Create Innovative Logos With Isometric Grid | Marina Ivanovic | Skillshare

Create Innovative Logos With Isometric Grid

Marina Ivanovic, Logo Designer | Coffee Addict

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5 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction

    • Introducing the Isometric Grid

    • Creating the 3D Draft

    • Coloring with Pattern

    • Coloring With Gradient


About This Class


Did you ever want to create a 3D logo? Did you know you can do it in less than 30 minutes using grids? :-)

You guys who watched my previous video Using Grids To Create The Perfect Logo know how much I love working with grids, so here's another course about another type of a gridding system that's all about maths and I promise it will give you so much fun!

We will be working with isometric grid and we'll learn how to draw 3D logos! 

Join me for this quick course that will leave you playing in Illustrator for hours after seeing it. Just don't forget to post your project! ;-)))

Ready? Let's begin!

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Marina Ivanovic

Logo Designer | Coffee Addict

Marina is a logo designer and a horrible driver. So instead of driving around seeing places, Marina found her happiness indoors in the world of vectors. She is here to share with everyone what she has learnt on her journey through the planet Design and prove to people that the pen tool is not an enemy.

Living in Malta, Marina has a lot of sun to enlighten her work and keep up the positive attitude. She enjoys swimming in the dawn and doing yoga at the beach. She is actively tr...

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