Create GIF-like Instagram posts with Adobe Photoshop | Jalene Hernández | Skillshare

Create GIF-like Instagram posts with Adobe Photoshop

Jalene Hernández, of La Sirena Design & Marketing

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8 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Class Trailer - Intro

    • 2. Getting Started and Sizes You Need to Know

    • 3. Animated GIF Inspiration & Samples

    • 4. Prepping the file - Using Photoshop Layers and Masks

    • 5. Creating the Animation - Using Timeline and Layers

    • 6. Exporting Your Animation for Instagram

    • 7. Uploading Your Final File to Instagram

    • 8. Thanks!


About This Class

If you don't already know, you can't simply post a GIF to Instagram. You have to do some special "magic" to it first. In this class, you'll learn how to do that magic in Photoshop.

In this class you'll learn how to:
• create a simple animation in Photoshop using layers, masks, and the timeline panel
• prepare the file for posting to Instagram
• transferring and posting the file to Instagram

This class is best if you have at least a tiny bit of experience in Photoshop.

You can choose to create your own file or you can download the Photoshop sample files and practice creating this animation:


Berry Photo by William Felker on Unsplash


1. Class Trailer - Intro: Hi. I'm Daleen, owner and creative director at LA Serena Design and marketing. In this class, you're going to learn how to make a simple, fun animation using Photoshopped. Then I'll show you the special steps you need to do in order to prepare your animation Foreign Instagram hoes for the class project. You can choose to make your own animated post or you can use the file sample provided to practice on. You only need a few things to get started. Adobe photo shop, phone and an INSTAGRAM account. I can't wait to see me. You make. 2. Getting Started and Sizes You Need to Know: Let's talk about some of the things they're going to need for this class. You're definitely gonna need Adobe Photo Shop. If you have some experience that be great. A complete beginner is probably gonna find this class a little too fast paced. I'm not going to really be covering basics. You're gonna want your phone instagram app installed on it. And you're either gonna want to download the sample file that I have for you to work from or you're gonna want to come up with your own idea. If you're coming up with your own idea, I would recommend that you sketch it out first on paper, get off the computer and then break it down into how you're envisioning the animation. Mean built out. Sometimes when we get on the computer and start working from there right away, it's a little confusing. Once we start bringing it into layers and on the timeline, So a couple things to keep in mind while you're if you're building your own pile, especially the measurements or a post that maximum height is 13 50 for a story, it's 1920. And as you probably know, we're not making if file for this project. I'm assuming you're taking this class because you realize that you can't import ifs or post gifts in instagram. So what we're really making eventually is going to be a video, and the minimum length of the video has to be at least three seconds. The maximum length of video in a post is one minute, and the maximum length of a video in a story is 15 seconds. So those are just some things to keep in mind. And I suggest you, um look this up before you start on your project because these things are changing constantly. It seems like that those are some good things, toe. Look up before you start on the project and prep your file. 3. Animated GIF Inspiration & Samples: So for this video, I'm just going to run through some inspiration for you would be great for this class and project if you had some kind of some kind of project you wanted to work on, like if it's a promotional post on Instagram. Or maybe you could make something fun like a self portrait or, you know, whatever you want. But I just wanted to show you some different ways of animation. That's very simple. And these air some good examples. I love collecting these, so I'll send you a link and you can reference them and look at up for inspiration When you start working on your project. Some disgust start here and the commander close out my little face. So this one's pretty fun. Very simple. I think it's it's one of my favorite. No, I think it was mod cloth, But sure, this one's definitely modcloth. Sometimes it can be very subtle. I actually like the ones that were just simple. We don't be screaming at anyone. This one is very simple to you'll see this a lot, just rotating through different images, especially you have a lot of products. This one is just a simple, I think, if he saw just highlights the words. And I like this one. These air from honest and I don't even have a baby that I just follow them like I was like their design Super basic. One image change that's Mom's Thrones hurts on. I see this one all the time during holidays, but I like this one just making like the lights. It was