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Create High Quality Screen Capture Videos With OBS

teacher avatar James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. How To Get The Most Out Of This Class

    • 3. 1.1 Where To Download The Software

    • 4. 1.2 Using Auto Configuration

    • 5. 1.3 Settings - General To Video

    • 6. 1.4 Settings For Audio

    • 7. 1.5 Video Settings To Get Sharp Screen Recording

    • 8. 1.6 How To Set And Use Hotkeys

    • 9. 2.1 Recording From Different Sources

    • 10. 2.2 Extra Tips for Sharpness

    • 11. 2.3 Recording With Your Webcam

    • 12. 2.4 Ensuring Your Webcam And Audio Are In Sync

    • 13. Recording Audio On Separate Tracks

    • 14. Summary And Other Video Classes Here

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About This Class

Creating videos quickly is always a challenge because of the process involved. However for certain types of video, they can be created much faster.

Screen capture video is a way to do it. While most people think that screen captures are boring, you can inject some zest into them if you know how to do so.

In this class, you will learn how to do just that using OBS. OBS is a free software you can download and use without any restriction.

Not only will you be able to record your screen, you can also record yourself either with just a webcam, the screen or both. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

James Woo

Skills For A Better Life


I’ve been an engineer and a business owner. I enjoy helping people with software, videos and online tools.

My aim is to teach you how to Leverage Tech to create Greater Impact in your life. 

Over two thousand people have taken my online courses on Skillshare alone. I believe that anyone can master the tech world with some training and an open mind.

Besides my courses here, there are articles and videos on my website and my YouTube channel where you can learn how to master other software and tools to help you be more effective in your life or your business.

Feel free to connect with me too.



