Create Custom Animations for VideoScribe

Melissa Taylor, Designer, Illustrator & Beekeeper

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8 Videos (40m)
    • Intro to 'Creating Animated Vector Images for VideoScribe'

    • Finding the Perfect Vector Image

    • How Lines are Rendered in VideoScribe

    • Two Ways to Add Color to Your Vector File in Illustrator

    • Tracing an Image to Use as a Animation in VideoScribe

    • Making Text into an Animated Vector for VideoScribe

    • Modifying Images from the VideoScribe Library

    • Overview & Class Project


About This Class


In this class, you will learn how to create your own vector SVG images or to use purchased vector images for use in VideoScribe or other whiteboard animation software.

We will be using Adobe Illustrator and VideoScribe to build images that animate the way you want them to. This class assumes you have some working knowledge of each piece of software.

By the time you finish this class you’ll know how to create an animated SVG from a purchased or hand-drawn vector image, how to speed up or slow down the animation, how to add color, and how to either have the color load in or be ‘scribbled in’ on screen.

Lesson 1: Finding your ideal vector image

Lesson 2: See how your vector will be rendered in VideoScribe

Lesson 3: Two ways to add color to your vector file

Lesson 4: Tracing a photo to create a vector image

Lesson 5: Creating text to use as an animated SVG in VideoScribe

Lesson 6: Modifying images from the VideoScribe library

Lesson 7: Overview and class project - Build your own animation!


  • Adobe Illustrator (begin a free trial here)
  • VideoScribe (begin a free trial here)


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Wow, great class that shows all the specifics on how to get your animation to work properly! I've been looking for something like this so I can make my own vector characters. Can't wait to try it out.
It was a good quick class on video scribe animation in conjunction with Adobe Illustrator. I would highly recommend this class to novice video scribers or animation enthusiasts in general to see a glimpse of the beautiful realization of what you could imagine only, using state of the art tools.
I'm new to VideoScribe and to the powers of SVGs. I wanted to see quickly between my other work how this tool could enhance my current projects. I was happy to see that the topics and the length of the videos were perfect! Melissa is a great instructor, keeping my attention with a clear voice and easy to understand step by step instructions that are intelligently simplified to help me feel like I can tackle these types of animations. I will definitely recommend Melissa's tutorials to my fellow graphic artists. Thanks!





Melissa Taylor

Designer, Illustrator & Beekeeper

I'm Melissa, a native Texan, guacamole lover, and a beekeeper! My day job is running a freelance design business where I focus on WordPress website design and print design. My side projects include hand-illustrated maps and designing funny greeting cards (I have four cards published with Hallmark...woohoo!!).

In my Skillshare classes, I hope to teach you all about VideoScribe, building websites, and creating beautiful graphics via Illustrator and Photoshop. Maybe I'll even bu...

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