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Create Easy Logo Animations WITHOUT After Effects!

teacher avatar Umm Yunus, I love using Keynote for Animations!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 57m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Download Free Software

    • 3. How to Design and Export

    • 4. Animate Logo 1 (Nora Sparks)

    • 5. Animate Logo 2 (Bouncy Oranges)

    • 6. Bonus Tip

    • 7. Animate Logo 3 (Olivia Benson)

    • 8. The Move Effect

    • 9. The Rotate Effect

    • 10. The Scale Effect

    • 11. Saving Your Logo Project

    • 12. How to Add a Video Clip to Background

    • 13. How to Export

    • 14. How to Export Using Green Screen

    • 15. Share Your Work!

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About This Class


Have you ever wanted to learn logo animation? 

Or maybe you already know how to animate using After Effects but wish there was a simpler way?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then you will really enjoy this course Easy Logo Animation. This is a class that will teach you how to create a sophisticated logo animation in 15 mins or less! And the best part is YOU DON'T NEED COMPLICATED SOFTWARE LIKE AFTER EFFECTS!

I developed this class because although I know After Effects is the leader in animation and special effects, I don’t enjoy using it. It is very complicated and time consuming. Im the kind of person who looks for shortcuts to any process. I like to achieve the same results in half the time and effort. And if you feel the same, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s called efficiency. We should always strive to learn to work smarter not harder.

So when I discovered (almost by accident) that there was a way I could animate my designs quickly I was soo hooked. And now I want to share what I learned with you!

Here are some reasons why you would want to animate your logo designs:

 1. To present to your clients or potential clients in a visually pleasing way.

 2. To use as an animated youtube/video intro for yourself or your clients.

 3. To use as an animated profile photo for facebook or banner

 4. As a opening page for your website.

 5. To display on your social media pages to attract new clients.

“If you’re not doing video, you’re going to be left behind.’’ 

- Sean McCabe, Marketing Expert and Motivational Speaker

Adding motion to your logos will make your viewers and potential clients stop in their tracks and want to see more. If you currently display your logo designs in a static form then you want to do something to change that. You want to stand out from the rest and animation will help you do this. I personally notice on instagram that that the design pages that get the most views and engagement are the ones that use some sort of visual motion. Whether that be a video tutorial, a timelapse, or a quick animation of a design. But it doesn’t have to be hard. You see I'm sure most designers would love to display more motion design but the fact is that the traditional way takes a LOT of work. So its time to learn the easier way. Are you ready?

Class Requirements:

 1. You must use a Mac desktop or Macbook. Sadly, the techniques I teach you can only be learned on mac. The free software you will use in this class is only compatible with imac and macbook.

 2. You must have some basic knowledge on how to digitally design a logo. This class is not designed to teach you how to create logos or how to use logo design software. You should already know these key prerequisites.

 3. You must have already have design software that uses layers. Whether that be Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, or free apps like Canva and Over.

 4. Be Ready to have fun! Leave your stress at the door. This class truly takes the frustration out of animating a logo. It is so fun and simple you will be addicted to creating the limitless possibilities.

What you will Learn:

 • How to quickly animate your logos and make them look professional.

 • How to add images and video clips as a background to animated logos.

 • How to create custom movements.

 • How to export using green screen.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Umm Yunus

I love using Keynote for Animations!






In this corner of Skillshare, Umm Yunus will teach you how to create beautiful

Animated Logo & Lettering designs

using Typography & Clipart. 





