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Create Instagram Masks: Spark AR Essentials

teacher avatar Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. What is this class about?

    • 2. Downloading Spark AR

    • 3. Learning to track our Face

    • 4. Adding our design on the face

    • 5. Creating colorful lights on the face

    • 6. Making our skin smooth

    • 7. Changing designs on screen tap

    • 8. Testing our mask on our phone camera

    • 9. Uploading the mask to Instagram/Facebook

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About This Class

Have you recently seen new tons of new cool masks on Instagram?

Most of them are created just by regular creators like you and me. And the good news are that it is pretty easy to create a mask. During this class you will have your own mask just in 15 minutes from the start.

In this class you will learn Spark AR - an official software from Facebook that allows you to create additional reality effects.

Our project is separated into 4 parts

1. We will create a basic mask

2. We will add colorful lights to make it more interesting

3. We will add interactivity by changing the textures on screen tap

4. We will smooth out everything to make your skin look really nice

After this class you will be able to create your own masks and upload them to Facebook/Instagram.

I really hope you will enjoy the class and wish you all the best :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. What is this class about?: instagram masks way all use them. We all love thinks year, especially. You're probably seen tons of different masks created by different creators on the only questions that you had in your mind. How do they actually on is actually difficult to do that or not? Well, I have good news for you. It's actually pretty easy. You don't need any design knows you don't need any knowledge of programming. If you just have basic computer knowledge, you're good to go. Really going to use Facebook's official app, which is called Spark Air, stands a game for additional reality on. The best part is that you have your own mosque in already 15 minutes from starting this class, we will start by creating straight away. First, we're going to start biting some normal mask on our face. As you can see, I can turn my face on. The icons on the text itself is also going left right and it's called Give me pizza on Listen, toe, you already have your basic mask ready. Then we will add this cold light as you can see pink, yellow, blue on DSO and then we move our face. The lights are also going to move, So it's gonna make you look fabulous and philosophy actually gonna make this interactive. So every time we actually tap this cream, you're going to have a different kind of text as you wanna hang out. Last night was late. I don't know love so boring. What should I watch on as a stuff? Guess where I am on so on. I know. So why do you think my skin looks so smooth? Because I also added some catching. As you can see, I made my skin release most, and you're gonna learn how to do that as well. The cool thing is that spark air can be used not only for Instagram or Facebook must to create additional reality effect, which basically means you can. You can use it to mix brutal world with the real world to create games, different kinds of abs, and so much more on this year. Today is a Wednesday to learn it, right, because then you're gonna be amongst the first people who actually know how to use it and what's even crazier. People who have been creating masks from the start off this year have been gaining hundreds off thousands off followers on Instagram With that said, I really hope you're going to enjoy this class. I will do my best to help you and to make this as easy as opposed to pence you on the first lesson fine. 2. Downloading Spark AR: What's up, guys on Welcome to the first lesson. So first we're going to go and download, actually the spark heirs to do. And I'm also going to show you some cool things like the community, inspiration and other stuff. Okay, so let's just go for it. So let's go to our brother and they just happen. Spark air out. Come. No, just wait until loads. So here a person full, of course, went to download the program so you can just go to download on because I'm using Windows is showing me the Donald Russian for Windows. But yeah, if using Mac is going to show you the demo version for my answer. So as you can see, the Windows version is still in better, but you can still downloaded on use it, and the same applies for them. My question, of course. So just click to download it. And I think that you should know if you're using windows, it should also download I turns. It's needed in order to be able to test the effects on IOS devices so he just goto iTunes download and again, if you have money, you don't have to do it so just just for Windows. ITunes download on you. Just Donald iTunes for Windows. I don't think you ever that to click. Looking for diversions. Windows as against Tanabe up here. Download now. 64 bit. Yeah. Download this one. So now when you have downloaded this lesson Sure. Some other things. So, for example, if you go to spark higher here, we have inspiration. It's critical to look at this thing so you can actually get inspired on DA. You can actually get even more motivated to learn this. So if you if you want, you can. Both these stories. It was actually pretty interesting about people who became famous because of training instagram masks on them. He have you a few interesting masks like this one's like, butterfly. Know these things here and so on. Ana, you should also go to Facebook on Joint Spark Air Community. You're going to ban us all. The latest news on news futures forces for this program on also, you can see cool effect. So, for example, let's see. Look at this one, for example. But it's pretty advanced. As you can see, someone created air space musk. I would say on it looks pretty cool. Or, for example, this guy also has a pretty cool. I think I like it. I mean, I think it's expected. Nice on so on. So that's why I told you to go. It's good if you joined this group because you can always ask for help on