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Create Highly Converting SMS/Text Marketing Campaigns for eCommerce | Ultimate Guide - SMS Marketing

teacher avatar Alex Huston, Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Class Introduction & Overview

    • 2. SMS Marketing Overview

    • 3. SMS Automations

    • 4. SMS Flows

    • 5. SMS Text Marketing Campaigns

    • 6. Growing Your SMS List

    • 7. Analytic Overview and Outro

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About This Class

Are you using SMS marketing on your eCommerce or Shopify store? 

If you're not, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. Introducing, SMS/Text marketing. 

In this course, we will go through how to set up powerful and highly converting SMS/Text marketing campaigns. We will discuss different types of automations, marketing flows, as well as creating and sending SMS/Text marketing campaigns. 

In this class:

  • What is SMS marketing?
  • Overview of various tools for SMS marketing
  • How to use SMS marketing automation
  • How to set up an SMS marketing flow
  • How to create and send an SMS marketing campaign
  • How to convert current email subscribers and website visitors into SMS marketing

I am so excited to show you the power behind SMS/Text Marketing during your eCommerce journey.


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alex Huston



Alex is a determined and focused young professional who has developed an array of skills to share over the past 10 years. With primary focuses around digital marketing, eCommerce, music production and various creative software, his knowledge is applicable to several different industries.


His zealous passion and worth ethic stem from a love of learning and application of new skills to the projects and businesses he is involved with.

