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8 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Project Setup

    • 3. Creating The Quote

    • 4. Saving The Quote

    • 5. Instagram Story

    • 6. Working With Templates

    • 7. Working With Sizes

    • 8. Thank You


About This Class


Instagram quotes are a popular way to inspire your followers and attract new ones while keeping your feed consistent.


Companies and influencers are using this technique to share the values they stand for and to keep their audience engaged.


Hi there my name is Alex and in this class you will learn:

  • How to create a quote in Photoshop
  • How to save it and adapt it to Instagram Story
  • How to work with the pre-made templates included in this class, and save them out for Instagram posts and Stories.


I hope you are ready to inspire and grow your followers and i'll see you in class.


1. Class Intro: Instagram quotes are popular way to inspire your followers and attract new ones while keeping your feet consistent. Companies and influencers are using this technique to share the values they stand for and to keep their audience engaged. Hi there. My name is Alex and in this class you will learn how to create a quote in four shop how to save it and adapted Toe Instagram story. How to work with pre made templates and save them out for instagram posts and instagram stories. I hope you're ready to inspire and grow your followers and I'll see you in class. 2. Project Setup: Before you start working on your quote, you have to open up to read me file in order for everything to work properly, so simply double click on it. And when it opens up, you will see links used inside off discourse for the free funds. So simply click on this link quick allow, and then it will take you to the front page. These are Google phones, which are free for personal and commercial usage, so simply download and install them on your machine like usually do with any other front. And right below that we have a link for the on splash, which are free images, which you can use again for both personal and commercial projects. It's important that you install these phones on your computer in order for everything toe work properly, and once you've done that, we can head back over to our four shop. It doesn't matter which wasn't or four shop you have, as long at is, it's higher. And then for shop CS five, for example, So everything from CS six upwards it will work well before this course. So first things first, you can click right here where it says file then new. And we can create our document so we can click. It's an 80 by 10. 80 And make sure you have pixels selected right here. Press okay. And this square for format is for the instagram posts. And if you want to create same quote for instagram stories, hair over to file new and then instead off 10 80 for the height typing 1920 Because that is the dimension for the instagram stories and then press OK, now you have this Look inside off your layers panel click on it toe Unlock this layer double click on it and typing BG which is shorter for background press enter and we can do the same for our instagram posts. So click on the look Deltek right here typing BG press enter And once again look is simply there to make sure that you cannot move the layer but because we want to move this layer and we start designing our quote, you might want toe unlock that layer so that you don't run into some problems later on. So in the next video, we're going to start designing our quote and I'm going to show you how you can use these fonts and images that I mentioned, as well as some other elements inside off the full shop. 3. Creating The Quote: Okay, so let's start designing our quote. And to do that you can click right here, or it's S T, which is the text tool, and we're going to select Playfair Display regular right here, and I'm going to use one large size. So, for example, to seven free pixels presenter. Click right here and I can create my quote like So, press this check mark or enter on your keyboard however you want, and you can use this tool, which is the move toe, and it's used so you can move elements inside off your workspace around so you can position . It's like so it doesn't matter. You can click control or command J to duplicate this layer, and you can see that it's duplicated right here. You can move this layer down and move this layer up, and you can move it like so simply by holding shift and your left mouse. Click once again using move toe. Now for this bottom one, we're going to type in our quote and use a different front. So we're going to use a Lehto. You can simply typing later, and if you installed it, it will show up right here. we're going to use Black for the weights and for the size we're going to use 50 because it's not right here. You can double click right here on the number typing 50. Press enter. And now I'm going to type in our quote. So start and that's it. We have created our quote. You can leave it like so, and you can click control J once again. Move this down below and you cannot hold shift and bottom arrow to move it down like so. Presti on your keyboard or recon Click right here. But it's a Stipe told Click on Your Text Patrol A to select it. And now we're going to change this one to play for display, finding regular right here and for the size we want to use 24. So here it is. And as you can see, it's a lot smaller than all of the other ones. Click right here once again and type in the name off the person who said the quote breast enter, and now we're going to select all of these so you can click on the 1st 1 or the last one. It doesn't matter. Hold shift, Click on the other ones. Hold control. Click