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Create Cool 3D ECOVERS For FREE Without Using Any Software

teacher avatar John Dicen, To teach is to touch lives forever

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Main Training - Part 1

    • 3. Main Training - Part 2

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About This Class


Hello My Name is John Dicen and Welcome to this Class “Create Cool 3D ECOVERS For FREE Without Using Any Software”. Creating 3d Ecovers are really hard if you don’t have any graphic design skills and hiring a graphic designer is really expensive. Well, your worries are over. In this class, I will be teaching you how to create cool and easy 3D Ecovers without using any complicated softwares. You can even create 3d Ecovers in less than 5 minutes after this class. Plus, I will be sharing with you how to create flat Ecovers as well. This class is super easy to follow and straight forward.

So if you are ready to get started in this class, click the enroll button now and see you in the main training videos.


Meet Your Teacher

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John Dicen

To teach is to touch lives forever


Hi, I am John Dicen and I am Glad to be connected with you here on Skillshare.

I have been a Graphic Designer and an internet Marketer for almost 8 years now. I specialized in Creating Passive Income Strategies Online.

My goal is to share my knowledge by teaching people here on skillshare. I pride myself helping others creating simple, scalable and sustainable online income streams.


John Dicen

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is John. Reason and welcome to this class Grade school. Three B E covers for free without using any software grading. Three D E Covers are really hard if you don't have any graphic design skills. And hiring a graphic designer is really expensive. Well, your worries are over in this, Gus, I'll be teaching you how to great, cool and easy three D E covers without using any complicated self bears. You can even great three D e covers less than five minutes after dis glass. Plus, I will be sharing with you how to grade flood e covers. A swell. This class is super easy to follow and straight forward. So if you're ready to get started in this class, strict and robots in now and sea in the main training videos by 2. Main Training - Part 1: Hello. My name is John Deason. And welcome back to over class. Great cool three D E covers for free without using any suffer. Okay, so Ah, first of all, I would like to thank you for taking action in rolling in this class. You made a waste decision today because I'm going to share with you how to create three D E cover scape. But first things first. Ah, we need to create a sample e cover before we convert it into a three d cover. And the best place to do that is ah, great here in Cannes, va. That come k So https, Kahlan, over forward slash habitable that con va. That dump. And if you're not familiar with can va, you can basically create the signs for album covers. K banners recovers. This is the one will be covering today. Brochures, business cards, cards, fliers. Okay, give certificates. Infographics that. Their heads Magazine covers for the religious Ah, postcards, posters, presentations for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, social media graphics. Gay. So Ah, if you don't have any account, you can sign up in your Facebook, sign up with Google or sign up using your email, gay and just like any other platform. Ah, you can stay after you have signed up with your email, you need toe. Activate it. Okay? And after you have done that, you can now Ah, Le Guin using your user name or email and password and press like it. So there are already over 10 million people using canvas, So this is really cool toe create e covers, K. So aside from this ah part of her class, I'm going also to share with you. That too. Okay. And in the next video, we're going toe convert now R E, cover toe three d e. Cover. So Ah, you need to lug it now. And once you have lung and you'll be brought to this area, Okay. So once you are here ah, all you need is to create more, or you can also use cost on the signs. Okay. You can choose your own read and height, and for your sake, we will be using e cover. Okay, so Ah, by the way, you can also decide for social media documents blogging, um, marketing materials, social media posts, which involves Facebook event cover. Ah, you chip Tom. Nail Tumbler Bonner's ah, and so on. Events, postcards, K began also designed cards. Ah, it's just really cool. So for the sake of it will be using e book here. Okay, You can also use kindle cover, but you Ah, you e cover. See? Okay. So once you have click that ah, you will be brought to this area. Okay, so let me introduce you the options here you can search for images you can use, Ah, layouts that already given by can va elements You can add grids, frames, shapes, lines, illustration, icons, charts. And this one I love Can va Ah, you can also change the tax background and also upload your own image if you like. Okay, so let me just go toe layout since ah, the mean the mean ah ah thing of this gust. I mean ah topic for discusses treaty cover. So we just grab anything here, so Ah, by the way they are. There are two kinds off layouts. The free ones, which has obviously free. And the ones with a dollar said gave Maybe it's just loading. So you okay you want with us dollar side? It's around $1 for one image. Day three we just for $1 some. Okay, so let me just use an example here. So let's use this one. It's free. Okay, so it's really cool. Ah, that's just it's just use, uh, their way to success. This just this just came up to my mind. Okay? We