Create Healthy Habits: How to Transform Your Health & Wellness | Kathleen Haagenson | Skillshare

Create Healthy Habits: How to Transform Your Health & Wellness

Kathleen Haagenson, Writer | Creator

Create Healthy Habits: How to Transform Your Health & Wellness

Kathleen Haagenson, Writer | Creator

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7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Uncover Your Why

    • 3. Create An Action Plan

    • 4. Create A Powerful Routine

    • 5. Measure Your Success

    • 6. Conquer Your Obstacles

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class


Learn how to build killer habits that will transform your health and wellness.

This class guides you step by step along the habit-building process and teaches you how to create the structure and discipline you need to create healthy habits that stick. You will be able to apply these simple habit-building skills to build and create healthy habits that will help you accomplish your health and wellness goals. 

This class is perfect for those that are new to living a healthy lifestyle or for those that need help with learning how to recommit to a healthier approach and are seeking to create a healthy mindset that will support their habits and lead them to success. 

Do you struggle with:

  • Choosing healthy habits to build and develop?
  • Creating an easy to implement an action plan that supports your habits?
  • Staying motivated and focused while building healthy habits and improving your health?
  • Building routines that support the growth of your habits? 
  • Limiting factors, obstacles and negative thinking that gets in the way of you accomplishing your habits?

After this class, you will be able to overcome these struggles. You will be able to successfully and confidently create healthy habits that will support a well balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kathleen Haagenson

Writer | Creator


Kat Haagenson is the writer and creator of Femmepower a blog focused on teaching women how to advocate for their health and wellness through awareness, and education. Additionally, Kat shares her journey with endometriosis, infertility, and mental health in an effort to destigmatize these issues while increasing awareness. Kat enjoys a quiet and intentional life in South Texas with her husband and two dogs.  