a fun photo one and this one that's just changing color on the funds. It's changing killer on the background, and this one is just changing the type. The words This is fun one. They're just changing the color. The illustrations are staying the same colors, tainting having words. And here's one that I made for one of my clients. Ad Very basic Cheers. And here's an instagram post we made special. Here's a self portrait that I made. I used illustrator and phone shop, and then this is the one that's in the sample file. So if you want to just follow along and build this out and not have to come up with your own, you can probably do that too. Okay, so think about what you want to make again. It could be something promotional. It could be a portrait. It could be of your dog. Or maybe even just pick something you love and then come up with how you want to animate it . So there's a few different, uh, things. One other one I wanted to show you have a couple more in here. This one's just snowflakes moving around. It could be something. Basically, that movement. I really like this one. It's just the pattern changing and moving. So it could be something simple like that. Um, again, I really like honest cause. I just like, uh, their designs or it was really cool. Just the text bubble changes could be something easy like that text bubbles coming in and out. And then here's a simple one where it's just the image is changing, that it's placed on I pad. So all right, that's it. So go ahead and start planning and will start 4. Prepping the file - Using Photoshop Layers and Masks: you know, we're gonna go over masks and layers and photo shop, so I'm gonna go through the image and type and show you how we profit for our animation. If you already know how to use photo shop for layers and fast, then you might want to skip ahead to the next video. And that's where we'll be using the timeline to, um, use our leaders to create the animation. Here's the file that we're gonna be working with. This is the one that included from samples here. Taken everything and put on the different layer. So I have Berries. I have my text in this and I have my bread background. So when we turned each of those off and see what's below it And so the idea, like in sketches to get this middle part. So it looks like each box that's being taken away and then it will reveal Berries. Teoh, go to my lair. Hey, Adam, ask button selection tool and you could be is quick, dirty about this that you want. I'm going to go woman bass just to show you. And then I am going to feel that with black, make sure that you click to see how this can go back and forth. I know. Messed of you used four. I want to be on this right here. And then I'm gonna hit. Come in. I'm gonna hit option and delete, and then oh, are you kid, You know, scroll up to the top? No. Um, but that's just lucky. Command is option. Uh, and then I'm gonna de select that command D Amato Mac. And then I'm going to duplicate this layer. You can hit command J. It's duplicate, or you can drag it down here and for you. And there's probably another key command for it. I think maybe needs you. There's always like, I'll be a duplicate layer. So if I right click on this will do go and makes room, I'm here and I'm gonna use selection tool. My option delete. And it worked, but I forgot I have to have this hidden. Somehow I can see that it works, and then I'm gonna go get and I'm gonna do paper slayer, your office layers. It's gone. Flick on my selection or on my mask, and then I'm gonna do the same. And then I am just going to keep doing it over. Okay, a little faster. And I was I saw that select a duplicate. Yeah, And so there's many ways to mask this isn't a shop class one basking, And but if you are interested in that, let me know it's down. Teoh, teach more classes and just keep doing this until we get to our final image. So I think you get the picture of what's happening. See, that's what happens when you are not on your desk. Make sure my mask rates. So now we turn this off, see? Click each one. It's going to build Teoh eventually to that. So go ahead and watch the next video and I'll show you how we take this and make it into our animation. 5. Creating the Animation - Using Timeline and Layers: All right. So here we are in Photoshopped and we have all of our leaders built out, and we know how we want our frames. So you want this? Call it to me up its timeline if you don't see it, if you go window up on top and you can see in buying because the way this is recording But it's where it's a soda shop file at an image like you're all a bunch out there and you're gonna click on window, you're scroll down. And if you timeline, make sure that's checked and pop. So since we have a lot of layers, one holding to the master is we can say make brains from Lears. It automatically puts them in Just cool. Now I know that these this is not part of our animation. So where we can go ahead and leave those trust him? Okay. And now we're all set, and that looks right like it's building. Except we want our background red color and the