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1. Class Introduction: Hi, My name is James. Over the past few years, I've been making hundreds of videos for YouTube for courses for your marketing. So if you want to benefit most from the trend is happening these days, which is using video, we're spaces online than this cost east one for you. Now, In this cost, I will show you how to use open broadcasters software. Yes, to show you how you can record your screen. Or maybe you want to just record yourself talking on Webcam. Or maybe you want to call both of them together. I will show you the best practice tricks and tips that I found with the years are making videos with this software. How to get good shop, a screen capture recording before two senior In the course you have any questions? Please feel free to email me, James James, who don't net and I look forward to seeing you make your videos as well 2. How To Get The Most Out Of This Class: welcome to this class. Create high quality screen capture videos with O. B s. Now, to get the most out of this class, I suggest that you approach it from this way. If you are new to O. B s and you have never used a bs before, then my suggestion is to actually go through the lectures on all the video today rose one by one. And that way you wouldn't have missed any settings that can actually affect the quality off the video. Or they can actually throw you off and you go through it one by one. Then you would miss anything. Now, if you have used O. B s before and you want to skip around, then a few free to do so. And that way you can zoom into the lessons that you want and not waste time on things that you already know. So let's get started with this class 3. 1.1 Where To Download The Software: this video will show you where to Donald R. O. B s open broadcaster software. So the place to download this actually, Mobius project not come. Okay, so you can see it here and on the screen. You will notice that there are three versions that you can download for Windows, for Mac and for clinics. So for the purpose of this costs, I'm gonna use the windows version so you can just click on this windows vision to download the software so you can just see if the far here save it to your directory anywhere and then just install it like installing is very simple. I'm not going to install it. Or don't worry further, because I've already done that. So But I wanted to highlight something to you, which is the Windows version. So Windows version supports have in those seven windows eight it by one and so and also in those 10. If you are using different versions, then for example, if you're using it for your make Mac computer or for the next, then you download the appropriate section. So in the next video, I will show you after you have installed what steps to take to get started with Yes, 4. 1.2 Using Auto Configuration: and you launch O. B s for the first time. This would be the screen that you will see. So it should be in the dark team. Okay, So in case you see something different than what happens is that you go to your settings here, Okay? Probably your team may have changed from the default into either the Rajni team or the system team. Okay, so let me just show you that the system team is light in color. Okay? So going forward in this course, I will use the light team, okay? Or the system came over here. Okay, so I'm just going to click apply, So don't worry. You're gonna cover things are one by one, so you'll notice that on O bs, they're sort of like nothing over here. But you have many over there. There's a windows for your scene. That's a window for sources. And also a mixer. OK, and then you have other controls as well. Like start streaming, start recording studio settings and exit. Okay. Okay. The next step is for you to create a profile. So to create a profile, go up to the top here, the menu and click on profile, and you should see an untitled profile. Okay, so what's the purpose of the profile? The profile would be where all your settings in the BS will be saved. So you may want to create one profile for local recording and another profile for life streaming. Okay. So that way, once you change it, or everything will change in O b. S. And you don't have to go through the same things one by one. Okay, So although this lesson or this topic on O. B. S may be similar to be long, especially going into the settings, this is something that you would just need to do once. And once it's done, you really don't need to go into the I said things again, okay? Because you have safety in tow a profile. All right, so maybe you can just put a new profile s in. Say, this is local recording. Anything that is up to you is OK. There's a matter. Okay, so now you connected a profile. There is a local recording. Now, you can also change the name, so I'm gonna click on this and tighter profile and say, rename this so you can rename this to say live streaming. So now you have two profiles. All right, so denoted toe. To be able to switch from profoundly pro farmer you need to do is just click on it and the profile has been safe. All right. Next, we will go to the tools and go to the auto configuration visit. Now click on the auto configuration visit. You notice this to our items there. One is optimized for streaming. The other one is optimized just for recording. Okay, So for the purpose of this cause I'm gonna choose optimize for local recording and by local recording. What I mean is that whatever fouls that we're recording the screen the webcam own will be saved onto your computer. Okay. When you talk about optimized for streaming, this means that will be yes. We actually capture whatever it is capturing and that their ties that he sent straight onto the internet less Saito off Facebook life or to Google life or to other platforms. So the settings is different because streaming you want toe, keep the data rate low because of internet. Okay. So, normally, when you're uploading things on the internet, especially video, you would take a lot off bandwidth, so the optimization for streaming is different. OK, so moving on, let's go to click on next. Okay, So what o. B. S is doing now is likely to check on your system on your computer. Okay? Whether you're number one is your base resolution. Okay, this resolution is talking about your computer screen resolution. Lucky so you can actually choose. Like for for instance, my laptop has this resolution. The native resolution is 1366 by 7 68 pixels. Okay. No, this is not really white scream. Okay? So that's why I used a smaller version, which is 1 to 80 by 7 20 OK, which means that you will actually just cover O. B s a nicely. There will be some gaps at the site on my laptop, so that's all right. Now, if you have a larger screen or your computer can display full Heggie 19 to 0 by 100 you can also choose that so you will capture their screen. And then there would be that native resolution. Okay, so this is the base. Our canvas resolution. The second thing is that you the FPs FPs talks about frames per second. OK, this is actually a video term and eyes actually, how many frames per second that the RBS will capture? So this high frames per second is useful if you are playing games, okay, for the purpose off our recording, you can actually choose to use 30 which is quite good, really good enough. But I'm using my current something, which is 29.97 Okay, so why do I use that now? The