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Create Color 3D Printed Heads

Laslo Vespremi, Color 3D Printing Software

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8 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Set-Up and Autodots

    • 3. Mirroring Texture

    • 4. Shaping Your Statue

    • 5. Using Profile Image

    • 6. Add Age, Hair, Accessories

    • 7. Using Color

    • 8. Preview and Print


About This Class

The following  8 short videos walk you through the stages of creating highly realistic color 3D prints of anyone's head. All you need is a decent photo (plus profile picture if you have one) and in 15 minutes you can create print-ready color busts.

PrintAhead is a software that is easy to use software with pleanty of "how-to"videos and Teach Panels. Even people with no previous experience in CAD or design can follow the steps and create good quality realistic statues of friends, family or famous people as long as they have good photos avalaible.






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Laslo Vespremi

Color 3D Printing Software

I am a practicing artist and a Silicon Valley marketing veteran since 1984. Having worked for leading 3D design companies I started my own company, Abalone LLC to develop and market easy-to-use 3D software to design human face and head.

PrintAhead is our frist product that is built specifically to create 3D statues for color printing.

Check out some output here:

Sample 3D:, https://w...

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