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1. Introduction: How beautiful world My name is Kathleen, but police car me cat I am a less all on this coach and I work to empower women Teoh improve their health and wellness in all areas of their life. Now, from my personal experience, I have found that when you are trying to implement healthy changes are creating healthy lifestyle that you need to have a solid foundation that is built upon healthy habits that you're implementing as part of your daily, less out and within your daily routine. This class was designed Teoh teach you how to build and create helping habits that are goings. You empower you, Teoh, transform your nutrition, your fitness and your wellness. So this class is perfect for those are completely new Teoh Health and Wellness And it's also great for those that perhaps struggle with committed to are sticking to their health and wellness goals for a prolonged period of time. This class is designed to teach you four basic habit building skills. You will learn how to you choose easy to implement healthy habits that you can build and develop. Create a solid action plan that will support the growth of your healthy habits maintain motivation and focus to keep you working towards building your healthy habits and uncover and prevent obstacles, setbacks and plateaus that can get in the way of you actually achieving your healthy habits . After this, you will have about a competent and a healthy positive mindset. So you will be able to accomplish those health and wellness goals and become the healthy and well balanced person you desire to become. So you are ready to transform your health and wellness and to feel empowered and in charge of your life. Go ahead and save this class. So that way you can participate and start the journey to a new You can't wait to see you in class. 2. How To Uncover Your Why: today's lesson. We focused on helping you Teoh uncovered your wife and understanding the intent and purpose that is driving you to create healthy habits and improve your health. Welcome. It takes 21 days to build habits. Well, that may not seem like a long time. The process of building and greeting a habit can be challenging. This is due to the fact that you were usually working Teoh discontinue and unhealthy habits . In addition to that, you're working to accommodate and used to a new habit being a part of your daily routine. Our daily a lifestyle developing understating why the healthy changes you are seeking to make are so important to you is one of the most important steps you should take. No, only will this provide inside as to what you are trying to accomplish. It will also serve to provide motivation as the less focus when it starts to become challenging and difficult and frustrating, and you are encountering some missteps, a long journey towards building and creating your habits. How exactly do you uncover your why? Well, they're seven questions that I find super beneficial and super helpful when it comes to analyzing one overall helping wellness in determining what I mean to improve. And why the seven questions you can ask yourself to uncover your Why are what healthy habits are you seeking to develop? Why do these habits matter to you? What will it mean for you to achieve these habits? What are you doing right now to help you build and create these healthy habits? What are you not doing right now to help you build and create these healthy habits? What does help in oneness mean to you? How can you make this a reality in your daily life? Answer these questions. Should you buy a clear picture of what you're seeking to accomplish, you can then use these answers to create a mission. Statements a mission statement. It serves a purpose of providing motivation and helping Teoh guide you a longer journey of working towards creating and implementing. He's helped me habits as part of your daily healthy a lifestyle, you will be working underneath the cost project that will guide you through the process of developing your wife in creating your mission statements. You will also find an example worksheet, which you can use as a guideline as you begin to work on developing your wife and creating your mission statements in our questions are you feel stuck at any time feel for me to reach out to me under the community tab? I would be more than happy to answer any proportions or provide assistance, are encouraging in any way that I can. So I will see you in the next lesson, that's all for now. 3. Create An Action Plan: in this lesson, you are going to word how Teoh create planet action so that you can implement those healthy habits into your daily. Alexa. The first and most important step when it comes to creating an effective action plan is to take some time to really be about what actions are behaviors you're going Teoh, repeat or do on a regular and consistent basis in order for you to achieve your healthy have depending on what help they haven't. You are working to develop and cultivate into your everyday life so that you can reach and achieve your wellness goals. They're going to be actions, small behaviors that you are going Teoh meet you take and that you're going to need to do consistently in order to reach and achieve those goals. So, for example, Lessing that your goal is to improve your fitness and you're gonna prove your fitness by working got more. So you need to make the decision to either hire a personal trainer or join a gym. And with that decision, you need to also create a consistent workouts, several that can ideally stick Teoh and do on a consistent basis. You need to make a decision as to how many times or how many days a week You're going to work out or you're going to you go to the gym. So those are all the citizens you're making when it concerns Teoh actions that you're going to take in order to improve your fitness and to become more active. Okay, So give you another example. Let's say that you want Teoh improve your nutrition because you just got a report from your doctor that you are pre diabetic and you want to do all that you can with your nutrition with your help of loss to