Create Compelling Products: Make Calendars with Your Art in Photoshop | Anne Butera | Skillshare

Create Compelling Products: Make Calendars with Your Art in Photoshop

Anne Butera, watercolor artist, pattern designer

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8 Videos (1h 3m)
    • Introduction

    • Overview

    • Creating a Dates Template

    • Arranging Days and Dates

    • Creating the Month Template

    • Finishing the Template and Adding Art

    • Tips and Suggestions

    • Your Project


About This Class

If you already sell or are looking to begin selling your art, calendars make fantastic additions to your offerings. Whether you're selling online, selling wholesale to shops or attending fairs, calendars are a favorite product of buyers. They also make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

I've been creating and selling calendars with my art for the past five years and in this class I demonstrate my technique, fine-tuned over that time.

I use Photoshop to create templates to align all of the text and images for each month of the year. These art print calendars are designed to be printed on 81/2" by 11" sheets of paper with two months to a page. The images on the monthly pages are also able to be given second life as 4"x6" fine art prints once the dates and edges are cut away (as demonstrated here).

The template that I demonstrate creating in this class can be used year after year. All you have to do is switch out the art and the dates. The techniques I share can be easily adapted to create calendars of different sizes... your imagination is the only limit!





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Anne Butera

watercolor artist, pattern designer

For a long time I denied my identity as an artist, but in 2010 I decided to reclaim it.

Regaining my creativity didn't quite work out as I had planned. In truth, on my first attempt at leaping for my dreams I fell flat on my face. That experience, though painful, has put me on what I call a Mission of Beauty and Joy.


Today I work as a watercolor artist.

I strive to create something each day and am passionate about encouraging you to embrace your crea...

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