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Create Easy Social Media Marketing Videos Without Filming or Graphic Design Skills

Krystal Kelly, Travel & Equestrian Coach

Create Easy Social Media Marketing Videos Without Filming or Graphic Design Skills

Krystal Kelly, Travel & Equestrian Coach

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6 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. Why You Need Video Marketing & What Free Tool We Will Use in This Course

    • 2. Creating an Instagram & Facebook Story with InVideo

    • 3. Instagram feed

    • 4. Help & FAQ

    • 5. LinkedIn and Twitter Video

    • 6. How to Strategize Your Content & Schedule Your Calendar

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About This Class

Do you want to increase your engagement on social media?

Do you want to convert more sales for your business by leveraging social media?

Then video marketing is right for you! The best part is, with the free tools listed in this course, you can design professional quality social media videos to convert sales and get more traffic and engagement to your channels. The best part is you can do this for your own business, sell your skills as a freelancer to make money working for other people's businesses, or you can simply add team members to the design tool and have them create unlimited content for you!

What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • How to create marketing videos for Instagram stories, Facebook videos, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Feed posts and much, much more!

  • Create beautiful videos or advertisements for social media in less than 30 minutes

  • How to use this online design tool for free, even with ZERO graphic designing experience and a tight budget

  • How to leverage your new design skills to work as a freelance designer for other businesses

  • Why video marketing improves engagement and is the best way to grow your platforms

  • How to create a content strategy to publish high quality content regularly

  • Create professional eye-catching videos that grab people's attention

  • Walkthrough examples from scratch

Meet Your Coach:

Krystal Kelly has been a social media influencer for 4 years and is a professional podcaster, Youtuber and online marketer. She has worked as a coach for 15 years and is a best selling author and public speaker. Having worked in over 20+ countries across 6 different continents, her experiences and love of videos has enabled her to empower many others to follow their dreams and improve their businesses.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Krystal Kelly

Travel & Equestrian Coach


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1) I teach with passion and purpose! Every course is delivered with my students in mind.