because this app is actually pretty new. It's very difficult to find answers to your problems online, So that's why you need to join the community so you can always find the right answers. And with that said, that's going to be it for our first lesson. I just hope you downloaded. And if you have any questions just living in the comment and happy to help you and she owns the next lesson, we're actually going to start learning. Spark A are 3. Learning to track our Face: Hello, guys on Welcome back on. You probably have a very important question. Where's my face? Why can't you see me? Well, you will see me Worry So. But first of four, let's have a look at this park. Our studio, as you can see ideas, already opens its on when you open Is the first thing that you see is just, you know, if your sample projects that were developed by Facebook on, but you can actually just open them and look at them. But we're not going to do that. We're going to start from zero Andi. That's why Let's actually go on click, create project. And as you can see we have, is this from window opened? Let's actually make it a full size so we can see it. So this right now looks pretty simple. And if you have, Mac is going to be different for you. So the interface for Mac and Windows look out will be different. That's because the Mac Russians with older and has more functions while Windows is still in Britain. So first of all here we have just a person on, we're going to preview our effect here, for example, If I go here, I can just make this bigger so it's easier to look at this. Of course, you can turn on your own comer here so you can actually see your own face. And then you can apply the effects through your own face on. I will do that right now. I just want to make sure that I am here on, for example, if I go to video and I gotta have my cameras, for example, if I just click on my camera on a religious weight on Boom now you can see me here. Let's have a look at this space. So here's against it. We have our phone and here's the screen on 1st 4 year to know how you can actually navigate in the space. So if I just click right button on, I can flick on drag as against again. Just never get to the left to the right and so on. So this you always used to be like this and you understand how? Why later here we have our scene here. We're going to see all the object that we have on our saint, actually, and we're also going to see them here. Swell. You have you have our assets on. This is the things that we're going to apply to our face and so on. And then we have layers. So if you're familiar with any kind of desire listeningto then like a starter for the trip and others, then you will understand what actually layers are. But right now we don't need them, so we'll just go back to our scene. So we're going to start building a project straight away and we're going to learn while we do that. Okay, Because I think that the best way to learn anything if you look on our CMB appear few objects alerted, for example versus our device as we can see it here, then we have our camera on. But as you can see more than if I click on device, this is changing. These are properties. Andi have cameras. It's a properties for the camera on. For example, if I goto focal distance and I can see it's always changing, you will learn more about this tap later. So, for example, now or else a few ambient light, I have your directional light, as you can see when I click for enough on directional light. I can already see it because it's a flight on my sin. Right now. It doesn't really do anything but it just here. Let's just leave it like this, Okay? First thing I want to do I want to be able to control the movements off my face so far that I can just go here and there. Onda. We can also go here and click at the scene is the same thing. And you have You have, for example, different objects that we cannot. The first is that you actually read his face trucker, so we can track our face. But just click here. As you can see here in your object is at the tour since we can see it also on here. So as you can see here you have this kind of three arrows Onda. We can also use our middle mouse button. This Groban actually zoom in and zoom out. Or you can also use the touch pad on your left of for example two women on zoom out and here we can see this kind of arrows, which basically means that now my face is getting tracked as you can see now when I move, you must look at this thing. It's also moving with May under analysis. Click right here to this on this Facebook and dessert. So now we want things that on object inside this face striker and you want in your face mash where here face much so nice he can see this like a blank canvas for a face. We cannot different things here. That's why it's like black and white. So basically means it's empty on. If your family again with any design toe, then it is going to be familiar to us well on for them. If I look here, we can see that it's already applied to my face and you can see as well so for them. Play fight, click right here on the scene and just move it. So what we're going to see is that this is a little bit further away from the camera, actually, So this basically means that introduced into the space oversimplify. Look just into the camera. I think that it's sitting on my face but actually introduced basis, actually a little bit further away on them. But we have this face measure applied became Look, here here we have different transformation options for them. Propositions, scale, rotation So we can actually change its position. We can make it bigger, smaller we can rotated and so on. Then we have here visible and invisible. If I click here as you can see it getting visible on I'm so we can turn it off and turn it back on on. Also, we have here, for example, ice on mouse. This basically means that, for example, if I torches off, as you can see now my eyes are going. So what does this mean for them? But if I apply any kind off image or texture on this campus basically on this empty place, it's also going to cover my eyes. If this is turned off, it is on the Myers always going to be visible and also the same applies to the mouse. I can