right here where it says BG press V on your keyboard. Or click right here for the move tool and simply move them right here in the middle. Control de to the select or command if you're on a Mac and now we're going to space these ones evenly. So I'm going to click on this on hold shift and move it just down until you see these lines , which means that it snapped into position. And if you don't see these lines, you can click view and the extras rulers and snap. So make sure all of these three are selected. Do the same for the bottom ones. The whole shift. Click on your left, click and move it like so. And then we're going to click on the 1st 1 on the quote Hold shift up, arrow 1234 and that will move it. 40 pixels from the stoppage off this text do the same for the bottom. So shift and now bottom arrow 1234 to make sure that they are evenly spaced out. If you want more, you can click on it, So shift our Pero two more times make it 60 and maybe you want to leave it like so That's why as well. So once again, click on the 1st 1 Hold shift, Click on the last one Control G or command G toe Group them dull quick on the name of the group typing text right center. And now we can click control. Click right here, press V for the move toll or click right here and position it in the middle like so controlled the to de select. And if I zoom just a tiny bit back, you can see how this looks like you can move it around for as long as you want. You can hold shift and left mouse click and you can, for example, Najid toe this left edge, Then hold shift and right arrow. 12345678 for example. But we're going to include the image next, and we're going to see how all of this looks like. So I used one image from a splash click. Drag it inside off our photo shop. It will load as a smart object. Press enter, and as you can see, this image is just above our text. Click on it, move it below, and it will pop up right here. So to enlarge this image, click in one of the corners using the move tool and hold shift old and left click so you can scale it up evenly. And maybe I want to leave it like so press enter, and now my text is not visible, but we're going to change that. But maybe I want to flip her toe. Look in this direction to do that, select the image and it transform and then flip horizontal and now shares going to flip and look in this direction. Hold shift left click to move her like so and then we're going to select this text. Use distal, which is the rectangular marquee tool, and if the circle is selected, you can simply click your left mouse click, hold it and then move it until you select a rectangular marquis toe, then click besides the edge. So just right here in this dark area and drag it like you usually do on your desktop, selected just until the edge off her hand and then let go press TV, you know, keyboard and then we're going to move this text Toby in the middle off this selection. And to do that, simply click right here and now It's perfectly in the middle between this edge and her hand control de to de select, and now we're going to make the text white cyclical DeCero. Open up the text click hold shift, Click on the last one Click D to select the text tool. Click right here. Select the white press. OK, and now, as you can see, we have a nice visible quote. Now, next up, we're going to create a frame that it's going to connect all of it and around it up. But before we do that, let's quickly change the name of this image. So double click on the text typing image Press center so that we can know that it is our image, even though we only have one. But I always have toe have many layers named, So if I saved these design as a template and revisited sometime later, I can know which one is which. So to create our frame, you can click right here and hold it to choose rectangular tool. If any of these tools are selected once again seem like rectangle marquee tool. You can just left click and hold Jews rectangle to and simply draw some rectangle around. You can even type in, for example, for the height typing 10 80 because that is the height off our document and position it like So press a on your keyboard and you have right here at the top left. We have feel, and we have stroke. So click on the film and click right here because we don't need a field color and toe elaborate a bit. Fill color is this color inside off the shape and the stroke color is the color outside off this shape because we want to create a frame. We need a stroke and not feel because we want to see through the frame and see what insight this image. So once again, click right here to switch to fill off. Click on the stroke. Click right here where it's this color and then simply select all white color. You can customize these a bit further if you're creating these for your brand, and you can use your brand colors for this text for these quotes and for this frame. So if you're using them for the text, I showed you how you can change the color, and it's the same for the frame. Simple. Click on it. Click a click right here and then here, and you can type in your hex code if you have one right here, or you can simply select whichever color you want. Press OK, and it will update in real time on your frame or on your text. So to create our frame, let's finish up. You can click in one of the corners, then hold shift and Ault same like we did before, and it will scale down on both sides is evenly as they moved this. You can see how it looks like. So let's position it roughly around here to her shoulder, for example, and we're going to position this roughly in the middle off are quote like, so press enter, double click on the text so that we can No, it's a frame type in breast enter, and now what we