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1. Class Introduction & Overview: All right, y'all welcome back to another video today. We're gonna go or some more tips for commerce on. The thing that we're gonna be looking at today is SMS marketing. SMS marketing is a really, really powerful tool. I'm excited to introduce you to it. It's one of the most cost efficient tools. It's one of the easiest things to build with your e commerce store on. When we take a look at everything that we could do with an SMS marketing tool, you'll see why it's so effective and so efficient why the returns were so high. That's the biggest piece about SMS marketing is you can spend a little bit of money and potentially have some very high returns from using the techniques because the cost of SMS marketing is extremely underpriced. So I'm really excited to share it with you really excited to show you a tool that I use with one of my, uh one of my clients here and go through the different automation is that you can set up and the different tips and tricks to grow your SMS marketing, your SMS marketing list and other tools that you will find beneficial in having successful text marketing campaigns and engaging your consumers and potential customers directly at their phones. Though extremely powerful, be sure to watch this entire lesson on def. You're interested. I've got tons of other lessons like this that talk about email, marketing and other autumn ations that you can set up on your e commerce stores. So be sure to check those out as well. So excited to hop into the computer, give you an overview and show you some of the tips and tricks of using text marketing along with your Shopify Ecommerce store. Let's get to it. 2. SMS Marketing Overview: all right. Also, here we are inside of the back end of one of our shop five stores on. We're gonna look at an act called SMS bump Marketing Automation. It's something that you can download straight from the APP store in the Shopify dashboard. So we're gonna take a look head inside here. I'm gonna give you a quick overview before we start diving in eso. When you first get in here, you can see this will be your dashboard. You can see analytics of campaigns and things of that matter right on. And then you've also got your navigation system on the left hand side here where you can go to different automation, which will be different text automation that you can set up which we're gonna dive into really, really, really powerful. You consent of different flows, different tax marketing. So if you wanna to almost like an email blast, but your text list you're going to hear different lists and segments that you have of different people who came from different sources or whatever. You have growth tools on how you can use this tool to actually turn email, email, subscribers and website visitors into people that are subscribed to your text Martin list, which is really important. You've got overall analytics settings and then integrations. You can integrate different email service providers on, and they have some other sap integrations as well. So, um, that's pretty much it for the overview. Let's head to the next lesson here, and I'll start going down through, um, these things 11 on one. 3. SMS Automations: So the first thing we're gonna look at is our automation is here. Eso If you click on automation of the left hand side, you can actually see that the apple set up. A bunch of automation is for you automatically, and then you simply just have to kind of go in and make them active. So let's go into this one real quick, quick and can see kind of how it set up. Um, so you can go in here. It's enabled. Set for one hour after somebody abandons their check out on. We've got this, um, text message set up that gets sent to everybody. So they've got a lot of available short codes so you can put people's first names. You can put specific locations in your allergy, can add discount codes and their everything. So usually I try to stay with what's already preset there, and I just changed a little bit or add something a little more customized at the brand name , whatever it is, just to make it more personalized and interactive with the brand that the message is coming from. But these are really, really, really powerful, because just like we know that are abandoned. CART e mails can recover sales for us. So can these Bannon cart text messages. So we do want to hit people wherever we can get them. Right? So we've got them receiving abandon card emails. And also, with this tool, we can have them be receiving a ah combination of abandoned car text messages. So we actually have three abandoned car tax misters. It's set up. I'll go into the 1st 1 Um, let's see here. We'll go to the 1st 1 says, Hey, this is Alex from Strong. I notice he left a few song graces in your car and we're running low on stock. Feel free to use my personal code when you check out on your purchase. Right on. It sends a an image of the of the product that they were viewing right, which is pretty cool. So we have this set up Thio Thio. Um, message them five minutes after they've been in there, check out. So the reason why it's so quick is most people have their phones right by them, right? I know I usually have my phone readily available almost at all times and same on the computer and I'm checking out on a website or I get and I get distracted, but and then I walk away and I see it on my phone. And it reminds me, Teoh, finish my check out. So this could be really, really powerful one if you go back here, we just started. So our list isn't isn't very big, but you can see that we've sent about 40 of these and we've been able to return $105 which is really, really awesome. The 2nd 1 that we have set up is the abandoned cart after one hour, which was the 1st 1 we set. So same idea the messages a little, a little bit different, but the time delay is set for one hour, so they've already gotten the five minute one. And now, an hour later, we're gonna hit them again. You know, people get busy, people forget. So there's no issue with hitting people again. And the 3rd 1 is actually set up, Um, for one day after and you can see that this one is actually returned the least. But that's all right. So we hit people about three times with these automated text messages So once somebody goes on where a website and they fill out their their information and they put their phone number as part of their check out information, if they don't finish their purchase, they're gonna get all three of these text messages. And these air really, really powerful. I wonder if we can look at the analytics on this one. Here we go. Just to show you how powerful these are to go back. Just look at this year. Get all the data. There we go. So this is how powerful there, and because they're so underpriced, um, these can be extremely, extremely beneficial for anybody getting started in e commerce. And especially if you're on a low budget so you can see recovered revenue is over $200.248 dollars. Right total we spent to send these messages is $1.38 and we sent over 40 of them to people who have check out our site. Um, we've been able to recover a total of five orders through that. The click through rate is 18.42%. The conversion rate of people who have gotten it is 71.43% and the automation return on investment is 18,000%. So, again, this is why these are so powerful. Because you can look at the return of we spent a dollar 38 cents to make $248. So our return on all these automation czar gonna be extremely high. Um, see, we can take a look at this one real quick as well. I believe this one is gonna be Yeah, we've spent a little more here because we're sending images of the off the product with it , But our return on the initial investment is still $3600 3 3000 and 63% which is crazy. So you can get an idea of really how powerful is gonna be. So we're gonna head into the next one, and we're gonna I'm gonna start showing you flows 4. SMS Flows: All right, so we're in the flows dashboard, and this is kind of similar to some of the automation, but you can send certain lists there and get really specific with it. So if you