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1. Introduction: Welcome to the easy logo animations course. I will be teaching you how to animate your logos and 15 minutes or less. Animation is a great way to make logos come to life and is more visually pleasing when displayed in your online portfolio. You can also offer a logo animations to clients as an add on to your current services, which they can then use as banners for their website. And as an intro to their YouTube videos. You'll be following along with me as I designed three logos and animate them using free software. The first one will be this very simple and clean, minimal Local animation. The second one will be a more colorful and vibrant fun animation. And the final one will be more of a text-based logo animation. You will also learn how to create custom movements, as well as how to overlay your completed animations over images and video clips. I created this course because I was frustrated with complicated software like Adobe After Effects. So when I learned of this shortcut, I knew I had to share it with others. Here are the requirements of the class. You must use a Mac, desktop or laptop. The free software we'll be using in this class is only compatible with Apple computers. You must already have some basic knowledge on how to design a logo. And you must already use a design software that has layers such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or online applications like Canva and pick monkey, which I'll be using in this class. Most of all, be ready to have some fun. So I ready, let's get started. 2. Download Free Software: All right, you guys. I'm on my computer right now, and we're gonna jump right in to downloading the software that you're going to need to use to enemy your local designs. So I'm going right here at the bottom of my computer, and I'm clicking on the APP store and the software we're going to be using you may already have it installed. If not, um, it's going to be keynote. Yes, that's right. Keynote. You may be familiar with this application on a computer. You may have seen it. Um, you may or may not have used it. Um, but it has some functions in there so that you can do animations. Most people use keynote for presentations. But when I first discovered keynote and I havent here open at the bottom when I first discovered keynote, I used it to, um, basically display my branding services that I had. So this is a display of how it kind of looks. So one efforts discovered it. I was like, Oh, wow. I can use it to, um, make like, a little video of displaying all of my branding services that I offer my branding packages . This is back back when I did branding have since then just transition just to doing local designs and local animation. But that was my first encounter with using Kino. So, um, then I thought what I thought to myself, What if I could use those same transitional, um, animation elements and used, um instead on a logo? Um, so I'm just gonna quickly demonstrate that So, for example, you can use the text within, um, I'm going to just play some text on the screen here, make it big enough so that you can see it make my screen bagel a little bit bigger as well . Okay, so if you see over here, top right, it says animate. So if you click on that click on, add an effect you can. We'll actually have to make sure click on the text first or the object. So you click on animate at an effect, and you see all of these things here. These are all animation elements. So I was gonna click preview on some of them. Um, there's some different stuff that you can do. There's different styles of, um, animation that you can use and yeah, you get the idea right so it's pretty simple. Doesn't seem like all that fancy. But I thought, what if I used an object to, uh, animated not a shape or object. And so I'm gonna just bring a shape in that's already on on keynote and do the same thing. You just click on animate. And at an effect, there's different ones here. This building there's action has built out there Ole animations. I will get going to death on that later on. But I'm just basically just giving you just a quick preview off how each one how it functions. Basically. So then I started to think, Well, what if I took my local the different sections off my logo, split them up and use them as shapes and animated each shape. So I'm gonna quickly show you, um, how that worked out. So as you can see here, I did this. So I designed the logo, and then I split them up and used the animation effects on each section. Um, and then also within Kino, you can even add, um, images. Okay, so here is an image that place behind it. And then, like I said before, I could use the animation on top of an image. And this is great. For if you have a website or something in this could be your opening scene for your website . Then I thought, Okay, what about, um video? And surprisingly, I saw that I can actually overlay my animated logo over video using keynote as well. So I thought that was pretty amazing with all of the capable capabilities that it has. So basically, we're gonna move on to the next step. We're going to start animating some locals. We're gonna do three different ones. I'm going to shoot all the different stop styles and techniques that you can use. But the first very first thing we're gonna do is we're going to design a logo, and then I'm going to show you how you're going to export it. So we're gonna jump right into that 3. How to Design and Export: All right, you guys, This is the first local that we're going to be animating. This is part one off to. In this first part, I'm going to be sharing with you how to design an export. Your logo. Okay, so I'm going to right now in this lesson, teach you how you should export. You're a local design so that you can bring it in to Kino. So right now I'm just gonna have you guys for the sake of this video, I'm gonna have you guys walk through with me How? I design a logo and you can follow along with me. You could definitely use whatever program you want to use, whether it's Photoshopped. Illustrator Procreate. What? Every design tool that you used to design your locals is totally fine if you want to use that instead. But just for the sake of this lesson, it's better if you kind of just follow along with me. So you can, um, will be able to do some actionable steps anyway, So I'm going to go, and I'm going to use a, um, design software. That is what based so that weight everyone can access it. And the one that I like to use this pic monkey. Someone click on here where says created in the image And I'm going to click on a blank canvas and the size that I like to start with if this thing decides to load sometime this year Okay, this the up here was his create custom. Oh, by the way, pic monkey, they do have a seven day free trial so that you can try it on. And you could just, you know, walk through this to tour with me on pic Monkey used to be free, but, you know, things change. Unfortunately. Anyway, so the the campus size that I like Teoh start with this 10 80 by 13. 50. Since that is a Oh, that's like, um, the portrait orientation off instagram. So it works good on instagram. And it also it's just a good starting base. Um, for your local animation. All right, so another thing that I want to do So right here on the left hand panel, you could change the background color. Now you can create your logo black. Um, but I like or whatever color you want, but I love to use white elements and white text, um, on a dark background. So I'm gonna to start off. I'm going to create the background black, and we're gonna change. It's transparent later on birth. Right now, just for the sake of me seeing the design, I'm going to keep it black, And then I'm going over here to the left, words, his graphics, and I'm going to create a basic shape. And I can't see it right now because the shape is black. So I could just click on the little color icon and change it to white. There we go. I don't want to just rotate this. Okay, so I've rotated that. You could also zoom out, zoom in to get a better look right here at the bottom, make this scream just a little bit bigger, Consume in a little bit more. So you guys can really see it. Okay, great. All right. Um, the next thing I'm going to do is add Let's see some more graphics and let me type in flowers, see what that comes up with. We're gonna use this one, and I want to change the the colors make the inside transparent. And the outline white. Of course, again Make it white Perfect. Resize us a little bit, so it fits right inside of the old. Okay, Now, the next thing I'm going to do is add some text. I want to keep it really simple and just use ah, far times new Roman and once again to change the text color white so I can see it. Great. And the text I'm going to use is, um, Nora Spark and drag this up over the top. Now, the next thing that I'm gonna do is I'm going to I'm going to you go over here to this area right here where says effects, click on that and go down to curve text because I love curve text in my logos and I'm going to just kind of resize this, make it smaller. And besides that over another thing to this this alignment here that you see here the red little alignment you can If you don't see that you could just click here at the bottom. Where says alignment And where says alliance snap. Just make sure that that's turned on. So this helps you make sure that your your, um your design is nice and centered or a line to the other graphics as good as possible. So I will go back to effects again for that text and curve texts. And then I'm going to just bring it up a little bit. So it really curves. I think he should be good. Bring that down. So Okay, Perfect. And then I'm going to duplicate this. So you just right click it. And just where Says down here says Duplicate layer, just click of duplicate and we'll bring that to the bottom in a double. Click it so I can change the text. Animal. Just name it. Event planning for event and click on the fixed here and for curve text. I'm going to do with the opposite direction since it's under the approval. So probably negative. 80. Perfect. And just drag this up and then imagine one more little piece of text and I just do the year . Uh, let's say I guess a year that it was founded 2016 Maybe it was established and had texted Can And the swan. Emma. Right, 16. And bring that over. Okay, Perfect. So, um, this is the finished piece of this local design. Um, the key to making a local animation look really good is to have as many moving parts at at once. And so here have 123456 separate parts of the logo that are going to be moving so that just when you have as many elements moving, it just keeps it interesting. All right, so now the next thing we're gonna do is we're going to export this, and we have to export each section separately. Okay, So, um, of course, whatever. Um, designed you're using you should always have use an app or a, um, use the app or software that has layers. So Photoshopped illustrator procreate has it. This one has layers as well on these are different layers. So whatever program that you use, you always want to make sure that has layers that so you can separate each part of the design. Okay, so now for this one, I'm going to select all of them. Not all of them, but every I'm going like a someone export them one at a time. But since I don't have, like, a check mark to make them invisible, what I'm gonna do is just select all of these. And then I'm going to click on these three dots here, and I'm gonna make it much conclude group players just It's just so I can make it invisible all at once and then dragged us down all the way. So now the only thing that's visible is the circle, and you want to make sure that the fade is dragged all the way to 100% if you're using pic monkey because this is just the way you do it on pic monkey. If you had, um, if you were using photo shop, you would just click the buttons and it would make it invisible. But for this, this one doesn't have that. So I have to fade it all the way to 100. Make sure its 100 not 99 97. Otherwise it'll show up. So you want to make sure that it's faded all the way to 100. Now we want to go back. Um, well, we could one group this too. So I'm a right click it and click on group players. I just did it all at once. So that way it'll be faster. Um, you could've Did you could do it one at a time, but I just group them all together. Like I said, so could be faster. So the only one thing that showing now is the oval In this black background, we have to erase his black background, so we'll go back to edits and the background color. I'm going to make it, um, transparent. So you can't even really see the white. But it's OK, it's there and I'm going to click on download, download this to my desktop, make sure it's PNG so that the background is transparent and I want to just down on that to my desktop. Okay, now, the next thing I'm gonna do is go back to the Oval. Can't really see it, but it's okay. I'll bring this fade down to 100 then we'll go to the next section. Next section is the plant, so basically I'm going to make all of these visible on on their own, and then I'm going to export them. OK, so the illustrated plant I'm a