prevent the full onset diabetes. So you're going to make some positive changes and your nutrition you're gonna work with Dr Teoh. Understand what changes you need to be making what your meal should look like, how your meal should be formulated. What you should be taking, what you should be decreasing and limiting from your overall. And that is also gonna need you're gonna take the time to plan out your meals for each day of the week. You are going to decrease the times you're going out to eat. You're gonna focus more on cooking and preparing meals in your actual home, which means they're gonna take the time to go grocery shopping for the ingredients for But you're gonna need to create those healthy meals as well as the ingredients in the snacks and things that you're going to me to just really support your overall health jury with your nutrition. The point of trying to make is that these containers are based on you executing a specific action in nine times out of 10 you are going to have to consistently do and keep these behaviors over a period of time so that you can build and develop healthy habits so that you can then reach an achy your helping gold. So when you sit down, Teoh create and think about your action plan you are going to have Teoh didn't deep and think about all of the actions behaviours, the steps, the things you're going to need to do on a regular, consistent basis. Daily, weekly, monthly yearly even What is it going to look like in order for you? Teoh truly make this help. Have it a part of your daily life style. Four questions that you should ask yourself when creating and building your action plan are one. What behaviours do you need to successfully achieve in order to implement this healthy habit? To what do you need to get started building your healthy habit. Three. What are 123 actions that you can choose to commit to you on a daily basis that support your healthy habit for what are wanted? Three. Actions that you can choose to commit to you on a weekly basis that support your healthy habit. So, using the answers from these questions, you should be able to build a successful action plan that you can commit you and that you can execute so that you can achieve your healthy habits. And that's going to lead you to successfully achieving your wellness goal. Now is your turn to work creating your actual land. Another problem. Tab. Notify worksheet that is gonna walking step by step. Enter those questions, and that's gonna help you to create a solid Actually, if any one process, you get stuck with questions ideas. You can always find me in the community town out of being more than happy to answer any questions and to help you in any way that I can. So that's all for this lesson. I will see you in the next lesson 4. Create A Powerful Routine: For today's lesson, you will learn how to create a powerful routine which will guide you towards saluted by your healthy. The teens are when it comes to creating healthy habits and achieving your goals, and they are right of different teams that can create examples of powerful routines include an energizing morning routine, a self care routine, a skin parroting a basic daily routine, a basic weekly routine, a basic monthly routine, a fun weekend routine, a pre workout routine, a post workout routine and end of the week routine. And at beginning of the weaker team, as well as a relaxing evening routine. I go on, but I think that you get the idea you can literally create a routine out of any set of behaviors or actions. The great thing of our routines is that you could be ability to customize and personalize teens, according Teoh, the specific probably habit you're working to cultivate, and they can also make these routine bit into your lifestyle, your personality and really work for you and what you're seeking to accomplish. For example, you are focusing on creating a habit that you become more active and working. Teoh, improve your fitness. You a bit of it from creating a pre work aren t and your workout routine could consist of things the simple as having a cream work changing into your workout clothes also may be doing a warm up to prepare your body and also prepare you mentally for yer another routine you may look into that you may want to create if you're really focused on becoming more active, and achieving your fitness goals is setting aside some time in the evening and basically creating a routine which you prepare your gym bag and you prepare all you're going to need for your work out for the next day, that could be packing your to drive all the gym clothes, toiletries, snacks, what you need after your workout, all those things in your back and sitting at a side forehands that it's already ready. It's already put together, and all you have to do when you are ready to go work out disparaging back and you know that everything is in their deal to worry about our stress. It's all done for you as all things concerning building and creating Help me habits with creating your powerful routine Just make sure that you bear in mind that you want Teoh personalize and customize is routine to your specific needs, your specific life south and also maybe custom to the habits you're trying to cultivate and creep eight. So this brings us to our exercise for today. So underneath the products have you will find a worksheet that's going to walk you through step by step, how you can create a powerful routine to help you solidify jean your habits. You're also gonna find a sample work e that's gonna help to give you an idea of what process looks like. But it's always our questions. If you need more assistance or just need someone to bounce ideas off, feel free to reach out to me in the community time and I will definitely answer any and all of your questions. So that's all for this lesson. I will see you in the next 5. Measure Your Success: for today's lesson. You are going to learn why it's so important for you to track and measure your success when you are creating and building your healthy habits when you take time to really analyze and you spend time tracking your habits and being conscientious of what you're