very reason is that where I am staying right now, my my digital camera is capturing 29.97 frames per second. Okay, so I want to match it with my video. Said I kept you from movie s. It is not necessary, but I just prefer it to the way. If you're not sure, I don't use that. That would be good enough. OK, so we just click on that at the end on you can actually move on. Okay, so these talks about how many frames that is capturing. The reason why people want to have a higher frames per second is if they are playing games on the computer screen. Things move very fast so that that's why they want how your frame rate. Okay, so click on next and here. The auto configuration visit would actually tell you the test results. Okay. Your for example, your ring recording and coda. Okay, this has bean. That means to be the best, most ideal for your computer. Your recording quality for me will be high quality and medium file size. And I suggest actually, just recording your screen there will be a clean more than good enough. Okay, so just click on applied. He said things. Okay, so you are set one part of you. All right. So in the next part of you will cover the same things in more detail into each individual setting. 5. 1.3 Settings - General To Video: Okay, let's go into the settings. So there, two ways you can go into the settings, you can go to the settings or the file here. Right at the top. Okay. Oh, you can also go into your settings here. There's another setting. So many over there, but of it works the same way. So I just going to click the one at the top here. I'm going to set things. Okay, So let me read, because a little bit smaller so you can see things. Okay, now the general tap over here on the left. Here. So there two things you can select monitor language. And one is this team OK, Really covered the team in the other video. But in case you want to make any changes, you can change the team here. Okay. And the check mark for automatically check for updates on startup. I suggest that you click it on so that every time you boot over Yes, up, we check for this, and there's a new update. You can actually download and install it. Okay, So the rest of this information, the output this is for life streaming automatically. Record went streaming. So we're not gonna do streaming so you can just leave it as it is. Okay, So in case you want to do streaming and local recording at the same time, then you may want to make some of these changes. Click it on. OK? For example, you can also have keep recording when stream stops. Okay, so just leave this. You don't have to do anything. Our sauce alignment snapping you can enable it. But the rest of it, you can actually just leave it as it is, and you can click on apply. Okay. Are there are other menus down here as well? Okay, so again, No, you can leave it as a default. The artists You don't have to worry too much about that, okay? And just leave it at this. Clear and apply. Okay, so this would be the general tap. Now, let's go to the streaming time. The streaming tap just has a few menus over there. One is on service. Where do you want to stream it to? I'm just gonna cover this briefly. As I mentioned, we are not going to cover a live streaming on this course. You can stream to services like to each YouTube makes a Facebook live etcetera. OK, and here you need to connected are common user street key. All right, so we're just gonna leave this alone later on when you want to do streaming. You can cover this partly to be more later. Let's look at the output. Now, when it comes to the output, there are two output more. Okay, One is simple. The other one is advanced. Let's go into the advance more because it will give you a lot more options. Okay, so the streaming is still the same. We're not gonna cover it Unit to cover the recording. Okay, So when it comes to the recording, you can just tap the standard and the recording parties where you want to save your recordings. So let's browse it. So are it is safe as the sea users in your computer. These for windows, unless browse it. Normally, I was saving into my d drive. Oh, my, really? My f drive document video. And let's save it for training and O BS. I'm gonna save it raw today for 19 select folder. So as you can see, the photo has changed. Okay, So the recording format is you can choose whether even the recorded two f l V and before a movie M K V, it's a triangle. So I suggest that you either stick to and before or m k. V. Okay, so let me just cover the difference. Now when you select and before there's a warning that comes up, you say she has the recording safe to and before slash movie. Okay, will be un recoverable if the far cannot be finalized. Okay, This just means that if you are recording to this former and before or a movie, if your computer hangs for whatever reason And let's say you have a 30 minute recording on our recording, the whole file will be corrupted. Okay? You can't save anything. Any any bit of it. Okay, Now, if you use em kv uh, even though you're you have less in your recorder about 45 minutes. And at the last meeting, something happened to your computer and something froze and your computer crashed. All right, you will be able to recover a portion of their fall. Okay, so that is the advantage of using an MTV. But when you use NPV, some of the software that you need to edit the video. Will I need to go through another step. It is not so much of a problem. I'm gonna cover it a little bit later. This is what I call remarks. OK, so I've been using and before. For many? Yes, and I recently I started to test on MTV is just an additional step. So it is up to you, whichever one you want to use. Okay. So for the time being, I'm gonna stick toe on before, right? And when it comes to audio track, you can select sit, too. All right. And again, another warning comes up. So f l re does not support market, both tracks for recording. All right, so that is the thing. So let's go and before, Okay, sudden former is such as there we That's not support multi tracks, but recording creates these. Really study what you're trying. So the next point is encoded. I suggest that you use x 2 64 fixing his to 64 after you. Okay, so you have other options as well. If you use quick sing, the options are a little bit different, so I mean, using x 2 64 for many years. So I'm gonna continue using it. Re scale output. Just leave it blank. What is? Just leave it blank. Okay. Now the important point comes to this part here, which is actually control trolling of beer. It now be right, actually determines the quality of your video. It also determines the false eyes off your video. Okay, Now, if you're doing local recording, I suggest that used go for something like around 4000. So that way you have good balance or quality as well as far size. Okay, fire with me today and you're following me too small. So there are few. Okay, so, coming back to the question period, there's a few options here. Constant very means you're just telling a computer to record the stream on the RBS no matter what. So he just fixed. It doesn't change. Very be available. Be Ray means that O Bs will records, depending on what's happening on your computer screen. If there's a lot of movement, that's a lot off things going along, then the beauty will change and fluctuate. However, the problem is, I say you're not record your recording a screen, and there's nothing much happening. And then