just turn it off on phone. So now if you look here, we can see here this kind of arrows. This also help us to position our object so we can do it from here from the position. Or we can also do here present can just click on draft. As you can see, not looking out for the way I can click and drag it up down. So, for example, if I just move my face right now, as you can see, it's moving together with me. But I don't need the soil. Just go to position alleges, but make it zero zero onda zero. So it's back to its default position. So in order to be able to apply anything on this place, first of all, we need to create a material so they feel like European. We have materials on. We have to click plus sign. So if I click for us here on the ice, you can see here on the assets panel, not ever. Material created before it was empty, but not the other material here. And that's how we can also see that is just solid material on nothing else on da guys. That's it for this lesson. On the next lesson, you're going to apply already some kind of texture on this material so you can actually see how it looks like. But right now you can already see See that it's pretty easy and it's also really, really fun on Let's actually turn this off so you can see my paid before we close this. So you can say this so you can open this on the next lesson again so you could go just toe file saif file. Andi, I'm just gonna create in your folder on. I'm gonna call this testing, so because we go to testes, Onder Allegis names is testing as well on Let just saves this so you can open this next time you open spark air and we can continue working on this. Okay. On da Yeah. So you guys. Bye. 4. Adding our design on the face: What's up, guys on? Welcome back. So during the Willis, listen we created face Stark and also we created face much. But right now it's off because I turned it off last time. So just as you can see, it's also great out. That's Miss. It's not on. So if I just click here and I turned it on visible as you can see now we can seat so and also we created a material Onda we want here and click plus two credit material. As you can see right now, we have a material here. This was all during our last Listen on, if you go to our I said we're going to this material here like I just click on this material on right now, I'm going to see the properties off this material. So the first thing I see is ah, color. If I just click, I can change the color, you know, as you can see, is changing. But I'm just gonna go to council because I don't want to change the car. We don't. I need this. So I know it's a lot of things here, but you don't need to learn all of them at once. Okay? We just We're going to learn them step by step. So the first thing that we actually want to do if you go here to the texture religious click here Ah, now we're going to choose new image texture. So right now we can actually play image here, and I'm gonna I will go and applies this texture and you will be able to find actually in the class assets so you can download and use as well as you can is just a normal image. It can be a PNG file for J pic file. Just a normal image. Okay, I think I just click here on, see what's going to happen who know I have this on my face. So right now, as you can see from the background off, this image was black for me. So I want to make sure that I don't see this black color. I see only this text Hi can do, actually that I have to blend this material. Reese, my face. So, for example, if I go down here, you have different blending modes on If I just click on here burning Moz, help us toe. Take our object in our case, which is our material on blend and visit anything that is behind in our cases, our image. So it's going to take our object. I'm going to blend it with our image. So, for example, if I just click on that as you can see now it's blending it and it's removing the black color. I know. For example, now if you just look at the face, yeah, when my room, my face, I also see the same I can. So just like I had them in my texture, you can also try different blending modes. I don't know substrate, for example. As you can see now it's black only multiply as you can see no one with a multiple. Actually, we transparent. We see the black car, but the text and the icons are transparent. Onder replace screen we gonna sick with at under off course. So there is and why it was a black actually, because my image, it's also for them after you can see here. I have textures now because I just imported this image on the for example, if I click on this texture as you can see the image itself is actually back. The background is black. And of course, you could import the image without a black background on. Then it would look like this. There isn't actually important the image with black background. I just wanted to show that you can blend textures until your materials on DA You can play with different blending options on now. For example, if I go to this color, I can just click here on if I change the car sick and see the color off. This object is also going to change. It's pretty cool, right? Present. I can make it like light pink. Andi, I don't know. I it I think it looks really nice on you can try different textures. So, for example, Avalos include some other stuff for So if I click here and then go to a new image texture on and I can choose here, this one for is doubtful. Give me a pizza. Let's see how you don't want to test it on your own face. Right on. You can go to this video, and here you have different people. For example, I can just click here as you can see now it's a moving person on that you can check, actually tested on his face as well, so I can change the other person on so on. It's actually pretty recorded materials from Facebook, and you can test it on their faces as well. So it looks pretty cool. But I will go back to my own face. That's what The ultimate. Okay, cool. Another important thing that the FDA is actually this shade their type. And if I click here, as you can see here we have different types off traders. I will explain your words. They do, but you don't have to remember them exactly. And if you forget them, you can almost