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1. Why You Need Video Marketing & What Free Tool We Will Use in This Course: So in this video, I just want to talk a little bit about why video marketing is so critical Nowadays in the 20 you know, we're in 2020 and you know, video is everything, and it doesn't matter if you're on instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter or whatever, but video engagement is where it needs to be. So you know, in 1998 it was read only websites. It was a lot of newspapers and things like that. And if you go to the Guardian nowadays, you'll actually see them asking for donations because The Guardian, which is a big, huge newspaper online platform, and I used to be a paper pap that form and they're like going broke. So, you know, in 2000 and eight, it was a little bit more interactive because social media became big, huge part of our lives. And then now, of course, everything is smartphones. It's portable, and it's it's all social media based. Okay, so this is why you need to be making video content. So the way people consume content online has changed for good. You know, people have new expectations. They're playing on instagram stories, you know, it's funny because Instagram came out with Instagram stories and then Facebook bought Instagram and Facebook has stories and YouTube wants to make stories. And, you know, everything is kind of story based related, especially if it's videos, you know, because because that's what people want. You know, they want to consume as much content as they possibly can, and they want videos. You know, tick talk. It's a fairly new app, but it's all video base, and it basically exploded within, you know, a very short amount of time. It has over a 1,000,000,000 downloads, and it's just videos and it's short videos. So you know, it's a few seconds. It's less than 30 seconds, most of them and that is what people's attention spans are these days. You know, they don't have the attentions bands like they used to. They don't want to read books, and at the same time, you know there's more smartphones than there are. People on this planet were very visual based, you know. We're kind of bombarded with lots of ads and things every day, so we're very picky about our ads. You know, we only click on the things that look not to sales you not to add Z. And so, you know, the marketing is becoming more difficult and videos is definitely the way to do it. And I hate to say it, but you know what? The younger generation, you know, they're very much the microwave generation. Everything has to be now, Now, now. So it has to be quick, you know, they don't have the attention span. And if it's not now, you know, if you don't capture their interest within the 1st 3 seconds of your video, then you know you can say good bye bye. And you know all of the money that you spend on Facebook ads or whatever, it's just wasted. So in this course, I'm gonna be talking you through how we can grab their attention. You know how you can create really professional looking videos? Zero graphic design experience Because, you know, you don't need to spend three hours trying to create content. You need to be talking to people. You need to be replying to their comments. You need to be managing your business. Now. The biggest thing that I want to accomplish in this course is for you to be able to like get with it, okay? Just post content quickly and with very little effort because, you know, I have personally spent I mean, so much time on social media like, I just I'm just gonna look back at my life that these past few years like, Oh, my God, why did I spend that much time on social media? It could have been outside doing things. So, you know, I don't want you to feel like when you're hustling and your you know, an entrepreneur. Or maybe you're working for another company and you want toe have this skill of creating video content for their instagram with their facebook. Are there You too? But whatever it is, you know, it shouldn't take hours and hours to do. It should be something that you can just kind of drag and drop. And thankfully, you know, within video, the platform that I'm gonna be showing you it's completely free to use. It's very, very user friendly, And I'm actually really glad that they've just launched this not that long ago, because it's going to save you a lot of headaches and a lot of time. So basically, in this course, I'm gonna be showing you how to use in video in order to make really easy videos that look professionally designed. So the great thing about a video is that it's fast, It's easy. You know, again, you're just kind of dragging and dropping and, you know, adjusting text or whatever. It's very basic. Anyone can do this. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or you already have a INSTAGRAM account with 10,000 followers or whatever, you know this. Really? It will work for everyone and you'll be able to create three times as much content as you could, using some of the other platforms of programs. So, you know, in this video, I'm gonna kind of you're going to see exactly what I'm doing to create some content. So it's gonna be with my personal content, which I published on my account. They're gonna watch me actually make the content, and I'm also just gonna familiarize you with the platform a little bit so that you can kind of have a look at it and see exactly what I'm doing. And again, the goal with this course is for you to be up and scheduling content ASAP so you can literally in half an hour already be making content and you can kind of do it at the same time as you're watching me in my tutorial video. So, yeah, I think once you're familiar with the platform, there's no reason for you to not be able to create a lot of content and even post things you know, five times a day. So real quick Who is