suddenly this it seems like, for example, you saw me, right? I come on the screen. Okay, Let's say I just disappear from the screen right now, and suddenly I come onto the screen again. So they were actually causing jump. So in a variable, be right. So the best thing is just leave it toe Causton Beery and don't change anything. Okay, so that would be the safest option. The key frames. Just leave it zero for automatic eso CPO usage presets higher means less CPU. Okay, so let's say your computer is not so, so powerful then you want to use except the higher one's. Okay, CPU usage presets. So just leave it for very fast for now. So listen, you want to go your computers? CPU central processing unit is a very good. Then you might want to change from very faster, superfast or outright fast. Okay. So just leave. Yes, very fast. For now. The profile. You can just leave us None. I can put it as high. Doesn't really matter too much. Okay, Tune well, you can change it to your flower. Me? You want to have some flim look kind of thing. You can just leave. Yes, None. OK, remember to Cleveland apply and you are good to go. So you have seen this. Okay, so next is the audio tap. Now what? You d four orders 160. Beer it. So I suggest that you go higher to 256. Track to also go 256 years. And remember, here we have selected two tracks. So that's why your audio need to have two tracks as well. So 256 b really is actually quite good. Normally, if you are listening to MP three videos and the tree audio, that's around 256 for music. So for speech 256 is more than adequate. Okay? And then you can just leave it as that and then replay before you can just leave it and don't check it and click on. Apply. So in the next video, we'll cover that things on audio. So far, we'll stop here for this video 6. 1.4 Settings For Audio: in this video, we will take a look at the audio settings. So let's go to the fall settings. And let's take a look at the or your tap here. Okay, So first here is actually the separate the general one, which is a separate. And they are to some things you can choose 44.1 kilohertz or for the irregular hurts. So I suggest for video that you keep it to 48 kilohertz, and for China, just keep it to stereo. So there's a lot of other side things here, which is a wrong some another. I suggest that you don't worry too much about that. For according screen captures, the best is just to keep it to stereo. Now next, exactly the that stop audio at the moment it is disabled. So what I suggest is that you can actually put it either to default, okay? And for that start, or they're too is also keep it to default. Okay, Now, the next one is a key, your mike and auxiliary, Or do you Okay? So at the moment it is not collected or it's not available, and I want to go into no veto BS is that Generally speaking, if you are using a USB, Michael, maybe it's just for me. I noticed that every time I fire up O. B s sometimes this my auxiliary device, I tend to have to reset it occasionally. Okay, So if you are using RBS, this is something toe look out for, especially if you're connecting to any off these external microphone. So here you can introduce default microphone. Or you can also choose, say, your microphone, that is area connected with your webcam, that I have an external microphone call theeighties USB microphone and I usually use that. So, however, for the purpose on this video tutorial, I'm just gonna use the microphone from the webcam. Okay, I'm just gonna click that and said like this Okay. And then for your next option is the other microphones that you can use depending on how many tracks that you have. But I suggest that normally try not to have too many. And if you're starting off, just have one microphone first and try not to maybe create things that can confuse you down the road. Okay. And you're not sure, for example, how comes up? Sometimes it's sound was captured and sometimes some was not captured. So the best is to keep it simple first. All right. And as you progress along, you can actually try to have more sources off some if you want to do that. Okay. So I want to click. Apply now. Okay. And then, please. Okay. So here, you noticed that extra microphone that comes up. OK, now, at the moment, I have muted this microphone here. Okay? If I knew this, you will see that the bis moving. So let's go back to this that things again. The audio said things. Now, when it comes to the meters, you can just lift the d Carried as fast. It just refers to this meter here. How fast is the things jumping up and down. Okay, so that's not an issue. Just leave you. That's that. That that and, uh, Pete meter type. You can just put that sample P All right. So if you just threw peak, then is higher CPU usage? Yes. We just leave it as it is that Mitya is just useful for you to monitor your audio. All right, So now the next one is actually the monitoring device. The monitoring devices merely if you are monitoring the radio recording, maybe are using a headphone to listen back to yourself and see what other recording is long enough. So you can just leave it at D four. If they say you have some issues, then you can speak said it to your speakers. Okay, so it depends on your computer in your system, uh, destined. If there's no problem just leaving this default. Okay, Next is this disable windows ordeal docking. Okay, you can turn it on or you can turn it off. Okay, It's up to you. So no, me a turn it off because I don't record a background sound while I'm doing my recording. OK, basically what deciding thus is that if you are running O bs and there some background, some going on to your computer, maybe you have music or whatever reason, right? So when you speak and the microphone captures your voice audio, the auto docking audio docking means that when those will automatically turn the volume off your music lower so that they can hear your voice clearer. Okay, it is disable, then your volume. The sound volume from the music would not reduce. Okay, so they would be just continuous. Okay, so anyway, I tend not to record some with my O. B. S. Okay, I doing anything, but in case you're using it, you know that this is the purpose of that. OK, and, uh oh, here is a key. The hot keys, for example. You want to enable pushed to mu and never pushed me. Okay, so this is setting using your keyboard if you want to mute your microphone for any reason. So that's all for the audio settings in? Yes. What? You're dying. Just click on. Apply over there. 7. 