need to do is create a mosque so you can click right here. But it looks like like a little camera, so select your layer and then click right here, and it will create a mosque now to create a mosque around this text. What we need to do is use rectangle market to once again, so make quick selection. So, for example, like so then click on that selection using your left click. Once again, make sure rectangular market is selected. So make the selection, click on it. Hold shift and you can move it until it snaps in the middle. Like so When you see this line, you know it's in the middle. But if I let go it you can see we have a bit more space right here than right here. I want to make sure we have even space. So I just going to move it down. Just a touch. Next click right here inside off this mosque because if you click right here, you're going to select the frame. And if I click right here, you're going to select the mosque. Next up, press be on your keyboard for the brush, or you can simply click right here where it says brush, and what we need to do is brush out this part off the frame and leave it empty and leave the rest of the frame as it is, so to do that, you can right click and increase the size of this brushes You can see this circle is indicator off our brush, and it's a bit smaller than we needed at the moment. So simply click where it says size and you can increase it and just make sure you have white and black right here, because if I click on it and nothing happens, that's because white color is on top. So if I change them like so by clicking these arrows and paint once again, it will hide it because black color is on top. You compress X on your keyboard to switch these colors, and if I keep on hitting acts, you can see that they're changing. So once again, if the white is on top and nuclear control, you can see it shows the frame. And if you press X and click once again and the black color is on top, it will hide this portion off the frame Control D to the select. And as you can see, we now have the frame. We have the text, and we have this empty space inside off our frame. Now what about her? It's quite simple because we are still selected on our mosque so you can zoom in a bit closer by holding old and scroll wheel on your mouse. Or it can simply use control space and then left click to zoom in a bit closer. Once again, make sure black color is on top. Brush is selected. Mosque is selected right here, and you can simply click and paint this area and click and draw down, depending on off how your image looks like if you have some creases or some holes inside off your image. So, for example, if maybe you're trying to put the frame through her arm, maybe you want to make this part not visible, this part visible, this part not visible and so on. To do that, you can reduce the size off. The brush is simply by right clicking and then reducing or increasing the size off your brush by moving it right here not to finish this off. You can simply click right here, paint it in, and if I click control zero, it will snap back into place. And there we go. We have created our quote. As you can see, this design is quite easy to create. In only it only took me like 10 minutes. And when you start creating these quotes, it will take you less and less time. Usually this sort of design takes me about 2 to 3 minutes. And if you forget some of these shortcuts, you can always come back to this video and see how I created it and just to remind yourself off the process. 4. Saving The Quote: to save out your quote. It's really quite simple. Simply click right here on the file, then go to the safe as click on it and you can select your folder wherever you want to save your quote. And if you want to re use this template that we created for any future quotes, so you can imagine you can change. These images include other images off course include other quotes, other Florence, other colors and so on. Then what you need to choose is for a shop template and then simply click, save and click. OK, and it will save as a Photoshopped template. And next time you want to create another quote, you can open up that same template. Change whatever you need to change, and then you'll have your new quote. But to save it out. For Instagram, what you need is a J pack image. So once again file safe as and then from this drop down menu, you can see we have quite a lot off these file formats, but what we are interested is a J pack format. Click on it and then click safe. Then the stalag will pop up. Make sure this arrow is on the large file size click OK, and you have saved your quote. And if I double click and open it up, you can see how it looks like when you open it as a J pack image. So as you can see, it's really easy to create these quotes. It's really easy to save them. And you can, as I said, save them as a template and you can re use that same template for as long as you want to achieve that consistency that everybody likes on Instagram. In the next video, I'm going to show you how you can adjust these quotes toe, make them look the same for both Instagram Post as well as instagram stories. 