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Create Engaging Videos From Your Photographs Using Final Cut Pro

teacher avatar Kimberly B.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Formatting Photos In Photoshop

    • 3. Importing Photos And Placing Them Into The Timeline

    • 4. Assigning Duration To Photo Clips

    • 5. Creating Text Effects

    • 6. Adding Transitions

    • 7. Adding Audio

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About This Class

Easily Navigate Final Cut Pro And Learn To Create Amazing Videos From Your Photos. 

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Kimberly B.


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome money, Miss Kim Brandt. I'm a freelance photographer, and I love making videos from my photograph. I've recently relocated from the US to South Africa, and I've been taking more photos than I've ever taken in my line. All my friends and family were expressing so much interest in seeing the photos I've been taking that I decided it would be a good idea to start putting together videos for the so far. Everyone loves them, and I am really enjoying in a swell when you're ready to begin, I'm going to teach you how to make your own engaging better videos and using the professional video editing software Final Cut Pro. 2. Formatting Photos In Photoshop: The first thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna make sure that our photos are for men and correctly and that they're the right size for our video from Photoshopped. I'm gonna open Ah, horizontal and a vertical fed there, and I'm gonna show you how to format each of them. Let's start with the vertical photo, go up to image and then image signs. Make sure you got it set on by cubic sharper. And first you want to change the resolution, change it down to 72 and then for vertical. You don't want the pixels to be over 10 80 on the height, saving as the highest quality J pang, which is 12 and then for the horizontal to your resolution first of 72 and for horizontal is you want to make sure you're with doesn't go over 14 40 which is what this is already, which is great have put the specifications and writing for you. And as soon as she get your betters ready else to you in the next module, where we'll be importing your photos in the final cut prints 3. Importing Photos And Placing Them Into The Timeline: Welcome back, everyone. If you watch Montel one, you should have your photographs ready to be important in the final cut. So let's get right to it to open a new library, which is what we want to do. You want to click command? Oh, then new. You want to give your library in? Name mine. It's gonna be photographs. And then if you look in the top left hand corner, you'll see your library name. And then underneath that the program has created your event for you. Just click on it one time and rename it what you blind then the next thing we want to do is import our photos. So Goto foul import media. And then here's my folder with all my pictures. As you can see, I've got them numbered. So hopefully when they get imported, they'll be in the right order. If they're not, I will show you how to fix that. Okay, so I'm just gonna go ahead and import the whole folder. Something's going to click on that folder and then import selected on the settings. The only thing that's really relevant for what we're doing here is copy toe library. I would recommend that if you do a lot of editing to your photos, you don't want to lose your originals. And if you copy them to the library, that won't happen. So as you can see, the thunder's have imported successfully and they are in order. If they're not, just click on the date, double click on it and then check your group clips by and you're sort by. Make sure you got date imported, ascending for group clips by and have it sorting by name and in a standing order. All right, we're almost there. Next thing we need to do is click on New project and I'm simply gonna name it. The same thing is my event, which is Namibia. And don't worry about any of those other auctions below that at this time. Okay, All you need to do now is go up to where your photographs are. Click command A, and you should see them all getting highlighted and scroll over any one of the photos. You should see a hand icon, click and hold the mouse down and you can drank all your photos down into the timeline 4. Assigning Duration To Photo Clips: Hello, everyone. We're moving right along. Now we're onto duration. So let's just click on one of our photos here. I'm gonna click on the 1st 1 and hit control D and you'll notice here all of a sudden and blew. It has 20 z room. That means that that clip is two seconds long right now. So I'm gonna change it to five. I'll need to do is type time 00 and hit. Enter and it's gonna change it for me. I'm for the other ones. I want them all to be six seconds long. I'm just going to select them all by clicking on my first clip, holding the shift key down and then clicking on my last clip and now simply control de 600 and enter 5. Creating Text Effects: So now we're gonna learn how to add text to your video. You definitely want a title page. And then if you're gonna be using music, you're more than likely gonna need to credit the artists. But we'll go over that part in the next lesson. Let's first click on the icon to the right that has a capital T, which stands for text inserting text effects. A similar to how you insert transitions. The only difference for this title pages that we're gonna place the text above the clip so it lays on top of it. And I like Ferris wheel. So I'm gonna use that. So click and drag it to the time one and place it above the clip nail. I'm going to zoom in by hitting Command Plus, and currently my text effect has a longer duration than my photo clip that we can fix that later. So next double click on the text effect on the time one, and then place the play hand at the beginning of the text effect to where you can see text in the window above. And now this click wants