Create FREE HD Animated Video Advertisements for Your Business with Powerpoint

Nin Abayata, Online Streetmart & Designer

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7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Gathering Resources

    • 3. Custom Fonts

    • 4. Preparing your Graphics or Logo

    • 5. Powerpoint

    • 6. Saving to video

    • 7. Video Editing and Audio


Project Description

Attached is the same file we used in this class. Refer to this document if you wish to understand how the video effects are made within the PPT file. Check the project and how the texts are sequenced for your reference.


Your project (Simple Q & A)

1. Your project would be to give me an animated commercial video that you have found somewhere else that has really captured your attention.

2. What made you want this video? What do you think makes this video engaging? What part of the video inspires you to incorporate to your own design in the future?