text also be there so I can just select all of them. I click on one hold shift and then it 10 turn on all of my text and and So now when we put through and see so I like to think of layer, are you like to think of the frames is like a little views. It's basically if you watch as I click through its turning on these different layers and turning them off the ones we don't need. So if I hit play, that's pretty fast. We don't want that best on the way to slow it down. ISS I'm going to select use all again holding shift here. I can adjust the time, so I'm gonna change it to now. That was a little better. But if you wanted to still slow down. Or maybe you want something in between, There's another way. So much you are. If you click, other can put in your own time there on. That looks pretty good except this one to stay a little bit longer. One of the end. So I'm going to call that one, and let's make that once I can't see good Well, this could again. So stop and that's all. Hoard the timeline In the next video, we'll go over how be export this for Instagram cause we have to do something special, and I'll also show you how to export a regular next video 6. Exporting Your Animation for Instagram: in this video, I'm gonna show you how we export our file. So if we were just making a regular give, we would go up in the file export safer web here, and we would go select gifts super easy. And then here we would even be able to see it. Les, you know, we could have on the Forever loop we could choose here. We wanted it to go forever. Or if we wanted to do once or three times and then we could take that gift and bring it into email or Facebook. What for? Instagram? We have to do it a different way. We have to actually make a video out of it. No one thing machine is the The minimum for a post in instagram for a video is three seconds. So if you have a short animation, it is not gonna accept that video because it's gonna be too short. I think this one is long enough, but this is what you I'll show you how to do it. If he was a shorter, um, you would select all of these and then you can just duplicate them copy frames and then paste rains faced after, So that's just gonna make make it longer. So when we make but animation, when we export to the video file, you will be longer than three second stop. So for exporting the video, we're gonna go up into file. You guys can't see that this video recorders going to file and we're gonna goto export. And you're gonna go down here into render video. We're going, Teoh, make sure you're saving it where you know you are given rabbits and select your folder. And the other option that you want to have is this 30 France for second, the selection range everything all frames here you want and should be good. So go into slept my folder Everything's good and hit render, and it can take while depending on topic or file is right Now our file is rendered And in the next video I'm gonna show you how we upload that Instagram 7. Uploading Your Final File to Instagram: Okay, so, you know, you have your video file ready to go, and you need to get it into instagram. If your business, you might be using a social media scheduler there. So many out there. But he was just a few. So there's this one called offer Hoot suite Smarter. Que, and these basically just allow you to post on schedule whenever you want. And I think they, you know, they used to be before the instagram didn't have the ability to use a scheduler, But I think they all do now. So this one's tail win and me, Edgar. But if you are just want to do it, um, in real time at your phone. What I like to use is, uh, I'm on a Mac, so I use airdrop. But you could, you know, a blow to their Google Drive folder or Dropbox and do it that way. And I'm sure there's something for windows that I don't know about to connect to your phone . So I have ah, iPhone and I have Mac. So for that, I can just come here. Here's my file. And if I press space bar, it gives me a little preview of it. And now I'm gonna get my phone by hitting and new window and I go to airdrop here and I have to turn my phone on. Took connects. There it is. And now I'm just gonna take this and drop it onto here, and now it will transfer over to my phone. So here's what it's gonna look like on a phone airdrop is gonna pop up and it's gonna ask us if we want to accept Yes, and then it's going to put it into our photo folder and it looks good. And then we're gonna open Instagram, and I'm sure you all know how to do this part. We're gonna upload it, and that looks like it's supposed Teoh. And then we just great are caption and then hit share. And we're all done with our post. So that's how you do it with air drop or transferring it over and doing it directly into Instagram 8. Thanks!: I think so much for taking this class. If you have any questions at all, go ahead and put him down in the common section. And don't forget to post your projects to or if you want, you can post to instagram and tell me in them, and I would love to see them there. I'm at a loss of rain. It's fine and again, thanks so much.