages is this section here, because the rest is a template that I just Keep duplicating. And I just I alternate the colors because this journal is pinks and grays. I'm an alternate the colors between pinks and grays. So this one says 90 days will come and go. Where will you be? So let's look at some of the pages. So then we have the gray. And you can see the top stays exactly the same. It's just this text here, and I put it in italics so it stands out. If you could do one thing every day for a month to make a difference in your life. What would you do? So I call this the food for thought journal. And if I wanted to, I could have this be in a colorful, like maybe greens for leaves and different color, like oranges and reds for different color fruits. And I could actually play on words and have a look, have where the other one had some flowers going up the sides. I could have like cherries going up the side. So you can really play with it. But I just I settled on pinks and grades. So that's this journal. Let's look at what else we have. The next one is called My Thanksgiving journal. So I created this journal just before Thanksgiving based on PLR content that I had purchased. I got ideas for a couple of different products and then I added my own flair to it. And I'm using images that I have the commercial use rights to. And I gave this as a gift to our community. I just felt like it would be really special too. So grateful to be part of this community and I just wanted to give something and perfect time to give is Thanksgiving. So this is what I created and it's a bit of a journal, prompt journal, but it kinda almost goes outside of the lines, a little bit of the journal prompt world. I'll show you what I mean. So I added a cover page and made it nice and colorful. I let people know what their rights are here and how to contact be in just a bit about what this journal is about. And then here we have it. Look at this, isn't this cute here of leaves, little leaves and mushrooms at a blast making this, I created the back page template. I create the lines and the only thing I'm changing is the information at the top. But there are a couple of different layouts. And this one, it kind of veers off a little bit. What's most important to me in my life, my memories and look at this here. There's six different sections right, about the people who are most important to you. Perhaps include a funny or heartwarming story or memory. And instead of having just one page going all the way across with lines, I created six little sections so they could write about six different people. And then at the bottom I wrote, print out multiple copies of this page as needed. And then I go on and look at this one has the little mushrooms at the top. Make a list. So this is different. It's not so much of a journal prompt. For them to journal is not so much asking them to journalists, asking them to make a list, make a list of everything you can think of that you're thankful for. You can add to this list as you think of more things. And then here I have a different shape border. If I could be granted a wish, this was what I wished for. So in my mind, this shape of this border could encourage people to maybe draw. And then I'd like this, I like this idea of having an image over to the side. And what I did is I just put a white box behind it so that it fills in that space and gives it a clarity around it for the image, I also love adding the box to the bottom right. And then you have companion pages like that. This one I said a letter to myself, and here I have a blank page. So that's another example of a journal prompt journal. All right, so let's dive in now to our workbook. And by going through the workbook, I then went on to go through the workbook myself and I created a journal, prompt journal called what I love about my life. And it came from going through the exercises that I'm going to walk you through right now. 3. How to Create Your Own Journal Prompt Journals: So I started off wanting to create a workbook for you. And I have several different exercises that take you through the process. So I'll show you what I mean. Journal prompt journals are fun products to create and they are popular products that you can sell. They also provide you with a way to stand out from the crowd while creating content that benefits your audience. You can create journal prompt journals for any niche and on any topic. And once you create your first journal prompt journal, you will have the template that you can repurpose as you create journal prompt journals and other topics. As you saw. I showed you three other journal prompt journals. They were all very different and I'm going to show you another one here as we go through this workbook together. So here are some examples. There are four different examples of journal prompt journals and three journal prompts for each topic. Now a journal prompt can be just one sentence, or it can be a brief paragraph where you kind of take people out a little bit of a journey. You give them food for thought, and then you ask them a question. So you can have mix-and-match of those two different short question in a longer explanation, whatever you like. So I left these journal prompts short so they would fit on the page. So here's an example of a journal prompt journal, the best part of my day. And you can ask questions where you either have the same page that repeats every day. The best part of my day, what I'm grateful for today, something I learned today. And you can have maybe four or three or four different sections on each page and then you just duplicate it and have 30, 30 pages. Or you have it as part of a planner for a year-long or a 90 day journal, or 90 day planner. Or you can ask a different question. So here are three different questions you could ask. One a day. And then I'm going to show you how you can then go on to create a list of 30 journal prompts on each topic. I didn't want to list 30 for each of these, but imagine that I have 34 each of these and these are 3D of the examples. So the best part of my day, some journal prompts, something that made me smile today, something that gave me hope today, what I did for fun today. And then you can have each one of those at the top of the page with maybe a fun border and either lines or an open space for them to draw or paint