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Create Hand Drawn Animation Gifs in Photoshop

Marlena Martin, Animator, Artist, Educator

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6 Videos (14m)
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About This Class

Take any video that you have on your cell phone, computer, tablet or other device and turn it into an animated cartoon video or gif. We'll walk you step by step on ways to get started. It's a fun and exciting project that'll allow you to upload your cartoons online and on popular websites or share where you choose. This class is fun, engaging and helps you create animated images of your favorite videos. Every lesson builds upon these principles and will help you master these skills sets along the way. Please post your projects below so we can see your progress.





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Marlena Martin

Animator, Artist, Educator

Marlena is a character animator, artist and educator. She enjoys teaching and helping students reach their full artistic potential. She has a BS in Computer Animation and enjoys photographing nature and all series of Star Trek except Enterprise.

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