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Create Gold Text on Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Set up art board + colors

    • 3. Adding text

    • 4. Putting it all together

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About This Class

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Gold is everywhere!
This class teaches you how to create shimmering gold text on Adobe Illustrator.
Once you learn the method you will be able to create a framed art print of your favorite quotes.


Meet Your Teacher

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Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education


Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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1. Intro: gold text is gorgeous, and it's really not that hard to design in this class. We're gonna take the re colors and combine them to create this beautiful gold text and then using your favorite quote and beautiful typography in a few short minutes, you can make art prints for yourself, for your friends and family and even to sell online. This class does require Adobe Illustrator, and if you don't already have it, just go to adobe dot com and download your free trial. Your class project is to take everything that you've learned in this class and create a beautiful gold text quote. Ready for framing. I hope you join me in class. I really look forward to seeing everybody's working the Project Gallery. 2. Set up art board + colors: Hello and welcome to class. In this lesson, we're going to set up our adobe illustrator workspace with an art board. And then we're going to make new swatch colors that will create the gold text that will be using for this project. Let's start by coming to file new. You can name it anything you like. I'm gonna call this gold quote. The size of the our board is going to be letter size in inches, which is a regular letter size of 8.5 wide by 11 tall, and I'm gonna press okay, I like this size because everybody's got regular letter sized paper for their printer. And also, you can cut down a little bit of the edges so it will fit an eight by 10 frames. Now we're going to create new swatch colors. These air the colors that were going to be using for this project. I'm just gonna move them over here. I already decided on these colors and wanted to teach you how to create new swatches from colors that you find either on the Internet or that you create on your own. So the first thing we're going to do is click the little rectangle box and we're just gonna duplicate pretty much what I just did here. So now it's selected. I'm gonna come over to the eyedropper tool and click the first color, and it will create a new box. Now I'm going to make another rectangle. It'll default on the last color that I used. And I'm gonna come over to the eyedropper and select our second color. And now we're going to create a new box Little default again to the last color that I used . I'm gonna come over to the I drop tool and then select that third color. Now, let's makes watches out of these colors. So coming up to the top, the little arrow and click and you'll find new swatch. So the new swatch color is the last color that we were on, which is this creamy color? Let's name it, um, gold Quote one. And there it iss. It appears as gold quote one in our swatches. Now we're just gonna come over tap on the second color and creating new Swatch from it. I'm gonna call this gold quote, too, and there it is again. Now, let's put that last color the darkest color here by just clicking on it. Create a new swatch color gold quote three. And there's the colors that will be using in the next lesson we're gonna add are quote to the art board, select some nice fonts and then create the Grady int from these colors to make a nice gold and added to our font, and they will add a background as well see in the next lesson. 3. Adding text: Hello and welcome back to class in this lesson. We're going to select a quote from the Internet and then just paste it on to our art board . I really like this Upton Sinclair quote saying that it's difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. So I'm gonna select that. I'm gonna copy, move back over to Adobe Illustrator Paste and it's just formatting the way that it was on the Internet. Well, still, select it. I'm going to pick one of my very favorite fonts. You can go through these as well. This is Bermel. Oh, and I'm gonna select it 72. So, of course, is going to run right off the page. And what I'll do is come over toe text and then decide where I want to move it into the next lines. So it is difficult to get. I'm gonna go before the A and then enter to make a new line. It is difficult to get a man toe, understand? And now I'm just gonna put the text tool in front of the S something when Hiss salary again , I'll just There depends upon with the page down his not understanding it. Okay, that's kind of going off a little bit. So let me back space here and move that there. Forget I like that. I'm gonna center it and then put it in the middle of my page. And to do that, I'm gonna come up Toe X and the X factor is the why. But the walk, the width and what we do is we take half the width to get it t the centers. So we have an 8.5 white page. So half of that is 4.25 and then it moves a text over. Why is how tall it is? We have a new 11 inch tall page half of that is 5.5, and it's just gonna center everything there. Let's see how that looks quite like it. Now, what I'm going to do is because I want to color the insides of the letter the fill of the letter with a Grady int color that we're going to create from these colors to give the text a gold effect. I'm gonna now come upto object and expand while everything selected expand and I'm going to expand the object and the Phil. And by doing that, it's now going allow me to create the Grady int on the inside of the text. In the next lesson, we're going to create that greedy in gold and apply it to the text and then out of background, see you in the next lesson. 4. Putting it all together: Welcome back to class. In this lesson, we're going to set up a Grady INT bar using these three colors to create a nice, shimmering gold. So to do that, you want to make sure that we have Grady int selected. So I'm just gonna come up here and just grab the black and white. It's linear at the moment, and there's no angle. We might play with that a little bit later. So the first thing we want to do is add the lighter colors to the ends. So I'm gonna take that light color. Let's grab it from here the light color and drag it down and put it in the little paint pale and drag it again to this side. Now let's take the darkest color and move it, but 1/3 in and the medium color and moved that quick close to it. And now let's put the darker color again over here, and you can move these if you like. See, I might move out a little bit and put a little bit of that nice like color in there so you can see how it gives a bit of a shimmer. You could move these along. I'm gonna leave that and then see if we want to make any changes so going to select the entire tax than we've expanded it. So now when we just come up here to click, we've got the fill selected and no stroke, like just click that and see what happens. So here we go. I'm gonna come. Nice, little closer. So you see how it has sort of that shimmer gold? Look, it looks just like this. We're going from left to right, and it's got a bit of a shimmer. I wanted to go up and down, so I'm gonna zoom out again, select everything, and I'm going to make this now a 90 degree angle on Just enter. So now it goes up and down. It goes vertically so you can play with this, see if you like it. We can even try different angle. Let's do a 60 degree angle. So now things are going this way And just for fun, let's try the radio just for fun. So this is kind of getting a bit of a zebra effect. I'm gonna go back to the linear now I'm going to try and use fewer colors and see what happens. I'm going to go back to the start. Let's do a light color in the center and the dark color in this pot, and we'll do the medium color in this pot. So we're just going to use this actually gonna move that along there a little bit? Okay, lets see it's already selected and take a look. So this is a little softer. I rather like this better instead of using all the different colors, but you can experiment and see where you like it. I like it this way. I'm going to keep it here, and I don't need these colors anymore. So I'm just gonna select the mall in backspace to get rid of them. And I want to put a background behind my text. So I'm going to click now This what I'm gonna do here is make it eight wide by 10 because I do want to frame this. So I'm just gonna press OK, It's going to go to my default, which is the Grady int bronzes and browns that we used to create the gold. But what we're going to do here is just change it to and changes to Black for now, coming up to the axe, I'm going to make it our whole page size divided by two. And why divided by two. And then I'm gonna have to click that and bring it back So I'm arrange and sending it to the back. I love Golden Block together. I'm gonna leave it with the black. So from here, you can just come up to file and export it. And you can export it to a pdf or Ajay Pake. Print it off, and then you have a really nice gold text Framed quote. Thank you for taking this class. I look forward to seeing your quotes done up this way in the project gallery. I'll see you in the next class.