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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. DIY Valentines: Intro

    • 2. DIY Valentines: Gathering Ideas and Sketching

    • 3. DIY Valentines: Coloring!

    • 4. DIY Valentines: Using the Photoshop Template

    • 5. DIY Valentines: Closing & THANK YOU!

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About This Class

Create your own cute Valentine cards in the Procreate app!

We'll go from start to finish gathering ideas, sketching, coloring, and creating a printable file in Photoshop with the free template included with this class. It's so easy to create fun digital artwork in the Procreate app and convenient to print as many copies as you need right at home for cute and unique valentines!

Don't forget to grab your free color palette and psd file here!

Meet Your Teacher

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Diana McDermott

Digital Designs + Tools:


Hey, there! I’m Diana of MyMcDoodles. Boymom, artist, & craft addict - living in Austin, TX. I love creating whimsical digital art and am excited to help you level up your skills!

Join the free Doodle Squad at or come say hi on You Tube to check out more tutorials, artist tips, and fun art inspo! 

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1. DIY Valentines: Intro: Hi, I'm Brianna. But some of you might know me as my McDougal's, where I share my artwork, fun projects and tutorials on my instagram Facebook YouTube. And in my Etsy shop they were gonna make her own Valentine's go through. This projects that, by step, from gathering ideas to sketching out designs, coloring and then laying out the Ballantine's on a sheep that's easily printable at home or posted for sale. So click enroll, grab your iPad and your pencil or your sketchbook and let's have some fun. 2. DIY Valentines: Gathering Ideas and Sketching: they were going to make her own Valentine's. So I'm gonna draw mine digitally in the app called procreate that I really like. This is version five and using an iPad pro with an apple pencil second generation so you could make this on your iPad. Or you could just throw it on paper and skin into your computer and then adjust things in photo shop or whatever editing software You have to adjust the size and everything. I'm going to just draw it in here and then all imported in photo shop later and make it on an 8.5 by 11 She that I can print. So I started, like reading the document size 2.5 by 3.5 inches. So I'm gonna open a new document. He and jaw sketch of what I want my Valentine to look like in there and had my words. I found this really cute website with only usually really cute sayings for Valentine's on there. Um, it's called Skip to my Lou, and she has, like, lists of puns and stop for kids. Valentine's now my son is four, so I'm gonna make some for his preschool class. So the jokes for that would probably be a little different than, like an older kid or whatever. Some of these things come a little kid may not get or the other way around might be like to babyish for owner kid. So I'm just gonna kind of look through and find cute ones. I don't work for my four year old. He really likes cars, and he can't say is ours. So I thought this would be really cute. It says, I really like you, and that's actually how it sounds when he says that. So I thought that would be really cute. Once I'm gonna do one based on that and just child like a little car, find another one that'll work for little kids. Maybe Lake. I kind of like this when you were out of this world, because he could draw like a cute cartoon of Earth and XP's. And I think I'll use that one. I'm gonna go ahead and sketch it in. This is just a really rough schedule. Go back in and add me Inc later and make it look, you know, professional. But I'm using the sketching pencil that came with the procreate up. And it's this one. Don't know how to pronounce that Derwent, I guess. But I'm using that one if you're interested in using the same one, so make sure you are in your first layer here, and then I'm gonna go ahead and draw like the Earth in some elements of space. So to make a perfect circle, which I cannot draw on my own, you draw your circle than you hold your pen down. So then I'm gonna add, like, the land. This is just like a cute little cartoon. So I'm looking to go in and try to draw all the continents with the exact shapes and whatever. Um, so that's gonna be your agreeing land, and then the other will be the blue oceans. And then we'll make the earth have, like, a cute little fees, something like this. It's an cheeks, and then you can just handsome leg stars and space kind of things. Now, here I could even add other planets and whatever, just to make it fun for a little kid. And then I'll add my text in. So you click this wrench singing to Andrew text and then add and then add text. And it said you are out of this world. I'm gonna end valentine. Then you can edit your your font to. This is kind of like a boring fund that just came with the The APP is easy to read, but not that fun. Someone to click edit style Hey, and make it something more interesting. You can adjust your size and stuff too, while you're in here. If you need Teoh, okay? And then I'm gonna add a little like to from area for the kids to fill in their names. So then you can go back in and add your text again. Money is the same font, and then you need more more space. Kids are a big so they need to be able to fit the names on the the space. And then it's centered right now. So I'm just gonna click this left, um, hand alignment, and then this looks like it needs a little more space. Also do you kind of adjusted the way you like, and once you got it, you press done, and then I'm just gonna skewed it down here a little