doing on a daily basis to reach and achieve your help. Well, schools, this is really going to help to keep you focused. It's gonna keep your head in the game so you understand what you're doing and why we're doing it. And that's just gonna have for and it's also gonna give you the opportunity to identify any struggles or any weak spots. It is really gonna help you, Teoh. Look for ways to overcome those struggles, overcome those weak spots and how you can get better. And this is really the whole basis of this is the foundation of this is to really keep you accountable to yourself in a cannibal to your goals, to sure that you reach and achieve your goals by implementing these healthy habits. Now, when it comes Teoh tracking and measuring your success, they are variety of different methods that you can choose that matches and fits your personality your myself in your entire making review. That means a bonus term. Or it could be a daily lager, some type of tracker. It could be a bullet journal, and there are tons of acts available on the android market or in the Iowa s market that are specifically designed to help you track and monitor habit so that you can build in, create success and achieve your what you ultimately choose and decide to track and law are to germs on your habit. Building journey is going to be completely dependent upon your individual happens that you are trying to build a regain. Its gonna be dependent upon your health and wellness goals and what you are actually interested in tracking and how it relates to the healthy habits you're trying to build. But I want to give you some ideas off different ways. You can track your nutrition, your fitness and wellness as they pertain to you, creating and building and developing healthy how, when it comes to tracking healthy nutrition habits, there are a variety of different logs in different ways. You contract those habits. You could use a food log, a meal tracker. A calorie counter. You contract your allergies. Food intolerances have a supplement law, fruit and veggie log or a water tracker. When it comes to tracking healthy fitness habits, you might find it beneficial. Teoh Track your workouts. Track how many steps you take each day. How many calories you burn when you work out. You might want to keep up with your body. Measurements are Track your body fat percent your weights have progress photos, or keep an account of your string flog to see how strong you're getting. If you are focusing on weight lifting when it comes to tracking, help you wellness habits. Some information that you might find beneficial to track and make note up is to perhaps have a blood pressure log, a fertility awareness lock or infertility awareness charts, a skin health log, a self care log, a mood chart, a bowel movement log or a sleep lock. There is a way to track just about anything. Went cancer. You nutrition your fitness and your wellness. Now you want Teoh. Learn more about the different varieties in different ways and ideas. When it comes to trapping logs, I'm gonna make sure to be some resource is other need that project have where a comm plug you into different Ask different types of bullet journals and just different ideas. So that way get inspired you as Teoh. What's gonna work best for you on your healthy habit journey when it comes to measuring your success and it's rocking those habits so that you could be a camel, you could be consistent and then you could reach and achieve your health and wellness goals . As always, if you have any questions or anyone about any ideas are me feel free to reach out for me in the community section Allah being more than happy Teoh help you into our for any assistance and guys that I can That is all for this lesson. I will see you in the next listen by 6. Conquer Your Obstacles: so lesson time. Teoh Overview What you have learned so far about how every healthy habits in the previous lessons you have learned house you uncover your why and create a mission statement for your health and wellness goals. Identify unhealthy habits and decide on 123 habits. You can work on improving craft An action plan that will outline what next steps you should be taking to create your healthy habits. Designed a powerful routine with key actions and behaviors that will trigger you to adhere to your healthy habits and finally to pinpoint potential obstacles and behaviors that can derail you from successfully maintaining your goals. What reason? That means it's so hard to stick. Teoh Healthy habits is that are what you are. And no matter how you schooling time are, either you're prepared for all of these life can happen, and it could throw you a curveball and just chips and change everything. Doing the curb are facing an op support. Even the Platz ho could be enough to derail you and to completely make you unmotivated and not able to successfully complete and accomplish your help of all the schools and students to those healthy habits. One can always overcome some of the obstacles and challenges that life presents you. A good tactic is to focus on coming up with a game plan or having an idea what you can do to overcome certain plateaus or obstacles limiting factors are living police in your life that you do have control over that you can use Teoh. Overcome these curveballs completely. Messing with your game. Is Teoh kind of plan are prepared ahead of time inside? Why were you in how you're going to deal with these? Also, cool limiting factors are toe Wow. It's not always possible Teoh have a thought out plan or another option or another able or way to come in things because sometimes things happen and they're just not in your control but knowing understanding how you can come at specific instances, specific behaviors in specific habits that happened, do two things are in your control is definitely beneficial when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle. What, you have a clear idea of these things. You can create a game plan for how to handle the situations when they do arise, so that way you do not get completely thrown off track, and you can continue to move before with creating your