1.5 Video Settings To Get Sharp Screen Recording: Okay. In this section here, we will cover the video settings. Okay, so under the video tap here, there's a few options. First is actually the base came with a resolution. So this base cameras resolution referred to laptop monitor actual resolution. So let me just show you. Okay, So this is my laptop here, and one created pixel is the with from this corner all the way to this corner here. All right. That's the visible on the laptop or your computer monitor. And 7 68 pixels is from this corner right to the bottom corner. Okay, so your computer or your money tell me half a different resolution. Now, mostly, computers are most laptop screens are the actual aspect ratio. OK, they expect ratio is what you divide the with and the high you get this ratio here, most computer raise a ratio, or the especial wouldn't be 16 overnight. You'll be someone like mine that maybe 16 or 8.9 something. OK, so you can actually get this ratio by deriding the within the height. Now, the thing is that with video, your resolution is either one time I went to a zero by 7 20 pixels. You divided, You will get 16 the one lying. Exactly. Or if you go for four, hasty will be 1 90 0 by 10 80 which is against 16 when I exactly Okay, now some left. Some screens today are showing two K four K and CETRA. So then you need to just find out. What is your ratio Now, why is this important interview? Yes, but if you go to use, if you use the base resolution and then you down, Scalea means there's some stretching this occurring somewhere either the with all the height. Okay, because this ratio is no exactly the same. Okay, so this affects your screen. If you have your recording. Very fine texture. What I'm doing on my laptop, right? Right now, like what you're seeing on the screen. So if affects you, if you're doing software recording over and there's a very fine details that you need to record Soto overcome that when you need to do is to key in your base resolution. Same Esther opera scale resolution. So you want to fix it so that there's no scaling happening, And what happens is that you were gonna tell RBS to record just a smaller section on the screen. Okay, so when you record your video, your sessions, then you have to be careful that these things here would be recorded here. Okay. So, for example, of your screen goes all the way to hear, you know, you're trying to show people some details. Then let me get color. All right, so that's something to watch out for. Okay, so that way you get shot quality. You don't downscaling anything at all. All right? Anyway, when you come to the downscale food, I just like the best one, which is shopping. Scaling that it two samples, right, So that you are good to go. So if you're recording large text, for example, maybe you're doing slice, You have fun size off 20 and 30 etcetera. That doesn't really make so much difference. Okay, But for me, I wanted to be shop for you guys. All right, so that's why I do it now. The last point, psyche. The common FPs FPs refers to frames per second. We really covered it a little bit as we do the initial set things here. Okay. Am I doing the okay? Let's say This was when you're doing the auto configuration visit. Thank you. Re covered that of it. So here in these videos, I think here you can actually make some changes as well. So you can choose 30 which is fairly good enough. Ready? If you are like me, you want to see stick it to 29.9 seventies or so Fine. Okay, So when he's done, UK, just click on apply. 8. 1.6 How To Set And Use Hotkeys: in this video, you take a look at what keys? The hot keys allows you to control O B s reading without using your mouth. Okay. For example, this is done using hot keys. So this is a key scene searching using hockey's. Okay. I set up a hockey that allows me to switch from scene to scene. And in one scene, you see me on my Web camp, and on the other scene, there is no camp. Okay, So how do you go about setting your foot keys? Goto foul said things and go toe Hakkies. You see, there's a lot less a menu here that allows you to control be yes. In various ways. Start streaming, for example. You can start recording starry play. Okay, a neighbor preview. Some of these things are not that important. I find for me, the most useful one is actually switching scenes. Okay, so you can actually create one. So just for example, let me say you want to start recording, and you can click on, say, a keyboard, any key on your keyboard to save it. Okay. Is that if I put a price on the home key, then the start recording will start. And if I press on and key, then tell O b s to stop recording, okay? And then you need to hit on. Apply. I get hit. Apply here to save that. All right, Now you want to make any changes, then you can Actually, I don't do that. I used to clear, but then to clear that command. Okay, so let's say you want to create a shift home, then you do shift whom they shift, plus home together. Then you have that start recording and stopped recording and breath shift last in key. Now, wise, you safeties, every time use been Moebius runs. If you press a shift plus home, then you will start recording. And if you press shift, plus and then he was stopped recording. Now, one thing you have to be careful about is that hot keys can actually interfere with different software. OK, which means they say you have a different software and that software also have their own hot keys on their own keyboard shortcuts. All right, so on tour debt, your computer may also have sudden keys that do certain functions. For example, you may have a key that you pressing combination for your computer to sleep or maybe switch dips, play or maybe just a song louder or softer. So all these are hot keys on keyboard shortcuts. So one thing had be careful is that you have to choose a keyboard or key combination that does not affect different software. Like, let's say, for example, if you're using RBS to capture your browser now, Southern bras, I know like Firefox. If I use a shift F tree, then he created in things on the browser, so my best tip is to test it out first. All right, before you do any long recording, test your keyboard shortcuts and test out your software that you plan to use whatever. So Faizi, there is power point or anything that you're recording tested off us. And then I said, the key, choose some safe keys, all right, And then don't try to set too many keyboard shortcuts. All right, so once you're done, then you're good to go. So that would be my best tip for using keyboard shortcuts. It is actually a pretty powerful for you to use that so do just the one that is the most important for you. Like, for example, for me, I usually just used to seeing teaching one because I find that that is the most important for me. Uh, and it comes to using, yes. 9. 2.1 Recording From Different Sources: this video, we was heading sources to O. B s so that you can start recording now. If you would to click on the plus button here, then you'll see that there's a bunch of option for you to various kinds. Off source. For example. You are using this play capture maybe in capturing an image, capturing a video capture device. And we know capture. Now these are the few ones that are most commonly use will be displayed capture image, maybe media sauce and also video capture and window capture. So I'm going to at, ah, we know kept office. Okay? And you see this? I mean, no capture and just click on. OK, so right now there are no window that's open on my laptop. That's why you have this issue here. There's nothing much to suffer. Select. I'm going to turn on my browser. Okay, so let's go to here now. Okay, let's cancel this. Let's go back to window capture, right click and select properties. So right now you can see that there's a Firefox to select, and if I select firefox it exactly capturing window. OK, so this is a window capture, and it's actually capturing Firefox. So basically, you're telling yes to capture a particular window that is open on your that top. All right? No. Yes. You also see some real lines over here. Now, this real exactly allows you to skill the source, for example, make a smaller, make it larger. And that this black erase. Thank you. Very. Your video will be captured. So if you arrange it in such a way in your media will turn out with black bars on the bottom here and