bit and I'm gonna go back out and make one more. I have all of these ones that I started so far, so I'm just going to make probably one more. So let's go back in that that website. Skip to my Lou and find another 10 this is cute. Look, I am buggy for you. I'm gonna do that one. So let's go back to her. App will make a new document, and I'm gonna drop to bugs. I really love ladybugs, so I'm gonna have a ladybug and then maybe a go hopes it, Daisy. She should be cut around. I don't know how many hands lady books have. I'm just gonna job whole bunch to move a look Really cute. Maybe the eyeballs up here and then three antennas, and we'll do meeting another bug like, uh, I don't know. It's just make a goofy one. You could even make her have, like, heart eyes. That would be kind of cute. And this guy's all happy. Just make like a whatever bug. Just something cute. Give him a bunch of legs and then at our text. So we're gonna go over here to the wrench and text. Um said I am will make it capital. Maybe because it since it apart a little bit. I am buggy for you, Ellen. Sign. And then I'm gonna edit this style again because I'm not big on, like, this clean looking style and thank God, issues that welcome front again. And you can import fonds. Um, you can click here and press import fun, and then you can choose, um, the ones or whatever that you downloaded and and then when you have more choices than the ones that came with the up So I imported a few, so I have a couple more to choose from. Somebody used that in this center here. It might make this buggy weird a different color once I have it all finished. And then the two and the from I was gonna go back in the other one I just made of the earth , and I'm gonna trying this out to them and hold it and try and get out to the laugh. Well, we're not gonna delete it. Just hold your finger on it for a second. There you go and drag it out to the left and then with your other hand, you can click in the gallery to go back and then click in the document. You wanna paste it into, and they don't go ahead and paste it in here. Now, it's not going to be something you can edit. He see how announces inserted image instead of this lake text? Uh, thumbnail. So you can't edit the text anymore once you do that. But I wanted it to be the same size in the same text, so it's fine, so I'm just gonna piece it in there to save a little time, and then I can get coloring. 3. DIY Valentines: Coloring!: So now we're gonna add our color and clean these up a little bit. So I'm gonna go, and I'm going to do this Bug one first. I mean this palette for these Valentine's. If you like to use it all shares. Let's see. I'm gonna make this layer on top here, and I'm gonna turn off these other layers liking. See what? I'm doing a little better, and I'm just gonna take the capacity down. So it's not so heavy and then create a new layer on top of that one. So that's where I'm going to paint. I like this brush called Inca in the in Keeton category comes with the APP. So I'm gonna use that one, and I'm gonna ground this great round from a ladybug. Just start calling her hand. Okay? So I made a newly and then this just shot him. Misic pinkish color. Here, people just add a little leg shadow on top of his body. So I'll go back down to the pink, put earlier on top of there and maybe grab like this. Dark red, Any kind of like a specially brush. I like this one that's called spree paint on flicks. And if you need to, you can always adjust, like spacing or whatever to make it the way you like it. But I'm gonna leave it just like this and make them really little. And then I'm gonna do the clipping mask down on top of the pink afterwards so that it's the's in the lines, said, Is that a little spray and then clip it down. So clipping mask, and then it goes down onto that pink and it looks pretty cute. The only thing is, his antennas aren't all that obvious. So I think maybe I'm going to make those red and how far the attached to his eyes I should have done them in any layer cause I need it could easily be changed. But what I'm gonna do is just Teoh, Um, if you take two fingers and you sweep to the right, it turns on this Alfa lock and you can color on top and it will only color in the lines in this layer. And it's just had to be careful, cause his eyeballs Aaron, that layer I really should have made a new layer, but I didn't. So, um, we're just going to try toe. Correct it this way. So, Claire, those in Okay? Hey, I like that better. And then a little hurt in between them. I think I'll make this break red. So let's grab that one. And then the background, I think we'll may get this. Thats pretty blue, and you can see when I did that, their eyes were colored in white cells. Sometimes I forget. And then I realized, once I do something like that, and then it's really obvious. But I forgot to clear the eyes. So the eyes there in this layer. So I'm gonna go great underneath and on the weight. Okay. If you want to add more details you could use do that. Think I decided, like a couple shines and whatever. Um, just in a layer on the very top. I think that looks pretty cute. Let's see how our text looks. So here is our text. It's pretty good. These bugs could be scooch down a little bit. So I'm just gonna sweep to the right to select these layers, skip them down. So let's see how we can make the text really stand out. I think I may just trying to do the word buggy in a different color and see how that looks so we can go in at it the style and then double click to select the word and then I can make it red. I think I looks cute. We'll see what it would look like outlined. Now, let's leave it like that and then I'm gonna go back out. Cook done. See how the two in the front looks and you can see the kid isn't gonna have