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Create Interactive Websites With HTML, CSS Flexbox & Jquery

Luis Carlos, Engineer, Web Developer and Instructor

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3 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Faqs page using Jquery

    • 3. Create Tabs in your Webpage


About This Class


In this new class you will learn how to create interactive pages with the help of Jquery Language, using the flexbox model to desig the layout of our webpages. The jquery language will be approached in a very simple way, being used some methods so that we can apply great effects in our pages.

For this course the students will only have to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, how the CSS3 flexbox model works and the syntax of the Jquery language

Im here to help for  any situation that you need:) Enjoy the class and be happy

At the end feel free to leave a comment!


Luis Carlos





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Luis Carlos

Engineer, Web Developer and Instructor

Currently, I am an exciting Engineer and Trainer , who loves to learn and share knowledge and new experiences.

As Trainer participated in many projects directed to student in the areas of math, computer science, new technologies and web development . Several years of training helped me developed many skills that contribute to the personal development of each people.

You can follow some of my articles in my website where i share some tutorials in the area of new technol...

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