on the right. Okay. So you can make you just pull it to stretch it up. Okay? You can also use yours models, but thank you. Okay. Rightly. And click on transform you can, actually, if they fit to the screen. So you actually fit it to the screen. OK, so that is window capture. Now that I hear this is an eye conference, I if you click on it eventually height that sauce. Okay. And then you go on, you will be turned on again. And the lock here allows you to lock that sauce, for example, you and to lock the window capture. And now you can actually accidentally move it. You can actually resize it, so you can also unlucky and the line would turn rating him. Now, let's add another sauce. And this time, let's edit this play. Capture. Okay, lets at this play capture. So you see something like this and actually obese is actually capturing the entire screen. Okay, let's transform and fit to scream. Okay? You notice that it's actually capturing my laptop here. Okay, The being menus on on my laptop is also captured on Yes. So we display capture. You also notice one thing because I can't. The closer you can actually noticed the customer is being captured. All right. Whereas we know capture. You won't see that. Considered a Okay, let's turn off this play. Capture. You notice that there's no kept. The castle wouldn't be on the screen monkey on this area here. Okay. It's not kept kittens, I hear. So this most is actually on the most courses that you are this area recipe that display capture. You notice that the mouse is actually on the screen itself. Okay, you can see. So that's the main difference between display capture and window capture. So if you want to use and show you amongst then you have to use this play capture. So let's turn on something else less and you mission right now. So an image will probably be a J P O R P and G study image. Okay. All you need to do is to browse to a fall. Okay, lets go. And at this, Okay, this just picture for dear for two years. And what? You edit the emissions on top. So let's transform it to feed to the screen, because that you make is bigger than video resolution. So now the theories on top. Now, look at this emission of the images stacked on top of the display capture, and it's above window capture. Now you can actually reposition it by using this a rocha to move it down. So right now is actually the display. Capture is on top off the image. Okay. You can also just use select you and drag it up. Okay. All right. So the interesting effects when you do something like this, maybe put do something like between picture. Thank you. So let's turn off their display capture for a moment. So right now you have the image capture and we know capture here. All right. So you can actually read something with emission on the left. And of course you can look it up. All right, let's unlock that. And let's hike this image. So I'm gonna add another image, and this image will be and holy. Okay, you can also use it like that. What? Tomorrow. Okay, this is a key. Something like branding and this emissions of PNG image. Okay, so you can see some What? So we hear. So this emissions actually entirely transparent, except for the words which is white in color. And then the name is actually blue again. Let me transform me because it's larger fit to the screen so you can see the world today. Let me just move this up so you can see it. But Okay, so the weather black some blue things there, but in secrecy. Although the image is on top off the display off the window capture. It's not blocking anything except for the words here because the rest of this image is transparent. Okay, So you allows you to create, say, a what the matter? We're here. Since you record entire. What about will be Erica? Capture into your video. Okay. Okay. Let's get something else. Let's add the media source and the media sauce will be actually be something that video. Okay, so let's look for video here, okay? Frankly, no key. All right. So you see that this is a clear video. And of course, the video is on top of everything. Okay, let me go to say properties. And here you can actually looked at video Tocantins try to play continuously. Okay. So please don't know, OK? And I'm going to resize the video here. So the media is on this site, and if you record this, you have a video to explain your capturing, say YouTube and also well, they were there. Okay. On what? Tomorrow. Okay, so this is the media sauce, all right? And of course, you can also lock it if you want to. So these are the few mean source that you were probably use. So let's say, for example, we do another scene and seem to jail. Okay, let's do the window capture and an existing real capture. So you were captured the existing one, and unless they were gonna add our image and let's do the existing one. Okay, so we're just using the same assisting images. Okay, so right now you have window capture and we have this. What's the matter now? Seem to allows you to say OK, maybe you and your capture the same the same browser. But you want to capture in a largely, you know, the sort of zoom in. So if you switch from seem to see him, you allow you to have something like this thes effect. OK, so this one, when you can use the screen sitting, switching this what you can do with the scenes and another way, is that Okay, let's say you're gonna have do the screen another way. Is that you know, in and seen one. Maybe you have something like this extract, scream, and then a different scene that deer or the emission disappeared. All right, so this will actually come in very handy when it comes to recording with Kim, which we will cover in the next video 10. 2.2 Extra Tips for Sharpness : in this video under give you some tips on getting sharp recordings. Okay, so this is useful for your display and also for window capture. So exactly using futures. So let's go to the display capture and right click and select filters. Okay, so right now I have to futures that are turned on. So one is the crop pet, and the other one is the shopping filter. So let me cover. Want need one by one. So the 1st 1 is actually the sharpen filter. So if you click on the shopping for you today, sir, skill here for you to select the sharpness. Okay, so the default is actually at Boeing zero. It and I suggest that you want to change the sharpness and you have to really get good sharpness. I change it up slightly. Do. 0.11 or 0.12 I found there is actually quite useful for what I'm recording now. Your settings may be slightly different depending on your monitor. So you may want to go a little bit higher or lower, then the settings that I am using. Okay, So that would be the shipment sharpen filter? No, the second thing is that he the crop in pet. So right now you notice that I have leaked crop and pet my screen to fit Ah, half hitch d. So right now Oh, Bs is actually recording my laptop here. This is the scream. And if I if you follow the mouse, he will go right to this point here and you goes off the screen. Okay. Now, if I want to change the X, which means evil recalled more to the right. Okay, you noticed? It's likely my laptop screen goes all the way to here, and this is actually tow us the right age off my laptop. Okay, so I tend to control it that way so that there there's no downscaling are happening in O b s and the Emissions shop. And more importantly, is this There's no stretching. And let me show you what I mean by the stretching. Okay, so