on the text ended. Let you type in your own information. I'm not going to use two of these, so I'm gonna delete them in a minute. Also, I don't want the text appear right away in the clue, so I'm going to click on it and just drank it over a little to the right. I noticed that if you look to the right, there's a born where you can change the size of the turn. So I'm increasing mine of little as you can see there some other options I'm sure you'll want to experiment with on your own. And then also, you can rearrange the placement of the tanks by clicking on the cross. Here's and just simply dragging around. I'm going to bring in my text effect so it isn't overlapping into the next clip. All you have to do is select it and drying to the left. If you want to in any time, see your video full screen, just click on the double errors at the bottom rate of the viewing window in Italy in large it for you to exit from full screen. Just click a scape. I'm just going to continue and do a little bit more tweaking and then in the next lesson, which is also the last lesson. I'll show you how to end all the year to your video. 6. Adding Transitions: All right, So now that you have the duration of your clips set, I'm gonna teach you how to and transition. When I chose the duration of the clips in the last lesson, I made sure to allow a little extra time for the transitions because they are actually going to take away a little on the time that your clips show, depending on the type of transition that you cheese. So just give you a little information about transitions. They basically you're just digital effects that you can add that and visual interest to your video. We're gonna use them to make it look nice and smooth in between clothed, All right, so go to the transition icon to your right. It's the box that has the four triangles in it. Click on it and you'll see all the transitions appear below. As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to transitions. If you want to know what they look like, you can scroll over them with the males, and it will show you an example in the window above. I tend to gravitate towards a couple of them. In particular, though what type of transition to choose really depends on your personal taste and the type of video that you're making. Ah will caution that it's really easy to go overboard, and if you use too many of them, that can actually end up detracting from your video. So to add a transition, all you have to do is click on it and drag it into the timeline where you want it. I'm using cross dissolve from a 1st 1 since it's going to be placed at the beginning of the video and not in between two photos. It's just going to dissolve in from black. I want to see how the transition looks, so I'm just going to make sure the play hand is at the beginning and I'm going to push the space bar to play. And then the space bargain to Paul's. It So my mother go to transition is Grady int image, and it's down here about midway. Here it is. I'm gonna use this in between all my photos. I don't like the transition, but it's a little bit too quick for my taste, so I'm gonna change the duration of it to two seconds. Now that I'm satisfied with my transition duration. The quickest way to add it to the rest of the federal clips is just a copy and paste it to do that. Just how it your transition hit Command C on your keyboard to copy it, then click in between your photos until you see the two arrowheads pointing in the opposite directions. Hit command V to paste the transition. And just keep doing that in between all your federal clips until you get to the end. So I just want to seeing what mine end result is. So I'm gonna move the play head back to the very beginning of my video, and I'm gonna hit the space bar to play. And I think these transitions are gonna work beautifully. Okay, so we'll see you in the next lesson where we're gonna learn how to and text 7. Adding Audio: All right. So you've made it to the final stage, which is picking your music. And I found a site that I really like. It's called incompetent dot com and all the available songs air under royalty Free music. Now I've picked my song. Now I'm gonna go to music licenses. Uh, it were me. I would just read over the various licenses to make sure that you're not breaking any laws . And then you choose your song down in this box here. Then when you do that, the license appears to the right. That's what you're gonna copy and paste into your credits of your video at the end. Depending on what you're using it for. I'm gonna let you. I'm research that so the next thing we want to do is import our music and I just downloaded it and copied it to the desktop. So I've got it easily accessible. So just go to import Filed an import. She's your song Import selected now, like Teoh create a new event for music. I was gonna do that in type music and in terms, and there's my music track up there in green and basically all we're gonna do is click on the music, and we're going to drag it down into our timeline now. Obviously, the songs a little bit longer than my video shortened the video just to make it easier to teach this lesson. So there there are only 10 pictures on this one, but in the original there about 22. But the way to shorten that music is just a click on the end and drag it until it lines up with the end of your video. And then I'm gonna zoom in back clicking command plus so I can see a little bit better. There are actually some handlebars that you can click on and drag that will stayed the music out for you. So where that were, that area is shaded meal. It's going to slowly fade the music out. So we have a nice finish to our video, and you'll just have to experiment with it a little. And now I'm gonna click, play and see what it sounds like. - And now I'm just going to check the fade out at the end, and I like how that sounds, so I'm gonna leave it just like that. Go ahead and make a video and posted in the project area so I can see what you come up with . A know you'll do a great job.