Create Infinite Killer Content Ideas for Your Blog | Laurie Wang | Skillshare

Create Infinite Killer Content Ideas for Your Blog

Laurie Wang, Social Media Marketing Coach & Blogger

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9 Videos (37m)
    • Introduction to This Course

    • Your Class Project

    • Welcome and Introduction

    • Who Are Your Readers?

    • Building Your Audience

    • Create Viral Content Ideas

    • Useful Tools to Find Content Ideas

    • Create Great Blog Content

    • Recap and Summary

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About This Class

For most beginner bloggers and even experienced ones, after you have created a blog, you are faced with the task of actually coming up with new ideas and creative content that you can write and post. And especially ones that your audience will want to read and share.

To create great content week after week, you need a lot of ways to come up with new content topics and posts that are more likely to go viral and get shared. In this course, you will learn how to come up with killer content ideas for your blog, and the useful tools that you need to be successful.

  • Understand more about your audience
  • Building a perfect audience for your blog
  • Create viral content ideas
  • Useful tools to find content ideas (that helped me in my blog!)
  • Anatomy of great blog content

This class is made for beginners and experienced bloggers alike, especially as I’ll be sharing awesome tools that have helped me in my blogging journey!

No software or previous knowledge is required for this course.

Let’s dive in!





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Laurie Wang

Social Media Marketing Coach & Blogger

Hi, my name is Laurie Wang. I'm a digital marketing consultant, trainer, Skillshare instructor, and public speaker living in London, United Kingdom.

Through my lifestyle and travel blog New Yorker Meets London & Instagram, I help to inspire more experiences in people's lives from new perspectives, opening their eyes to the wonder and vastness of what is possible. My work has appeared in Elite Daily, Metro London, Fast Company, and Women 2.0.

I also set up ...

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