it depends. Your aspect ratio is exactly the same. C 16 019 After you divided, I think us downscaling is okay. But it is something for you to test for yourself and something to watch out for. Okay, So there's also another future here called the Skilling and expect ratio future. And I don't use this future, but it is something that you can experiment with, Okay? Especially if you have a large monitor or your video cut can show less a four hasty or to K and four K. Then this is something that you may want to try. Okay? And the resolution? Is this a case? You click on the reservation, you notice that. Okay, now, video resolution. And as it comes out from video software is usually 16/9. The aspect ratio, OK, the written over the height. Okay, But there seven times that the spirits You could be 16/10 for your laptop, right? For your laptop screen, which I kind of explain quite thoroughly in video set things right. I hear there's also additional that you may want to take a look at. Okay, so this is what downscaling is about. For example, let's say you have monitored they can display full history, but you want to make it smaller than maybe you can select this resolution. OK, so these are the tree futures that you can use to, uh, just your sharpness for RBS recording, especially for your display capture and for your video capture 11. 2.3 Recording With Your Webcam : Okay. In this next part here, I'm gonna show you how to use the web cam. Now, when it comes to this Webcam Nieto at and the second video capture device let's click on that and at video capture device. Okay, Now you noticed that I am actually upside off. All right, so it's nothing wrong with over. Yes, The thing is that my webcam is set upside down on a tripod. So that's why you see the image upside down. But you can actually turn it right side up in over. Yes. So that's not an issue. All right, So first thing, just a few things you can configure when it's actually the configure the video here. Okay, Now, before we're going to configure, you don't know. I have to wrap Camp one is on my laptop, which is a no no lo novo, Easy camera. And the logic, of course, my logic is a better one. So I'm using that eso if your webcam there's unturned on, then you need to come here and set it there. OK? And next when you can click on call figure video, you opened up this window. Okay, Now this window is actually from Logitech. Depending on your web cam that you're using, you may have a totally different screen. If you're using another legitimate, then maybe this cream may be similar, but still have some differences. Okay, so the very Ovett. So of course she is the auto focus. All right, so for webcam and using O. B s, I know me turn on this auto focus and let the webcam autofocus, and then I turned it off. That way you will reduce hunting. Okay. For example, if I leaned forward and being back a bit, it's OK. I mean, get slightly our focus and a little bit blurry, but it prevents the the Webcam from hunting rights. Sometimes if somebody's behind you or you have something that the Web can be focused on, something behind, then focusing on you. All right, so once it's okay, it's better to turn it off. Next is actually a mindset things Now, this is very important to get right. You're You're, like quality, your exposure and your gin. Okay. That's why I still like white balance. So if you think you owe to, then you actually just Reese seven s automatically. Okay, But you have to be careful. You can sometimes this Logitech's Webcams office a little bit not so sensitive right now. That's a blue screen behind me. And it depends on even the color of the shirt that you're wearing. Okay, that I'm very So if I put a white screen here and Cleveland Auto, you may notice that this thing starts moving, okay? It's actually depending on their, like this reflector onto the web cam that Reggie changes this. All right, so it's even take this away. It changes again. So you have to sort off allow city automatically for it to find this month and then look at your face in order to make sure that the color is all right. Okay. Many times it is, it can be to peel. Okay. And it's not this little go on camera, okay? And it doesn't look good if he's to rate as well. For example, if you pull it all the way here than me. Yeah. Location. Right. So All right. So you have to look out for these two things, okay? Next is actually there. Right light. Okay. No invited. What? To click on this is automatically seems brighter. Okay, and the webcam will actually look at the intensity. Now, what I found is that is this is too bright. If I go and uses in the video later on, it would be too bright. So I have to turn it off. And I found the instant intensity. To be somewhere like this is the best. Okay? And when you're recording in the room, Okay. The important thing is to make sure the gayness towards this end do not allow that game to come out all this way. Then you will have washed up effect. It is a look good on your camera. I mean, on the video and the explosion, the max would be somebody in the middle or prefer to be somewhere lower. Okay, So if you're if all these settings are going all the way out, it means that your room is not bright enough. Okay? And you need more lights. So that is the thing that you need to remember. Okay, That's this anti figure. Depending on what I own likes you use, you may need to turn it to 50 hertz in this country. Here is 50 house in your country. 60. Then you may want to choose a 60 hertz. Okay, so this matches the frequency off the flickering in the light. If you're using Flores and, like, chips in your room, then let me play the player, Pat. Now, if your room is using led lights and this is a method too much, okay? And this our mission orientation is in mirror left to right or are normal. Okay? So just leave us normal and click on safe. All right, so that's about conficker setting your web cam. The one thing about the webcam is every time you used a webcam somehow with a Logitech webcam, I find that I need to come and configure this video every time I use over. Yes, OK, that's just how it is. And then you kick on the configure. Most of the things that needs to change is actually this white balance as these two points okay, the exposure and again, the rest of this you can start living in the middle and not mess around with it. Okay, You're good to go. Now let's talk about this part here. The resolution of the frames per second. Now you can actually just a device default and I prefer not to choose it. Leave it as a device default. I prefer to set us custom, and I'm gonna send a custom resolution. Okay, so my webcam can caught 19 to zero by 10. 80 p pixels, but it's best to use this lower resolution. Okay, now, I found that computer that's less powerful. You say your full resolution to 100 by 10. 