Create Handmade Repeat Patterns: Plus Turn Your Art into Wrapping Paper | Juliet Meeks | Skillshare

Create Handmade Repeat Patterns: Plus Turn Your Art into Wrapping Paper staff pick badge

Juliet Meeks, Designer and Artist

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14 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Step 1: Sketch

    • 4. Optional Step: Paint Masking Fluid

    • 5. Step 2: Painting the Center

    • 6. Step 3: Cutting and Taping

    • 7. Step 4: Painting the Rest

    • 8. Optional Step: Removing Masking Fluid

    • 9. Step 5: Scanning and Cropping

    • 10. Step 6: Creating the Pattern Block

    • 11. Step 7: Clean Up Your Extra Elements

    • 12. Step 8: Adding Extras + Color

    • 13. Wrapping Paper: Part 1

    • 14. Wrapping Paper: Part 2

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About This Class


In this class, you will learn how to create a repeating watercolor pattern by hand, my process of designing a pattern, how to clean up your pattern tile in Photoshop, and a quick tutorial on how to order digitally printed wrapping paper of your design. 

I also go over some tips for using masking fluid, which is an optional step to include in your design. 

What You'll Learn:
• How to create a seamless repeat pattern by hand
• Design tips for a successful pattern
• How to clean up and finalize your design in Photoshop
• How to incorporate masking fluid into your design
• How to order digitally printed wrapping paper online

Experience Level:
• Basic experience in Photoshop is helpful for this class
• Basic experience in your favorite method of creating (watercolor, drawing, other painting media)
• Experience repeating patterns not necessary

For a list of my favorite supplies, visit my Amazon page here

This is a great method if you are brand new to repeating patterns or going for a specific look! If you are looking for a more technical method with a little more control over your design elements, check out the main method I personally use in my class From Painting to Pattern: How to Create Repeating Patterns Using Photoshop

Music credit: "Cute" by Bensound