enough space to write their name there. So I think our Boggs do need to be just a little bit smaller. So let's go in and select all of them. Cook this arrow and just adjust the bugs a little bit. Looks better. And then I can adjust this to in the from up a little bit. Do you want you could go in and as stuff to the background just to make it Khanna Lake. More texture and stuff. Maybe I just have a little bit of thoughts or something. There's some cute ones in this textures, uh, that comes with the up. So maybe some thoughts would be cute. Not too much, because I don't want to be too busy. Maybe we can add a little bit behind the bugs. So I'm gonna go ahead and see that you can export it by clicking the wrench and then share . Then you have all these options of how to export it. You can even air Drop it to yourself, um, to your computer or whatever. If you use the air job option here, I don't have my computer set up nearby to do that. But eventually, that's what I'm going to do. And I'm gonna edit them in a photo shop into a document to make it a printable. She had a paper with, like, multiple Valentine's on it, and then you could just printed on card stock and cut them out. You can also shared an instagram or Facebook or just save the image into your photo library . So I'm just gonna go ahead and save mine to make sure we have it and then go back out on work on the other ones. I hope you enjoy this project whether you're just making these Valentine's for fun for yourself or if you're selling them on your Etsy shop or some other platform. I love to see what you created. So if you enjoyed it, be sure to hit. Like if you'd like to see more than you can click the subscribe circle in the center of the screen, and there are more videos on the sites. Happy Valentine's Day. 4. DIY Valentines: Using the Photoshop Template: So now we'll show you how to use the freebie template in photo shop. So I've opened the file in photo shop already. I'm using photo shop on a Mac, so the instructions will be maybe slightly different if you're on Windows. I don't know, because I only use it on the Mac, but I think it's gonna be very similar. So I've opened my document, and then you can see I have these black rectangles as templates to insert my Valentine's. No. First, I want to show you there are instructions on the actual document here. So if you just want to read through that and you can figure it out on your own great. If you need the video here I am. So you're going to headed this layer over here when you're finished, too, and you could make it say whatever you want. Um, it's in this drop down folder right here. Nope. Sorry. Not that one. This one, um, the says edit title post text. So you can make it say whatever you want for the Valentine cards, the size or description, and then, obviously it's designed by you. So you want to put your name there, So we'll be more for like if you're selling these on Etsy, if you're not selling them and you don't need that, you can just click it off. And then when you're done, you want to delete this top layer here to make sure that this stuff isn't showing course of your printing them at home. It doesn't really matter. So I'm gonna shave, had a in search your images into the actual templates. It's in this folder over here Valentine card templates if you click it, um, so it drops down. You can see you have all of your rectangles here to insert your images. I've already opened the Valentine's I want to use, So I'm going to start with this bear and drag him over into my document and just drop him in there and then just get him lined up with the rectangle. And photo shop is kind of nice, because it will give you those like purple lines to show you when things were centered and lined up and everything, and he should actually be on top of template number one. Okay, so he's in the right spot, and then I'm going to just clip him down, so you can do either do it from this menu. Up here, it's layer and then clip, clipping, mask, create clipping mask or the shortcut for the keyboard is the option Command G. So now he's clipped down. Let's through the next one. So I'm going to click on Template number two to make sure it's a layer that's going on top of the streak tingle. So I've got that selected that I'm gonna go over here and grab these bugs. I'm gonna grab the bunks and drag it into the document here, and then we'll get them lined up and they will clip them down. That looks good. And then we just clipped them down to the rectangle, and then I'll show you one by a few. Made it horizontally. I show you what you can dio with that. So you could see this one is in like landscape format. So I'm gonna take him over a drag him into my documents, and then I need to turn him so you can go in edit and free transform or command T, and then you're able to make manipulated a little bit. So I'm just gonna go up here to this angle on, just type in an exact angle, which is 90 degrees to flip in that direction and then hit enter to save it and then just do the same thing, screwed him over on top of the template. Excuse to be nudged a little bit here and then clip them down. And you just repeat that same process for each individual Valentine, and then you have a nice 8.5 by 11 sheet that you can print at home. 5. DIY Valentines: Closing & THANK YOU!: I hope you enjoy this project. Whether you're just making these Valentine's for fun for yourself or if you're selling them on your Etsy shop or some other platform, I'd love to see what you created. Don't forget the post your project so we can see your cute Fallon kinds, too. If you like this class, leave me review and let others know what you think. Don't forget to follow me on skill shares so you'll be in the loop when I upload new classes. Happy Valentine's Day.