5. Instagram Story: toe make this same quote fit instagram stories. You will have to make some changes. But first things first, let's group all these up. So let's make sure that our image is positioned to the right edge so that we can know when we increase the size inside of instagram story how it will look like. So just make sure you know where some elements are because instagram story is quite alert. Then it swim post. Next up, you can click on the first object, which is our text folder in In this case, hold shift, click on the image to select them all and then control G or command G to group them all together. Now click on them using the move tool and move them right here. Dropped him inside and you can position it like we did before, so simply put it right here. Next up, we need toe on group everything so right, click on grow players. And now, as you can see, this image is quite told her that it was right here. Let me simply go edit step backward, for example, just to go back to what we have for our instagram post and What we need to do right here is increased the size off this image. That's why I said, make sure you know where it was on instagram post size Now, First things first. Let's position the text in the middle, so click on attacks called Control. Click right here inside of the BG Click V for the move tool, Position it in the middle and then do the same for the frame. So simply click on the frame and click right here so it will position it in the middle Control de to de select. And now all we need to do is reposition our image so you can zoom back a little bit, click on it, hold shift old and left. Click in one off the corners and you can position it like so you can hold shift clicking one of these corners, and you can position it, for example, like so. And as you can see, we have to make it a lot bigger than it was before. Just in order to fit our instagram story side, you can place it in the middle. You can place this quote in the middle. You can play around if you want to, but I think we're going to leave it like so press enter. I think it will look quite good. Make sure you always leave some space right here at the top. Because the timeline off your story is right here at the top and right here at the bottom. It really doesn't matter as long as you don't have any text right here. Because it won't be readable until people stop the story from moving on. Final thing to do, click on the frame. Resuming a bit closer. Click in one off these edges. Hold shift, bolt and left click toe. Increase the size off our frame. You can, maybe even more with a touch to this site to increase it. Like so maybe even touch, like so, press center. And then, as you can see, because we changed it, we have to make some adjustments right here. So once again, use direct England marquee tool. Make a selection, for example, right around here. And then what we have to do because we selected this selection inside off our text. But we want to fill in this area outside off this selection. To do that simply go to select in verse, and it will select everything outside off that selection. Now make sure you click on the mosque press, be on your keyboard, make sure white is on top, right click to increase the size off the brush just a bit and then simply click an paint and it will not go inside because we selected everything outside off this selection do the same for the bottom part. So right here control de to de select everything and now all we have to do is adjust this to fit our new frame shape. So once again, move it to the black Zoom in a bit closer were still on our mosque, So simply click and paint everything which is in excess off our image. So click right here. Make sure everything is good moved down and then simply paint this part as well. When you're happy with it, control zero so it will snap back into place. And then if I switch between them, you can see we have the same quote. We have to say a look, but because off the format off instagram story, we had to increase the size off our image. But in my opinion. I think it still looks really good because we leave some space right here at the top. Everything can go right here. And you can also reduce the size of this frame right here to the top if you want to, but leave it the same right here at the bottom. If you want to have completely empty space at the top and not have this interruption off the frame To do that, you can click on the frame and simply lower it down for as much as you want. And then simply adjust this part off the brush by clicking B and then simply you can paint insight off this. So there we go. We have created our quote. Let me go back a few steps like so we have created our quote for boat instagram posts and instagrams Story or we need to do now is click right here It says file save as juice J Peg and typing Story Press center and once again so that you can know that this is a story and this is our instagram post In the next video, I'm going to show you how you can work with the templates I provided for this course and how you can change them and edit them same way like we did with our quote that we created inside off dis class. But you can include other images, work with smart objects, and I'm going to explain some new shapes in the next video. 6. Working With Templates: to use pre made templates simply dull quick right here on the Instagram Post templates. And the file will open up if I hit control zero to move it. Just the touch, Toby. Bigger. You can see that we have a variety off these shapes, images, quotes and in different sizes. So all of this is already what I explained in these videos. So all of this can be creditable. And if you want to use them like so all of the images are inside of smart objects and to change any of those simply choose which are owns you want. So if I click on this 1st 1 you can see all of them are labeled from 1 to 10. So if I used that one open the folder, you can see image placement, and this icon indicates that this is the smart object. Now what that means is that this image is hidden inside off this placement. Soto added that placement simply double click on this icon, and the placement will open up. Now you can drag and drop another image inside cold shift, old and left click. If you want to increase that image, position