healthy lifestyle. And here's your healthy habit. Here's an example for you so me that during the spring in the summer you are super motivated to go to the can. Your supermodel. It's eat healthy and nutritious, and you actually enjoy it. But during the fall and the winner you, for some reason, get back. You don't like going to the gym. You don't like eating nutritious Lee prefer Teoh. Eat out or referred you. Do you delivery the other half? Live in your home and eating nutritious Lee, making sure that you're staying after going to the gym. Thes things don't become a priority for you and you can follow. Wayside comes after asking yourself serious questions and truly analyzing your behavior. Maybe you discover that during the fall and winter it is a difficult time of year you because a little bit colder climate where you're dealing with a lot of cool temperatures, it's snowing a lot in, To be truthful, you just do not have any interest in going to the gym when it's holes. Don't feel comfortable doing and you don't like it que mas tends you out for more Cremades , because you just do not like cooking during the brawl winner, especially because maybe you're traveling a lot for holidays or different events, and it just doesn't feel right to you. Spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, and this is why I asked and he fired yourself. E more process A solution for you could be that you transition your gym workouts in Teoh home. Work out that way you still be. You're still being fit, but you don't have to leave the house, and you don't necessarily have to brace the cold to go to the gym to get a good workout session. A. No idea for you. She's gonna be particularly helpful to help you stay on track for nutrition. Could be instead of going out to eat or set, you know, focusing more processed foods. You taking the time Teoh invest in a meal delivery service such as a brand are Hello, fresh. That way, you're still eating nutritious, well balanced meals, but there are already three packets for you and then delivered straight to your house so you don't have to worry about her mystery shopping. You don't have to worry about going on the pole to get those foods, and you have a recipe, a good dish you can create that is well balanced. Other options could be decided to do grocery delivery where you can shop for your groceries . Having delivered to you grocery pickup. You can also make the decision Teoh Take the time to focus on bill crack delivery services , where they actually prepare a well balanced meal, and they deliver it to you. And you can put it in your freezer and eat those as needed and are not having to cook a much. But at the same time, you're getting it about nutritious meals and not going t e. And you're not focusing on process foods all as you can see, the main idea is to spend time being honest with yourself and coming up with creative ways to overcome the challenges that anything's plateaus that evening counter when it comes to your health and wellness, especially those that you have control over and then you can actually change our alter. What happened during that specific hurdle? Our challenge. Now it's your time to get started on creating your game plan. So under need the province tab, you're gonna find a worksheet that is designed Teoh walk you through the process of asking yourself those questions is gonna help you to analyze your behaviors and patterns so that you can identify potential possible limiting factors limiting beliefs and challenges that could prevent you from fully stepping into that healthy, well balanced life. What can start from accuse you and sticking Teoh your healthy habits, you'll be able to buy and sample worksheet. I mean, the projects have as well just gonna give you an idea of what this process looks like. But as always, you have any questions or you are stuck on a particular part and he wants and be back filled me to reach out to me. I mean, the community tab happy any inside any help I can. And guys in the 7. Conclusion : Wow. So you have learned a lot over these lessons you have learned so much, and you are fully prepared and ready to learn more about how you can create healthy habits so that you can achieve your health and wellness goals are a couple of as you continue Teoh for your health and wellness story. It's important to know that when you're creating these helping have us. But you continue shopping yourself and you continue to work our building, these habits, increasing them and becoming better and just working to continue moving for covering. He's healthy habits and building apartment until you have created a healthy lifestyle. Chief Wallace Goals is awesome. Wants to know that being successful is not an easy jury, and it's not gonna be just something that you sent to start today and that you achieve in two weeks are they reach in even two must process, and your home is where you slip up or you make mistakes. But do no slip ups in those states to preventing will continue to go for just learn for most with six working no slip ups get up the next day, continuing board and before you know you will have a teacher the longest goals. You have a well healthy habits you can commit to you and you have created for your overall health and will be. I want to take time. Teoh, Thank you for participating in this skill share class. If you want to learn more about me as well as a future school share boxes that I will be fighting on this platform encouraged you. Teoh. Follow me so that the first you know, future school shirt processes and you can learn more about efficient ways to create a healthy and well bands lifestyle. As we work toward building and creating, you're helping lifestyle habits by happened. Just know that you could come back to this class as often as we need. Teoh. Whenever you're ready, Teoh kind of go up and to increase those healthy habits and to challenge yourself even more , as a matter of fact, doing this will ensure that you're challenging yourself and you're not becoming can help to prevent my toes in your health and wellness journey, you blessings and success on your health and wellness. Sturdy