just delete this one. Did it? Some of this. Okay. Just to make it local doorway to success. Okay, this is school. OK, so all you have to do is just download this and make sure you can choose PNG or J P. G. Not pdf gay. So let me just juice PNG here. Okay? And press download. So we are now downloading ari cover. Okay, it's loading. And now, since we already have our e cover, let me just open this, okay? Our e cover is already done. Ah, I'm going toe now. I'm going to introduce you the tu Que in order to convert this ah e cover into a three d version. Okay, so that you were going to use is from side three D Dash. He covered us. Creator. That black spot that comes. So this is the site. Just found this K. Now we have six options Here you can create e book Suffer box DVD box Ah, suffer box Kay, It's ah different version of a software box. Ah, classic box and credit card. It was just really cool. You can also use convert to the sign for your credit card on card case. So Ah, let me just introduce you. Okay, so if you click this one Ah, you can see that there are actually ah spaces here. This is the front view. This is the spine which is here on the back of you. Okay. Ah, you can also designed for e covers Suffer box DVD K. It has also a CD gay and later on I'm going toe. Ah, take each one of this game if we have more time. So Ah, this is it, guys. Ah, thank you so much for watching. And in the next video, I'm going toe demonstrate to you how toe convert that e cover into it. Three D versions. So this is John decent And see you in the next video by 3. Main Training - Part 2: Hello. My name is John Deason. And welcome back to work class. Great Cool three D E covers for free without using any suffer. Okay, so in the previous video, I have shared with you how to create a re cover and the two Okay, so which is this one? So again, this is the site. Pridie Dash e cover Dutch Creator, That lug spot not come. So this is the site, guys. So again you have seeks covers here You have a book software box, DVD box Ah, suffer box which is has different design, a classic box and a credit card. So big. Basically, you can ah just choose any of this. But for this for the sake off this class since I'm sharing with you or teaching you how toe convert your cover's design into a three D recover. We need toe like this one day. So we have options here for images. K Ah, this is the front view. Just this one. This is the spine view which is here located here, and the back view gay which is not, uh can which ah cannot be seen. Ok, so you have options here to load so This is where you load the image. So that is the image we have designed earlier on. All you have to do is drag. This can drag this and adjusted. Okay, I just Oh, okay. Okay. So that's it. So you can also use your logo image. You can load your logo. Ah, you can also add tax if you like. Okay. We have done self colors here. They can also adjust the phone size when cooler. Ah, you can make it bold, italic or underline. Okay. So let me just remove that because I have already designed Ah, Tex in can va. Okay, so we can also mask this. We have tons of options or you have today speak mask. And it's again. See, it has a colder here. Gay. It has a caller. Black. You can change. Different last. Okay. So you can also change the color just to blend it. Okay? Save it. Coast can also use this one. Um, we are also different. The signs off must Okay, so this is very cool. So let me go back. Let me choose my mask. Okay. I'll be using this one since advanced the color of the adore and and ah, fund that. Thanks. So you have to do is go back to image now, your spine. Since you don't have any designed for his spine, you can basically maximize this or utilize this and like this one and drag it here. Okay, so this is the area, so it's really cool. And you can also flip this result really flipped vertically. Ah, rotate gay. We have rotate to left and rotate to write. You can reset on a quick this rotate bottom gave. It can basically click this one like that and go back to scale where you change the size. Okay. Okay. So that's fix already. Now you can also change the color of your canvas. Let me just drag this one. Okay? You can change this toe green black cases. You can see the colors change. OK, but anyway, this cannot be seen since I'm utilizing the it's fine. Okay, It's again. See? It's really cool. Now all you have to do is click next day. Click next. Ah, there we have it. We already have our own our own pretty recovery. You can even a juice. The reflection, the reflection usually shows it here and changed the caller. But however, and click download gay. So my e cover the cover. Hey, had breast. See? Okay, so let me go back. You can also designed for suffer boxes, credit cards K. Let's use this DVD box, son. Example. Okay, you can even change the DVD disc. Sorry. OK, so that's our design. So you have to do is speak next can see him. Sorry about the the cover design for God. Thought just did to make it smaller. Okay, so I gather this Fine. Okay, so you have to do is click next. There you have it. Ah, we have our own DVD cover. They were just really cool. And again, you can also picture reflection they're not and click download on DVD, So the same goes with the other options. So there you have it, guys. That's how you convert really? He covers and using other boxes as well. So this is the site three D dash e cover dash crater. That luck spot that come. So if you like this class, please don't forget to leave a positive review K because it's really helpful to give reviews and ah, by the way Ah, This is John Deason and think it's so much for coming this part of class based on forget to leave a positive review review and bye for now.