or write about. The next one is the healthy living journal, prompt journal. Now I got these ideas as I was writing out these exercises and you will find that you get the ideas by writing. And I have writing space for you in the workbook pages, which are coming right up. So here are four different topics and each has three different examples which you could read about. All right, so before we go on to look at more individual journal prompt pages where we have topics and then you add the journal prompts. Let's first look at creating a list of possible journal prompt. Topics that you might want to branch off on. Now here are four examples that I've given you. The best part of my day. Healthy living lessons I've learned along the way and what I love about my life. And then there are sampled journal prompts below each of those topics. So what we wanna do first is compose a list of potential topics. I have four of them here in bold. On this next page. Where you can do is compose a list of possible journal prompt topics that you might want to create a journal prompt around. Don't edit yourself too much, right? If you need more room, turn the paper over or printed out twice. You may use all of these, you may use some of these, you may get additional ideas, but just right, get the ideas onto paper and start with that first idea. Because once you do, you'll get the next idea and then they start to flow. And it's really exciting to see what could be. You could have them based on your needs. You can create a journal prompt journal, and then you can give it to different audiences. So let's say the, I love my life journal. While you create the next one. I love my life journal for kids. I love my life journal for teens. I love my life journal for women, dot-dot-dot. So you see how you can create basically limitless number of journals. So let's keep going. So once you have your topics, your potential topics, you want to choose one topic and then start to create a list of potential journal prompts on that topic. So let me show you some examples. So here is the topic of, of what I appreciate. And here are 30 ideas. Now this happens to be a list of 30 ideas that I receive in a PLR package in it just fit perfectly for this. So PLR private label rights can really shortcut your journey. I just thought it would fit. I thought it fit perfectly here. And I thought I would show you a great way to repurpose the PLR content that you own. And now what you have are several examples with the topic filled in for you. Your worksheet here gives you space to jot down journal prompt ideas based on this topic. This topic is myself, discovery journal. And there are several topics, my positive mindset journal, lessons I've learned along the way, journal. I love this one. It's like, what would you love to tell your younger self? What do you wish you knew when you were whatever age. Things I want to tell my children are things I want to tell my grandchildren. Whatever it is, an Azure writing, more ideas will come. My healthy living journal. This can go in all different directions. Healthy. It could be related to sleep, related to food, related to exercise, related to relationships related to communication. It could be healthy living in the workplace health they were living at school, healthy living dot-dot-dot. So you see how you can then take once you have it and gear it towards different niches. And then I have several blank pages for you because you can then go back to this page here and pull some more ideas and create journal prompt, a list of journal prompts on those. And you can print out as many pages, many of these pages as you want. So then what I did is I decided create a journal prompt journal by going through those exercises. And so I chose a topic, what I love about my life. And then as I was creating the cover, I said love, Oh, I need some hearts. So I added some hearts. I created a little cover. And then I created, I think, team pages here of the what I love about my life journal. And then I can turn around and uses as a product in my shop. I can also publish it as a book to Amazon, there's lots of ways that you can use the content that you create. Let's take a look at the book that I created based on the formula that we just walked through. Look familiar. There we go. But what I love about my life journal, create a list of journal prompts that you can include in this journal. So the first thing is before you read what I wrote, come up with your own ideas. So don't turn the page yet. But when you print this out, you jot down your own ideas and I'll show you what I came up with. You'll notice that I change the border so it looks a little different. It looks kind of whimsical. And I put the title here, the what I love about my life journal. And then I put a little journal prompt and a little flourish. What I love about my life, what I love about my family. And can you see how the ideas can start to flow once you start to write what I love about my friends, what I love about my job or a business. What I love about my hobbies or interests, what I love doing most, what I love about my favorite foods, 10 things I love about me. What I love about. I provided five blank pages so people can write about whatever it is that they want to write about on these journal prompt pages. So that is an example of how you can take ideas for possible journal prompt journals. So the title of the journal prompt journals at each title, one at a time. So pick a title, add it to a top, the top of a page, and list your journal prompts. And then once you have the journal prompts, you can then create one page at a time. As you create your journal prompt, you can then either leave it blank or you can add color behind it, or you can add an image behind it. Or you can change the border, you can change the colors of lines. So let's look at how you might do that. And then you can sell it or give it away. But let's say you wanted to take this and make it colorful. Let's look at how you would do that. Let's just take a few minutes and look at how we might recolor this. So here's the first product can be called the usually call it minimalist when it's black and white like that. But let's say that you want to make it colorful. So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to click on the outside border. And then I'm going to click