look them up online. So, for example, first of your flat, this one is used when we are working with to the object. So not three d, but actually just normal to the objects on. We don't need to use any kind of flighting on that object. So in our case, is it to the object? As you can see, it's not a three d object on is just an image, just a flat image that's right on dumb. But we can also use standard for this one standard is used when you just want to work with normal to the object, and you want to apply some lighting on them on Duh. Don't worry. If you get confused, just will go through all of this step by step. So no worse about that. Then we have physical base. Onder, physically based, is actually it's difficult to explain, but it's ah, in general, if you have both to the images, three D images and everything, we can just use this one. So it's actually for everything, I would say. Then we have face paint, which is best years if you want to apply anything for your face. So, for example, right now, be applying this to the face. That's why so we could also use face paint. But the thing is that because my background is actually black, I can't use it to call as you can see when between when we change it to face paint, we don't have here the blending boat. That's why we were using standard before. So just go to stand and make this at on the M V F hopes I didn't change it, and then we have here, for example, blended, which is best if you want to blend the texture and the core. So here you have the Texans examined the color, and if you want to blend them, then it's better to use Blended on. The last one is retouching, which is just for touching. So what it does, it just helps you toe smooth out your skin. Ultimate on we'll go to that as well. Okay. And again, Just like I said, if you forget anything, you can just go, For example, to Google, you can't have sparked hair, shaved their type on the The first thing that's going to open is going to explain different types of shader types is the one that you talk right now about standard flat face paint, blended, retouching and physically based. Okay. And you can actually just actually, you can actually search here for anything that you don't understand all the that you forgot all that you want to learn. It's going to help you a lot. They have a pretty good documentation, so just go quickly, go through the steps that we took. So, first of four, we created this kind of face trucker, which helps us to track our A face the movements off our face. And so so this racetrack is responsible for actually you know, moving Czar, talk to the left, Right up down on dso on. Then we added a face mission inside our face Tracker on the as he can save face. Mitch is just this musk Onda. This mask is it helps us to apply something on the face. It's also it's like a blank canvas and began add anything there. Then we added we went here we clicked plus embedded of new material on the material was created here on DA This material is actually alert that were flat on our face Mish on then on this material already be applied the texture itself. So this toe fixtures here, this one or this one we applied them to our material by clicking care of the texture and just choosing the material we can the section where you can just click new image texture as well. That's it, Guys for this lesson owns next. Last night we showed here can actually a different kind of interesting light like red, green, blue and soon on. Also, I cannot some retouching to your face to make it look better so you can smooth it out. So you look a little bit younger. Undersea owns the next lesson by 5. Creating colorful lights on the face: What's up, guys? In this Listen, we're going to create lighting like this one or something similar to Jessica and see if you have you have, like red, green, yellow and other colors on is going to look pretty cool. And we're going to have flight on top of our texture. So you're going to come by in this kind of icon. Stacks of is a beautiful lights on to do that. First of all, what we actually need to do we need to go to our material on. We need to go to trader type and going to change this. Okay, Because for this type of flight, when we won't just some kind of blinks off the light here, here, here, on different parts off the shape in different parts of the face. Sorry. We need to go here on being to changes toe physically. Based on there is, um we did it because you have You have surfaced parameters and we want to change the surface by service. I'm in our face on. Do you want to change this parameter so you can actually see light on the surface? So, for example, if I go here to roughness make that bigger, More as you can see way. See that we start seeing more and more light. If I make this more way See with more light. So you see these white? So, for example, this thing here, the white light that's what reaction it, But it is too much. So let's do it on a pen. You should be fine. There isn't received. This white light actually is a here in a bar scene. We have here directional light if I click here and if I just turn this off because it's going to turn it on its own, I can change its color Swell on. I can just go to the color and I can make it. Let's say red. Okay. As you can see now it's red looks particular. We can also play with his intensity. We can make it stronger. Let's make it 100% for right now, Onda. And also I want to go to this material on. I want to make this not right, but light. Think I would say so. Let's Yeah, he should be fine. So I want to add even more lights on. If I go here, Andi, I can just click right? Insert on. I choose directional light, but as you can see, it's here. I need to I need to close this. Let's make it actually higher. So I suggest and I have this kind of line. And if I just put it there, boom, not above the face because that's what we need on. Now let's change this color to something else. So if I go and change it to, let's say green as against a now, it's also greenish. We cannot more insert office. Not here. Focal distance in the church. Um um um um um a directional light. Again. Let's make it higher in the hierarchy. Let's make the caller purple under Justin explaining how actually this works. As you can see, if I click on one of this light we see here Oh, this object selected. This is basically our relied on right now. If you look here, it's pointing on our face. So you see this kind of arrows here response to have 21 little phrase on you can go to rotation and changes. So, for example, if I make this rotation, let's say minors. 