bring the fate. The fate is at 100 so now I'm going to bring the fade down to zero. So that's visible and then just downloaded. It's gonna go to my desktop. Same thing with, nor Sparks. Make sure that the, uh, oval is fade 100 illustrated pant plants. Make sure that speed 100 now nor sparks I'm gonna make that fades. Zero no fade so that it's visible. And then download that, and I'm gonna do the same for the rest of them. Make sure that, um, export each layer and some go back to north sparks. Make sure the feet is at 100 and then event planning fate is at zero and download it. It seems kind of tedious. I know. If you were designing in, um, procreate, you can export every layer at once, which is cool separately at once, which I really like. But now we're gonna do the 2016 for the 21st. Fate is at zero. It's Download that and then bring the feedback toe 100. And then last but not least, is the 2016 Bring the feet down to zero and its export that Okay, perfect. So I have 123456 I minimize this because I have it saved to my desktop. I make sure that They're six. Uh, I know one of the minded. Twice, but 123456 Okay, perfect. So these are six that I have now. I'm gonna open up, um, keynote, and I'm going to start animating it. 4. Animate Logo 1 (Nora Sparks): All right, you guys, this is part two, and in this part, we are going to animate it and keynote, are you guys now we're going to animate that first logo we just designed. There was one thing, though, that I forgot to do when I export it was to name each section, give each section of title. So that way, when we are animating and Kino, it won't get confusing about which section or which part of the local were animating. So right now you can see they all say blink 10 80 blinked. Enmity. So I wanna name, name them. This makes it easy for me toe identify which is which. So now I'm gonna open up Kino, and I'm going to use the one part with his presentation Black and click on shoes. Um, now I'm going to erase. This comes we don't need this east to text box, some just dragging my mouse over and clicking delete so I can delete it. And I'm going to change the the the orientation of the box or the box size. So I'm a click over here the top or says document. And then where's his slide size click on that drop down menu And where here is his custom slide size. I'm gonna name it, resize it to 10 80 by 13. 50 which is the size that we originally made it when we were when we were in Pic Monkey. And this is also the size of a instagram a portrait instagram post. Okay, I'm, uh Now, the next time I'm gonna do is I'm going to highlight all of these, track my mouse over all of them and that I'm a dragon and drop it right in, and it'll automatically inserted exactly how it's supposed to be, which is amazing. See? Perfect. No, I don't have to do it one by one. Make sure it's realigned. It perfectly matches. So that's great. Some Azuma just a teen, See, once he bit so now you can see it's perfectly centered within, So I'm gonna assume, um, and some more. So you guys could see it. Really? Well, all right. So the the first. So basically, I'm just going to click on each element and I'm going to given, uh, an animation. So right here at the top, where says nor Sparks, I'm gonna click on that. Make sure that select it. And at the top, you see animate. Now there's three types of enemy there's built in, which is this whole screen is going to start off black. Right? So this is this animation is when the animation basically appears into the screen. Action is what is what you is another animation you can use if you want. What you wanted to do after it appears on the screen and build out is what? How you want to look after builds out of the screen. Okay, so I'm going to give each section of this logo a different animation or animation effect. So I'm going to click on the top one, which says Nora Sparks, And then I'm gonna click under building when a click at an effect. And the fact that I'm gonna use for this one is ah, fade and scale, which should be right here. So click on that. And I want the duration to be about five seconds. A good time for your animation should be about five seconds to 10 seconds. Um, for this one, it's going to be about the total 10 seconds, but each one is gonna have five seconds each section each animation. And then when I want to preview it, you see here, right here at the bottom. It says, build order, someone to click on that and I compress the preview button and it shows me how it kind of eases in, which is pretty cool. Um, And then I'm going to do the same for this bottom one where it says event event planning. Uh, make sure building is selected at an effect. And with this one, I'm also gonna do fade in scale and change the duration of five seconds. And then this, uh, next thing that I'm going to be doing it is the flower. So I'll make sure the flowers selected and then build in at an effect. And for this one, I'm going to be using the white, and that's a little too fast. Of course I'm going to make sure that it's five seconds and I want the effect to go from the bottom to the top. So right here, says from bottom, So must select that I can preview it again, and it shows me that it goes from the bottom. The next thing that I'm going to add is the oval. So I click on the oval and then click on add an effect. And for this one, I'm gonna use scale and change the the duration to five seconds as well, like the rest of them. And then for the 20 I'm going to do move in and I'm wanted to be from left to right, which is already set some press five seconds again. Want to forgot? Also, if you want to preview it Thea Animation again. All you have to do is click this button. I forgot about that. You could just click that and it will preview it for you. How? How? How it's gonna look. And then for this one where it says 16 I'm going to do, um, move in. It's like the animation again moving, and this one is going to be from right toe left. So it's gonna come in the other way and duration five seconds, and I'm gonna click on preview. Perfect. Oh, and another thing to it has, like, this bounce. I don't want that. Some uncheck the bouts on this one, and for the other one is well, click on it and make sure that bounces unchecked. Now, the next thing that we're going to do is under build order just since just case you forgot . Um, it's right here at the bottom. If you want to access it. So you click on that and it gives you a pop up box. And you want all of these animations to move together at the same time. Because if I don't do it, then it'll do it one at a time, which would be too much. You see, here is got the top and then slowly the bottom will come in. It's too slow, right? So we want them all to go together. And in order for us to allow that to happen, we have to. And this, um this box here, the build order box Spiegel to the second animation. And right here were So start. You want to make sure it says with build one not after build one. Make sure with build one is clicked. And then right here, you do the rest for those you do the same for the rest of them. Silvery Here, click the drop down with build one with build one filled. What that basically means is that all of this is going to animate with the first animation . So it's going all animate together. So the next thing you want to do see, this is highlighted. You don't wanna make sure you want to make sure that nothing is highlighted when you preview it. So you just click away, just click away anywhere, so I'll just click right here and then, um well, nothing is highlighted. So that means that a whole when I preview it, it'll all enemy together. So I just click this preview button right here and let me just move this over a little bit . I'm gonna click on the preview button, and it will give me a preview of how it all will look together. And I like it a lot. It's perfect. Okay, so, um, moving on now we're going to Well, if you want to just keep your animation just like this, and that's fine. But another cool thing to do is to have it, um, build out. This is good. When this is good, if you're going to use this animation for, like, your website and you just wanted to just build in and then stop right there. But for, like a intro to a video or even for your also for your instagram If you would supposed us on Instagram you wanted to building and you want the animation to build out. So what we do is just do everything again, but opposite. So what that means is that you're going to do the North Sparks. So you just click on the, um, the top, the first animation that you're gonna at it. You just click on click on the top one and then right here, you click on build out and then add effect and you want to do the exact same effect. And if you forget, all you have to do is look at it and its fate in scale saw, click on fate and scale and then duration five seconds. It could be less than that if you want, but if you wanted to go nice and smooth and slow five seconds, you should do it the same amount of time that it built in. So I'm five seconds seems fine to me also, by the way, when you put something on Instagram, it has to be, I believe, five seconds or more anyway. So let's click on the next one, which is the event planning, which I spelt wrong, and you just click on it. The animate have already pops open and then click on build out at an effect, and the one here says feet and skill. So just click, fade and scale again and change that too five seconds and do the same for the rest. The plant is the animals from using is white. So I click on Build Out. Another thing to the animation is the direction is coming from the bottom. So when we build out, we wanted to come from the top. So I click on build out at an effect Goto White Uh, where is it? White. And then we want it from from the top. And we want the duration to be five seconds moving on to the oval, which is scale. So I click on build out at an effect, um, scale. Now this one is up sold. The original one is up, so we want to press down for the opposite going. We want to go in the opposite direction, which is down, and then I'm gonna select five seconds and then the next thing is the 20. So this is calling from left. It's coming in this direction. So we want it when it builds out. We want to go from right to left. So I click on build out at an effect, and this is movin. The animation is movin or move out, actually, because it's the opposite. So I have to click on, move out. So I just click on, move out and you want it to be from right to left, No bounce. Five seconds. And then the 16 um, click on, build out on effects, move out how we want it from. It's already left to right, because you want to go, uh, from here to there. So it's already set from left to right. I'm taking the bounce off. You can keep the bones on for your animation if you want, but I don't want it. Okay, so it's all set now. We want the build out toe all go together at the same time, right? Make sure everything was selected. Okay. Perfect. All right. So with number. Okay, so first we click on the the seventh. Um, animation, As you can see, there's a gap here. Right? So this is the first build in. This is everything building in together, the animation building in together. And then there's a gap right here, right? So you click on the next one and then you click after build six. So there's, Ah, a divide here. And then you see that black line that means that that's the next. That's when the build out starts. So click on the next one, and in this case, we click on with Build seven. So that's this one. Same thing with the plants with build seven with built seven with build seven. I hope I'm explaining this as best as I can. If there's any confusion, Please, please. Full fee to reach out to me and message me if you need any clarification. Um, okay, so now everything's all set up. So all of this is going to animate together. And all of this is God and anime together after the black line, everything's gonna anime together. You could also have a delay. So, um, we'll get to that in a second. So right now, let's just preview it so once again to preview it, you want to make sure nothing is selected, so nothing selected, So I clicked away. And then I press preview now to create a pause after the animation builds NB end before it builds out, you can have the logo pause before right after a building and before builds out. And how you do that is where this line is. You just click on it. Um, actually, I'm sorry. Click on this 2nd 1 the what's under the line. So just click on that and then you click on DeLay. This is after build six delay. Let's see. Let's just delay it one second. Thank you, too. And I'm a preview it and see if there's a bit of a pause. See, there's a one second pause. Perfect it. Now, one thing that's kind of bothering me about this animation is when it builds out, show you again when it builds out. I don't like how that flower kind of this kind of still stuck There, you see there is just, like, still standing there, So I think that I'm going to change the wipe, um, animation for it. And I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna Ah, you scale just like the oval. So ah, click on change here and then I'll click on scale and, um, think that I'm gonna do, Yeah, I'm gonna do direction down. And, um, let's preview it, and I think that looks pretty great. So that is our first animation. And so then now we're going to move on to our second logo and our second animation. 