on Shape Format. And then I'm going to click on format pane on the, over here on the right. And I want to change the color of the line. So maybe you have a color palette that you're working with, or you want to search for colors, whatever it is that you wanna do to get the colors. If you want to pick your own colors, you can click on More Colors. And then you can either search for different colors like Poland and color colorful palate. And then you can click on it and pick your new colors. Or up here, you have different colors. You can pick. Maybe you have like a little colored pencil section. So there we have purple going to make this purple. So I'm going to go up here to the Home tab because that adjust the, when you're working with fonts, you want to do it from the Home tab at the top-left. So there I'm gonna make that purple. And then I want to take this flourish over on the format picture. Let's see if I can change the color of the picture. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't let see what I can do here. Haha, that occurred. A couple options. I will make it kind of that mustard color. And I believe that I have the little bit transparent, so will this make it less transparent? So there we have brighter. And then the top section here, I want to have it be that same orange color. So I'm going to click More Colors. I'm gonna get this little eyedropper. And I'm going to hover over this flourish and click and has it right now here in the palette. If I want to use it over and over again, I think just drag it onto my palette and I'll have ongoing access to it. Click, Okay, Look at that. I'm making a colorful. Then if I want, I can even make the lines colorful. So let's start off. I'm going to, because I created these lines by just holding Shift and the underscore key, it's a font. And I'm going to start off and make them all purple. There they are. I can either leave them all purple or I can click on the second line. I'm going to triple-click so it highlights the whole line. And then it has my most recent colors there. So I'm going to do that with every other one. Look at that. I'm giving it a little bit of personality by just adding color to my product. Perfect. Now I have a colorful page. And then I'm gonna come down here. I'm going to right-click and I'm going to duplicate the slide. And let's say I want to add a little background. I'm in a click on the outside edge. I'm going to click Format Background. And I have a cup, couple of options. I can have a solid fill. So let's make the solid fill, Let's make it the orange color. Or I could make a gradient fill. And then you can choose different colors. They have some presets for you based on your theme. You can add an image if you want to upload, maybe you have some digital paper and you want to add it here. You can add an image here or a pattern fill the pattern film, makes it so that the file, so the file size itself doesn't get too big. I like adding that a lot. So you can just kind of You can pick your color and they kind of poke around and see which of these color fills you like. So that's kind of a minimalist one. Let's see if you want to make it purple and you want to give it just a little bit more. She kinda wanna play with that a little bit. And that's how you would add some color to it. So once you have it, the whole journal setup like this, save it. Well then you can create the journal again and a whole, another set of color combinations for, with any color combination you want. So I just wanted to give you some ideas for how you can add color and possess. Let's see what it looks like when we add an image to the background. So I'm clear, picture Insert. And I'm going to look for some digital paper that I've created. Let's pick one of those bucket that, that gives it a lot of personality right? Now what I'm going to need to do is I'm going to need to make this a little bit smaller so it fits in that section. Or I would need to make that white section a little bit bigger. Now it's not allowing me to make this bottom section smaller. So I'm going to click on Shape Format and just make the height down a smidge so that I get that bottom section of my border. And then I would use this as a template and just copy it over again and just change the text. So I would right-click and duplicate the slide. And I would go down to my next journal prompt. Copy the prompt, come over here and paste it in there. Triple-click on it, or highlight the whole thing, and then give it the new color. Or I can alternate where maybe I have 1. The first page is purple background, the next pages the mustard background. You can play with it and have a lot of, a lot of fun with the process. So I hope you found that helpful and you got a lot of ideas. So that is how you would go about creating journal prompts, coming up with journal prompt, topic ideas coming up with journal prompts on a variety of topics. And then how to add a little color and pizzazz to your journal prompts and then have fun with it because you can rinse and repeat and create additional journals. The same exact journal with a different color or just adding another part of the name, like for kids or 14's or whatever it is you want to add or you may want to have it for different industries, different seasons. And you won't really know until you start to create. Because the more you brainstorm and jot down your ideas, the more ideas will come. So to recap, you want to compose a list of journal prompt topics. Pick one of the topics, and then compose a few journal prompts on the topic. And once you do that, you can then go on to create all the pages for that journal prompt journal. And then you'll have your first journal prompt journal. Or you can continue on going through the exercises and coming up with more topics and more prompts for each topic one at a time. So the next thing I have for you are some action steps to encourage you to take action on what you learned today. Print out this workbook and go through the exercises, brainstorm ideas for journal prompt topics, and then one topic at a time, create a list of journal prompts you could include in a journal prompt journal. And then create your first journal prompt journal to use, give away, or sell. So go ahead, print out your journal, take action, and keep us posted. Math, I like to say here's to your success.