15 as against nights pointing out of it up on the location of these red lights has changed . But if I'm exhortation here, let's a sortie it's against against. The location has changed. So if we change the rotation off the light zoo, allocation off the lights in our face is also going to change if I make it back toe minus 45 which was the default Fram Attar as against a knowledge back to normal so you can play views that as well. Let's say you won't have even more lights, so let's actually go if at one more directional light, then is going to blend with already existing light. So on DA that's going to change to alter the colors off the red and yellow. Because, for example, if we combine two lights, which are different colors, then they're going to ever totally different car. So let's go here. Click right in that on Let's add spotlight. So now, as you can see, if you have this light here, let's also bring it up here on the things that right now if you look here, if you just click right on, change their view as you can see a sport that is located behind the romance. We wanted to be on our by so I can actually affect the affect, the mask. So I have to trick this blue line on drag. It left France against you. Now it's affecting the mask. I mean, we don't see it here right now, but it's already affecting on for them. Belief. Click visible often on as you can see here, look here, for example. On this point, it's get it's changing, so it's affecting our mask already. That's already a good sign under. Let's actually go here. Click on this color on Let's change it to Violet. Let's say let's click OK on right now. As you can see, we already see some kind of violence. So, for example, if you look here, I can turn this off and on and we see this kind of violet lights, and if you want to change the rotation off course, you can do it so you can change the position off this lighting. So for the employer, let's make it 20 on. Ah, yes, against the position has now changed. Let's s actually too much problem. Let's make it turn good knife. I look on the camera looks pretty cool up. And of course, you can add more light, so you cannot I don't different colors, more lights on. So on his next lesson, we actually going to make our skin look out with better. So we're going to add some smoothing. So, you know, it looks really smooth on. Duh. That's it. Resist. Listen, don't forget to save this file so you can continue working with onto you guys on the next run by 6. Making our skin smooth: Hello, guys. This'll listen, We're going to start by making our face mother on for that attraction. It does so, first of all, we need to create an additional face mish. And if you forgot face, Mrs Actually, this mask that is on our face on No, let's actually go to this face record. Click right in that users face much on. As you can see, we have inserted a new face, Mitch, inside this face striker on yet I know it looks weird, but don't don't worry about that. There isn't. We had to insert this freshness inside this face trucker. Is that of it actually be able to track where our faces actually looking So left, right up, down on so on. That's why this needs to be inside the face, Striker. So let's actually take this AM results with higher. So as you guys know, it looks better on let's actually rename it. So if we just click twice on it, we can name is this are attaching is going to our attaching live under. So just like we did first time when we created our 1st 1st measure this time, Wilson to create a new material on. We can off course created from here. We can go here and click for us, but we can also created from here. So I want to show you different options. We can click at assets on, then create material as you continue Material is created and that's actually click twice and and name this great arching on the right. Now let's go to Shader. Type on changes to retouching on Don't see that we have here is actually skin smoothing on . If you bring it to 50% that should be fine but we can change it later so we don't see anything right now on. The reason for that is that we have here our Facemash on their VF here. We're attaching material, but they're not connecting. They're not connected. I know to connect them here to select our attaching face much we need to go to materials on choose here retouching boom! As against it now my skin is much smoother. So if I turn this off No, no, look, you can see that there's actually a difference and of course you can make the stronger, safe, weekly conscious retouching. I go to skin smoothing and make it 100% and yet you can use it if you want to. So now we can actually say that we have finished the basic part off our effect. We have the lights, you have the texture. But those who want to be ableto change this texture. So in the affected I showed you in the introduction, we could actually click on this on the face on. The textures would change so that there isn't actually a few different textures. I want tobe able toe, you know, change with them. But I tap on the screen. So, for example, 1st 1 is have to change. They're gonna have different give me pieces in here right now, but they're also water and other one's gonna hand guard. Last night was laid low, so boring on blah, blah, blah. Onda Yes, this just images. You can create your own in any design program for that. First of all, we need to import them as on animation inside our project in order to be able tow switch between them on. How are we going to do that? So if I go here at two asset, then I click your great animation sequence right now, if I go here right now to texture formulations like once attempted after click choose file and I have to choose all of these files on defusing Mac, you're also going to have buttons. They're saying seconds or something like that. You