Create Cool Geometric Vector Portraits in Illustrator!

Maggie Hobson-Baker, Art and Design

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8 Videos (39m)
    • 1: Introduction to the Project

    • 2: The Tools for the Project

    • 3: Placing our Image and Getting Started

    • 4: Working on the Shapes

    • 5: Completing the Image

    • 6: Another Project of a Dog

    • 7: The Dog Portrait in Process

    • 8: Finishing the Project


About This Class


In this project, I will show you how to create unique geometric portraits in Illustrator.  These videos will focus on the use of grids, guides, the pen tool, color swatches and more!  

I will show you how to approach a sculpture of a buddha and a photo of a dog to create geometric portraits.  Working with the grid and pen tool you will learn how to use shape to define an image.  We will use the eyedropper to choose the color palette.  





Maggie Hobson-Baker

Art and Design

Maggie is an artist, designer and Assistant Professor in Studio Art, living and working in the Philadelphia Area. Her work reflects her love of shape, color, nature and design. She loves drawing on her iPad, and Bamboo Tablet as well as working with traditional materials. You can often find her with her camera and sketchbook in the woods. She is especially interested in the dialogue between traditional and digital platforms in the creation of art and visual images.

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