5. Animate Logo 2 (Bouncy Oranges): Okay, you guys, welcome to lessen to this is actually an updated lesson. I want to make things a little bit more bright, colorful and fun. So in this lesson, we're going to be creating these fun, bouncy oranges. And we're gonna be doing everything in Kino. No pic monkey. You know, any for third party software? We're going to be designing an animating right in Kino, So let's get started. All right, So I have keynote open, So I'm gonna go over here to where it's this document and gonna click over here where it says slide size Click on that. You can use widescreen if you're gonna use this as like a video intro. But I'm going to use the custom slide size, and I'm going to make it 10 80 by 13. 50 because I usually put my designs on instagram, and that's the standard size for the portrait orientation of instagram posts. So I'm going to click OK for that and I'm gonna zoom out a little bit you consume at your screen just by clicking this over here. And so the first thing we're gonna do is I'm going to create like a textured water cooler background. So I have my file here, and I was gonna drag and drop it in. If you want to use the same watercolor background, just go down to the project files and you can download it and use it in your project as well, and was going to scale it up a bit so that it's, um it's nice and centered and click away. Um, then I'm going to lock this background so I don't mistakenly move it. So I'm just going to, right, Click it and click on Lock. Now, the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to create a shape. Someone go appear to it says shape. Click on that. We make my screen just a little bit bigger for you. I'm sorry. Make my screen bigger just to make sure you guys can see it. I'm gonna click on shape and then I'm gonna click this square box here and just drag it. You can always use the, um well, actually, I'm just gonna drag until it goes over the art board. And it's nice and centered when you see those little, um, guide lot marks. When you see that big cross in the middle. That means that it's perfectly centered. So I'm just gonna let go click that now the next thing we do is gonna go over here to format, and then I'm gonna click Where? Over here. We see Phil. It says advance image, Phil. So I'm just going to click on that Dropbox and I'm gonna click on image. Feel there's gonna click on that and change it. I'm a click over here where it says choose and go to my desktop and change it to that watercolor paper again. Something desktop. Here goes the watercolor paper. Open that up. And so it fills in the frame with that watercolor paper. Now, the reason why I couldn't just drag the watercolor paper and again is because we're going to make a We're gonna cut a circle in the middle of it. And for some reason, on Kino, you can't cut shapes out of images. So what I That's why I created a shape. And then, um, I'm gonna cut it, cut a shape from a shape, so I'm gonna show you that now. So what I'm gonna do is, uh, click on the shape box again. I'm just choose a different color, like orange. Click that circle and then I'm going to drag it and make it bigger and to drag and make a bigger I'm gonna use the shift key on my keyboard and then drag it to keep it a perfect circle. So that should be good that I'm gonna let go off my mouse. Don't let go of the shift key. Let go of the mouse, and then we're gonna just center until it's perfectly center. Like I said before, you see that cross right in the middle, that means that it's perfectly centered on the art board. Okay, so the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on the circle, and I'm going to click on that. Uh uh, What a color paper, That rectangle, watercolor paper. And I'm gonna click on command and then click it so that it selects both of them. And then I'm gonna go always over here too. Where it says a range and right here at the bottom, you'll see Exclude. So I think subtract works as well. But I was going to use exclude, so I'm gonna click on it and then boom, It has like, this circle shape, and I'm going to just drag it off so you can see it. You could probably see it a little bit when I drag it up the art board. But there's a circle there. Um, I mean, create another shape just really quickly, so you can see under making a different color just so you can see under it. Just so now you see, that circle is there, which is perfect. So this is how you can cut out shapes using, um, Kino. You just have to create the shape first, fill it with an image. If you want to use the watercolor background like I did and then just create a shape like I just showed you. All right, So let me just delete that and bring this back over and so that it's perfectly centered. Perfect. Now you can probably kind of see the museum. It just a little bit you probably can kind of see that is like a shadow here. If you want to keep that great, if you don't, all you have to do is click on it again. Click on style over here at the top, right, And you see those all this stuff like shadows and borders and stuff. You just want to make sure that those air de selected. So right here Shadow is activated. It automatically does that. For some reason, I'm gonna click on the drop shadow and I'm gonna click on No Shadow And then also here, where it says tile. Um, it may change your image. You want to make sure that's not chopped tile. Click on that again. I'm gonna just prove click on a scale to fill It didn't make much of a difference, but depending on your image or your background and might change it. So you just want to make sure that it's scaled to fill. Okay, Someone Zuma a little bit. Okay, Perfect. So that circle is there. You can't see. It's kind of hit it, but it's there. All right, so now we're gonna drag in our our little orange elements, so I'm just going to drag that in and put it on top, okay. And then I'm just going to scale it down shift, scale it down. But hopes And when a dragon, the orange slices Now this watercolor pack, these watercolor elements, I mean that I'm using I didn't create them. I actually, um, got them from creative market from this wonderful, talented artist named naughty, spicy Benko. And she creates wonderful watercolors and I'm just gonna click Oh, click away, just in case you want to use these elements that I'm using. I can't give it to you away for free, obviously, because this is someone else's work. But she has it on creative market, and I think it's like, um, how much is it? It's like $14 for the personal one, but she does amazing watercolor work, and I love, um, using her watercolors and making animations from it. And she has this this set here that I really, really love with oranges and or there may be great fruit, I don't know, but the flowers and the fruits, like she's just it's just so beautiful. And it's so vivid and vibrant and just she does really amazing work. So if you want to use this, if you want to purchase, support her and purchase her artwork, you can click the link down below, and I do want to disclose. I do get a little bit 10% commission from that link, but I love her work, and I always use a work. I actually bought this from her, so she's not sponsoring this at all. She she doesn't even know that I'm including this in the video. But anyway, so if you want to use those, uh, these thes same elements as I've as I am that you could just click the link in the projects Project file section below. If not, you can use your own drawings if you want, or any other clip art that you want. It's totally up to you. I was going to use these, um, someone to just drag that down, and I'm gonna click and drag this one down just to make it nice and small. Now, the only problem is is that I can't see that circle. So what I'm gonna do is I am going to, um, change the color of this yet. So just temporarily when you go to format and understood, I'll you can change the color just so that way you can see it, and then we can just change it back after we're done. Okay. So, um, let's see. Did OK, so I'm going to just drag this over here drag this one over here, and I'm just gonna keep adjusting it until I get it the way that I want it. So I'm just gonna keep duplicating this and just arranging them all over. Okay, so I have everything arranged. I'm gonna just probably do one more. You can also rotate thes shapes if you want, and just to give it some variation. So you just click one and he would go over here to the top work right where says arrange, and then you can just flip it If you want to flip it or anyway, that you want, you could just change. Um, how it looks. Change the orientation. If you want to rotate it, you can use the rotate tool here and just rotate it like that and just a creates a variation of the shapes if you want. All right, So, um yeah, all right. So I have them all pretty much arranged how I want. So now we're going to get started on animating Why don't we? All right. So I am going to select all of these at the same time, so I'm gonna click on select and then I want to click command and click on each of this shape. So I'm just gonna click on command, command, command and click. And so that way I can select all of the shapes at once. Boom! I think I've got all of them. And then I'm gonna go up here to where it's this animate. And when I click on at an effect and I'm actually I'm sorry, Action, Click on action, then added effects. And then I'm gonna use the bounce one, someone just click on that and it's going to automatically add animations to all of them. So that's a quick way to just do if you will have a bunch. If you have a bunch of AL elements and you want them all have the same animation mo motion . That's what you can do. All right, so I am going to click over here where it says build order, and I want all of them to animate at the same time. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just select the 2nd 1 and then go all way down to the bottom bottom, click on shift and then click, and then I'm going to go over here where it says Start right. He were says, Start and click on that drop down menu and click on with previous build. So that way, they all go all animate at the same time. So I'm gonna cook a click on preview. Now, the only thing is it just kind of weird because it's, like, all bouncing at the same time. You want some variation? So, you know, you want some variation with an with animation. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna select a few of a few different ones. First of all, I'm going to select all of them again. So let me see if I could do that here, I'm gonna click on this one, and then we'll click on shift, and the first thing would do is just change the duration. So I'm going to change the duration to five seconds. I am. So click on preview. All right, so they're all bouncing at the same time. Another thing. I want to turn office, the decay you can. I'm not even gonna go into details about what it means. It just means like it slows down as it stops bouncing. But I'm just gonna turn that off for now, you can keep it. It doesn't really mean much, but, um, I was gonna turn that off. And now the next thing I'm gonna do is, as I said before, I'm gonna create some variations. So one of them, so some of them to have different bounces. So we're gonna use the big build box. Sorry about that. Because that just it just makes it a bit more easier. Um, so I was going to click on the 1st 3 command shift, and then I'll do the number of bounces toe like five. And then for this one, the first, the second set of three shift and then click the have all of these three selected, and then I'm going to do, like, six bounces is what has 56 So then the next set of three comes 123 for us. Then I want to click shift, and then click all of these three, and then I'm gonna do like, um, eight bounces, and then this one, I'll do, I don't know, four bounces, and then I'm gonna click on preview here. So you see that there's a bit of variation between the bouncing elements now I can also move them around because I kind of feel like there's Some of them are bouncing together so you can just jump with them up again if you want. Just let me see if that makes a little bit better. Yeah, that's a little bit better. Okay, Perfect. All right. Sorry. Just a list of last last little bit of tweaks. All right, So great. So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take this orange one or click on it. Let me see him up just a bit. So this, um, aren't square. I'm going to just make sure it's selected by clicking on it that I'm going to right, click on it and then write. He wears his bring to the front. I'm going to click on that to bring it to the front. Now we're going to change the color back. Soma, click on floor mat. This looks nice. Just how it is like that's looks pretty cool. Means that bounce to again. I mean, the preview tool again, like I like the orange front. So by all means, you could just leave it like that if you want it. Teoh. Really? Really. Actually really like that. But as I promised, we're gonna change it