can just click that button, you know, to import it as the seconds if you don't have it, then you should be fine as well. But what's happening to be to select many layers So basically being just like all of them, always aware that your own team put I'm going like this once you can find it in the asset in the product materials as well. And let's click open. Okay, Coop. So now you can save your peer group created And then inside this group, they have all the materials that those pictures that we need specifically care we can go. We can see actually is I'm here. What I want to do right now is I want to delete this actually a texture that were imported before just for test on. Let me actually select them. Cried Dilate is going okay on the as you can see, since I do it it it Um Ah, yeah. I'm going to look like this right now, so I know it looks horrible. Just don't forget to save this was the next lesson. We're going to start basically creating the logic. So I will show you how can actually tell Spark airs that when you click on the screen, you want toe switch between this texture. So people when they used your filter Wait, wait. Let's actually turn this off with because, um, let me turn this off. Yeah, You can see me normal right now, so you will learn how toe? So when for example, people use your Peter Instagram or Facebook they can click on the screen on they will switch between the textures here that you have provided. So basically level speech between the effects. When I click on the screen on the Yeah, see you guys on the next lesson by 7. Changing designs on screen tap: What's up, guys? And welcome back. We already did. So much became so far on DA. There isn't why we don't say anything right now, because if you remember during our last lesson, I turned over this face trucker. If I turn it on, as you can see, is just going to be a mask on. But that's because I haven't had I did nt Take shows that my so it actually turns us off for now. So it's Parker. You can use programming as well. If you know it's a jealous trip, you can use it in order to animate, object on program, different cool stuff. But for people who don't actually know programming, there is a syncope. Catch editor on. If I go now to review on here, I have Togo Patch editor. If I click went as you can see that actually make the smaller the FBI's. This kind of Patchett it open, and right now it's empty. So and it's actually pretty easy to use. Agita is used to animate, and there are different types of functionality to our effect without the knowledge of programming. So how does it actually work on work? So, for example, if I click right here for I can just click goes at Patch, I'm going to have different types of practice here. For example, animation, animation, player interaction Blink Arbroath lowered on its own. So, for example, let me actually just click any of them in the match. As against now, this kind of thing is here, and then we can at another part. You don't need to repeat this, okay? Just you need to repeat this on for them. I can. The animation patch. I can see now. I also had animation so we can create this kind of boxes which are called patches, and then we can connect them between each other on that's how actually Spark are is going to know. OK, so when I blink, then you have Sparkler. Has any made something, so just an example. Okay, so let's actually do this on. Let's go here right now to animation cyclones on what we actually want to do. So, for example, if I go now to this material zero, when I go to the texture and I choose your animation sequence, nothing is going to happen yet because have turned off a striker. So if I turn on my face trucker, as against the night going to animate between these textures. But I don't want that. I want them. I want them to be shown when I just tap on the screen. So right now it's animating them, And that's actually a different another way for you to see what you can actually do. You can actually, at some kind of animation here. I was going to get animated, so it's going to look pretty. Course well on DA Yeah, I want to turn this off so you don't see it right now. Just I want to show how it's going to look. So let's tone is off Now If I goto, um, animation sequence here have for example, at once and have current frame, and you have this kind of I can near it arrow, and you actually may probably seen already this kind of arrow in different places. So if I go to material or attaching, I'll not of the mind. Material also have this iconic near the texture on deer, for example, rhythm, texture and as a stuff so much desire actually does. Arrow helps us to animate, to add some kind of functionality to this property. So, for example, we cannot function under two texture or if you go to animations like was I can't functionality to current frame. So if I click here as you can see now, it's automatically added. If I click on this arrow, it's automatically going to bad it on this patch editor. All right, now, the current frame is zero. So now we're going to programs this without programming. No worse. OK, so we're going toe, actually tell our air spark hair to change the friends one by one. How are we going to do that? First of all, let's click right here. I'm opening different types of patches that I can add or you can also click at pasture. And here we actually need to patch called top. So if I just clicked up, as you can see, he have you have object type of screen time. We're going to screen the soldiers cricket, but also here you have description, just in case. You want to know what this Patrick's to dust. But this one is pretty self explanatory after a tap and you weren't the screen I click your insulin pressure. Good. So Now this is going toe capture any time I tap on the screen. But now what? Actually I want to do Every time I tap on the screen, I want to know things change his current frame. I want toe make it plus one. So I want to change the frame. So for the 1st 1 to the 2nd 1 So, for example, let's say I started with the tap light, which is from zero. And then friend number one is this one. So every time I tap, I wanted to add one more friend. So I want to change the frame Number