Create Images for Pinterest | Rhoda Toynbee | Skillshare
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3 Videos (46m)
    • Create Images With Canva

    • How to Use PicMonkey

    • Pinterest Images With Photoshop


About This Class

Learn to create images that represent your brand.

Images that are the correct size, have select colors from your brand, and that stay consistent are more likely to be pinned.

Not sure which platform to use to make your images?

These 3 videos will teach you the basics of using a Photoshop template, Canva (an online program) or PicMonkey (an online program). 





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Rhoda Toynbee

Teacher, Blogger, Designer

I'm a Mom, a wife, and an artist. I love to learn something new, especially related to design or technology, and I'm driven to never stop evolving to make positive changes to my life and business.

I love every color in the palette, and I'm so happy that I have an opportunity to work with them daily, to create and design something beautiful and unique for my clients and myself.

Usually I can be found with my laptop, a book, or playing with paper in my studio. Unless it is summert...

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