Create Dimensional Greetings Cards That Wow! 1: Easel Card

Lilian Barker, Papercrafter & pattern designer

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5 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: Tools

    • 3. Lesson 2: The Basic Easel Shape

    • 4. Lesson 3: Achieving the Wow Factor

    • 5. Lesson 4: Let's Make a Card


About This Class

Go beyond the conventional flat greetings card and learn how to make a dimensional card that will wow its recipient.


In this class I will walk you through the creation of an easel card.  You will learn what an easel card is and how to create it.  We'll talk about how different factors affect the final design and I will also share my ideas about how to decorate the card for maximum impact.


This class is suitable for all levels.  You don’t need any prior cardmaking or artistic skills to create something special, but if you do have those skills you can use these ideas to take your card designs to the next level.  


For your class project you will create your own wow-inducing easel card.