one, the netapp again. I wanted to change to frame number two. So it's going to be 012 on how we go to that effect. Like right here, have counter patch I scan survey that I can click in that patch on as you can see, the other counter. So now we took unknown item. So here on screen tablets, like we have a tap on, I want to connect this to increase was actually going to the every time I tap from the scream is going to increase the counter. So, for example, is going to start from zero. Then I tap is going to go toe 1234 and so on. And then here I want to connect the counter the current frame. Um so as you can see no. Um, let's just try this out. If I go here, I can click on this menu and here have similar touch. If I click it, look what's going to happen every time I tough See the number has changed. It's not a very good visible, but it's one If I click, it's too. I also look every time I tap he is going to go a connection. So you're going to see some kind of light goes They're tough top boom. As you can see now it's going to change. That's what actually I need. So if I go now to Space Striker and I just turn this on as you can see ni if I tap on the screen bump changed Boom changed tonight Looks pretty Kula I mean, if you made it so far, I'm I'm sure you're gonna be so happy you're gonna feel that you accomplished so much and that's it. Basically, I can just click tap on change this and you have to admit that this was actually pretty simple, right? Right, Onder, that's it, guys, for this lesson on. But this was actually a pretty simple effect. I would say in terms of spark air, if we have a look a different mass where they totally change your face and do some crazy stuff. This is pretty simple, but I mean, it's beautifully after every and it's also pretty useful. For example, if you go if you want a handout, he can just post it on the story. They won't hang out to your friends and maybe someone wants to God. Or last night was late to showcase that you have been partying all night long. Oh, love, I don't know tap to change or giving pizza If you're really hungry, You cannot supposed it on dumb. That's it for this lesson, guys. I hope you enjoy. Just don't forget to save this on. If you have any questions, just leave them in comets. I'll be so happy to help you. But 8. Testing our mask on our phone camera: What's up, guys? On this list. Now I'm gonna show you how you can actually try out your own effect on your phone on your camera so I can actually see how it's going to look on. Maybe make a video visit on also shared to instagram, if you want. Oh, on the first of all, you to download an app called Spark Higher Player. So if you just go here on DA Search Park Iron Player So several boats for android on uh, I asked some this one you to download it to your phone, Let me actually cause this. Then after you have done it on your phone, you Teoh connected with cable to your phone. So just a USB cable Right now, I connected my phone to my left abusing USB cable, But you can also try to connect the using Bhutto's or, as I new ways, you usually connect your frontier device. The main thing is that they need to be connected somehow. Okay, on when you have dances, you're going to see here this kind of mirror you're going to see here on the left Miro button on the first full. If you are doing If you're using an android, you to make sure that the years basic and USB connection is not charge only, but also for files so you can actually transform the files from here to your phone on DA. Then, for example, if we often sparked ire player on our phone on that, I can click mirror here. Okay, right now, As you can see, it's saying my phone number, name and also sent. And if you have any problems because it's just a new big new app on it may have many bags, just make sure goto Facebook. I mean, to the documentation part so visible developers and in concerts here, for example, mirror or spark care for them by FDR to Tora previewing effectively spark er player, you can go through them on. Maybe they will help you, but you shouldn't have any problems. So right now, if I just click send on, I will have it sent Teoh to my in the spark. I play it on my phone on now I can actually see it, and I can test it, so I mean, I can show it to you, but yeah, it's working. I can see it on my phone on day. I can actually click on it, and I can change it. And you can do it as well on Does that sit? Guys for this lesson was next lesson. I'm actually gonna show you, um, how you can publish your effect toe Facebook instagram on other places. How you can just say what exported on so on by 9. Uploading the mask to Instagram/Facebook: What's up, guys? Today's finally the day when we will conquer the world. I mean, publish our master Instagram, but it's almost the same thing, right? Let's Goto file and let's actually go to export project. We need to export this on right now is going to calculate the size off the file. They actually see if I'm recording because before this lesson actually recorded twice. But I didn't actually turn on the recording, and it was so bad something it already sort time. Ever think for you guys right now you can see it's called, It's saying, Ready to submit so it's actually doing. It's calculating the size of the project. As you can see, everything is green. Are your son droid All down toward this means that the sizes are fine on. We can publish it. If, for example, let's say you work on the project and let's say the sizes too big there's going to be read on. It's very bad, you know. People won't be able to use it on the camera because the size of the project is too big, so you will need to make it smaller. There isn't that it can be too big is, for example, if the texture that he applied is too big, but my textures are pretty small. I mean, they're The size is, I don't know, very small, not even one megabytes. So that's why you may just make sure it's small. Now if I just play expert, I have two experts somewhere, so best up to define on. You can name it anything, So it's going to be I'm gonna name it. Testing and legis click safe Now. When we did that, it's going to ask us so your party will support the divan toppled in