this course for? This course is geared for people who want total control over their video marketing. And you don't have a lot of time to use complicated video tools. Okay, Like I said, you just want to get in, get out and just start focusing on your actual business. Now, this course is also for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to create attention grabbing videos quickly as well as marketing professionals. So if you're already a professional designer, this tool is probably gonna be even like mawr profound for you, because it's gonna be again. Just drag and drop. But, you know, you could still create those high quality videos, which probably you're used to on other platforms. It's just a little bit easier, and you have access to a lot of stock videos, which I think is the real benefit there. So you don't have to actually be in any of the videos. Um, this course is also for advertisers or agencies, social media enthusiast. So even if you're an influencer and you just wanna have beautiful content, you know, that is definitely going to help you with your influencing business. And it's also for freelancers and sell a preneurs. So that is it for this video. I look forward to seeing you inside the course, and thank you so much for watching. 2. Creating an Instagram & Facebook Story with InVideo: Hello, everyone. And in this video, I am gonna be introducing you to the platform and video. I was going to show you around a little bit, and I'm actually going to create a post for you guys, and you're gonna watch, you know exactly what I do. And that way you can kind of even if I make a mistake, you know, you're gonna be able to see that. So I'm just gonna log in quickly now. You don't actually need a premium account. Um, I have a premium accounts, and I have access to unlimited, you know, videos and things, But you definitely don't need that to get started. So I'm just gonna browse around here a little bit. So obviously you can see there's thousands of templates and the upload new templates, like every single day. So it's definitely worth just kind of exploring around and checking things out. And then, as you can see, you know, there's articles the videos blank templates on, and then your projects are in the top corner over here, So yeah, I think you should just sort of familiarize yourself. And what I'm going to do now is I'm actually gonna create an instagram story in this video . But I just want to show, you know, obviously can do Facebook news feed. You can do YouTube thumbnails. You could do ads. You can dio Facebook stories in scram stories linked in post Twitter. You know, there's all kinds of things that you can dio. So when I click on instagram stories, it's just gonna pull up all of the templates that they have. So I'm just gonna kind of browse around a little bit here, Um, I do have a post in mind, so I'm actually gonna build a post for you guys for my actual business. I'm just gonna go ahead and go with this one here, and I'm going to kind of create a template. My goal with my instagram is that I sort of have similar, you know, my brand colors and all of that stuff in there already, you know, with the template. So that way I can really just kind of replace the videos, and I don't have to kind of go through the process of finding a new, um, but template each and every time. So But yet it's totally up to you if you want to make new, like, maybe five or six different templates that you can swap out in your videos. And I promise your audience won't get bored because I've actually like the, um, brand imaging that you are portraying. Um, so, yes, let's just go ahead and get started with that. My computer under that's a little bit slow. I'm actually not having the best Internet connection here, but there we go. So you don't need super fancy computers. You don't need super fast Internet. You know, I'm just kind of doing this, um, with you both us time here. So here is my template, and I'm just gonna familiarize myself a little bit. But the things, obviously my niches forces. So I'm just gonna type horse under videos so that I can drag and drop it into my new templates. I'm just gonna have a quick look. Um, this one looks kind of nice. I'm just gonna drag it there. I want to replace the current video, and then here when it pops up, it allows me to actually trim the videos. I'm just gonna watch the clip, so I don't need that whole piece. I think I'm just gonna trim a piece of it. Yeah, I'm just gonna trim it a little bit. Um, so that way it starts when she's already sort of cantering her horse. I think that just looks a little bit nicer and personally, because I'm gonna make kind of a clip of things like multiple pages. You know, on Instagram story can only be like, I think, 15 seconds. So, you know, I don't need just one video. 15 seconds. OK, so there should kind of Cantor's outside of the videos. I think I'm just gonna go ahead and go with a different one. Let's try that one again. Just gonna drag and drop it. Hit. Replace very easy to do as you can see, the So again, I'm just gonna trim it because I don't need the entire clip. But I just like to watch it first to see. I think this one looks nice. I think that will be a good clipped use. I'm just gonna trim it down, so it's a little bit shorter. Um, so that way my videos around 15 20 seconds. Okay, so this is what it looks like so far. Uh, okay, so I'm definitely gonna have to play with that a little bit. Well, I'm just gonna change the colors, see if I can't make them my branding color that I use on my website on my logo. Um, no, I'm gonna just change the text colors there. It iss Okay, so I'm just gonna change it. Teoh, Let's see how it looks Black. Okay? And then I'm just gonna make the text, obviously, my own. So again, my niche is horses. It's actually specifically horse travel niche. So, you know, my