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Create Contemporary Tartan Plaid Patterns

Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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3 Videos (14m)
    • Intro

    • Drawing Pumpkin

    • Color + Tartan Pattern


About This Class

Hello and welcome to Create Contemporary Tartan Plaid Patterns.  
Tartan Plaid Patterns originated with ancient Celtic clans to represent their tribes. 
My contemporary tribal art prints are inspired by my family’s Celtic roots in Scotland and Ireland.
By updating colors and shapes I am able to create modern minimalist art.
I add new art prints to my website every week.  
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In this class, you will learn how to create a simple tartan plaid pattern that can be used to turn plain illustrations into unique tartan plaids.
Although I use Adobe Illustrator to create this pumpkin and tartan, you can easily hand draw and create the tartan using pens, markers, or colored pencils.  If you don’t have Adobe Illustrator you can download a free trial on  Your class project is to create a tartan pattern and share it in the Project Gallery.

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Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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