it. However, you want control s to save it back. Or commanders. If you're on a Mac and you can see it saved back to the original place off the image If a hit control zero, jump back in and I can show you, for example, use another image. Let's say this one. Shift old and left click, you can scale it up, control or comment s. And as you can see, it saved back to the original place. So you can do this for any off these images. And in some cases, like, for example, this one If I open it up, you can see we straight up have image. If I hide it, you can see that it covers the entire place off our placeholder, and you can see every single one off them is called image replacement. So you can know where you can place your image. Now it quickly hide this and go through some off these shapes. Now, as you can see, all of them have these lines, these frames, these shapes, circles, different quotes and so on. So all of them are shaped players like a showed you for the frame in our example. Now what that means is, for example, if I click on this one, open it up. You can see text, which is distracts right here. Middle shape, which is this shape right here. And if I type A on my keyboard, you can see that same as with our frame. You can see it's empty and for the field, and it has a stroke off three points. You can change all of this if you want to. So, for example, typing 15 press OK, you can see it thickens up if you want to leave it like that and you can see we have corner shapes. So top corner we have this triangle. So once again, if a press A you can see it's the same story. It has stroke with no feel insight, and it's the same for any off these shapes. And, for example, for this plus shapes, if I click on this one is number three opening up. You can see inside of the folder called Middle Shapes. We have top and bottom, and if I click on any of them, you can see what is selected. So for the top, we have left line, which is this line right here we have the plus. We have the right line, so all of them are positioned like so and exactly the same for this bottom part. If it click on any of them, type in a you can see. Now we have feel color, but we don't have a stroke. So once again, if you want to change the feel color, same as way to stroke, click right here. You can type in your hex code, or you can change it to whichever calorie want when you crest. Okay, it will update right here. So if we go at it, step backward. You can use Commander control that on your keyboard to to do that, close all of them up. What we have right here is same for the image that we used right here. But it's inside off this triangle shape. So if I open it up just to show you double click on the image placement, you can see it's placed inside off the triangle, but you can see it's using some different mattered. Toe crop inside off that triangle. Now, to do that, let me simply select another image of drag and drop it in sight. once again, all of these images are taken from unspool ash dot com. Position it like so and what I have to do now is right. Click on that image and juice, create clipping mosque. Now what? That does it clips. Same, like the original image to the shape. And if I hide these images by clicking on this eyeball icons, you can see that our original shape is the triangle, so I can click once again and you can see you can even move this image by holding shift. And you can place it inside off this triangle however you want. And once again, when you're happy with how it looks like, make sure it's in the middle like so when you're happy controller permit s and it will save toe the original place like so, let me go back and show you some other shape. So, for example, these circles let's select those and you can see their title shapes. So we have layer mosques on them, same thing like we did with our frame. So some portions are hidden, some portions are visible and you can see which portions are hidden. If you want to change them for whatever reason, by holding control and clicking insight off the mosque and you can see for this inner circle this portion is hidden for this outer circle. Disporting shin is hidden for this X. You can see we chose that just to include these quotes and to hide this line this portion off the line in the middle and you can hit control d two. They select everything and saying goes for all of these other shapes. Now, as you can see, all of them have images instead off this one, and that's with a purpose. So, for example, if you have your corporate colors that you want to use and sometimes you don't want to use images inside off your post, then you can, for example, use this template. You can do the same for any of them. So let's use this one. For example. You've been you can simply hide image placement by clicking right here on disciple icon, and you're left with just a background color not to change that background color. Simple click right here where it says BG, which is short for background once again. Double click right there, and you can change that color to whichever color you want, or you can base your hex code. So, for example, I got 13 e c six f f nice blow press enter and you can see we changed that background color so you can do that for any off these that you want. But as I said, we purposely made this one without any image, so you can see we don't have image placement. And once again, if you want to change the background color, simply double click right here. It's SPG, and you can once again enter your hex gold to make it blue if you want to. You can also change the colors off these text, and you can believe it as it is standard and just simply change these quotes to your own quotes or whichever quotes you want to use. You can change the