instagram is the question of influences, and I have a certain color for my logo and things which I'm using. So, you know, I already have my brand, which I'm working with, and that's why I'm just gonna try and stick to my brands, colors and things, but, you know, depending on your niche, you know, this works for everyone. So just kind of experiment with the colors a little bit. So you see what you like. I'm just gonna change the text here, and I'm gonna just the size of the box, because that looks that takes up half of the spleen. So let me just play with it a little bit But you can see I mean, it's pretty straightforward. It's really just me clicking on boxes and moving them around. So I think that is pretty hopeful. I'm just gonna watch it to see what it looks like so far. Okay, that's starting to look pretty good. Cool. So I still think of that books is a little bit big, so I might play with that some. Now, I'm just kind of again playing with the different buttons on the right side here, you know, trying to see all of the different features. You know, I want experiment and see how. What? The video would look nice. So, you know, you couldn't just the video. Obviously, I'm trying to make the incident of stories, so I think that this looks better where it takes up the whole phone screen. Um, but I can see that if I wanted to make it a feed post or something that seems pretty straightforward and easy to do, So I think that actually looks pretty good. I can make it fade in differently. I can make it swipe in, slide from the right. Okay. That's what that looks like. That looks pretty nice. So just really small details like this could make the difference between video looking really professional or not. So I'm just gonna friend play with this a little bit and trying a justice or let you guys just sort of watch what I'm doing. Um, I probably don't need to give so much commentary throughout it, but yeah, I'm just going to continue working on this project and I will show you exactly what I'm doing. And then that way you could also see the end result so that you could go and try it with your own video. So I think that looks pretty good. Yeah. You know, uh okay, so I think, um, that this video is looking for the good. I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out. So I'm just gonna go ahead and process it so that I've been downloaded to my computer. I'm still watching one final time. So this is roughly where it's gonna look like again. This is born instagram story, so, yeah, I'm pretty happy without turned out. Um, I think it looks pretty clean and pretty professional. Nothing too crazy. Mom didn't take too long for me to do it. Even with kind of exploring around, so, yeah, I'm pretty happy with that. I'm gonna go ahead and export it. So while that video is processing, I will go ahead and see you in the next video with the final results. 3. Instagram feed: Okay, so in this video, I'm just gonna share. Um, So my video has finished processing, and I'm downloading it now, so I'm just gonna have it open automatically when it's done. So that way I can watch it. The finished version. So I'm just going to give it a moment to do that on Dhere is thief finished video. So again, it's shaped like a phone for my instagram stories. And this is what it's gonna look like. - I guess I have saved it to my desktop. Andi. Now I'm just gonna look So this is a finished project I thin duplicated. So that way I have a brand new template without ruining my actual finished product. And this is actually pretty good because I can actually change it to a different size. So I'm just going to duplicate the exact Instagram story template, and I will use that for the future. I think as my templates, I can just swap out the text in the videos and still have my other finished product just sort of as a backup online. That way I have it. So Okay, let's take a look. So the next thing that I want to do is actually an instagram post because it's square. So obviously you have all these different things you could do. Twitter and I g TV in the timeline videos and carousel the lengthen. And there's a whole lot of different social media shapes and sizes that you have to do. Gosh, wouldn't even know there was a YouTube story now. So mostly it's either wide vertical or square for everything. So those are the three things that I would focus on, so I'm just gonna kind of browse around a little bit at the other templates and things. So there's a lot of, I think, really cool template designs. I'm just gonna take a look at this video just to kind of see what some of the other designs look like. And obviously I can request them in different sizes. If I like this templates, that's I think that's gonna cool. I think this video looks quite professional. I actually really like that. I can see myself using this template, um, soon, But I actually want to focus on square videos because I want to do on Instagram post now, so I'm not really looking for the wide videos that was this sort of to demonstrate to you guys. So I'm gonna go ahead and click on the Instagram post. Uh, yeah, I want the square one. So I'm gonna click on that and then let's see what the square instagram options look like. So it's actually a lot of the same templates. Um, yeah, it's a lot of the same templates, but just in square size. So that's actually perfect. And if you wanted an article video, then that's what this function is for. Basically, if you have an article and you just want to spruce it up with a video which I think is again a good idea because it's just kind of using your same content, but repurposing it so I actually do that quite a lot. Um, I just kind of take some quotes and things from my articles, and I turned them into instagram stories or posts, So I'm gonna go back to the projects because I want to do instagram post. But actually, I just