back. Yes, I'm going to click on format here. Click on style. Yeah. We just have to bring the the watercolor paper back in again. So I just click on here, it's that we bring it back in again and make sure that the drop shadow is off and tireless set to skilled if it it's totally fine. All right. So I'm just going to click on preview again. Site now. You can kind of see that, Um, was pretty cool. But you know what? I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I really liked it as the arch. I just thought it looked cool. So I'm gonna click back and just leave it as orange. I like that. I don't know. What do you guys think? You can leave a comment below, if you like. The orange looked swell. All right, so now I'm gonna add some text at the bottom and just finish this up. So I just click over here, up up here at the top words, his texts. And I could just drag that down, and I'm scum. Thailand galaxy oranges. Who's nothing too extravagant. if I want to change the font of this text, I just click over here was this format and you can change it to whatever fought that you want. I'll use this one. Maybe. And if you want to change the color, make sure you selected again. Um, select all of the text and go over here with on over here where it says format texts. And then over here, you just click this little color will, and you can change it the color to whatever call you want. You can also use the, uh, dropper tool eyedropper tool. Just click on that and you can change it to whatever color you want. So let's see if I want to change it to the orange color. So it's preview it one last time, and boom, you are done. So I hope you guys liked this lesson. Um, let's move on to the next one 6. Bonus Tip: are you guys? Before we move on to the next local animation, there's a quick tip that I want to share with you guys. Um, so I have this drawing that I did, right? I did this drawing. I just drag and drop it onto the art boards. You can see it, and I'm gonna make my screen bigger so you can see it even better. Okay, so I have this crappy drawing that I did on. And I'm just showing this to you guys, just in case you let's say you're like to draw make I don't know, drawings or watercolors, and you want to bring them right into keynote and animate them. There is ah, little tip that I think that you would absolutely love. And so instead of likes to say, you just took a picture of you don't have to scan it. And you did your drawing. You took a picture of it, and you bring it into Kino. But you, of course, you have this terrible picture here. And you can't animate it like this, obviously. So you have to remove that background. So there's is really cool featuring Kino, and you would just go to up here where it says format and image. And then right here it's this thing called Instant Alfa and I I absolutely love it. It's wonderful because it immediately removes the background. So I just click on it. And then it had brings up this little magnifying square and you would just click on the area that you want to remove. So, like this background, you just click on it and then drag until it turns blue. Everything's blue, Um, and then you just let it go and then you click on done. And now that background is completely erase. Now, of course, the lighting on it wasn't so great. So it looks kind of dull, so you can go right back over here to this panel here, And you can, uh, either click enhance, and that usually does a pretty good job of fixing it. So I've clicked it, and it kind of brightened it up. But you can do even more things like you can change the exposure to make it a bit brighter if you want. And then also, there's this, um, this Just click on this button right here for the advanced options and you can change. Um, everything in here you can change the tent and the temperature and just you just drag the sliders back and forth and you just edited how you want to. Um but yet that was a really great tip. Now, as you can see here, these two pedals air here are connected. So the next thing you could do you could just duplicate it. So just right click and duplicate it, Ellen. Say, I just want to click on here, and then I just I would just click on Edit Mask and you just dragged these bars to the area that you want to isolate, and then you just click done, and then, boom, that's by itself. And then we can just go to the pedals as well. Just click on Edit Mask. You just dragged that drag that drag that and click on Done and boom, You've got your two separated elements with a transparent background. Now, that is just so awesome. I mean, imagine all of the other Softwares that you've used, like photo shop or just different Softwares that you had to use. Or maybe you had manually a race around it. Are this just totally is a game changer and it fixes all of that. It's so quick. It's so easy. So I really thought that this would be helpful, Helpful for those of you who do analog drawing if you just drawn, you know, on a pen and paper and also works with photographs as well. If you want it, erase that. Erase the background of a certain image. Okay, so now that that background is erased, we can add an animation to it. So I just really quickly show you you would just go to enemy and wanna go under action. At an effect, I'm gonna do the bounce one, like we did before and so boned I've got your animation Just gonna make it a few little bit quicker, and I come gonna assume it down a little bit, and so it's pretty cool, right? So I just really wanted to show quickly show you guys that cool feature because it's definitely a game changer, and it will make your workflow so much quicker. Um, so I hope you guys found that helpful, and we're gonna move on to the third local animation 7. Animate Logo 3 (Olivia Benson) : So Olivia Benson has finally retired from the police force. She's tired of chasing the bad guys, and now she wants to settle down and start her own YouTube channel, and she's hired us to create her intro video. So let's help live out. All right, you guys. So I'm going to open up keynote, and I'm gonna choose this white presentation to start Just click on shoes and then I'm gonna just use my mouse drag over these text box and delete them. And then now I'm gonna go over here to the right where it says document and click on that. And I'm gonna change the slide size to widescreen 16 by nine, because this is going to be, ah, video in Troy or on YouTube. Right? So now I'm going to change the, um, background color, so I just go up to format, and then where says colorful Phil, make sure that Select it. I'm gonna click on here and where the RGB sliders are. All we hear the bombs says hex color. So the hex color I'm gonna be using is be five, seven, 4 to 5, and then just press, answer, enter. So that's the color that I'm gonna be using. You can use whatever color you want, but if you want to follow on long, that's the hex color code right there. All right, I'm gonna click exit out. Now, I am going to drag the text box in so or the the the text that we're gonna be using as an outline. So I was gonna drag that in. This is in the project file below, so you can download it and follow along with me if you want. And just drag that, um, this outline, um, file into kino. So now I'm just gonna make the screen big and I'm going to right Click on here and I'm going to click Lock. So that way that this doesn't move around while we're trying to trace over it, which is what we're gonna be doing next. So basically, we're gonna trace over this text so that way that traceable texts will be animated. And so how we do that is we're going to use the shape toe click on the shape, button up the appear at the top. We're gonna be using two things. We're gonna be using the pencil, and we're going to be using this outline shape tool over here. Um, so basically, we're just gonna be using the pencil. So I know some people may be, ah, little wary of the pencil if you've ever used it in Illustrator. However, the pin toll is easier to use and keynote than it is an adobe illustrator or Photoshop. But you still may need a little bit of practice to get Teoh to get used to get used to it. So that's why I wanted to make things simple. That's why I'm using a model type as opposed to, like, a script font or calligrapher calligraphy thought because after all, this is supposed to be an easy class, and I don't want to make things difficult for your overwhelming. So we're just going to use this very simple font to trace over and by the way, I put a linked down below to what this fought is and how you can get it. And if you want to change the name or, you know, whatever, you can use it for yourself. Alright, moving along. So the first thing we're gonna do once again I clicked on the shape tool And then if I just click this arrow to the left. Depends on what version of keynote you have. But you want to get to this Outlined, uh, he's outlined shapes right here. These air, like the closed shapes, see the filled in shapes. You just want the outline One. Right. So I'm going to click on this circle here because we're gonna be starting with the letter O . Because that's the easiest letter that we're going to be trying to trace over. Um, and then I, um I'm going to zoom in in just a second, But before I do that, I just want to let you know, um, this is the order that we're going to be tracing over the letters. We're gonna be doing the polls first. Then we're going to be doing, um, the straight lines. So anything with, like, a straight line you see here just very straight lines. Very simple. Then we're going to do the curves and the l, the A and the E. Then we're gonna do the letter B, and then we're gonna do the letter s, and then we're gonna finish off with these little Serifis here. These little lines here that's on the letter and And the letter, um, the letter I and L here. All right, so now that you know the order that we're gonna go through, let me zoom in. So at the top left corner, when a zoom and as much as I can 300 should be perfect and drag this over And then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click, aren't hit on my shift key and drag one of the corners down until I get right over the oh, maybe a little bit more. Let go of the mouse, and then we're gonna just center right like that. And then when I could go up to the shape tool again or I could just duplicate this, I'm going to, right click it and just click on Duplicate and just drag that over. Actually, it's just easier for me. Duchess is easier for me to do the shape till because it's gonna be hard from to drag it over to do this letter. All will go back up to the ship till again. Click on the O. And then this time I'm gonna just click, shift and drag it in right into the middle here so we're perfectly inside. Okay, Great. Now we're going to go back. Um, we're gonna go back over here. So now we're going to do the simple ones. We're gonna use the pencil, so I'm gonna click on draw with Pin, and we're gonna do all of the straight lines because it's just really simple and really easy. All you have to do is just click on one end of the line and then you can hit on shift to keep your line perfectly straight. So I'm clicking on shift and then just click to the bottom and it did the world line. Hold up. Let me go back up. It did this dotted line. I want a solid line. So I just gotta click on Jordan with pin again over here and then So I click on the top and then click on shift and click on the bottom. And then you see how when I move, my mouse is gonna have this kind of like, faded line because it's ready for me to make my next shape. But I don't want to. So all I have to do is just click on the return or enter key twice And then I can move on to my next shape. So I just click on shape again, click on drug with pen and just do the same thing shift and then click to keep it straight and twice and again. And I'm going to do this for all of the all of the shapes. That's just a straight line. Okay, So the same thing with this V. You know what? This VM was gonna go here. I don't have to use a ship, the shift tool. But I'm just gonna go down like that and then go up like this and then go over like that and click. Just move your mouse over, and then just click it and I'm going to continue on, speeded up and do the rest of the straight line letters, and then we'll move on to the next part. Okay, So I did all the pretty much all the straight lines. Now, if you ever have a letter that there's two of them, like for example, here I have the letter end. So instead of me outlining the letter and over here is well, I'm going to do is just highlight the shapes. I'm gonna click on this line and then click on command. Click on this line and I'm going to click on a belief duplicates. And then I'm just gonna drag that right on over there. Pop that in there. So that way I don't have to outline and again less work. We have to do the better, right? All right. Now, the next thing I'm gonna do is this curve here on the L, the A and E someone is human again, and I'm gonna go up to the shaped tool, click on drill with Pin. And then when I click on one end, cooked to the other end and then now to make that curve, you see this little let me zoom an elite even more so you can really see it. You're gonna see, like this