tow to a spark higher hap on. We just click open spark help. So there is going to happen that basically the studio where we can manage on publish our effects. Let's wait until it's opening on. Yeah, so I can see I did already at Fort and publish on its going. I'm sorry, that proof to effect on and as I would like says this place if you just go toe spark air site and you can just click manage effect on the same thing is going to open. So right now we can just go to out for defect blah, blah, blah get started. We just click, get started. So first will be to name over effect. Okay, you can just need anything just going to going to before. Okay, let's limiter is going to be for testing purposes. So the test on day Ah, So what actually to be takrit and I conferred its effect. And also we need to afford the file here so the father can afford right now we can just take this and bring it here on I can. So in order to your for effect to be approved you to follow some guidelines for us I can find of per sample If you go here, Ana, let me actually show you so for his employment. Sure, for the beginning. If you go to the Sparkler website, you go to learn there you're going to have Where is it very going to have this? Managing publishing, publishing your effect. And here you have sub meeting your effect, for example. And then you have your icons and names for your Facebook and Instagram effect on the creating effect icons for Instagram or for friends. Unless for temperatures for Instagram on as he can see so Is there a special specific guidelines that you need to follow, So yet to read it on your own? Because even if I tell you, resume right now, you're not going to remember them about its guidance. For example, you can't use this kind of great dance for your icon on dumb. For example, if it's something that related to face, if it somehow changing the face unity is this shape exactly this one. You can't along with the template file to get started. Size you can see is only the template files on then, eh? So it's available for illustrative for the trip and sketch so in which program you're working on, of course, that you will have to create the icon in some kind of design program you can create is in spark hair off course on. If you open the zip file, you're going to have gas against the templates for you say that for the ship was for the shop and then going to have here toe template. So one is, for example, just and Aiken template another when I contemplate for a phrase. So if you're effect is doing something for the first year to use This template is the effect is doing something just for the surroundings. Not not only face, then you to use the 1st 1 Okay, I'm not gonna show you how to create cycle because that's that's not connected toe. Creating the effect itself is just the basic design skills on then here, for example, you have naming your instagram afraid and different rules. So it's really good if you go through this rules. And if your rhythm it's not much as London is not going to take much time. I mean, basically, just need to make sure you follow the guidelines force I can is going to be fine. OK, Andi, just gonna pick and drop some off my icons that I created. For example, this one okay on this is not included in the product materials because actually, this affected I we just made its Ah. I mean, it's my mask on and I have already submitted this to Facebook. You can also submitted if you want to taste, test it. But you cannot make it available for everyone because it's already submitted its But you can use this template reached. So basically, this money can change this to a different textures, different text and so on. And you can create your own mosque. And then you can, of course, submit it because it's going to be yours, for example. For now, click, upload and continue. Have legal agreement, agree upon and continue. Continue, Bob Love life is going to upload this and so on. Come on. Good. Now, when you have done that, you can actually click. Send notification and then you can actually send application to your phone. You can test on your phone Or if you want to share your visual friends, you can click coupling and they can click. Send this thing to your friends and they can actually test this, you know? So it just for fun you can see the show them. Look, look what I have done on. Yeah, on that's it basically can just click next steps and then you're going toe to submit it for approval. And then you have to wait until they actually up proof it. And then after this is approved, you can go to your sparkler. Help on you're going to see your effects. Years against the after effect here on, you can click here and you can actually see a copy effect testing. And you can send it to your friends founder. Let me, actually. And right now the thing is that you can upload it only to Facebook, you know, to be able to afford to instagram it's only closed Better program and not everybody is allowed Toe do that, Unfortunately, But going toe open very soon and you can apply actually to this about a program. If you want toe, say if you go to a spark Holland is historial. Oh, so if you go to a spark air Onda here, you're going to have Ah, it's like I'm effect Apply now you have to apply on then I mean most likely they're going to reply very, very late, but who knows? I don't know. OK, Onda, you can try this out on, then Maybe that will allow you to politics Instagram as well on by maybe, I mean at some point they were allowed to do that for everyone. But right now, because it's still in better. It's ah closed better program. That's why not everyone is allowed to do that. But still, it's very good if you learn sparkler because there's a new program on in the next few years , there's going to be the absolute killer for the additional reality designs and so on. And if you know how to do it, you can actually find different clients that want to have, like companies that don't have their own special effects, and you can create that for them. And I think it's going to be really, really cool on That's it, guys, my next one of my next classes and this was actually first project. I'm also gonna publish some other classes. Bye bye.