want to show you guys how easy it is to use what I've already done. And I've created that template. So I think what I want to do instead of just creating a new template, I'm just going to take the one that I've already done and just resize it so that it is, um square. So I'm gonna go and click on it and let's make it square. So it's instagram post size. It's gonna get duplicate. Okay. And here is my same exact post that I made. But now, square, obviously the text is a bit off, so I'm just gonna try and re adjust that for the instagram post. So I'm gonna have to go through all of my boxes that I've created. But as you can see, I think I mean, the Texas still there. Okay, that's changing. I'm gonna have to change the actual text size. So let me just do that quickly. After unlocking in order to change it. I'm just gonna guess that looks better. I was going to readjust the box again. Let's see if we can't just make this look a little bit more, um, user friendly for the instagram post so that it's not so much words because obviously they're coming to social media. They like to see the videos. So I think a lot of words would be really distracting from what it is that I'm trying to do , which is get engagement and things. So again, I was gonna go through each and every one of these posts and just sort of resized the text . So I've just about finished all of my edits here. So he's gonna finish up this project. Let me just make one find a little adjustment, Okay? So I'm happy with that preview and export here, the top right there. And I'm just gonna have a quick watch and see how my video looks. So it looks pretty good as an instagram feed post as well. Um, so that converted from story into post pretty quickly. I mean, I had to just some of the text boxes, but other than that, I think it looks pretty good. And I am quite happy with that. So I would actually go ahead and export the video and download it. So I did just remember that, actually, I needed to swell about the music at the bottom of the video here. I didn't do that. So I'm going to click on music, and I'm just gonna listen to the different songs to see what would fit my video, but so I like that song. So I've selected it. It's automatically added to my video now, so I'm just gonna listen to it quickly for then I'm happy. So I went ahead and hit preview on export, And I'm just gonna go ahead and export this video and save it to my computer looking did with E instagram story. And that's not so Let me have export here. And as you can see, the video is processing. So I'm just gonna let it process. And then once it's downloaded to my computer, um, I will. There it is. So again, I'm quite happy without this video. Turned out it didn't take me too long. Um, you know, obviously I was playing around with adjusting the sizes, but once I actually had the template for the story, this part was actually pretty quick and straightforward. So that's it. I'm done for this video and I will see you in the next one 4. Help & FAQ: in this video. I just wanted to show you quickly how easy it is to get help. Obviously, they have walked through video tutorial and a lot of like if it queues and things. So at any time, if you're a little bit confused, you can kind of search around for the answers to your questions. Or you could do a live chat or you can watch their step by step tutorial videos. Um, so, yeah, it's pretty straightforward. A pretty easy. And, you know, if you don't see something in my course which I'm covering, then I think you can find all of your answers here. So I just wanted to point that out to you guys and I will see you in the next video. 5. LinkedIn and Twitter Video: So in this video, I'm gonna show you quickly how to make a Lincoln or a Twitter video. So again, just from here, we have linked a newsfeed Twitter timeline. We also have it this way. So he's a different sizing format. So we're just gonna go to a linked in news feed. I'm just gonna have a quick look. See what I might like. These ones sort of have a logo that looks kind of nice. Just looking for the different templates and styles like that. Looks kind of nice and simple, So I'm just gonna click on that. Okay, so just gonna let it send us loading. So it's kind of nice this video, obviously I can put my logo here. Wow. I could even add the logo. Sort of come in or out through some kind of cool of sex. I think that's kind of nice. Um, so I'm actually going to delete the logo because I don't think I need that for this video. And again, I'm just gonna go two years and force, because that is my particular niche. However, feel free to type in whatever your niche. Iss, I think the zebras looks kind of cool. So let's just grab that. That's not the most amazing thing, but we're just gonna go ahead and use that. Now. Let's go to the other one. I'm really happy. I mean, usually with when you type horse. There's just like, I don't know, five videos or something. But on this one is actually quite a lot of videos to choose from, which I think is pretty good. So I'm just gonna just kind of browsing around doesn't have to be anything too fancy, but this is an actual video that I will use on my actual Lincoln account. So, you know, I want to do a good job for you. Go as I don't want to just kind of wing it. Let's see, I think I'm going to go. That one looks a little bit of been for us. This one's definitely got a pretty view, though, minus you know, horse travel. So beautiful views of nature and horses is definitely something that my certain audience really enjoys, so it's important to kind of do what your audience likes. I think that is good. I think I'm probably going to start the video from around here with this already? Some forces in the video definitely don't need it to be 20 seconds long. So we'll just do about that. - Use the thermal night panel. So for the rest of this