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Create Free Surveys: Learn What Your Customers or Students Want

teacher avatar Lisa Rusczyk ❤️, Teacher, Author, Crafter, Blogger, & Ed. D.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Welcome to Class by Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D.

    • 2. Class Success Tips

    • 3. View My Surveys

    • 4. Create a Survey Together

    • 5. Create a Student Interest Survey

    • 6. Other Survey Ideas

    • 7. Thank You For Taking This Class

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About This Class


In this class, you will learn how to use a free tool to collect information from your customers or students to learn how to make better products for the future.  I will show you some forms that I have made, and then I will show you how to create your own.  See you in class. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Lisa Rusczyk ❤️

Teacher, Author, Crafter, Blogger, & Ed. D.


I have self-published 300 books, have over 50 classes, and have many of my social media post gone viral. While I earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership, I love to teach online only on Skillshare while I am a Stay at Home Mom. I enjoy creating, reading to kids, and hanging out at my local coffee shop to play Settlers of Cantan with friends.  

Skillshare premium is needed to view most of my courses.  With Skillshare premium you can get unlimited access to all of my courses. Click to view all of my classes and to join as a premium member.  Lisa Rusczyk on Skillshare

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1. Welcome to Class by Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D. : Hi, everyone. This is Lisa Rece Check author of the Charlie, the Cavalier Book Series. Blogger, Mom, Lots of things. And today I want to show you how to create surveys to understand what your customers or your students would like. So, please. Well, in this class and I will show you a free tool to create surveys. So you can, um, either create better products or, um, create better classes for your students that hopefully will create more income. All right, let's get started. 2. Class Success Tips: Hi, students. Thank you for enrolling in this class. I want to show you a way that it will help you succeed and learn from this class. And it is to keep notes in Project section. So please go over to your project and then click there and start. Um, click on your project. And this is where you can start adding information for your project so you can put in a title. This could be the title of the class or your name. Then start putting information into the project workspace. Now, this could be anything from images. But also you can enter text too. And this will be really helpful for other students to see what they learn in this class. It will help others do and see this class. And it will give me feedback to know what Teoh bring to you next to for students. So, um, please click on the your project section and I leave me your feedback. Thank you. 3. View My Surveys: everyone, Welcome to class again. My name is Lisa Rece Check And I am the teacher for this class. We're going to be looking at what is called Google forms. So if you go to google dot com slash forms, you will get to this page and you will need a Google account to be able to log in, already have a Google account, so I'm going to log in, all right. I use forms for lots of different things on dykan to show you some of the question years that I have and will learn how to create new ones. All right, so if you get it, um, also, another place you can go to is docks that google dot com slash forms and that is another way to get here, all right? 4. Create a Survey Together: All right, Now, we're gonna look at some of the forms that I've created and how I can view customer responses. So here you can start a new form at the top, and you can choose a blank one or from all different formats that might be helpful. If you click more, you'll see more options to So, as you see here, you could make assessments. For example, quizzes you can make, um, contact information R s V p a party. Invite T shirts, sign up and different things, even for work. So event feedback order, form. Job application. Time off. Requests to work request. My husband is actually, and, um, he works at a college in housing, and sometimes they collect information using Google forms this way. All right, so after you collect the information that just goes into a spreadsheet, which is also free, all of this is free. All right, so let's go back. You may want to worry about security reasons, so you wouldn't want to collect Social Security numbers this way. You might wanna be more secure with things like that. All right, so kidspost her question here At one point, I decided I was going to start a, um, since then. Kids postcard. So I created this question here and it said, Would you be interested in a service? How much would use pay? How much, um, would you want for to pay for a year? And I was thinking of another idea sending a ball in the mail so you can add additional comments or enter email address if you're interested. And you can t I only got four responses, but you can see people were interested in this. You could see how much they would like to pay and how much they'd like to pay for a year. And finally, if they would like to get a ball in the mail. And the question for this is this was something and not be interested. So four people said no to that. All right, then you could see some responses below. 5. Create a Student Interest Survey: All right, Here comes the fun part. Let's create a form together, and I'm gonna create one to collect student data. So all click on blank and again, I'm at Google. Doc stopped Google's dot com slash forms and I will give my former name. So, um, student interest form is what I would call this. Okay, And I could add a description here. I'm not going to. So first I'll ask the first question, and you may want to actually write the questions that you're interested in writing before you start, But there's a lot of different formats that you could ask questions. So let's look at all the, um It could be a short answer. Ah, paragraph. So you had to short answer. If you don't want them to write too much multiple choice. Check. Multiple choice. They have to choose one of the options. Check boxes. They could choose. Multiple options dropped down. They could only choose one, but they can. It will be from a drop down lists. Ah, linear scale. That would be, for example, if they want to choose 10 to 1. If you do do something like that, make sure that you right what 10 is and what one is. So because people may get confused and think one's the best