Create Designs for Social Media and Wordpress with GIMP 2.10

Michael Davies, GIMP Photo Editing Tutorials

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17 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. Setting Up Your Color Palette

    • 2. Create a Text Logo: Setting Up Your Template and Adding Text

    • 3. Create a Text Logo: Align Your Text and Add a Line Graphic

    • 4. Create a Text Logo: Add Effects to Your Text and Shapes

    • 5. Create a Text Logo: Crop and Export Your Final Design

    • 6. Facebook Cover Photo: Setting Up Your Template

    • 7. Facebook Cover Photo: Importing a Photo and Adding a Background Gradient

    • 8. Facebook Cover Photo: Adding Your Logo and Website

    • 9. Twitter Banner: Setting Up Your Template

    • 10. Twitter Banner: Importing a Photo and Adding a Background Gradient

    • 11. Twitter Banner: Add Your Logo, Website, and a Custom Shape Design

    • 12. LinkedIn Banner: Setting Up Your Template

    • 13. LinkedIn Banner: Importing and Customizing Your Photo to Enhance the Design

    • 14. LinkedIn Banner: Add a Background Gradient, Logo, Website, and Custom Shape

    • 15. Wordpress Featured Image: Wordpress Explained, Importing Your Photo and Adding a Gradient Background

    • 16. Wordpress Featured Image: Importing a Photo and Adding a Button

    • 17. Wordpress Featured Image: Adding Effects to Your Button and Exporting Your Design


About This Class

Learn how to create social media design assets for your business or personal projects with GIMP 2.10! In this class, I show you how to create a simple text logo, how to design a Facebook Cover Photo for business pages, how to design a Twitter Banner, and how to design a LinkedIn Banner for company pages.

I provide free templates for each of these designs for you to download and follow along, or to use on future projects. 

You'll be importing photos, plus using a variety of common graphic design tools, including the gradient tool, path tool, free select tool, text tool, bucket fill tool, and transform tools. You will learn how to create a palette (the basics) and use that palette throughout your designs to maintain consistent branding. I'll show you how to create your compositions, with the right settings for print and the web, plus how to export your compositions out of GIMP once they are finished. Additionally, I walk you through how to set up your documents so that they display properly on each platform.

This is a great class for beginners wanting to use this free software to create professional social media design assets. Additionally, you will learn tons of useful skills in GIMP 2.10!