video, I'm just going to stay quiet. I'm just gonna finish my task. I'm just gonna finish editing my video. Now again, This is an actual video that I am going to use. So you will see the final result at the very end. But yet you can just watch and see what I'm doing to kind of play around and explore on what to do and to create my actual post. 6. How to Strategize Your Content & Schedule Your Calendar: So in this video, I just wanted to show you quickly that on and video there's actually calendar templates. So right now it's June, so I can just sort of scroll down and see So on. The seventh is National Cancer Survivors Day National Best Friend Day, and there's a bunch of templates, obviously. So I could kind of go through and choose a template on this theme of So Superman Day, um, hurled Chin Day and they have a lot of funny stuff on here. First day of summer, Father's Day, International Yoga Day, Selfie Day. So you can just kind of go through the calendar and then, you know, you can make posts. So if you're kind of stuck like I don't know what to make a posted or video about today, you can just kind of go to this calendar and say, OK, well, I can make something you know, with the theme of this or with the theme of World Social Media Day. You know, I can kind of go through and just browse around and sort of make my content calendar based on when I find here. So here I want to talk about trail Oh, no. If you haven't used trailer before, it's a free thing, which you can sign up for, and I'm using it on Google Chrome at the moment. Basically, you can create boards. Um, and the reason I want to bring up trail Oh is because I actually think that this is a great way of scheduling and planning your content. So, for example, I have something for podcast for my website for Facebook and scram. And basically what I can do is I can invite team members into my board. So, you know, I can just kind of go in and check and see what's happening. Um, but basically, you know, if you're doing it by yourself, that's also fine. But if you want to invite team members, I have a kind of start here section with all of the information on which Hatch tags I use, Um, a checklist for you know what kind of steps that should do for feed posed or for a new instagram story? Um, you know, when they're scheduling the post, what do they need to do and sponsored pro? So you know, they can kind of go through and just see all of the different kind of information, and it's great because, you know when they click on it, if they've done that task, they could just kind of check it so I can go and see which things have been checked and what's still left to do. You can design your board however you want, but I like to have this sort of start here taps so that way, you know, even if I don't have a team currently. But I want a team in the future. I like to just put everything here so that way in the future, I could outsource it pretty easily if I wanted to. And then what I would suggest you do is you're using the and video to actually create the content. Well, you could put all of the content into a Google drive folder, and then you can kind of make a plan for the week. So, for example, on Monday maybe there's a certain topic or theme that you want to post or a certain thing that you want to have advertised so you can kind of plan out your week, and basically you would just add a card. So let's say um, this will be the 12. PM post at card, and then I can edit it at the labels at a member to it. I could make it colorful. I can add a picture to it. Kind of like thes, but basically, you could just kind of go through and play around. I could make a checklist. So, you know, step one, Step two, and then again, I could go, and I can check it off for the day when I'm done with it. So that is basically that, um, they have archive that. So he was. So you can kind of create an actual plan, you know, Monday through Friday or Saturday. Sunday. You know, whatever it is that you want, I Because I you know, I personally think it's good to schedule a lot of content. So, for example, my instagram I try and do three feed posts a day and two stories a day, And so, you know, for me, that's five posts in one day. So on monday, obviously, I have to kind of pre plan all of this stuff. Now, I suggest that you plan stuff three months in advance. However, if you you know don't have a team member, and that's a bit too much for you to make that much content. I would actually just mark it in your calendar. Just dedicate several days to just creating content. And that's again where this could kind of come in handy because you could say, OK, what five posts do I want for Monday and then you could kind of come up with your ideas and put them and kind of move them around, you know, so you can kind of schedule. Okay, I think this should go here, and that should go there. And so it's a good way for you to kind of visually make a plan and a schedule. Um, you know, I could even drag these over if I wanted to. So, you know, you could make your plan and your schedule. You can come up with all of content, so that way it doesn't seem as overwhelming. And I think you know a lot of people they don't treat instagram or Facebook or YouTube or whatever, like a business. But it is an actual business, and therefore you need to plan your content. You need to strategize. You need to mix it up so that you don't have five ads on Monday and you know, then it's kind of quiet for the rest of the week. You know, you want to post on the optimum, it optimum times you want, experiment with what kind of content at what time. And you want to be able to keep track of everything and have a checklist and also have it somewhere that you could invite team members online so that they can see it, and you can see it as well. So that is it for this video, and I will see you in the next one.