when it could be the worst. So something to think about a multiple choice grid. That's interesting one. I haven't seen that yet. Um, or you could include the data of the time. All right, so the 1st 1 that happened to be here was, Let's choose multiple choice or let's just do short answer. So, um, I could ask the students of what class would you like me to create next? All right, well, a short answer like this if someone may just look over and not be that interested. So that's just so you know. And if you want to add a question, you could do that here. You could add a title or description here at an image. For example, I might want to add an image of my company here because this is currently available. I will choose this image. It'll just upload it to your Google drive. That's where it will go. Oh, big image. Let's make it smaller. So a lot of my classes happen to be on, um, creating, um, well authoring books or self publishing. So I could also write What class would you be? Would you want to enroll in? MESSED and I will make a multiple choice list. So for option one, I'll just click here, and I can choose, um, income strategies. I just have some ideas of I can have productivity here. And, um, the last one I could write is entrepreneurship. What a word. Dispel. All right. If I right click since its underlying read, it will go And it and it for me. Let's see if I have anything else on here. Oh, I was thinking about doing teachers k teachers. It's am another way to have an income stream and, um, a free block option. All right, so those are my multiple choice questions, and I'm actually going to click and drag it above here of the first question, because then first they can answer one of these, and I'm gonna actually make it check boxes so they can choose more than one. Then they can add one that isn't in there, possibly. And, um, you just so you know, you can also add a video so that if they could watch a video, for example, first and then respond. That's another way to do it. All right. So since it is called student interest for him here, I'm going toe, um, between the title there. So that's great. So up here, you can also change the color palette. So I will choose Gray. I'm into gray lately. You can preview it so to see what it looks like. And I recommend just being the first person to fill it in. Just so you know, it's working. And you could choose some settings so you could live it. One response for person. If you do that, they would have to sign in. The respondents can edit after submitting or not, um, then show a progress bar. I kinda like the look of that just because another, another quick tip is You shouldn't have too many questions because they're going to be less likely to fill it out or finish the survey, and you could shuffle the questions. This might be good if it was a multiple choice test. He didn't want kids to teach, but I don't think you're worried about that in this class, and you could also have a confirmation message like thank you so much for filling, taking your taking the time to fill out this form. So that's nice. Oh, that's perceived to make sure everything is good there and finally quizzes you could make it a quiz so you could release a grade or different two different things there. Let's highly this so you can really see grade or show them the Mr Incorrect or Point value questions. So just so you know, that's available to you if you're interested. All right, so we're done doing filling out this form, and over here you'll be able to see the responses. And right here you can create a spreadsheet of your responses. And once you've created one, it'll just be there. All right, So let's go back and find the link for this form so we could start sending it to people. So my student interest form is here. All right, we're gonna preview the form here, and this is where we're gonna highlight the link, and we're gonna copy and paste that descended to people. But let's also try it so I will slip a few These I will answer, Yes. Oh, they could write whatever they want, and I'll finally click submit. So, as you see, it has our response. Thank you so much for filling out this form and let's go in and we'll go to the responses over here so you can see what people chose and the responses you could have an email address to, to add to your mailing lists, because it's always important to try and collect emails. All right, so hopefully you learned some things here in our student interest for 6. Other Survey Ideas: All right, let's look at some other forms that I've created in the past, So I self published books. So this is a way to get people's email addresses. So when the book is free, I could send it to them. So this is 50 things to know about getting free stuff to review. Kindle Addition Review. There's a link to the book so you can add links. I have my publishing image here, and then they could add an email address and then I have an option so I could put them onto my mailing list if they're interested. So that's one form I've created. Here's another 1 50 things to know. I'll be the first to read and review 50 things a notebook. So I have lots of 50 thanks to know books, and this is just a collect email to see if they're interested in getting other books to review. All right, this one is another review form for Children's books, so I made it look a little different. But you could see here you can choose different fonts and images to make the forms look different. I also go to it's called the Commonplace Church. It's a coffee shop church, and we meet in a coffee shop. So I was asked to create this form for the church directory and eso you couldn't create forms like that. Um, here is a joke. Book review, another review. Um, same kind information that looks different. So I thought it show you and the easiest review form just has their name and email address . So this is one way to collect information from your customers or students and hopefully the These will give you some ideas in creating your own. 7. Thank You For Taking This Class: Hi. Great. You made it to the end of the class. I hope you learned something, and you can use surveys to either collect data from your students, your customers to create better from products for the future. So if you like this class, please give it a positive review. You can hear my dog in the background on the four. That's starting the Cavalier. And for your class project, it's to go to Google docks and create a form and share it with the class. We love to see it and possibly fill it out if it applies to us. Um, please check out my other classes and follow me. Yeah. And you can contact me at any time. You go to my website, lisa Ristic dot com, and I would love to hear from you. All right. Have a great day. Thanks. Bye.