little, uh, little circle kind of pop up. So you have to do is just kind of like drag that over to the places where the curves are so you can adjust it. You can always move it along the line to start to create a curve, and then another one will pop up over here, and then we just move that down to the line, and that's where curve points are going to be. So that's perfect. And you can even adjust it if you want a little bit more and then that's perfect. I'm gonna click on Enter twice, and then we're gonna move on to the A click on the shape, drawing with pen click on one end. Um, click onto the other end and then use this kind of like the circles to kind of make that curve that I need okay, in the last one is with this letter e here and start on one end track to the other and then just kind of make a curve here. So wherever the curve is, that's what your circles are gonna be. All right. All right. So we're done with that. Um, we're done with that. Now we're going to move on to the letter B. So I'm going to click on a ship tool again. Start from this time, I'm going to it. Well, doesn't matter. I'll start from the top and then drag it down with this shift. Click on it, click enter to twice and I'm going to click on the shape till again. And this time we're gonna make these curves on the be. So my easy approach or simple approach to doing it is to click on one end, click right here, right before you get to the curve. So I click on that and then I just drag a straight line down just like that, to make kind of like a square click on that. And then when? When the circle pops up, just pull that out to make a nice curve and the same here, click on this end, then click on this end. And then I'm gonna make, like, a nice curve like that and then drag it again, angled, make a kind of a straight line where there's curve is and then drag it out. It doesn't matter if it's not perfect, because we can adjust it later on. But usually when there's a curve right here, you wanna go way past that curve click on there and then use this little circle to kind of pull it out to make it nice and smooth. Just practice this a few times. If you struggling, it's okay. I'm gonna be completely honest with you guys before doing this. Um, before this, I was horrible with the pencil. But when I did it in Kino, it was just so much easier. Okay? And then we can click on it and then just kind of usar arrow keys on the keyboard. It's a kind of align it just like that. Okay, Now, you see, there's some bumps here, but that's okay. We're gonna fix that later. Now we're gonna move on to the S s shape. Click here. Here, curve it out here, curve it up. You can also click on the end of the shape and kind of move it. How you need to. Then click it here, curve it a little bit. Here. Curves click over here, curb and clipped up there. All right. And this one also has some little bumps in it. But we'll figure that out later. Now, the last thing that we're gonna do as we want to do, um, the shapes over the eye, But just gonna do one of them for now. And I'll explain why in a second, someone click on the ship to again draw with pin just like that, and like that and Bill, press enter. Now I'm going to zoom out and I'm going to drag my text box. I mean, my mouse over all of the letters here. So what side will hold up before a Dragonball All over all the letters I'm going to right click on the back of the screen and I'm gonna click on lock. So that way we can remove that outline and then dragged that off of the art board. Then I'm gonna drag this over here, dragged my mouth over all of the letters, and then I'm going to go over here to the right. The style part should have popped up. If it didn't just click on format and then style. And then over here, where the color wheel is, I'm gonna click on that, and I want to change everything toe white, some of click on this little circle wheel here, drag it to the right and then dragged to the left again to make it nice and white and then actually would make it a little bit of off white. So I can just drag the slider here to make it a bit of an off white color. So it's not so bright in your face, You know, someone close that well again. And then over here, where you see the points, you can change it to whatever point you want. I'm going to do 12 perfect eyes, although also worthy to mention worth to mention that right here with this drop down menu is you can change the stroke, uh, texture or the characters of the stroke. So, like, here you have, like, this kind of like, fuzzy looking one. You have this kind of like a pink stroke, slightly pink stroke. We have, like, this calligraphy pin style one that looks actually looks really, really nice. Well, that looks that looks super nice, But I'm not going to get tapped it. And I got to get distracted. They have this other brush stroke here, and then this one right here, it's gonna sort of like, oh, a pin kind of textured pin. So those are the different weights that they have that you can play around with, but we're gonna keep it simple. We're gonna go back to our 1st 1 even though it's tempting for me to do the other ones. And then, um yeah, so everything is kind of highlighted, So which is great. Um, so I am going to click away on. We're gonna do the rest of those serifis on the eye and on the end. So I'm gonna zoom all the way back in again, and I'm gonna change this to a drag. I'm gonna change the weight of this to seven. Um, which is great. And I want to just use my keyboard, click on it and use my keyboard to kind of make sure it's like, right in the middle. I'm gonna do the same for the rest of them. Someone I just right click and then command V to Paste, and then just align that on top of this one. I'm gonna do that for the eyes and for the ends. Okay, So I'm just gonna fast for this really quick and do all of those really quickly. All right, so I finished all of those. So I'm gonna just zoom out a bit so you can get a could look at it. And now we When Once you zoom out, you can kind of see where any little tweaks that you need. It looks like all of Olivia is really good, but we see some tweaks here with the B and that s so we're gonna fix those some a zoom back and and I'm just gonna just the slide here so I can move it like that and one of them, and even a little a little bit more So you guys can really see. So there's some, like little bumps here is like right here. There's like a little bump, and right here is a little bit So what you want to do to fix that, um, comes So what you want to do to fix that is you just click on here, click on the shape that you want to add it, and you just double click it to activate all the points. And then on here you can on the area where it's messed up. You click on that square, usually where the squares are. That's usually where it's kind of bumpy, because it's not a smooth curve. So I'm going to right click on it, and you you could do one of two things you can either use makes smooth point or make busier point, and either one of those are usually good. I usually try to use make smooth point first because that usually fixes it, so I might try that first. And that's pretty good. And I'm to do the same with this line. Right? Click. It makes my point. So that pretty much automatically fixed it. And I'm I even do this one here. Perfect. So it completely automatically smoothed everything out. So it's nice and smooth right now for the S. We have a few bumps. Here's I'm gonna click, double click on it and just smooth this out. Now, this one, I'm gonna use the make busier point and see these two handles here all you have to do, she's kind of straighten them out, and that'll smooth out the curve. Same thing with this one. Just straighten them out. Usually, when it's a nice, solid or die 45 degree angle shape that usually straightens it right out the same of this one. Just straight in that right out. Okay, It's not completely perfect. Esses are hard coming below, if you guys think s is are the hardest shapes to draw. But, um, were the hardest letters to draw, but that looks pretty great, right? All right, so now I'm just gonna highlight over all of it. We're gonna animate it now, and it's really simple to animate it, which is wonderful. So I highlighted all over all of it. But the only ones that I'm gonna un highlight are the Rose. And the reason why is because it's Ah, it's an outline shape and for some reason it won't animate with the others. It's weird, I know, but I'm just going to click on command, Click on O on that old command click on this. Oh, and then I'm gonna go up here where it says enemy, And then I'm gonna click on add on effects and then you'll see this line drawer pop up. It'll either be up here is up here because it's my recent effect that I've used. But usually you'll find it under here where says, special effects. And there you see Lauren draw. So I just click on that. And what it's going to do is it's going to animate every single line that we created. It's gonna automatically do it. So you just let it let it do its thing and they will move on to the second part. All right, so I automatically animated those Now I'm gonna go to the rose and I'm gonna click on it command click on the other one and then added effect again, building at an effect and click online draw so that it automatically animates those. And that finishes that up. Now the last thing I'm going to do, we're going it we haven't built in. Now we're gonna do the build out, so I'm going to highlight all over all of them again on click the hose, Commander, Click command, click and then want to click on build outs Click on add in effect and I'm gonna go to do line, draw again. All right, so now that is automatically animated all of those movements I'm going to click on from, uh, end to start So it goes in the opposite direction for all of those. And then when I click on the polls because we have to do those separately, obviously click on build out and I'm gonna click on add in effect and click online Jor for those again. And then it says here clockwise. So after that's done, now I click on counterclockwise. Now we gotta put pull everything together in this last part. So go down here to build order. Okay, so from 1 to 29 those are all going to be animated together. So I'm a click on the second shape here, someone click on number two and all the way to number 29. Click on command right here. And then, um I'm sorry, not command. We go back. So the number two and then 29 click on number 29 Click on shift and then click it. And then I'm gonna click where to start on a click of a clock on a select with previous build. So click on that. And then all of these things will animate together And then for the second set, click on the 2nd 1 Gold we down to the bottom, click on shift And then I'm gonna Where Says, start, I'm gonna click on with previous build to make these easier in the future, You guys, you can always just do the group that the buildings together and then group the build outs afterwards. Um, and then click on this This top sea separates the the buildings and the build outs. So the number 30 And when I click on here and I'm gonna cook on after bill 29. Now we can preview it, so we'll click away away from everything. And over here at the bottom. Where says preview? Wanna click on that? Just to see how everything looks. All right. Great. That's it. Um, one last thing I want to mention is that when it when it builds in, you wanted to kind of pause the name to kind of pause on the screen, sport, just a couple of seconds. And to do that, all you have to do is go to you. See this, um, under the build order box. You see this like line here that separates to build in and the build out animations. So at number 30 I'm gonna click on that. And then over here, where it says, DeLay, I'm going to click for, like, one second. So one second delay. So it just kind of pauses on the screen for a second. All right? The last thing that we're going to do is add a little bit of grain. Someone's gonna minimize this, and I'm going to drag my grain, um, file into keynote, and you can actually find this down in the project file. So if you want to add it to yours as well. Okay, that's it. So now we're just gonna have one last look at it. All right, you guys, at the end of this tutorial, I also want to show you through another one that I did a while back. I really love this flowers and text kind of thing. And this one has a little bit more of a signature style bond or lettering. So that's the other one that I was that I had mentioned before. That you can do, like, a lot of, like signatures, Like a signature style. Ah, lettering. And it really comes out looking really nice. If you guys are interested in me in me making a tutorial on this particular style, then please comment below, and I will definitely make another tutorial showing you how I did this particular one. So thank you guys for watching this lesson. Let's move on to the next one. 8. The Move Effect: if you want to have more control over your animated movements than there are a few effects that you can actually customize, the 1st 1 is the move effect. Okay, for this first custom movement, I'm gonna open up keynote, and I'm gonna keep the background black. And I'm going to, of course, delete this text