go back and you view the flow library, you can start to get some ideas here. So again you can create another abandoned cart. One high value, first low value. Let's see. Let's do post purchase new customer. Uh, let's just do proposed purchase. Tough sell. That's gonna be the most simplistic to start with. You can kind of see what this looks like. So, um, so you can set this up just like our claudio, um are Claudio Flows where if you go back to some of the other videos where we talk about the Clavijo flows and automating some some email flows, you can take take kind of the philosophy behind it all on applied to these text messages as well, so you can set the trigger to order created on Ben. You can create a text message that says, Let's see what this says. Thank you for your purchase, Your Honor, I d is. But a lot of loving discounts get 10% off your next one, right? And so you can add another text in here. If you want to continue to remind somebody of hay, this is like a post purchase blow. Right? So, um, somebody that purchases, we'll get confirmation in their text message, and then you can add another condition, Another delay. Okay. So we can add a delay. Right? Well, at a delay in here at delay, we're gonna set this for another day, maybe two days after we send them their purchase confirmation with with an email, and we're gonna have a step at an action, sand them, send a new message. Right. So now we created a flow, and we can have this text message say a just a reminder. We wanted to give you a special discount. Thanks again for being a purchaser. So very similar to our post purchase up cell and our emails and weaken structured the same way. Um, and you can see that this will be triggered when somebody creates an order. Uh, we'll get this action will get this text message. Then we'll wait two days and then we'll send him another text message right to their phone . Um and you can go go through and play with all this. So I will say this real quick leader. For now, we're not using it. You can go through and play with all these within within these this flow library, and you can create your own little sales funnels within the tax marking. So let's let's head over to the text marketing tab and I'll show you this tool and how powerful this could be as well. 5. SMS Text Marketing Campaigns: All right, so we're in the text marketing tab, and basically, what we're going to see right here is setting up a, um, a text message on a text message marketing campaign. Right. So we can choose what are what target audience we want to do. So let's send it to our entire text marketing list. We've got a little under 300 people in, um, and for this one, we can choose to throw an image in there. I don't have an image for this example. So I'm gonna take that off. Putting a gift for an image is going to make the cost of your text messages actually, be a lot more. So what I found really effective is if you're running a sale. Usually these text message marketing campaigns work best when you're running some type of discount or sale 2025 30% off for a limited time. So, um, let's do this example here for a spring sale. Bring sale live now, shop the hottest music inspired jewelry at 30% off with code example, and I actually you can make codes with inside the app, but I actually like to make the codes within Shopify and then just put the code in the text message. And then I usually do shop now and do the website. Right. Um and so the message strength. You can look at this. Um, who Let's change that. It says make sure that you are all starts with http s Okay. You, um, at a discount code. So if I wanna add a discount code within the app, this would make it stronger. You can do it. Either way, you could test this out. What works best for you? Obviously there is a discount code in there. It's just created within Shopify. So if we use their discount code weaken siege at a discount code 30%. There we go. This makes it extremely powerful. Right? So, um, feel free to do it whichever way you feel more comfortable, and then you can go through. And you can, um who you can schedule these. So if we go back, just kick campaign scheduling. I usually scheduled these out, so I make him a line up with some of the the email marketing that we do. We have sales buy two, get one free, 20% out, 30% off whatever it is, I'll go through and schedule it that way, and then you don't even think about it just goes out on its own. So he's a really powerful. I caution you to be sparing with these. Don't hit people all the time. I've found that, um, the text marketing doesn't work as well with email in terms of engaging people consistently as it relates to the text marketing campaign. So that's why I say usually you want to do one or two blasts around a very high discount offer because I haven't found a lot of response of just, uh, putting branded, UH, info text in there and getting those convert. So that's it for the text marking campaigns. Let's move on to the growth tools, which is gonna be another really important piece. See in the next video 6. Growing Your SMS List: all right. So here's the growth tools within, um, within the SMS marketing app. There's a few way that few ways that you can get people to sign up for your SMS marketing. Right? So you can convert email subscribers and you can get started here. Um, you configure an email template and you would send it out. Um, so there's a ton of different ways you can do this. You can also, uh, well, let's go back. Growth tools. You can also do a subscription for him. This is how I've set it up. There's a subscription form set up on our website, and basically that's its own page on the back end of our website and then within our email campaigns in our Claudio account, I just link people to that webs. That Web page giving them a special discount code for signing up for attacks, marketing and that seems seems to have worked really, really well. You can also do a share a bowl link, what you can you can put anywhere so those were kind of the three main growth tools. Definitely, the subscription form is the easiest, I would say in terms of because you can also set it up as a pop up on your site. So when people come to your site, they can get the pop up on and get a discount code right there. I don't have it set up that way, but you can figure out which ones gonna work best for you. But make sure that you're taking into account just how we want to capture email addresses. Now, we also want to capture text mess are not text messages, also captured phone numbers from people s so that we can continue to market them long term and hopefully convert them into long term customers. So be sure to usually utilize these growth tools. Be sure to take a look at the different options and see what works best for you. 7. Analytic Overview and Outro: Alright, guys, So last had they were gonna talk about is gonna be the analytics tab. And this really just gives us an overview of all our analytics. And you can check out the different revenue sources of what we just went through. Subscription forms, flows, automation, text marketing on, and then the overview of your entire time frame, whatever you pick. So again, how powerful is this? Where we've spent $33.38 38 cents and we've made back just under a grand for a total of a 2841% return on investment, equating to 21 orders on our website. Right. So you can see how powerful this is. I highly, highly recommend you set it up. You play around with it, you get it going. You see how you could make it work for yourself. So take a look at this, guys. I hope this was helpful. I hope you kind of see the correlation between how our email flows can correlate with our text month marketing flows as well as our campaigns that were sending two people can correlate with our text margin campaigns as well if you don't understand that Go, Go. Be sure to check out my videos on setting up automated flows within Claudio or your email service provider. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I hope this hope this was helpful and hope This helps increase your sales on your shop. If I store, take a look at It s a mass marketed much love peace.