80 p, then sometimes you may have your computer. May have may have trouble recording that stream. Okay, that's just too much data coming in from the our webcam going through a USB port. So that's why you have some starter, or you may have some freeze frame. All right, we're recording your screen. You don't really need that much resolution anyway. Okay? So if you have a more powerful computer, you can try and make a few videos, see whether us stuttering or whether the your hard drive can capture data fast enough. If it isn't, then you need to turn this down. Okay? But when it comes to frames per second, I said yes. You just mash up. FPs means you have sent your frames per second in the other settings in O B s as you do the recording. So you just match it video format. You can use any or you can set any of these, but just leave us any color space you can put 701 just may look a little bit different, all right. And the rest you just leave it. That's OK. Now you want to flip it vertically, you can also flip it, Okay, But I prefer to flippy on the outside. Okay, so let's Cleveland. All right, so I prefer to turn this around at this point here. Rightly go to transform 100 80 Reese. All right, so that is my preference of doing it. But you can also do it on the other way, right? The insight when you do the video settings just now. Okay, so So now I can actually adjust this and put myself in a corner here and do my presentation . All right? Now there's a few others 12. 2.4 Ensuring Your Webcam And Audio Are In Sync: in this video. I want to show you about the advance audio properties. So in order to get the advance audio properties right, click here and click on the advance of your properties. Thank you. So here menu comes up. Okay, So you have your that stop audio stop body to my ox Ilary device, which is your microphone. Okay, Now, here is something called sink offset. So why did that's you, Exactly. You can sort off singing about your video, our web camp and the voice recording. Now, someone, some computers on some webcams, the move from your mouth and the sound. Maybe that's maybe some lace. Okay, Either the salads too fast or videos to faster you kinds off, create some synchronization shoes. So what you can do here is that you can synchronize it just the sink so that they become in sync again. And the way to do that is actually to do what I call the crap passed on. Maybe just a snap past. Okay, so what you do is you want to just clap on screen and you'll notice the movement on as you clap. And also the sound that's recorded B o B s okay. And if less and you see that there's some delay. Right, Then what you can do is to create an offset, and you can actually try to say 20 milliseconds first. Okay? And maybe go to 40. And you can also go negative with these figures. Okay? So you can actually justice accordingly. All right. So that way you can synchronize your webcam. The movement and webcam mouth and sounder is captured by your microphone. All right, so this usually happens. Maybe you to your hardware. I read your webcam. Maybe your computer. All right, So there is this the latest creator, and you can really synchronize, and I just expect with this sink offset. 13. Recording Audio On Separate Tracks: In this video, I will show you how to record audio separately on a different audio tracks. Now the reason why you want to record audio tracks that way is that it will give you greater flexibility in terms of adjusting the volume and in terms of editing, okay? Now the first thing that you want to ensure is to go into your Settings and go under the Output tab here. And under recording, you need to make sure that your audio tracks that you have selected is more than one. Okay, so in this example now I have a two selected. You can select all the way up to six. If you do not select more than one, then the audio will only go into one single track. Also take note that for example, the FLP format. So FLP for me only allows you to record one audio track, right? So but the rest, I should be able to allow you to record more than one audio track. So I'm going to save this. Now. Next is to go to under this audio mixer attack, to go unto the gear, okay, and click on advanced audio properties. Now when you click on the Alliance audio properties, you will see this menu. And on the left here shows you all your audio sources. For example, that microphone and that desktop module. So microphone in this instance would be the microphone that I am using. And the desktop audio will be the sound that a computer place. Okay, here I have set my audio track for my mind to try one and desktop Audio into a tray to OK, you can select more than that, but I just wanted to keep it simple. One trait fall, one sauce and the second track for this desktop or deal. Okay. So right now I am radia to her. I caught, once I start recording, I'm going to play this video and that this video has some day as well. I'll show you in anything that you will be able to see these two audio tracks. Ok, I'm going to start recording. And then you notice that the audio is bouncing up and down, showing that it is recording. However, Desktop Audio is not yet. So let me play this video now. John break, Cameron highlands is famous for is cool redder and tea plantations. Now along the way up there, we stopped for t, the view days amazing. Okay, I'm gonna pause that. So you'll notice that when the video was playing, the desktop audio mixer shows that it is a recording and detecting sound. Ok, so I am going to stop recording and I'm going to check on the file that was recorded. So this is the file that was recorded earlier on. I am just going to call this as a sample multi tray. And I'm just going to cut this year, bring it to a separate directories expeditions that i tree bases here so it's easier to work with. Okay, so right now I am going to close OBS. Now I'm gonna use a software called Udacity to show you that there's more than one audio track. However, this is not a training for Audacity and just want to show you how you can see that. Okay? Now if you are interested, I do have a training about using or density. So this is the audacity in the face. I'm just going to open that video clip that I recorded just now and here. This is a sample multi-track recording. And I'm going to select both channels. Click on ok. So here you can see that the audio waves is different. So this one is from the microphone, and this is from the recording of the video. Alright, you can actually hear it. So that's just laid it off you. But yet, so let me play this video now about brain. Cameron highlands is famous for, is cool red. Okay. So you see that the now, okay, I'm just gonna close this. So that is how you record a multi-track in OBS. Now one thing you have to be aware of is that some video editors cannot edit videos with separate audio tracks. So you need to actually extract the audio using a software like Udacity. And then once you have a clear separate those audio tracks, you can import them, buy into your video editor rate. So this is something to take note off if you want to use this technique to record when you are using OBS. 14. Summary And Other Video Classes Here: we have come to the end of this class, create high quality screen capture videos with over. Yes, I've enjoyed this time together with you, and I hope that you have also learn something, but not just to learn, but apply in your life as well. Now I would appreciate if you can leave a short review for this class, so the others know that this is suitable for them or not. And also check out some of my other classes here on Skew Shea about using different types off video editing software. Several 100 people have taken those classes, and I'm sure it will also be beneficial to us. Well, I do for Do follow me on any off my social media platforms as well. I'm on YouTube, instagram Twitter, and if you want to connect with me in any form or manner, and I look forward to seeing you in the future as I release more classes here on skill share