box here, and I'm going to keep it. The actual the size that it already is. Just zoom out a little bit. I'm going to keep it the size that it already is. And I'm going to drag in my to elements here, illustration elements. And I'm just going to make the screen bigger and soon a little bit more. Okay, so for some skill down these two illustrations here and if you need it, if you want to follow along with me, make sure to check the first section of this class where says I should say, download illustrations. So that way you can download them and follow along with me. And what kind of like center this on the screen here? Okay, so there are some custom movements that you could use to have better control over your animation. So what? I'm gonna do is I want to click up from select one of them. So let me select this left hand here, and then I'm gonna go up to the enemy. And as I mentioned before you have building, you have action you have built out. So for the build in, I'm going to use the appear options. Yes. So I'll use that one and the same for this one appear. Actually, that may change it. It may not be appear and maybe dissolves. Biggest. Dissolve. Yeah, is off. All right, so now I'm going to go toe action and that I'm a click on add in effect. And these aware the custom movements are so there's the move. There's capacity. There's rotate in their skill. But the three that I'm gonna focus on our move rotated scale, and for this particular section, I'm just going to focus on the move tool. So I'm gonna just click on layer. And as you can see here, when I clicked on it, it automatically made a movement from left to right. But I want to show you that you can actually customize it to move and in any direction that you wanted to So all you have to do is you have to click on the little square icon here. Um, so I was gonna click on that, and I can move it up. Right. So now if I preview it, you can either move it up like that, or you can change it into, like any you can change it into, like maybe a circular motion. So what you have to do is there's a circle. Here, let me zoom in. Hopefully be able to see a little bit better right here. You see? Here is is that there's that circle. So if I drag this out, it will guide the movements along here. And then there's other circles here too. If you want to, like, change it up, it keeps adding these different circles. But for right now, I'm gonna undo that and just keep it simple. It is simple crescent movement. Some is going to drive that circle one here. Now this The circle guides your movement and the the square is the end is where you want your your, um Icahn to begin or end. So let me zoom out again and I'm a press preview. You see, so now that went along that path here and I'm going to slow down a little bit. I'm a take it to about three seconds and previewing again. Now if I want to have that movement I want. If I want that the illustration to move somewhere else. If I want to add another movement to it, let's say I wanted to go back down. So it eased up. It moved up in a circular motion and I wanted to move right back down. All I have to do is click over here on the right. Where's his ad action? Someone to click on add action. Click on Move. So it added another movement here, but I don't want it to move there. I don't want to go there. So I actually we'll take that that illustration, that next movement and I'll drag it right back over the first hand and then you see these little dash marks. This shows where my last movement waas so I wanted to go over that again. So I just take that little circle and you're I get back in and now let's see. Let's preview it again. Okay, so it went down a little bit too fast. Let me change it to three seconds. All right. And click on build order here. And what I'm gonna do is combine all these together as I showed you guys previously. So click on the 2nd 1 I am select with Build one, and this one is going to be after built to, and this is gonna be after build three. So now let me preview. Pretty great, huh? So now I would do the same thing with the right hand side was gonna click on the right hand click on action. Since we already have the building to be dissolved. So it's action. Then click on at an effect move. I'm going to I bring this up and change it to three seconds. And I'm also going to create that circular motion like I did with the other one. And you could also drag that little circle button. So that way it can be the shape Can. This movement can be a smoothest possible sold right here in the middle. If you ever worked in Illustrator and you had to use the pencil thin, this is something that's very similar to that. Now I'm going to preview it. Great. Now I'm going to add in action so that I could bring that hand right back down and click on the move to again. And then I'm attract the little square box. We got it right over the very 1st 1 and then I'm a drag that line and put it over the dash marks here as closely as I can, And then I'm going to change the duration again. 23 seconds. And let's preview it. Perfect. Now we're gonna do them all together. So the this one I'm gonna have it build with with three. So I'm gonna put these two together like that, and then this one with build five. And this one is with build three. So that way, they all should, um, go together. So let me see. Just preview it, make sure everything works together. Perfect. That's proved previewed one last time. Great. Now they both appeared when it moved in. It wouldn't see they both appeared at the same time, which is fine, but to make it a bit more interesting, I'm going to click on the second hand and I'm going to change the duration to one second. Actually, my changer to two seconds and then the 1st 11 2nd okay? And I'm gonna preview one more time. That looks a little bit better to me. So that was the very first custom movement that you can dio. And as I mentioned before, you can move in any way that you want. So let's say, if I wanted to twisted around, let's see the 2nd 1 I see I wanted Teoh twisted some different way, right? Zoologist? I would just click on here and then click on that the You see these little circles, they suddenly appear. So I have to do is just move in any direction that I want. Let's see if I want to move it like that, right? And let me just click on a preview. You see how it just kind of swiveled around? So, yeah, that's, um, another option that you could do like you can prove. Basically, just use the move till to move your your element or your illustration of your tax, any direction that you wanted to, so you could just really have a lot of fun with it. And yeah, so that's it for this one. We're going to move on to the next custom movement 9. The Rotate Effect: Okay, so the next effect that we're going to work on is the rotate. So I'm going to just open up keynote again, and I'm going to drag those two illustrations back in the left hand on the right hand. Um, I renamed them left hand and right hand in the last lesson that just says hand in hand to and I've figure that might be a little bit confusing. So I renamed them left hand and right hand. Some was gonna drive both of those in, and I make my screen a little bit bigger. Okay, great. So I'm just gonna ascend to this on the screen, like Sue. Okay, great. Okay. So now the next thing that I'm going to do is I am going to show you the effect that we're going to be working on. Okay, So I'm just gonna click on this left hand here, and I'm going up to it enemy and for building. I'm going to select dissolve like I did on the last one, and I'm going to go to the top tabloids his action, and we're gonna work on rotate, so I'm just gonna click on that. Okay, Great. So as you can see here. This is the rotate tool. But before I want before I do that. Actually, let me let me show you guys something really quick. Well, I'm at Let me go back to so this hand and delete that animation. If everyone delete an animation, you just go to the build order button the build order button here, and then click on it and then press the delete button. All right, Now I want that hand to kind of open up. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to rotate it now. There's really no easy way to rotate it like this. So what I would do is up sold up? I would go to format, and then I'll click on image. I'm sorry. Arrange, and then I can rotate it. How I like. So that's something that's good to know. So I'm just gonna kind of, like, rotate it like maybe like that and and then this one, but the opposite direction. Like that. Okay, so that's how I want the the hands to start. So I'm going to click on the left one and I will go back up to animate I'm a click on building at an effect, and I'm a choose. Dissolve off, keep the duration at one second. Okay, So that I'm going to click on action. Add in effect animal, click on rotate and you first start off with either clockwise if you wanted to move to the right or counterclockwise if you want. Oh, wanted to move in the left direction. So I'm gonna click counterclockwise, and then I can just move it up or down, depending on how far I wanted to move. So you see that this is the starting point and this faded out area that shows the ending point. So let's just click on preview. There we go. And then I can slow it down some of go ahead and do three seconds and previewed again. Great. Then I'm gonna do the same thing with the right hand. So I click on that click on building and I want the building to be dissolved. And once again, you guys building just means that you want this the starting the start of the screen to be black, and then when it appears it has, like, an effect when it appears so, it's not just sitting there on the screen. You know, it starts off black. Let me illustrate Here. See, the screen started off black, and then it dissolved in. Okay. All right, So now I'm gonna go to the right hand again, and I'm gonna click on action, Add in effect scale. And I wanted to move to the right. So I'm going to Oh, I have to remember. What if I wanted to be Even I have to remember what the How many degrees or the angle was for the 1st 1 So this one waas 70 degrees. So I'm a click on this one, and I want this to be going clockwise 70 degrees. I'm just gonna click on 70. So that way it's nice and balanced. And the duration? Three seconds. Let me preview that. Great now And I click on build order here at the bottom. And so for the dissolved I want the right hand on the left hand to go together. So I have to click. Just drag that up and then click with build one. So these things thes animation, thes movements go together. And then this one after Bill to and this one with build three so Let me preview that again . Great. So, um, the duration of the dissolve is a little bit too slow Something. Bring it back down, Teoh. One second. Bring that toe one second. Make sure this one's three seconds and this one state seconds up. Great. Now, if you want it to just end, stop there on the screen. You can. But you can also have it fade out or dissolve out. So what I would do is click on, um, build out. So let's start with the left hand furs, Octagon, build out at an effect and dissolve one second. It's fine. And the same thing with the right hand click on it, Build out at an effect, dissolve one second and then here at the bottom under the build order box, I'm going to click on after build four. And for the 61 with build five. So all of these, and you see these lines here they separate each movement. So first, when it appears and it's gonna have, like, the dissolve, uh, effect. And then for the 2nd 1 rotate and the 3rd 1 dissolved. So now we can preview it again. Great. All right, so that's it for this one. There's also one more thing I want to show you that this effect the type of animation or type of illustration that this effect is good on. And that is flowers. So let me just minimize this and show you really quickly, Um, something another and or another logo. Our animation are illustration that I did this effect on. So let me click on that one, so I can show you. Okay, so this is a illustration that I did, um, that I did the rotate effect on. So I'm just gonna click play so you can see it. It's gonna press preview. So the move effect is really, really great for flowers, or if you want to have any kind of object that looks like it's moving with the wind or something like that, this is really great for that. And that's it for this effect. So now we're going to move on to the next one 10. The Scale Effect: All right, you guys, I'm gonna show you the last custom movement, and that is the scale effect. So I'm gonna open up keynote again, and I'm going to show you this last effect. It's pretty simple. It's pretty quick. But as I said before, it's customized, so you can move it pretty much any direction that you want. So I'm opening up keynote, and then I'm gonna choose the black one like I did before. I'm going to just drag with these boxes here and to lead them these text boxes. And then I'm going to drag the hands in the hand illustrations, and I'm gonna just have it start somewhat outside of the screen. So, like this in the same the other hand, have it pretty large start pretty large. Okay, great. And now I'm gonna, um, click on one of the hands and I'm gonna go up to animate and the building effect. I wanted to be dissolved. And what I'm gonna do that for both of them dissolve and then I want to click on action at an effect. And the custom movement we're gonna use is this scale someone to click on scale and also it automatically made it bigger. But what we want to do is kind of make it smaller. We wanted to scale down. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to you. All of a sudden, you'll see these little boxes appear on the corner, and that's what you would use to drag it in and make it scaled out. The more let me move. And I'll just a tiny bit so you can see the the more opaque hand shows where it's going to start, and the more transparent hand is gonna show weird ends. Okay, so the museum that again Because those boxes air outside the screen and I want to do dishes dragon like that and I would do the same for the other one. Click on action at an effect skill, and I would just drag those boxes in. The only problem with this is that it's not showing me where the other hand is, so have to kind of like preview it just to make sure that everything is lined up. But anyway, let me click on it again and press preview. Okay, now it's showing me, and I'm gonna increased the duration to about three seconds or slow it down. It's gonna actually slow a town. So let me click on it. Perfect. Actually, it's lined up pretty good. Someone going to click on the other hand again and change the direction. Duration. 23 seconds. Then I'm gonna click down to the build order box. And as I mentioned previously, group the different transitions together. So for the right hand, the left hand when it appears gonna be dissolved. So I'm gonna have this click on the 2nd 1 go down to the start, drop down lists and clip filled with one. And then this one after Bill to and this one this final one with build three. So they're group together and they'll play together. So I'm a click on preview, and they happen now. Another thing I wanted to show you with this is that you can actually scale down and move it to if you wanted to. So if I click on it again, click on one of the hands I can used this little star button right here. This opens up the animation again. So I just click on this. I'm sorry, not start this diamond and see it shows me were ended up. So what I could do is I could actually take it and take that transparent hand and move it if I wanted to. And it automatically opened up the move tool. So if you move it anywhere in the screen, it all activate the move till So let me just preview that really quick. So it moved a little bit as it was going down. This very subtle. You probably couldn't see it. So let me It's elite it here. We're just gonna delete it and making a little bit more drastic so you can see it better. So I'm just gonna drag thes handle here like that. Preview it. So you see there it kind of just moved out of the way. But that's that's just something I wanted to show you that you can use the combine the move tool and the skill to cool the scale tool together if you wanted to. Now the last thing that I'm going to do is the build out someone to click on this. I don't want to click on build outs and I want to click on dissolve again. There we go and the same for the other hand. Oh, well, yeah. Had an event billed out can dissolve and I'm gonna groupies together again. So make number five after filled four and six with build five And when I just preview it, great. I'm also going click on the play button here and preview it on the ah larger scale. I just press the space bar to play it and they have All right, so that was the last one that I wanted to show you. It was pretty simple, but last as mentioned before, it's customized, so you can pretty much move it anywhere on the screen. You can have it scale in any direction that you want and, um, you can have it. You can also move it so that it will automatically activate the move tool as well. So you can have a little bit thes With these three custom movement, you can have a little bit more control and customize your animation to look the way it exactly the way you want it to. All right, so that's basically it for this section of the class 11. Saving Your Logo Project: if you want to save your your keynote file, so I would just go to the top. Where's this file? And then I'll just click save, and it'll pop up pop open where I want to save it. I can give it a name. So put the quiet composer and I put W I. P. That means work in progress. That means it's a work in progress or whatever, and then just save it. So that's the way you can save any of your animations and come back to it. Another thing I want to mention is that you can't have two or three animations and won. It won, um, keynote, um, window. Because when you go to export it, it'll export that animation and all the other ones after it. So, like all the other two that we did, I couldn't use the same, um, keynote file because they're all export at the same time. So you have to do one at a time. So I just saved them separately by clicking the save button and press save and then change it. Change the name. Another thing you could do if you wanted to, um, duplicate this. You just press on the duplicate button and they'll give us two of them museum out of it. This is like a 2nd 1 but for some reason to didn't know. I don't see the 2nd 1 popping up. Hold up. Yes. So there's two here. So this is the main one. And then there's that 2nd 1 there is. So they're here, the two screens here, and then I'm gonna minimize this. And if you wanted to, like, change the name, you could just click on it. You could change the name. And you can also change where you want to save the duplicate. But right now, we're not going to use. This summer is gonna exit out, delete copy and go back to that main one we were working on. Okay? 12. How to Add a Video Clip to Background: All right, so now we are going to Now I'm gonna show you how to at video, um, to your animated logo. Eso I have my, um, folding her open with the three levels that we designed earlier. And I am going to go back to this one. The 1st 1 that we did, which is normal, nor sparks. It's as you can see his work in progress. This is the keynote. Ah, file that we did. So I'm just going to double click on that toe. Open it up. And now I'm going to just make this screen. Actually, yeah, I'll make it big so you could just see it. And I'm a zoom out just a little bit. Okay? So if you want to change it to of the landscape version, you want to go back to document again right here at the top, and then where said slice, slide size. It already has white screen setups. He could just click on that. But before I do that, I wanted to show you guys something else. I would just keep this the same and what I would do it is click on file and then duplicate , so that it can create a new file. And then with with this new file now you can create Ah, widescreen. Um, change it to wide screen. So that way you have this version and let me minimize it. So now you have this version, and then you have your other version. Let me minimize this as well. Okay, I see. So you have your your, uh, original version here and then you have a wide screen here, so that way it doesn't mess it up. You know, it doesn't mess up your the original file. So let's say, for example, you made a mistake, and it's like, whoopsy I made it a widescreen. And I can't go back to that original size that I had it. All you have to do is click on file and then click on Revert to, and you can either do last open. But sometimes it may not be the last one you did. So you just click on, browse all versions, and so it will open up a new screen and see here. Now we can click. This has like, this up, down button, and it even has the time of the day of the week. So yesterday, today, whatever. But just to keep things simple, just use Thea the up down button, some a click on the up and see here goes back to that original site that original size. I'm a click on restore. And then, boom, we restored it back to this original size that it was before you can see here, everything's exactly how it was when we first imported it into Kino. So now how we add our video in is really simple. Now, what I would suggest is not so at the whole video, whatever it like. If your video is like 15 minutes long or you're editing a video, I would just put the very first clip like the the intro or whatever. Whatever you want to use this, the intro with your animated logo at the top just used that small clip. So, like, right, this this clip that I'm going to drag in is only like, 22 seconds. Someone's gonna drag it in from my desktop desktop and just drag it right on top of the, um, the work board here. Enemies Ahmad little bits. We can see the edges and see you see here you can move it around, but I'm going to just make sure drag it to drag it all the way to the edge of the screen. Perfect. Now I'm going to, right Click it and Emma Click send to back. Um, the next thing that I'm going to do is click up here to format, and then I'm gonna drag capacity down a little bit because the tech, because the logo is white, it's kind of blending into the image or the video, So I'm going to distract the pass it down to about maybe 70%. And then the next thing I want to do is I am going to click on Enemy, and I'm gonna clip down here at the bottom where it says build order and you'll see here that the video where So start movie is all over here at the bottom, so want to drag us all the way to the top to the very, very top. That's our video layer. And then I'm gonna go to the second layer here, and I'm gonna click the drop down menu, and I wanted to start Where's the start? I wanted to build with build one so they'll both play at the same time. Now, in order for me to preview this, I have to click on the play button right here at the top. So I was gonna click on play. And there you see the animated logo on top off, uh, your video intro and that looks pretty nice. 13. How to Export: All right. So now I'm gonna show you how to export the video. So you would just click, um, up here at the top, and it should say file. You just click on file and export to, and you'll see the different options here. Obviously, we wanted to be a video, so we have to put a click. Quick time. And then over here, um, playback should be itself playing. And then where it says go to next side slide, Just press zero. You want all of these to be zero? You don't want any of that. And then you can check change the format to 7 20 or 10. 80. I'm going to do 10. 80 just to make sure has the highest quality, and then I'm going to export it. So I'm gonna click on Nora Sparks. Um, us just say just video. That's what I'll name it and I'll export it. All right, So the video finish exporting, So we're gonna just take a look at it, preview it and see how it looks. Here we go. So you can see here. That's a nice, smooth transition for the beginning of the animation and the video clip 14. How to Export Using Green Screen: Let's just say you want to just export this without the video in the background. And this is great for you if you are a logo designer. And let's say you wanted to sell this the animation, the logo on the animation to someone to your client and you want them to just place it over whatever video they want, a place in over you can either you can either sell them the, you know, the keynote file so that they can do it. Or another thing that you can do is you can, um, export the background as a green screen. Right? So I'm gonna delete the video here, just gonna delete it, and then I'm going to export the background, some changes, a background color. So I just click on the background here, right? Right here and then one oclock on format. And then where it says color fill, I'm just gonna change it to green. So it's like this really obnoxious green color. I would just jacket all the way to the top, um, the drag, the slide all the way to the right. I mean, and so you have the screen screen, and then he would just export it the same way you exported the video previously. Just exported to quick time. And then, um, just gonna change those two, 20 make sure it's set to self playing, and then I'm gonna have the format to be 10. 80 p, and then I'm gonna click on next so that it can export, and this is how it looks. I didn't want to quickly mention that after exporting, I realized that the green hue was a bit too bright. So I changed the green toe a darker hue, so adjusting your green slider to around 1 60 should do the trick. So now, with the screen background, you can import it into any video editing software as a green screen. But I would highly recommend that for the best results that you import your desired clip directly into keynote. As I demonstrated in the previous lesson, 15. Share Your Work!: Yeah, you've made it to the end of the course. Give yourself a little pat on the back. You will see that the possibilities are limitless when you've applied what you learned to your own logo designs. So now what? Now I want you to apply what you learned and sharing. Design a new logo or use an existing one and animate it using the techniques you learned in this class. Thank you for joining this class, and I cannot wait to see what you create.