phones, change the sizes, placement and everything in between. One final thing I want to show you is how you can save these templates. So the instagram story size if you want to do that, so file new 10 80 for the wits. 1924 The height Press OK, and let's choose this one for example, Drag. Drop it like so. And now let's unlock this layer. Double quick typing BG Control. Click right here in the middle, Click on a folder, position it in the middle like so, and click right here so it will snap to the bottom Control D. And now, as you can see, we have all of this extra space at the top, right click and grow players. And now what you want to do with this image placement is simply move it to the top. And this will distort the image, because smart object is this size, not this size. So if it used move toe klik right here, move it right here to the top. You can see that it distorts the image size, but it's okay because we want to use a different technique, and the one that I showed you simply drag your image inside. Hold shift Ault and left clicking one of the corners, increased the size of that image and move it once again using move tool, Move it to the bottom edge off this image until it snaps, as you can see right here and then hold shift and left click in one of the corners to scale it down like so pressed enter and when you're happy with the results. So, for example, like this, Now we have our instagram story size so same design as for the instagram post. But we just changed the size off this image to fit instagram story. And you can do that with any off these templates. Just make sure that with these frames you follow the video that I showed you for the instagram story and the size off this frame, and you have to change in some off the masks using the brush toe. And you can follow that video to remind yourself how you can do that. As for the saving of days, it because the same so file savers and you can save it to the desktop or whichever folder you want. And I will create this file size and this file size so that you can save these ones, and I'm going to show you that one. In the next video 7. Working With Sizes: I created these sizes so you don't have to, so you can have insulin, post size and instagram story size simply double click on any off them, and you can open them up and they're exactly the same as a show do inside of this class. So we have instagram post size. All of this is already prepared. Simply drag and drop your design inside like I'm going to show you to save it out to her desktop. Or you have instagram story size drag and drop your design inside and then save it out. Or you can create your design right here and then drag and drop it right here and increase it. Or you can go vice versa and create instagram story size first and then drag and reduce it to instagram post size. But in my experience, I always recommend that you start with Instagram Post because they're the same wit, but not the same height and just keep your images in mind so that when they scale up from instagram post size to instagram story size that they fit like they should. Now to save out any off these templates, for example, let me close this one. So let's say you change this one and you saved it out like you want. Simply click on it. Using the move toe, Hold drag and drop it to instagram. Post size. Now hold control. Click right here. Used the move to once again this middle one, this middle one control de to de select. And there you go. You have prepared for saving out now to save it out. Simply fold the steps as a showed you file savers, Jews and the output locations on my quote. In this case, choose J pick and you can use my quote or any other name. So let's use feet. Quote. For example, Presenter, Presenter. And there you go. You have saved your quote to your desired folder. Now you can share this quote via email while Bluetooth WiFi USB cable wire air drop whatever you're using with your computer, share it to your phone and then simply upload it from your phone to your instagram feed. ST Ng goes for the instagram story size so you can go back. Click drag. Drop it in sight control. Click right here, middle one and then bottom one because we want to snap it to the bottom and then right click on group players so that we can get to this image. What? Easier. And if you want to use this exactly same image, let me jump back into my image folder drag. Drop it inside, position it like so So simply hold shift, move its to the bottom line. Left click, Position it like so and then shift. Place it in the middle, like so press enter and then saved this one out exactly the same way like we did with this one. And now you have more coherent design, as you can see. What? Here we use the same image, same colors saying quote same everything. And it will look really nice inside off your feet as well as inside off your stories. 8. Thank You: thank you for watching the course, and I hope you found value in it. And I hope you understood how easy it is to create beautiful quotes that you can use on both instagram posts and instagram stories. Once again, if you get stuck on any off the steps, simply go back and re watch that particular lesson to remind yourself off what you need to do in that occasion. Make sure when you're working with smart objects to save them out and to include new images . Once again, If you want to reuse the same template, you can simply save it out. As for shop file, and if you are happy with how your template looks like and you want to share it to instagram, then save it as a J peg file. I wish you luck with creating your beautiful quotes and I wish you luck with instagram engagement and to receive as many followers and traction as possible. Take care